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  1. Yeah, Howzer is a bit different compared to any other NPC fights - not only does he have Dhalsim-styled range attacks that hit for said amounts, but there's a small problem in the form of the Delp Slami monsters that he summons around the ring in timed intervals - They're not strong as they are still level 60, but unless you're packing a De Colte Line (and let's face it, that's not a good idea on a techer against him), you're going to be sucking HOT MIDGET DEATH by just standing there casting a DoT tech on Howzer. He's also surprisingly fast, and warps around quite a bit if you're not lucky with timing the knock-down right. Also, pop trivia: This fight is in PSP as well, when you fight the last boss . Same attack patterns, except the Boss summons Delsabans instead. I'm still banking on a Rifle knockdown win against Howzer, along with packing a Del Monte Line so the amount of random Megid spack attacks just hurts him and builds SUV win button meter. Going to be risky though, as taking four megids at a time from Delp Slamis could mean death if a couple of them are Crits.
  2. I could do with some White Beast S2 runs - It's the only thing that's not level in terms of GBR points, amazingly (something like a ten point deficit). Unless a Castle Crashers patch is suddenly released. In which case, fuck the lot of you! *mrrh* Also: Level 160 Howzer. He's serious business - The cunt has already brought me to near-death once already thanks to lag, although that's mainly with ham-fisted Fighgunner tactics. Next up, Fortefighter ham-fisted tactics! CLAWS all over HOWZER'S FACE
  3. Found a Adahna Cannon (the synth item), decided to take a look at the Degahna Cannon market. Cheapest Adahna Cannon part: 100k Cheapest Degahna Cannon board: 7.9mil Next Cheapest Degahna Cannon board: 8mil Cheapest Degahna Cannon 0/10 actual weapon: 8mil
  4. I'll try hosting CC this time, complete with chucking my 360 into a DMZ rape zone. it might do something REALLY GOOD. I'll play PSU over the weekend. By that time, Okarods should be 1k a pop. Perfect for Acrotec... oh wait.
  5. Myself, Mood and (I think) Donk all have Castle Crashers. However, the netcode is heartbreakingly horrible, so something needs to be done about that first. I'll probably play PSU tomorrow. maybe.
  6. Even more hilarious than us turning up at the Time Attack: Hacksaw Jim Duggan now has a spread needle! Clearly, this is justice. Served with a 2x4. fired from a spread needle.
  7. - The Okarod market, three days within the Neudaiz GBR They're coming down in price slightly more after the american night shift - 1.3mil for a board, while picking up non-grinded Okarods (0/9, 0/10) is coming down to about 4mil. That's right, actual Okarods (currently the most powerful 'non-rare' rod) for 4 million meseta. It's still a lot compared to a board sale, but you can't complain if you're in a rush. If you played your cards right just before the synth bonus ended (when Walna was selling for 300k), a 0/10 Okarod equates to 10 Walna - 3 more than the actual synth itself. wat I don't think I could bear looking at the Kazarod market. It's either collapsed, or it has gone the way of pre-il cabo base Cubo Musranas. But then if it's dropping from Servants and Dancing Birds, I'd vote for the former. Might do a bit of shopping today - Ohga-Misakic's looking nice again after seeing everyone use single claws, even if it's complete pap. I'll have a look at those Orpa/Mind units as well to plug up everyone's head slot.
  8. Excellent stuff, fella. time to sell it for MILLIONS before people realise they can't actually use it. By people, I mean IDIOT TECHERS. 'Hey, Ruby. Why don't you use ...A Psycho Wand?'
  9. Alright, I like the sound of that. Went and bought myself an Okarod board in the end - 4 million, hunted for Walna and then another 2XXk for one Walna that I ended up not needing anyway. Out at 2AM, so I'll open that up in the morning. Went and bought a Ryo Juriba board in regards to new 9* boards, and realised that I didn't have any ebon or vulc! no matter, I'll make some when I get some. And now I've just read up that they're shit on PP compared to Twin DBs when both are 0 grinds. Awesome!
  10. As sent to Moodmon: Moodmon then promtly left. As did Tokky. And then my connection died from the hoover being unplugged from the same point. In other news: I went and took my Twin Varistas along with me. Yes, they're shit, but they look totally boss and the firing sound effect just isn't annoying at all. I think I'll be Fortegunnering with them for a while, unless I come across some cheap grinded Arb Boas or Sega Team accidently set the server so that Guld & Milla drop from level 1 Pannons and Gunmaster is suddenly available. Style over substance? Welcome to PSU, baby! GBR seems to be taking it's toll, to boot - Okarod boards are already 5 million, with the made 0/10 product going for 10 million. I might just jump in that way if I don't come across one during runs, especially as Neu Walna and Ydral isn't exactly hard to get outside of S2. Needle Cannon runs? ohhhhhhhh yes [/churchill]
  11. Oh god, the new Neudaiz missions are awesome - They're actually CHALLENGING with capped characters, even with four people. Sakura Warpath, even with the incredible amounts of slowdown (remedied by having to tweak the camera above you, a slight pain when gearing up for killer shot) is awesome simply because of THE FEAR of going against multiple Rappy Guggs and the final set of Shinowa Hidoki robots. Built like fucking brick shithouses! Not a terrible haul from two GBR runs, either - all of the following dropped to my recollection, and not even a Phantom Fissure run in sight: Kazarod Tesbra Rikauteri Raikasobra x 2 (dicks) Asura-Senba Mizurakihoh Creasabra+ (lolz) And an assload of cash - with just four characters, normal enemies were shitting out at least 4k a drop, and that will increase with the boost rate.
  12. 11th September. When planes fly into trade centers, lol Went and had a go at the Story mission, and here is a lingering reminder:
  13. Back already, with an idea of how long I'll be out of work in pain/under the influence of painkillers for (a week, GIGGIDY), so a good time to play PSU. I would say if you're all on tonight, but I KNOW YOU'RE ALL COMING ON. NEW CONTENT BABY! ...and more White Beast. Hilarious!
  14. Even better is that the JP servers have a new update to The Arms Dealer, including... ...wait for it.... ...CREA DOUBLES + http://psupedia.info/The_Arms_Dealer You need a Chevalier Edge though, which currently is selling for one gold at the casino. Although saying that, drops were altered at the same time, so some of those items might be dropping either in the new Thanks Festa event, or a story mission.
  15. fundamentals of a Speed Run: - You DON'T use Guntechers - You DON'T let Wartechers spam Gifoie, or any tech for that matter - Actually, You DON'T allow Wartechers anywhere near your party - You DO use far too many traps - You DO use Jabroga afterwards - You DO use a combination of stun and freeze EX traps. don't worry about them cancelling each other out and making it a waste, it makes the party time FASTER - You DO make those Solda gunners die in a fire That has been the fundamentals of a Speed Run, CORRECTRANSER Richard Hawk signing off for some FURIOUS MASTURBATION. bye-bye! *hairy beast in gurhal channel 5 costume waves frantically*
  16. Providing I get dibs on always bringing Millia out for Fires of Illusion, I'm game! Only remembered today that I need to go to a Pre-operation appointment (regarding my wisdom teeth, not a sex change for moody) at 3pm ;/ Ah well, I'll be back for the evening events, anyway. And there's always Bank Holiday Monday (which I just remembered again). In all, maximum GBR for great justice. So much stuff to look for!
  17. Japanese post is up! http://xbox360.phantasystaruniverse.jp/new...view&id=201 LET'S GBR
  18. *puts on shades* So Mallora is just outside just outside Birmingham. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH In other news: have fun failing force weapons for Paural if you get hold of a Granahodorac. or alternatively, selling it for vast amounts of cash to REALLY STUPID BUT RICH TECHERS! I'll be looking forward to plenty of items: Okarod - Hey, it looks nice, has plenty of power, and doesn't require as much stuff to get to make it compared to a Psycho Wand. it has petals when you cast as well, perfect for a Male Cast techer. erm... Kazarod - Hey, it actually drops from a mission people might run! Lumira/Spread - I didn't realise that it only penalises speed, and actually ADDS Tech instead of taking an assload away - something to consider for the discerning Acrotecher/Masterforce when casting LIGHTNING BOLT over and over. Nasuyoteric - Something different, and it drops made! Ohga-Misakic - Looks nice. That's about it. Chainsawd - CHAIN-FUCKING-SAWD! Rabol Lumirus - The perfect armour for CASTs who don't give a toss about a Head slot. Or that it's ground-only. Bumflaps. Red/Knight - *looks at Richard Hawk and Siri* Do I really need to say why? Hirokteri and Shi-Kikami will be nice too, although with the inevitable price plummet I might as well not look forward to them and just buy them from a player shop for 2 meseta.
  19. New content for the 22nd August - According to Chill, anyway. New DAZ, with added GBR. Time to rinse Fires of Illusion, kids!
  20. ...I could always buy a third Dus Majarra and level it for Siri. That will work. ...fuck you guys. WAQ WAQWAQ WAQ WAQ
  21. May I be the first to say: LOLZ! *dons salad beard, starts jutting head forward* WAQ WAQWAQ WAQ WAQ, WAQ WAQ *gets carted off to a mental institution just outside of Birmingham*
  22. We also had Voltron: FORM OF BLAZIN SQUAD helping us out. But yeah, it all becomes a bit silly with killer shot - you get one character to run in to make the spawn, while the ranger just kicks back, drinking Ribena and popping robot heads. Armed Servants are tricky, but the plan of attack there is to simply roll up to them with a decent Ice bullet and freeze/multi-shot them to death. Women first, as they heal. There's also plenty of spawns that you can simply run past to collect keys or get to the spawn that matters. When you get it down to a fine art, it's literally a 13 minute run. In reality, the hardest part really is the boss, although with a decent fighter that would be easy as well. Good runs gents, just a little bit more until level 80. Wouldn't mind getting as far as possible though, as I don't want to end up spamming for Fires of Illusion S twenty times. And then waiting for four people to arrive!
  23. VH1 Presents: Britain's Top 50 REALLY BORING POSTS BY MOODMON Hosted by Richard Blackwood. Just checked the missions - Fires of Illusion is accessible as an S-Rank for mere level 75 characters (with level 125 enemies, arf), So it looks like spamming Grove of Spastics S2 (renamed due to Block 3 being COMPLETELY bypassed) for a needle cannon with random EXP/drop boom for the win.
  24. Kerseline sells for 1,500? Hot damn! although I seem to be engulfed with Vestaline, which there is a massive amount kicking around in the player shops anyway. might be able to flog it or use it when the Stique Weapons are out, though. Anyone on today? Ridge is off, so I have more time to waste on this.
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13_45Ld_IBQ Thanks to mood for providing sexy additional killer shot justice. Got the board, promptly synthed it, and then suddenly found myself in a lot of pain in my jaw to the point that I actually ended up staying up until half past 1 when the darn thing finally cooked. Serious karma, was literally on the floor close to tears even after pumping every single possible painkiller into my body - just desserts for bragging rights ;/ I think I'll try grove of fanatics next, although I'm tempted to run more MAG - Millia needs levelling [/brokenrecord], and I could actually do with some badges - I'm tempted to pick up the PSO disks, which might cut into my 'buy a shitload of Chao Rods and sell them for maximum profit' scheme later on.
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