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  1. ...I hope you have a Striking bot! EDIT: ...did the P mean 'Profit'?
  2. Maximum Attack G Are we all going back to Hammer hunting today, or is it MAG time? actually, there's no point in planning, it's better that way! ...much like the conversations that happen. bad, BAD conversations.
  3. Carriguine Incest. that's what caused your Synths to come out WURRRRRRRRBISH ...and mine, yesterday. *mourns over 18% Dark Kan Yu and... 10% Lightning De Ragan Slayic* if one or two of you pop on, give me a message over live - I'll be having SCIV in my machine until someone gives me a nudge. and I'll mainly be on most of the day, as it looks shit outdoors.
  4. Tokky is already on. It's still a chore to run S solo, so I'll take a break while my synths finish. I think the maximum time I need to wait for all my stuff was 2:30 when I last checked, and that was half an hour ago. I think. Shame really, I would like to make a quick buck by getting Cati/Skill Saves from the Normal Rappies and selling them before they become dirt cheap ;p Oh, and we'll have to deviate from MAG to run something that spawns Jaggo Actes. I WANT THE HAMMER
  5. Yes, it's now up. With MAG. and stuff. time to see what Spread Needles cost! *shudder* EDIT: Bunged all my stuff in for Synth, practically all of the good stuff is 100%, which is nice. Tried looking for a spread, but it seems as though the inevitable has happened - people put up their spreads for a stack, and then they see it disappear within seconds. lolz. Went for a run, got a couple of nice items (Muzzlefever and Shinowa Line Boards), and cleared it although I mainly got my arse handed to me because I ran with my 'falz runs' palette. Arse. However, for reference, Richard is almost at level 131 within a single S-Run, which is frankly revolting. Can't wait to use Millia on A runs!
  6. It's now up on the JP 360 site, so (bar rollback) it's certainly on the cards now. I shall be on tomorrow - I have an ASSLOAD of stuff to get cooking, including that bastard Psycho Wand. According to PSUPedia as well, This version of MAG is likely to have normal rappies, as well as Grass Assassins dropping Double Agito. Doubtful, but it would be interesting to see. I've been buying the Diads in anticipation 21 down, 9 to go! In fact, I shall be on tonight, running a little bit of White Beast and Black Nest S for said Diads. ...Diadu. I'd also like to play Soul Calibur IV, if it ever arrives EDIT: Oh, and the downloadable missions for PSP is now up. Good Times!
  7. ...Shit, I just realised that I still need those Diads so I can synth my Psycho Wanc/d with the synth bonus. If anyone's got any for a slightly cheaper price than what they are over at player shops (200k a pop I think, so any for 180/150 would be nice), give us a shout - I'll buy in bulk! Might try and hit up White Beast S first, though - I need most of my money for a Spread Needle/G (I'm pretty sure I heard from someone that Spreads were selling for 40mil after the economy settled down). my recent discovery that Paradi Cataract is still selling fairly high should help toward that, though - If my calculations are right, I can flog my bulk of them for 800k a pop, which is a severe undercut from the average price of 1mil. With everyone starting again with MAG, I'll just keep one back for Karin mk2 and then put the rest in my shop for great justice! Nice to see the 140 cap, as well - That will help towards soloing the current missions a lot quicker!
  8. More details of the PSP downloadable missions are in: Beeftade Well-Done is going to be awesome. Also, the game has started to emerge on japanese private bittorrent, and it's under a gig. hopefully, it will whip around the internets quickly.
  9. You should be busy with your ball and chain son, While I should be busy getting stabbed down the local drinking spot ;p Not sure how I'll tackle part-timing it - I think one evening, some of the friday afternoon I get off and the odd saturday/sunday should do the trick until they update regularly. It's been a lot nicer with just having the odd 40 minutes of running Dark God S, and then just sodding off to something else. Actually, I need to practice Ridge. ...LET'S ALL PLAY RIDGE RACER 6 GUYS
  10. As mentioned to Donk via IM, I'll keep my membership running until PSP is out, alongside the arrival of a decently sized Memory Stick. Latest update now is that ST has 'confirmed' that MAG2 is happening on August 1st and shall be running for three weeks (as the 15th is a national holiday in japan), alongside the delivery of the initial MAG Rewards and Statues from the Sonic Birthday Event. I'm not holding out much hope (I'd put 1p on Betfair that Sonic Team will upload Maximum Attack G' and Project DF' and not the actual event missions), but if they're there I will probably be playing on and off throughout that - I would like to have Millia levelled for future S2 missions, and I want to remake Karin into a CAST as Humans are shit, and SUVs are awesome.
  11. Minor PSU update: There's going to be some emergency maintenence on Wednesday on the 360 Servers, assumed to be something to do with the disappearance of Universes 13 and 14. No doubt with the maintenence on a Wednesday, Sonic Team will pull a 'lol, we've already maintained the server, no need to do anything else' Stance. Fuck it, back to Civ Rev!
  12. I'm not worried - They're not charging for it, for one. It sounds more like the downloadable event missions that were in all versions of PSO (Such as the previous Maximum Attack Event, and the infamous Towards The Future).
  13. ijasidfjisodjg,sdg,sdg,,dsg, I didn't get nothing from rappies when I got them in Scarred Planet. Although it's the same with not getting a Pannon Cannon either. I want to level lasers
  14. There's not even that much content in the demo to be frank. it's just that it feels like a much more smoother ride instead of the grindfest that occurs in PSU. We're not just talking about tech/PA levelling either - some very welcome changes have been made for the Solo player in mind due to the obvious change in format (like finding Ultimate PAs, high element weapons, and that drops change depending on what class you play as). It's basically Phantasy Star Universe: Turbo Tournament. You'll literally find your character constantly chopping and changing every run during those 3 hours of play in the demo, which in PSU time would take about a week. If you're in an event that is, otherwise you'll be running white beast for two months. Saying that though, there's a few new items that are of note - I just jumped back into the demo this morning, and during running with my Force I found a Koltova Doll Madoog
  15. I'm interested in the whole saga about the Beta Demo servers being down - for GOOD! It's like replacing Gamefaqs' entire forum section with the Goatse picture. Uber Justice!
  16. Yeah, I would imagine that the 360 version is only taking longer because of the Microsoft gubbins around it. Although to be honest, I'm not surprised - Sega Team USA has been generating enthusiasm in a vain attempt to stop JPN Sega Team essentially shitting on their lawn. continually.
  17. You picked Ranger, then. To get a force next time, create a new character, and when you get to the 'enter your name' portion, use the selector underneath to choose the option which has the '-' looking katakana in the middle, instead of the options that have the same dash at the end. to confirm it, you can jump into story or multi mode and check your equipment - you'll have some force bits and Foie and Barta already learnt. You can't change class once you made your character (you can't get out of Parum, either - meaning that you only have the 60 maximum items) - you can, however, move your save off of the PSP via the USB connection, meaning that you can just swap out your maxed demo character in that class and start a new save to try out something else.
  18. Yeah, PSP is a bit of a headfuck when you first start, until you realise nearly all of the menu content is laid out EXACTLY like AOTI. Even the shops are easy to buy from, as all of the bullets are in the same order as PSU - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Ground, Light and dark ;p It's always exciting finding a Kubara product now, in case it's something new - pity that quite a lot of the stuff early on includes Daggac and Knuckluc when you're running Plains Overlord for that butterfly wand ;/ Not long now until the server move - I shall be enjoying E3 and my last week at work until my holiday, when there should be news about what's going on. You never know, Sega's E3 floor picket might include Sonic Team USA taking a hammer to our 'moved' servers
  19. Not even the demo is out officially - It will be available from the JP Playstation store and Japanese Shops from July 14th. As mentioned, the full game is out on the 31st. Another favorite PA of mine has popped up - Hikai ShuhahushauhuahushaZan, aka. The Sonic spin attack. Dropped from a Grass Assassin at the end of Scarred Planet. Proper Bo, although it seems that I sold my Single Dagger and you can't buy any from the Shop Speaking of the Shop, the other SUV is the other Gatling Gun, which fires in a straight/spray line. Again, must mention that Bullets are silly - All of the Rifle and Shotgun bullets are capped at 11 now, within about 2/3 hours of play with my Ranger. You can literally take a run with a single bullet and get to 11 in two blocks, especially on Plains Overlord. Picked up a Bulletmaster as well, which will be dead handy when the full game is out. I think I'll pop back to Techer now, after my bungled attempt with Richard Hawk. Although I am tempted to keep Ranger and spam Scarred Planet for WEAPONS Badges - I went from 9 to 14 in a single run of it. Oh, another technical shortcoming I forgot to mention - When De Ragan flies now, he will only hit you with his 'Nosfoie' attack - He never does the fire breath attack now, which makes the battle slightly harder for Rangers if your main line of attack is to snipe his head.
  20. 31st of this month, if I recall correctly. Capped my Ranger now (level 20, level 5 Class). Some MORE INFORMATION: - Elementals are boosted for all bullets - Shotguns are something in the region of 20-30% during the (quick) rise to 11. - While I can't confirm the second SUV in the demo, the first one is the sweeping gatling gun. To be expected, really. Oh, and only Rangers can use them atm, because no other class seems to get B-Rank armour drops in the demo! ;p - I have 11 grinders now, I'm just waiting on a good weapon to drop so I can spam them on it. In case I didn't explain earlier, the Grinders are now universal it seems (Well, using the same grinders, I've grinded all three ranks of weapon, and there's no grading system). They're either random drops, or are awarded to you if you get an S-Rank. Pretty fair, considering the grinds are Guaranteed now. ...I haven't really gone into the negatives yet, have I? I best do some to even it out: - As mentioned, it's like the PS2 version of PSU - goes from quite a choppy framerate down to very choppy. Never gets as bad as Robot Glitch Slowdown, but you'll have to get used to it. Taking out party members or overclocking the PSP helps somewhat, but then you can only go so far with a PSP. - Pop-Up is rife, although it's mainly background textures or distant places (In plains overlord, you'll see that the caves are just openings to thin air, and forests in the background suddenly appear. None of the action is affected by this, but again you'll notice this after the 360 version. - However, the action is affected in the form of Spawn changes. this could be for rejigging the difficulty curve, but again, it's noticable from the 360 version - you'll notice a curious lack of Bal Soza in Scarred Planet. Don't worry though, there's still those two Grass Assassins waiting for you! *parp* However, all of this can be forgiven for all of the Japanese screamfests that your character can potentially do with an SUV/Beast. Good times!
  21. TBH, I'd get a PSP anyway just to hack it to bits and have a portable Rage Racer machin... Oh wait, I already did that. Now you do it ;/ It depends on how much stuff is ultimately in PSP - But really, what's interesting about it is the fact that different things drop depending on your character, which encourages switching classes - mainly because you can find really good ranged weapons on a Hunter class, but then can't switch in the demo (example: LASER PANNON CANNON!). Alfa System is making some interesting (and, ultimately, good) alterations - I just heard that Gifoie (yes, it can be found) does knockback. Massive explosions finally making enemies fly everywhere? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH[/CSIMiami] But yeah, I'd recommend trying out the demo - Navigation is pretty much PSU with minor changes that can be guessed at and be correct about (don't worry guys, THE BIN *is* abandon mission, not throw all of your rarz in THE BIN). I would imagine a 4GB Memory Stick with this, Monster Hunter and a couple of PS1 RPGs would pretty much ruin your life for a small while. Not that Donk doesn't have to worry about that in a few months. OH HO! I'll be here all week, try the buffet. *leaves stage*
  22. I've been playing the Phantasy Star Portable Demo while I wait for something to come along. It's like PS2 PSU, except that the framerate now fits instead of it looking technically dire on the PS2. It's also FULL OF DROPS AND LEVELLING AND STUFF, which is very nice. Alfa Systems (the people developing it, alongside Sega Team who are eating cream cakes during the work) basically got Ambition of the Illuminus as the base, knew what stuff made PSO good, and stuffed some of it in there. I've done a shitload of impressions over at Random Fury, but because nobody cared I'll post it here as well. In addition to that, I've been playing Ranger now - Bullet Levelling is just COMPLETELY FUCKING SAD now, in a good way - You can get Rifle bullets capped at 11 in ONE STORY MISSION. and that's with NPCs helping out as well! Oh, and Saves can be transferred off the PSP. People will probably start Hex editing them, but who fucking cares when you can just play the demo and get AWESOME STUFF straight away? not me, at least.
  23. Finally got a Blackbull board from Falz, after about 83284320543 runs. Of couse, I can't synth it until the Bonus kicks in, which will be... next year, probably. After 30 Mission Spotlight Events and some form of Eternal Lobby alá XB-PSO. And now for another tedious grind! *puts Forza back in the 360*
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