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  1. I'll buy the Rucar board off you, if you still have it. I think I'll skip Maga if it only freezes one to three targets guaranteed. might as well use Boma Riga. or just finally buy the Beserk Bullet and kill everything and myself at the same time! Just got Zangenga to level 8, already feel ill from running SW too much - even came across a fucking Orgdus map, although it's pretty uninspiring on a C run! Bought an Aikasoki for a spare 'new' crossbow, and then grinded both that and a Mamba to 5, although the Mamba broke once. Can't wait for 11, mainly because of the level 2 SE.
  2. Yeah, I'm back now after leaving abruptly. I'm still going to be soloing Sleeping Warriors C until the evening, simply because levelling just feels right there. Any other person drops in and it all goes out of kilter - you either one-shot too few enemies at the low level and you have to run more times, or you have to up the difficulty, stand there popping shitty enemies several times with a shitty bullet, get depressed over it and then quit levelling it altogether. It's like Absolute Dance - you simply have to be left to your own devices to get it up to a reasonable level without being bored. at least I'm levelling once every one and a half runs, with each run lasting only 6 minutes. and that's instant kills all the way, so there's no sitting around doing fuck-all with a pea shooter. I'm not too fussed about the two-bullet spread on 11 - it's all going to be about popping Megistaride, running up to some level 140 delnadian and then blasting him in the back for double damage. Also: has anyone tried Boma Maga? it sounds Fabulous - 100% chance of Freezing on anything that's suspectable? like over at Caves with all those bastard Vandas? HELLZ YEA
  3. I've only got a fire bullet for my B'duki Boa, though. for the same amount of PP that will be rinsed from that, I might as well use a Photon Charge for Majarra ;/ Nice to hear that Har/Quick is still selling for that much, though. Went and bought another PA with my 'Should really be for another Pushan but I'm past caring' Badge fund - This time, the frags went on Yak Zangenga. Started to level the bullet while at Sleeping Warriors C, while hunting Relic Edges. It's quite fun to just pop Megistarides, let my HP get sapped to nothing and then one-shot everything in the face. It levels darn slow, though - one and a half runs to get to level 2, hopefully that will not increase as I go along the levelling up to 11.
  4. Ollakas are not as bad as I thought - Slicers and Spears of the right element rips through them, but Tengohgs are nobs. not only that, as I'm running as Fortefighter, so going to any other classes to get ranged firepower makes the ATP suffer. Ran it three or so times, not much other than a Har/Quick.
  5. I'm sure there will be some more alts coming out with the extension to MAG, although getting to 80 will mean S Runs, which most people are hosting every evening. I'm on another cross-planet outing, shunning MAG for a minute - This time, it's Demons Above S2, now to be known as 'King Ollakas and their shitty friends'. Seriously, most annoying monsters in the game - take tons of hits to down if you're not using the opposite element, and the King causes the others to flip the fuck out and run around like there was an Earthquake in China or something. Tengohgs are still sacks of meat that only purpose is to take lots of hits. Nobs. Just doing a run with using a palette of Ice weapons though, and it seems to be going rather smoothly. Ageetas don't take much to go down, really.
  6. It seems with Megistar(ide), it either saps HP for a minute or two, or until you get to about half of your HP. However, I find that certain actions which completely 'clear' status effects (not reverser) also gets rid of the HP sapping action of Megistarides - Namely, using SUV attacks (I think), or going Beast. One of my favorites is to pop one and then go straight into Richard's beast form - allows you to smack around people much faster for those 30 or so seconds, and then as soon as Richard reverts back into Humanoid form he keeps the buffs with no harmful effects. it's perfect for Soloing, and I would imagine it works for Paradi as well when it comes to CASTs.
  7. I would like to join in the Forax power leveling crusade - Siri needs those 20 last levels and class levelling before he can become totally effective. Otherwise, I'm forced to rely on RIchard for practice sessions. Great finds, by the way - It's about time that Bulletdance dropped, and 3 million is a great price for a nicely grinded Slayic.
  8. Oh god, I've been carrying on with Sleeping Warriors runs while waiting for a party. eventually, my tiredness got the better of me (I've been up since 3/4am because of my body clock going tits-up), and I decided to call the run I was doing my final one. got up to the svaltuses, went beast, and ripped through them. I saw a board drop, thinking 'coo, a Svaltus Sword board' and carried on the beatdown. mission completed, went towards the board. (B)Psycho Wand. Huge Cutter board dropped in the afternoon, which was nice - always wanted to make my own when the mission came out a year ago. Catilium dropped a fair bit as well, although Tunnel Recapture is probably far easier if you have a partner in crime.
  9. clearly, we need to ditch Tokky and have four Protransers instead. Richard, Donk, Forax and Dave. We could call it RLLMUK PROTRANSER FUCK FORCE FOUR, and Sega will award us all Spread Needle Gs for our stellar contribution to the PSU community. by dying lots.
  10. He's probably level 20 Protranser by now. maybe. I need to play some runs with Siri today, I want to cap him now that the extension is out and about. and then focus on Millia - I've even done the worst thing imaginable for techers in the form of spending PA Frags on Megid. OH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH *fires balls of nothing at 9123473274 enemies to level up*
  11. lol, Had a couple of goes at running Sleeping Warriors S2 as an Acrofighter (19/20). I seemed to obtain the same times that I was when I was a fortefighter before the class update, and that was just by mainly spamming nerfed Chikki at everything Finally switched back to fortefighter, and had a pop at Tunnel Recapture S2. if it wasn't for the shoddy selection of weapons I brought and getting used to the FF speed again, I would have wasted the mission - once I got my groove back on (sorry), I was bollocking Drua Gohras in the FACE. However, it's still tough with the wrong combination of weapons - ended up having to Jabroga those spawns that had three Druas, and then run about to attempt to twat them with Bogga Zubba with light knuckles I would imagine Fighmaster will change that, though. TURBO REDDA FTW!
  12. First off, from my edit after this post: MAG Has been extended for TWO weeks, on ALL servers. The Old leaderboards will be locked on the 22nd, and a fresh set of Leaderboards will be made for all players. More details about the leaderboards are to come soon. Holy Shit, JPN Update for PC/PS2: Parum S2 Missions? a shortcut to Mother Brain? PHOTON CHARGES WORK PROPERLY ON SINGLE-HANDED WEAPONS?! *shrieks like one of Hank's child victims* EDIT: oh, and: MAG Has been extended for TWO weeks, on ALL servers. The Old leaderboards will be locked on the 22nd, and a fresh set of Leaderboards will be made for all players. More details about the leaderboards are to come soon.
  13. Ick Hikk is great, although you really need an Acrofighter to level it before you go crazy. After that, a good Fortefighter with it = lol big numbarz. However, Bogga Robado is STILL the boss when it comes to Fist PAs. Great percentages, levels quite nicely on any class and it looks like it was ripped straight out of Fist of The North Star, or some shit. AAAAAAAAAAAAAATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA Also: Exploding fists of awesome. AWESOME.
  14. Anga Redda is Brutal, regardless of Jabroga. You wouldn't go wrong with a good Pikor and that to start with (I've got an Ice one in my shop that I can fish out for you if you want it, it's only festering in the player shops at a stupidly high price). Just avoid Durega until the PA update, as it's a complete DICK to level. and mainly involves prodding enemies around the place very slowly until you get the second bit. Donk/Mood: I didn't join your party, as the one I enrolled in was *actually* good for once. it involved lots of Ubwaa, and apologising before using Paradis. and now it's time for bed. awwwwwwwwww [/orka] I shall be on from about half 12 to 1 in the afternoon, if anyone's around.
  15. Bububububut *fails* Had some shoddy runs myself, although it's mainly because there are no techers and nobody actually communicates what the runs are about - cue people splintering from each other, causing many KOs. When it does work though, there is some fun to be had - I remember running with Randoms where we actually systematically wiped out spawn after spawn in the last part of ruins that came along with SUVs, one after another. and then there was the run where somehow, without communication, Two PC SUVs were let off. literally a nanosecond between the two, on the last buffed Gaozoran. Died so quickly it wasn't even funny! Oh, and I now have a spare Legless/Rainbow (who doesn't?) and a Paradis Cataract up for grabs.
  16. You ain't seen nothing yet *do do* B-b-b-baby you ain't seen n-n-nothing yet *do do* Amazingly, it gets worse at 11+ - I've had Gravity Break since it was first released (about this time last year), and it's just about to hit 20. Probably something to do with shelving it for Tornado Break again. Soloing Crimson Beast C about 20 times to level it - those were the days! *readies noose*
  17. Slicer/Mechgun Combo is beastly, I recommend it if you don't have X-Bow bullets levelled. As mentioned, Light Mechguns rip through Delp Slamis, stagger/confuse Delnadians and Gaos have no decent defence against Bullets, although you could probably do more damage with some decent claws. Forgot that we were talking about speed, not ruins! Choke points that come to mind, for consideration: - Forest, the second spawn: rappies moving all over the fucking place, as they're nobs. I find that a 21+ shotgun bullet suppresses the rogue rappies if you catch them quickly enough, knocking them over as they're mid-flight. - The two Bil De Vears: Lightning Fists with any form of Bogga Robado works a treat here - run up to them, attack, into Bogga Robado JA, repeat. doesn't knock them about (meaning no spin), and you'll be making 4k a tick on them. - The entire block 2 of caves: Traps, lol. need to make sure Chikki is on two people to take out Vandas with the quickness, and one more with a ground spear/majarra for grass assassins. - Robots: not sure here, as there's no Techer or Killer Shot. any good Melee strats? - Bead Groode: again, Bogga Robado in the back, but you can use more of the combo for extra DPS. in that final room/pen, we'll be better off killing one Bead Groode as soon as it spawns, that way the next one will spawn and we wouldn't have to suffer a clusterfuck of missiles.
  18. An extension to the 360 platform could be tricky - on one hand we didn't get any Error 065 from our billing system, and on the other hand we are effected in the way of the global kill count. As for speed runs, I could always revive the Fighgunner Scheme on Siri, at least then I can SUV - As awesome as Richard is, Invincible Beast has a lot of start-up time for about 35 seconds of CLOBBERIN' TIME. also, PC has the 'fire and forget' room-clearing mentality that would be ideal for any part of the mission. also, Fighgunners = Mechguns. Delp Slamis am cry total!
  19. Rikauteri obtained. I also experienced the sheer thrill of DOUBLE PARADIS CATARACT. I think if three were let off at the same time, the beams would actually project the image of Laia Martinez falling out of a wheelchair, complete with 'MRRH' speechbubble. Either that or Jesus, but I know which one I would prefer. maybe letting off six against Dulk Fakis would actually let you complete the game. Level 105!
  20. I'll probably do some A Runs with my force at some point, Willei - The most likely case being after I cap Siri, god forbid ;p And yes, run through with randoms on A at every opportunity - the benefits are far, far more greater than having to slog through B, and the actual ramp up to S is perfect for levelling if you take the maximum level every time. Oh, and a good way to evade american chatter is to plug in the headset, and then throw said headset far away from you. or just turn it down. or cut the headset cord off entirely
  21. Finally got my second decent rare from Falz (first being Catamaran) - a Tesbra. at least that will be my Techer sorted out once she turns into a Masterforce. Cataract dropped as well, but that went to some other person. Cubo Tuma dropped on another mission, but that's readily available anyway. all I want now is to cap Siri (currently 104 now), and maybe a Bulletdance. When did you all play until, anyway? I might have been able to join if it wasn't for The Fast And The Furious keeping me TOTALLY FUCKING GRIPPED on ITV1. Brings a whole new meaning to the term NosDiga.
  22. TBH Marc, Relic Edges are not the concern when it comes to Shinowa Line making - you only need the one for the synth, something that can be easily had from a few sessions of bullet/tech levelling over at Sleeping Warriors C. Ortapolymer, on the other hand, is the spawn of Satan, as it involves running White Beast S (or alternative Neudaiz CUNTFEST) for 30 pieces. Merculines can be tricky as well, but I'm sure Tokky would lend you some from the Gacha he rinsed. ...Sorry, had to get that one in. OH! I've decided that I'm going to brave the Universe 1/2 crowd, in an effort to run more S-Rank missions and cap Siri before the event ends while I'm doing unsociable hours this week. tried a run today, and it wasn't too bad (although it was aided by pissing everyone off by nuking with Paradis the second I come across a full spawn of monsters with a full charge. It has the subtlety of a fucking car crash, it's hilarious!
  23. Don't worry, fortetechers get decent armour quite soon if you churn out the MAG runs - it took millia about level 50, level 3/4 Fortetecher before she could equip the lowest DFP A-Rank armour for the job. luckily, it's a Yohmei job, so it somes with a Head slot. Without MAG though, you would probably shit the bed. and Har/Quick is so worth it. so very, very worth it. Using rods like they were wands? MOAR PLZ. In other news: Still no good drops from Falz C, although the WIN BUTTON is proving it has a purpose. I'll have to have a quick run of Sleeping warriors S2 just to see how many Badiras I can nuke in those 3 seconds of nuclear fallout.
  24. First off - Willei's back! nice to see you again after all this time, it's a shame I'm going to be working graveyard shifts this week and can't play with you at a reasonable time. :S Me and Donk finally stumbled onto our first Paradis Cataract, went to me. However... I don't really want to use it after having a few runs. Colour me mad, but it's so fucking broken it's not even funny - it does double the damage of sturm in the same radius, 'rains' heavier, and freezes practically anything that's suspectable to that particular status. It's just plain unfair on anyone else who isn't a cast ;/ I'll be using it on Solo runs for sure, though. Probably S as well, if it's a two-man job or something. Also: As I'm on an odd shift, do you want to share the SUV Donk? I can lob it in your room at 12-ish PM, and then plonk it in a box when you're done for the evening. LMK if you happen to read this thread at an ungodly hour!
  25. Urgh, constantly getting shafted on Dark Falz drops - I've ran one S-Run, and Three C runs. Only just got my first Rare from it on the last C Run - a Flowen's Greatsword. Oh, and a Chicotite. BASTARDS! That EXP is going to be nice though, once some decent runs are sorted out today.
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