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  1. Hello. I've decided that I want a Gaozoran Rod. Anyone got any pieces going? I think I'm alright with the Citrads, But I'm mainly looking for a Board and Rod bits. ...Oh, and I'll need a Tech PM as well, but I can do that at some point. Anyone know the going prices for this shit? Also, I found *something* during the daily MAG run. I've moved it on to *someone*, but all I can say on it is: NO MORE RUPIKA THX. Mainly been playing as Acrofighter now, as Chikki spam is still completely acceptable with Acro Speed (and the Slicer's first hit damage glitch works even better!), and with a bit of tolerance you can easily get under 15 minutes on C solo, and that's with picking up that silly bint. You just need to make sure you whip out some light claws for Carriguines. ...And yes, I finally buckled and bought some Twin DB Swords as I was going Acro. 1 mil for 17% ground? COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! ...but it's so right ;_;
  2. You can also get more Soda Riban boards on A. ...*balloon deflation noise* Unsociable hours this week = C runs this week! At least until Friday, anyway.
  3. Oh god, I think we all need to chip on for Jonny's Kazarodoc. Poor bugger has had to sit through three chances with it going to different people! It does drop on C though, which is awesome for solo spam. Perhaps there really is a chance of getting Twin DBs through low-end runs!
  4. I can run, if needed. I could do with starting the long, shit road that is Guntecher. A-Rank rifles with Killer shot, AND using a level 2 Diga? SURELY THIS IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
  5. Hey, at least Serafi Feathers are available. In the lottery. Randomly. For one gold a pop. ....Fuck offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Still finding the search for Twin DB Sabers painful - I might have to start branching out to different ranks of MAG, Which I'll need to do anyway to get some character's basic classes up. lol master classes ;/
  6. Who needs a Kazarodoc when you have TORNADO DANCE? ...Fortetechers obviously, but who cares about them? *TDs into new area, and knocks everything over* EDIT: oh dear, I just found the magic of getting hold of my headset, and placing it on top of the radio with the music turned up. Cue Mousse-T vs. Hot and Juicy all over your face, and all over the BACK OF THE STACK. Good/Demented times ahead!
  7. ...Mood wears glasses? RICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD Siri's on 79 now. one more until everyone can access S rank missions because of holding people up!
  8. I'll take a C run, and a few A runs for Siri as well. only got 5 levels more to go until I can run S! and be totally shit at it! at least I have my light Buccaneer to take out those clearly shit Carriguines. I'm starting to think that Area Drops hate me - or, at the very least, never drop on C. bastards! Also: Rupika starts to get a God complex on Ruins. HOLD ME
  9. CUTRURRY Best fucking typo since... well, Ryuseikanohbutnotreally. I'm pretty sure there's another catchment of badges somewhere, either that or they are inside the end boxes. I would also be up for the Character drops, I especially like the sound of a Kazarodoc - Kireek can fuck off though, Zagza is already in good supply and the Zagzac is just... well, shit. I'll take a Silence Claw as well, even if it's B-Rank cack. that Incapacitation effect has got to be worth something right? ...like Killer Shot, right? Yeah, I can play Tonight if anyone's on. I could do with bringing in Siri for those Gazorans - Ground Shotgun ftw! EDIT: interesting discussion over at PSOW - apparently, Acro classes have been fixed, so you'll probably find that level 10 Acros are now level 4. Stealth updates ftw!
  10. Tortoise is a horribly odd name for a female cast. I played some PSU today. it was fun! although saying that, I need some A runs to get Siri going - soloing C runs is relatively tough as well as starting to slow my gains in EXP. Bumflaps. c'mon the 50 million marker! it's got to be Ruins, otherwise people will shun this for GTA for the next week!
  11. Seems as though MAG has collapsed somewhat - Lots of people rushed to 35m expecting for Ruins to be unlocked somewhat early, only to have a rude awakening in the form of TEH TREASURE CHEST. Luckily, we're up to about 42m now, so it's only 8 million kills left until the Ruins is unlocked (at least, if the JP version is anything to go by). I won't be on tonight again as I'm keen to play some more GTA4 for another day (and blow friends up in multiplayer), but I'll be around either on Thursday or Friday. I should get Richard to Fortefighter 20, and then start on Siri for some serious levelling.
  12. yeah, lieutenant slutchops (can't remember the name) is a bit odd. I think it's a bit like how the luck woman works - there's certain levels of 'win' to earn decent stuff, although it is broad enough to the point where you could easily walk away with fuck-all. I got my first PSO disk with the first animation, and the second PSO disk was when he done all three animations. most of the room decos were two-parters. So, yeah, fuck knows. Laia programmed the luck system or something.
  13. no idea if it's rare, it depends on how many milestones people hit - admittedly, it's not a very good weapon either, apart from the fact that the minute you synth it it's guaranteed to produce the weapon with a 50% element of your choice. Somehow struck it lucky with the lottery - In one finishing sweep, I now have a complete set of the Sega Hardware room decos, and got a duplicate Dreamcast to boot (which I plonked in front of Isobel's face). got another PSO Disk 7 (Rose Confession), still no Preta or PSO Disk 8 though. couple of Polymers as well, which was a bit gash, although not as gash as Hapotite.
  14. Hit the counter Level Cap. level 19 FighGunner, too! I can slow down with killing everything now. Went and bought the Event's Sonichi as well, and I can totally recommend it - it's like an automatic crossbow, with knockdown. Apparently has ATP down as well, but I thought it set things on fire. must have been Fenix. Ryusaikanoh is out, and it's fun. superbly loud (it basically roars like Alterazgoug when you fire it) and sends out a HUGE WAD OF FLAME. it should be great with high-level elemental bullets, as the ATP is only about 80-100 less than a meteor cannon, but with more PP and accuracy, should mean that high elements should hit more, with minimal effect to the damage. I think the Meteor Cannoc would be better for neutral bullets like phantasm, though. Anyway, I've got to go, but I'll be on tomorrow for runs!
  15. Oh, and by the way: http://phantasystaruniverse.jp/event/mag20...lestone_03.html 3,350,000th kill. by me. BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  16. super sexy lottery ftw! ;p I went and bought myself a DB saber, but in hindsight I should have bought the Event Sonichi. three-way fire, with knockdown ftw! or just saved up 99 and blow them all on PA fragments so I can buy all of the stupidly expensive PAs that I'll ever need (Tornado Dance, Megid and Killer Shot!) The Ryusaikanoh will be out at 4pm, alongside two Meteor Cannon/c weapons as I finally bothered to transfer some materials. It's good to know that they *do* drop, means that there's no blind faith when it comes to it. 81%, btw.
  17. Yay, awesome runs /o/ Last night consisted of the following runs: - Running A with just GViper - Marcface joined in the second run - GViper left, Parvati and her friend joined for a run - After that, Mood came online. tried to change leader, found the hard way that you shouldn't do that as you'll fail the mission - Toxic joined, making a full four man cell for S. Carnage ensued into the small hours. It seems that the best way to earn badges is to run a two-person party, on something like A for rares, or even C - all of the switches are built for two people, and you'll get the maximum share. There's plenty for everyone though, it's just that if you need MOAR you know what you can do. Also, I hit a 'milestone' with Marc, which opened a 'LOL YOU WIN THE PRIZE' mission. It hands you a Bouqet board, like what The Admiral uses. However, it seems they're rather special - it is always a 100% synth, and it always comes out at a 50% element no matter what you choose! I shall be using my Dark Bouqet for fun soon! another reason for MAG A is to get hold of some Soda Riban boards - this mission has DESTROYED the Riban board market. it drops so often, the market price has dropped from around 400k a board, to about 1k a board me, marc and viper can be testament to this, when the board dropped about seven times. in ONE ROOM. had to give Marc one of them as he didn't get any, and I have a spare if anyone wants one atm. Running with Fighgunner, and it's great atm - bought a cheap Muzzlefever and Hyper Viper, it's nice to change from Arb Boa guns for once! with the amount of Mission Points you can earn on S though, I'll have to change to Fortefighter very soon. Anyway, more soon, Nigella Lawson's on the telly. nom nom nom nom
  18. It's up now. thought I was out in the afternoon, but something came up. so I had a run on MAG. If you're soloing, it's slim pickings for weapons badges - the only obtainable source for them that I could find atm is in the Forest, although there could be more. On C, You can obtain Silver Badges from the set of four boxes, so that's an average of 2 silver, 2 copper (on an S reward, piece of piss on C). you can convert the 2 copper into silver, which isn't too bad. It seems that the best way to deal with this mission in in two-man teams, considering the amount of two-button doors.
  19. Aye, Tower of Caelum ftw. went and listened to it through a random link, and it reminded me that, through the power of new PSU costumes, I could retool Millia to look like Memoru. or Creinu. or change Karin into HOT BITCH Kylria. I'm gutted that I have no Caseals any more though Tell Fenix to remake Reiz plz Anyway, first order of the day - go into Richard, run MAG on C to get an idea of it. and see how much they broke Chikki.
  20. Servers are now in maintenence! Also, random update: with the new JPN update, a new music disk has arrived in the Offering box. ...IDOLA: The Strange Fruits. AKA. The final boss music for PSO Ep3 C.A.R.D . ...or, one of my favorite tracks in Episode 3. AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH!
  21. Well, some updates: - The English update has been, well, updated. as well as the announced tweaks, the S-Rank weapon upgrades that spans *all* of the recent updates are going to be included - That means that Guntechers will get S-Rank wands and base TP boost, Fighgunners get Mechguns and Twin Handguns, while Fortetechers get their HP increase. There's no tech level adjustments yet though, which will probably be done when Masterclasses are out (to match Masterforce's level 50 attack techs). - The JPN update is out now, with details for the new Clothes Exchange mission. http://psupedia.info/The_Clothier Some of the requirements are, to be frank, OH SHIT. suddenly, even Gormet Cake is going to become valuable. and don't even start about handing in a Har/Quick and 30 Citrads for Lumia's Clothes. fucking BITCH! However, the star will be SPF gear, which is awesome and needs... wait, A FUCKING SOLID/KNIGHT?! MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - Oh, and the Spread Needle/G is going to the top 500 players over both servers. it is perfectly sellable as well, so therefore it's time to START MAKING CASH and then buy it off some tramp!
  22. ...Actually, the Rebalance is there, but the Experience boost for any/all PAs is absent. They're still cunts, mind: At least we'll benefit from the Mission points. and I can see if the De Ragan Slayic gains five targets. it's still appalling that ST have to welsh on their plans constantly to artificially provide new content, mind. EDIT: In fact, it probably would have been better in the end for the american branch of ST (sup Chillaura) to have kept quiet about the wishy-washy ideas that the JPN branch have - At least Chill could then concentrate on keeping us updated about 100% confirmed things that we're going to get. ...But then this is SEGA TEAM, so nothing's 100%. Damned if you do, damned if you don't (USA branch that is, JPN should be damned constantly).
  23. Looks like some neat stuff is coming in the JPN PC/PS2 update on the 24th: The Clothier sounds like the perfect shop to finally nail Richard's Bikini Swimwear collection. Otherwise, the star of the update will be the ability to finally buy our own 9* weapon boards for the AOTI weapons, and POTENTIALLY the long-awaited upgrade board for A > S material conversion! Catilium time, bitches! ...*sells catilium in player shop while it's still pricey* EDIT: oh, and is anyone playing today? just throwing that one out, could do with some mission points for ForteNobThingsWithGuns. EDIT 2: also, following the MAG thread on RandomFury, I found a snippet from PSO-World that states that for MAG: - Badges are dropped in boxes. there are four locations on every area (some secret), with four badge boxes in each location. - Boxes contain either Bronze or Silver badges, or even... KUBARA WOOD! - Quality of drops are effected by the rank of the mission, obviously. from C which is only bronze, to S which is 90% Silver. So, providing you can access all cachements on a solo mission, you can gain about 16 bronze from boxes on a solo mission on C, which converts to 3 gold (and 2 bronze), without bonuses and boss boxes at the end. which equates to around 75 runs of MAG C to obtain one of everything in The Messenger, bar PA Frags and Lottery gubbins.
  24. No title update here, either. maybe they've just sent it into Microsoft's QA minefield. Hopped online, logged into Richard, and suddenly realised that I actually *did* get Richard to level 10 Ranger already. waltz'd up to the Guardians Booth and changed to Fortegunner. Wonderful! Went and bought some basic kit - Destac, Bazga, and a Phantom. combined with my stuff in my bot, my palette looks like this: Wrong. Destac w/ Lightning Phantom w/ Dark MEAT CANNON w/ Light Muktrand w/ Ground (lol Majarra) Arb Boa w/ Fire Drumline w/ Ice, Ice Yohmei dagger w/ Buten I want killer shot then buy a Mizuraihoh, but I've only got 50 Frags. and It's not like I can run any decent S2 missions at my current class level, combined with superbly shit bullets. Sad face. Also changed Richard's gear, he looks a bit fruity. and blue. Very blue.
  25. Title Update today. mainly deals with setting up things behind the scenes, including certain technical aspects that were added in the latest JP PC/PS2 updates (Item price colour coding, shared GBR points between all characters, etc), and some platform-specific changes as well (Gacha now has a confirmation delay on punts over 100k meseta to stop accidental spending, and the second machinegun glitch has been fixed). No actual content. Might play for a small while to get Richard to Fortegunner, but that's about it.
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