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  1. Nobody played it this evening (probably because of the football), ended up watching Hotel Babylon instead. And now it's bedtime for work. Spackers! I'll hand some Ebon over, although I don't have much, at least on Siri - I could do with an extra pair on Richard. Speaking of which, he'll probably have a metric ton on him because of MOO TUBE missions.
  2. Teh Dave Shirtrip = Moodmon from GHZ. MMO whore, The only other dedicated PSU player that wasn't a cunt, and... The person who found out about Metal Wolf Chaos on GHZ. If it wasn't for that, I would have carried on my character from the Beta - A ranger cast called RoyWalker. No, really. As said, it's very likely that he'll cancel his sub again the second he finishes what there is in Episode 3. Because HE JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE RIVETING STORYLINE. Still, maybe we'll all play together. maybe. Anyway, not much to talk about - Phantasm Prism is levelling quite quickly, which is nice. Finally cracked and bought some Arb Boa handguns as well, only 300k for a 0/9 pair. just need to wait for a 3 star luck day!
  3. Dave Shirtrip = RIGHT OFF THE FUCKING WAGON! at least until he finishes the Story missions, anyway. That temporarily DOUBLES* the GHZ membership on PSU! *one member has now become two members With any luck, he will play. I'll be playing as Siri for an INDEFINATE PERIOD, just so I won't break Moody's heart with Richard
  4. Ah, player shops. Golden S rank symbols do crazy things, eh donk? 'hey, I just bought this here muzzlefever' 'oh, very nice. You going Guntecher then?' '....I thought Fortegunners could use S-Rank Mechguns?' '...No, only Guntechers.' *certain individual checks Types listing* 'http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/4403/53441hadtosharewatyt0.jpg' OBVIOUSLY THIS NEVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE. OBVIOUSLY. Oh, and the word on the street is that the first Ryucross mission is out on Friday. As for low level running, I'm always interested with my alts. With Siri, I'm in that shite LV60 limbo between S and most S2 missions, and it's hard to get people to run shit missions for exp. sad face
  5. Forest of WHATTHEFUCKMAN? So, SO good, even though items in that mission are going to *bomb* in the economy, if they haven't already that is. I'm looking at you, Vish Adan ;p Must sell my Shatos, and keep the one that Ruby handed over, maybe the Crimson as well. Most of the gear left will be equipped to Karin. I'm just wondering now if anyone would stomach a B run of this, those Jigoboomas could do with handing me a damn Neiclaw ;/
  6. Fuck those Universe 1 spackers Donk, I'll be on soon for SEXY PARTY. Just need the energy to get up the stairs ;p and I'll be doing some bits beforehand, such as upgrading my PM from Trisha Goddard to MINI BRUCE MOTHERFUCKING BOYDE. With a bouquet. and Paradis LOLPHOTONRAIN.
  7. Oh, you mean that Summon/SnapCrackleAndPop unit? Still, it can't be as wank as the Captain Rik SUV - Casts can't fire Ricicles for shit. [/mrrh] Looking forward to tomorrow - no Forest of Illusion though, mainly because Sonic Team are FASCIST BASTARDS. I can live with it though, providing that damn patch fixes the Robot slowdown.
  8. ANTI-DETERRING POST! The reason you're not seeing any rythmical tapping ala PSO during your launch experience compared to GViper's recent enthusiasm is for one simple reason - it was introduced in the online segment and expansion! Before Illuminus, you could simply button bash for speed and get better results than waiting for animations to end. however, you can now time your attacks to earn an added effect after the first hit, which is the PSO equivalent of using an Attack into a Heavy Attack (and has the same 'swoosh' sound effect, to boot). Guns don't have this feature (known as 'Just Attack'), however, the guns have been revamped with different firing modes compared to PSO, as you would have already seen from the single player campaign (case in point - PSO Mechgun vs. PSU Mechgun).
  9. Indeed, quite a lot of PSO-based elements are there in another form - like the elements replacing both the elements AND the enemy types, and Weapon prefixes/specials (like, say, Charge Mechgun) have been swapped out in favour of interchangeable Element Bullets and Photon Arts. The game only starts deviating once Weapon Synthesis and other room-based features are dropped in, possibly the Weapon Manufacturers as well. In fact, you could argue that, even with the unreleased weapons, the weapon selection pales in comparison to the final list of PSO weapons, especially as 1*-9* weapons of a certain family share only three designs. And, yes Tokky, I have amassed three Cati/Powders. If I ever get a fourth I'll just end up putting it in your room in a cardboard box. ACCEPT MY RARZ NOB >_> Yes, weekend SUPER RUN WORLD TOUR YATTA would be a good idea, especially if the patch actually comes out and it fixes the Robot slowdown.
  10. 42% Ice Kan Yu. There's only one thing for it (link'd for strobing colours): http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j168/pan...us_camp_gif.gif *headbang*
  11. EPIC. I'll be on in a bit to help. ...help get myself another Kan Yu board, that is! NAC NAC NAC NAC NAC ...(but seriously? I'd probably give away the next board, I can't keep up with the Catilium intake)
  12. So, today. Need some proof about those drop rate increases? How about this: - Usual materials, inlcuding a couple of Par Walna - 1 Python (Koltovas DO drop something!) - 1 Buccaneer (19% Fire, polties DO drop something!) - a couple of Vahra Nails - Vahra Claw - Cati / Power (Third one since friday's update - sold for 6.5 million, again) and finally: Kan Yu. ...I'm not joking. the second one that's appeared since monday! I quickly scuttled to the player shops and bought Catilium to start the synth. Ice Element, it's going to be out at half 12. can't wait up that long, I'll have to somehow wake up extra early tomorrow. So, in all: AHRAHRGRGHARGHAGRAHGRGHRHAGRGHARHGARGHARHRGHRGHARHGAH
  13. You got it! Pretty sure that I have lots of spare armour and weaponry from levelling Karin.
  14. Looks like I owe Marc a full set of Force gear - He asked if I was going to run De Ragan, which I had no plans for, but did anyway. First run? Kan Yu. rare weapons always, ALWAYS appears when you're not driven for it Marc got it, but handed it over with much kindness. It's just a case of finding the Catilium again now, but that should be simple enough. Just need to think of a few gift ideas, now. I've got a couple of things, albeit none are psycho wands ;/ EDIT: I was more concerned about finding something of somewhat equal value once that board dropped that you could have in exchange for it I did have a Cati/Power, but that's been changed into 6.5mil meseta. ...Unless you want 6.5 million meseta? ;D EDIT 2: I also have a piece of Gaozoran Rod! no idea on how much they are worth, but it's something as well as the A-Rank force bits and bobs.
  15. Don't I need some sticky tape in between those twin creas first to make them TEH CREA DUBZ, though? good point, though, I could do with going back to Fighgunner - I'll be BIG PIMPIN with mah crea dubz, mah 2/2 10% Two-Headed Ragnus (OMG S RANK WEPZ!!!11), and the rest of the palette filled with 10/10 Beam Vulcanics. Until friday, anyway. LOL!!!!1111111111eleven
  16. tonight was AWESOME. 'Took the wife out last night, right? One punch.' Also: Cross HARRICANE!!!111 finally makes Twin Sabers worthwhile, no joke. now I understand why people pay silly prices for Grand Cross. I now want a rainbow of those, or I have to wait for those Twin DB Sabers. sad face
  17. Is the bonus confirmed? I thought it would have been drop rate, but the glitched GBR stated the much-rumoured PA EXP boosts to be in effect. In other news: the Voloyal Set makes your female characters look like MASSIVE WHORES. Fantastic!
  18. The board is out? HOT DAMN! also, GBR is 'activated', but it seems to be bugged without the title update - it doesn't save your records of completing missions, nor is there any specific help in the form of the counter that's on the fourth floor of Clyez. nm, back to ragan hunting!
  19. Well, the drop rates has changed apparently - Did one, ONE run of De Ragan S2 on a solo crusade for whatever, and ended up with a Storm! It's in the oven right now, although I was more looking forward to a good striking weapon. Quite a pleasant run as well, using Richard's 1337-ness to mow everything down for once!
  20. I'll take Vahra Claws. a pair outside of the pallette, whenever I want to make simple gestures. one vahra claw swing for yes, two vahra swings for no, three for GIB MOAR KAN YU. Hey, works for the dole line! *ba-dum-tschhhhh* In fact, I might log in RIGHT NOW and see how much Vahra Claw boards are going for. That, or more Kan Yu. Wish Sonic Team would hurry up and liquify Glitcher's assets in their 999999999-meseta showrooms so I can buy a few for 1 meseta ;p
  21. Siri

    Lost Odyssey

    Regarding that Boss: Got to the port town (sorry, I can't remember the damn name of it where ), really good scenes. Regarding playable characters:
  22. I'll be on for the World Tour, but I'm going to be all over the droprate starting Friday afternoon. Going to have to wade in with six slicers all armed with Chikki on a random Soloing Crusade. Either that, or pick up 83472084925493 2-Headed Ragnus boards from Mad Creatures ;p
  23. Bad News: The Update isn't coming until the 15th February. Good News: Sonic Team has rejigged the schedule, and the Drop Rates are coming on friday! why they can't just do it now, I'll never know. nm! *plays lost Odyssey*
  24. Hmm, it turns out that the bug mentioned in the Title Update delay might not be down to the grinder glitch fix - Instead, it might be a glitch that hit the JPN servers with their most recent update, which causes several Weapon Glitches - One involving the W'gangac wand turning into a 13-star Kubara Wand! Also, this includes the performance of that one Wand that gets to 999 TP when grinded to 10. Hopefully, because the JPN fix is in, the update will be a piece of piss on the 360 and it's already up for validation. At least I hope so, anyway.
  25. Siri

    Lost Odyssey

    Hmm, from what I have played this evening, I can see the technical flaws, but I'm past caring, and for one reason only: Jansen. Single-handedly trumps all of the characters I've seen so far! And on a more sober note, the Thousand Years of Dreams stories are lovely, lovely enough to put me off grinding and instead retreat to the nearest Inn. And what's not to love about Gears of War's roadie run being in a JRPG battle system?
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