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  1. Six hours of on-off play later, and Yak Zagenga is at level 31. and then it went to 32 in the same run. ...Not that it made any difference though, I gained a WHOPPING 1% accuracy bonus from the jump to 31. and then another 1% from 31 to 32. nobs ;/ it's a bit wrong though. Even with the most notorious levels for crossbows (level 29 and 30) take about two, that's right, TWO runs of blasting the small fry on Sleeping Warriors S2 with several crossbows. Still slight overkill for levelling a bullet, but that's insane to previous levelling. I would imagine with normal means it would level quite naturally. I like the sound of those cards! I'll have to buy some basic bullets for giggles, and get some started for Gunmaster.
  2. Getting the rest of the cards to level 1, you are easy to please Levelling bullets in the update is like a good dog: IT'S GOOD! Bullets level like a Skill PA now, Rifles and Crossbows are actually digestible. No idea on the new Skill PA levelling bonuses as most are done - Durega might be an idea, though. New mission is fun - plenty of those visual tricks that are used in the AOTI missions (enemies spawning behind the camera, around blind corners, etc), and some of the traps are EVIL - literally combinations of the Ruins mousetrap and default traps on required button switches that can kill you in one, prolonged assault ;p Also, most of the slowdown that was in the first Rykross mission doesn't exist in this one. Also, Falz Memoria has Rose Confession as the lobby music Shame there's no extra shop NPC though, like the Kubara Spread Shop at Dallgun Plaza. All I want to do now is spam Falz on S and run Moatoob with a six person squad for more FOI. Without FOI checks!
  3. I'll be on for Friday until about 10.30pm, Saturday should be alright - I'm doing overtime from 8 in the morning until 12, and then I might pop over to the town or somewhere that I can pick up rock band easily, providing I eventually crumble. but the Afternoon or evening will be marvellous. Tonight for some fannying about would be good as well. Maybe some Desert Goliath S2. ...GET ME A RATTLESNAKE! EDIT: Tried Desert Goliath S2 solo, got nobbed. however, Killer Shot *is* awesome, and lets me clockslap robots left, right and centre. all I need is a few more Mizuraikoh rifles grinded up and some meat shields, and I think we'll be alright. oh, and a good few people with cards for Bumface himself, that would be nice. Also ran Sleeping Warriors S2 - if it wasn't for those three Svaltus at the end, I could destroy the mission almost exclusively with a ground shotgun and a couple of crossbows with Yak Zagenga. Pop a Megistaride, and just keep backpedelling with bolts of ENHANCED DEATH flying into monsters. 15 HOURS UNTIL ROLLBACK UPDATE!
  4. What? the Drops are not shit, I mean everyone wants a Cubo Tuma boar... *looks at player shop prices, and his 400k 2/9 Tuma* oh wait. and I'm sure you're all after a Rikau... *looks at everyone's palettes* oh wait. Well, there's always the Paradis Cata.... *hell freezes over with bolts of white everywhere* ...OH JUST FUCK OFF. However, I will kindly accept any Gekitsnata boards that drop from those Scorpions. And runs for decent rifle boards. EDIT: Oh, and according to EspioKaos (who nattered to a GM, Rubysomethingsomething), the new method of hunting Rare Missions will be included in this Update. Rules are as follows: * Parties no longer have to disband to search for a rare mission. * The length of time spent in a mission (if between five and 30 minutes) increases the chances of a rare mission appearing. If you spend less than five minutes in a mission, there is no chance of a rare mission appearing, but spending over 30 minutes in a mission will not increase your chances beyond the maximum probability. * The more the merrier - the more people you have in your party, the better your chances of a rare mission appearing. Looks like we're all going to Desert Goliath to get me a Rattlesnake. and Rare Missions, but you're all getting me a Rattlesnake. Double Edit: oh god, I went over to Siri and tried Yak Zagenga on Fortegunner, in addition to soloing SWS2. Megistaride Buffs and 1HP, and I'm critting for over 1000 per bolt. on level 105 monsters. while being able to move and rapid fire that shit. ...Went and bought a Decently grinded Cubo Mamba afterwards. and unequipped the striking weapon that went with it. all I want now is a grinding bonus so I can make a set of 9/9 or 10/10 Mamba crossbows and just murder everything in sight. DO WANT!
  5. Not cool :-( I'll be on Friday, mainly as Siri - I got some bullets to level. lots and lots of bullets.
  6. Seeing as nobody's playing PSU (Donk's doing important IRL stuff, Toxic + Missus is at Davefest, Marc is playing Conan and Mood's turned into a sexual predator down at the local farm), It seems like there is only one thing left to do: Post garfield comics and link to a Bobby Brown youtube. ZOMG On a brighter note, I have finally found how to work the 'Random' function properly on my iPod, meaning a decent music selection while levelling bullets and spells. Yak Zagenga's halfway to level 19! ...Maybe I should play another game. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Edit: level 20 Yak Zagenga. taking a break, and then making a final push for it! Edit 2: and that's a wrap! to celebrate, I bought a Cubo Brain Tumour and went guntecher again. I think I'll move Giresta over to Siri as well for a minute - If people over at PSO-World are correct, it's levelled like a buff, which Casts are perfectly capable of using. could do with a decent nuke as well that works for wands, but Diga will do for now.
  7. Day 2 of the Double Agito hunt! three runs, and all that's dropped is a Phantom. Yesterday was a resounding failboat - Practically everything other than Double Agito and Deva-Zashi dropped, and that includes a Two-Headed Ragnus board from Vahras. Even got a Twin Tornado board, realised that it's worth 900k on the player shops, decided to make one instead, and then failed the synth. ASTOUNDING. *goes to the town in a huff*
  8. Anyone on tonight, actually? I'm burnt out from running DITR - I want some hot Moatoob action, but only if other people are running. I could do with playing something else, really.
  9. Urgh, been running Duel In The Ruins for a good while now - about 10-odd runs and nothing yet. However, I have picked the following from the boss boxes in *one* run: Nightwalker Thunder Cannon Burn / Resist Phantom Not a sniff of a double agito yet, though - At least the run time is down to about 8 minutes, even if Tylor keeps on being a nob about it!
  10. Sorry that I didn't return from going back to my room - I was annoyed at my connection, and annoyed with MY FACE in general, as it hurts. nobs. Didn't know that Duel In The Ruins was THE spot for Double Agito though, I thought it was Dual Sentinel that dropped them, which was infinitely harder than the reverse course. Turns out both of them do! I'm going to tear Ragnus a new one tomorrow, just you wait - and then I'll run Hill of Spores S and spam boxes for Diadu. and then use KILLER SHOT LEVEL 11, and burn through rappies like they was cardboard with the SUPER IMPROVED level 3 Incapacitate. which is actually good, it even kills normal enemies with regularity it seems. I don't want to think about what level 4 would do to Robots, it might finally mean I can spam the train and groves for levelling and general lolz.
  11. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUR step 1: follow runs for hours on end step 2: ? step 3: profit from Cubo Musrana boards (except mood, he can buy my board from my shop)
  12. Haha, I did wonder what the fuck you guys were on about when you was talking about medals the second you hit the board. Maybe we'll get a wooden spoon, with the spoon bit's outer bend crafted with laia martinez's FACE on it. and a wheelchair at the end of the handle. ...shut up I need to take some meds cuz mah jaw Anyone seen those 'Continuous Run' blueprints over at PSO-World? It's a GOOD IDEA, and one that I wanted to do (albeit more of a random 'grand tour', that actually ended). Let's do one at MOATOOB, land of spackers. Tonight or Tomorrow?
  13. RAPID DE-ACCURACY ON MONSTERS MONSTERS RINSED BAN REQUEST! I'm not coming back on tonight, I'm burnt from work, and now I'm burnt out of Killer Shot and Sandwich Making. Level 10, 30%! ...Killer Shot's not levelled. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  14. 300th Place? Crispy Salad CRISPY SALAD [/florette]
  15. That's a lot of Mudkipsktrands! I think there's a fire one in the oven now, it will probably fail. I quite enjoyed last night, it's total proof of concept that any large gathering of high-levelled people who know each other on PSU can, quite frankly, rip apart any mission. It was getting to the point where people were actively splitting up so they could take out targets of their own! Only thing I regret is not bringing my Cast for the ride, he could have done with the EXP or mission points. I could have made him a guntecher and no-one would have noticed. TEAM HIVE S2 IS EASY sign-ups cometh. Be sure to bring your finest Rabol Rappy armour, or alternatively, somehow make yourself a light Dulk-Senba (yes, I know it doesn't exist, shut up)
  16. I'm guessing that some of you shall be on today, providing that the weather is shit like around here? I'll host, as male beasts have three stars today.
  17. By about the time you posted that Marc, I think everyone came offline to go to bed! Few decent runs to be had after a few faux pas situations from Dave - after those, we got a Tyrant Spadac board reward! and then PA fragments up the wazoo.
  18. Seriously, block voting for the absolute lose. If there was any justice, Greece would have been top, then Ukraine, followed up by a Finland/UK/France/Spain draw. ;p Edit: ...anyway, PSU. quick run or two, or shall it be left for tomorrow? I'll be out evening/afternoon tomorrow, but other times should be sound.
  19. Fuck you guys, I'm watching Eurovision. Greece entry = a month of updates. SEXY updates. *mrrh*
  20. Are Kazarods really that hard to find nowadays? I would have thought the rarity to be that of a Kan Yu, which wasn't too hard to hunt post-adjustment. Heck, first Onma run got me a Har/Quick. How about some True Darkness runs, then? at least then some Gao Rod boards could be found. I can just sit around spazzing out with Assault Crush, I'm starting to get a level a run on Sleeping Warriors B. Pull out rainbow palette of T. Durandal Replicas, spam Assault Crush until I've rinsed them, Photon Charge Cosmo, cue maximum profit. Much like a Cubo Musrana board, really.
  21. Sounds like a plan. They're worth quite a bit, even a 4/4 is worth 9 million in the player shops. ... So, who's going to run for Kazarods soon?
  22. I'm guessing you're mentioning that as we're all going to hand our GUARDIANS licenses over to SEGA TEAM over this completely unique, tremendous cock-up? oh, and the group running as Beauties and the Beast have posted their 7:35 speed run on Youtube: for the tl;dr crowd: double jabroga all around, with a side portion of Majarra while enemies are ice trapped - makes sense, as you can hit that third portion of Majarra for BIG NUMBARZ without knocking them all over the fucking place. OMG HAX
  23. What really boggles the mind is that Sonic Team has 'scheduled' *nothing* for the two weeks after MAG. In fact, a pet peeve: why, why, WHY hasn't Guardians' Boost Road been used more often than it has? It shouldn't just be a means of introducing new missions for the purpose of running them into the ground - in an ideal world, there should be a GBR in between every large update, with different Parameters (random routes combined with different bonuses), that buffers in between. That way, it never becomes White Beast Universe. ...Nobs!
  24. Actually, the automation reason sounds quite plausible - I distinctly remember that the EN site still had some japanese text bodged in their site when it was live, so it sounds like a case of Sega Team doing the following: Sega Team Employee #1: OK, public, we'll extend MAG. Public: hurrah! *time passes to an hour before deadline* Sega Team Employee: OK, let's extend MAG like we promised! Sega Team Japan Employee: Wait, how did we do this again? Sega Team Employee: ...Uh oh. quick, get the tech guys on it! *tech team comes in* Laia Martinez: MRRH Sega Team Japan Employee: tech team says MRRH Sega Team Employee: MRRH *server rollforward* I certainly vote S-Rank parties, especially Egg Thieves - I can't fucking believe how many PA frags and Solid/Knights you can get on the mission, I reckon we could make a killing on the player shops with these things.
  25. ...The fuck? This opens up a whole new can of worms - Quite a few people stopped running MAG or simply slowed down on monster kills in anticipation of the extension, and then this U-turn comes around and gives us absolutely no chance of getting the last prizes. Oh, and someone on the PC/PS2 servers just Soloed S in 7:08, just for kicks. hacktastic!
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