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  1. Don't worry, Diablo 3 is coming, if the rumours about Saturday/Sunday is correct. ....what? >_>
  2. Finally, a crack team of ninjas have found the video you've all been waiting for: FOR GREAT JUSTICE! EDIT: OK, I have decided that I shall be taking a break from PSU this week, until about Friday or Saturday. I need to sort out a couple of minor projects (find my old CV and update it, for one), and get around to playing my rented copy of GRID and see if I'm still shit at stealth games with MGS4.
  3. Hah, serves the cunt right. Turns out Top Gear is back on tonight, so to be frank - FUCK THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU! *gets in Toyota Hilux, careens it off a block of flats*
  4. THIS SORT OF ELITISM DISGUSTS ME I'VE ALREADY CHANGED MY CHAT MACROS, I AM A SUITABLE TECHER NOW! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, BLOOD?! Razonde is level 20 now, just need a good 10 minutes to spam it some more. I generally have a good idea on how each tech type works now, and how elements alter them somewhat (sup Zonde speed). Regarding the basics, I'm quite set on what I'm going to level first as a starter set: - Foie and Diga - Gifoie, Gizonde, Gibarta - Rafoie, Razonde - Zonde, Megid - Damfoie, Dambarta - Noszonde, Nosdiga, Regrant Seems to cover the bases for most situations. Actually, no it doesn't, Diga does that anyway. and Razonge/foie, for the speed. FUCK YEAH SEAKING EXPLOSIONS!
  5. Yeah, as I suspected, Plains Overlord is a whole load of SEXY when it comes to levelling Ra-Techs. Running with a nerfed Millia, with more power, more PP wasteage and no Har/Quick, I still got Rafoie near level 12 in about half an hour, from about level 6. I need to haul my Ra techs over to Siri now, and run S2. EDIT: Went and had a levelling session - 32 minutes worth of Plains Overlord S2 to waste all of my PP, Spammed RaZonde from level 5/6 to level 14. SO GOOD! It was a bit of a shitty spawn though, Distovas are complete nobs at times. Vahras, on the other hand, provide unemployed goodness to spamming the fuck out of Ra techs, as they are dumb and run into invisible walls. 3800 at the Photon cube, lolz. Might be worth picking some surplus PhotonChargeCosmo from player shops. Doesn't really matter, as you make a good earning from killing S2 creatures.
  6. Levelling Update, BREAKING NEWS: Foie goes from 11-16 in 36 minutes. Also, I spit on the part of the levelling guide which says you should grind your kubara weapons - On the usual Lightning Beasts run, you'll only get through 1 1/2 combinations of Wand and Tech Mag before you get near a charger. Then again, I'm just spamming Foie and Diga atm, hardly the most taxing PP wise. I might have a Change of scenery for Ra-Tech levelling - Plains Overlord's hideaways combined with the two/three targets that can swarm around them should be ideal.
  7. Well, Siri has a new use - Robo-Tech-Levelling-Fuckpig ahoy! Using the guide, he's kitted for maximum casts with fuck-all damage (level 1 acrotecher + Har/Quick + Male Cast), and is generally still built like a brick shithouse. Started off with the basics - Foie and Diga. got Diga to 21 from 16/17, and Foie from 6 to 11. I'm aiming for a round figure of 21 on most of my stuff. I'll probably be playing as Richard tonight, unless FOI comes around randomly for Millia - I have given him the dubious job of Protranser once again, so he can use traps and kill himself with Boma Duranga. Happy days!
  8. Johnny, yesterday. I think most of us have Armour bots now Marc, myself included - They're horribly easy to raise, thanks to some random 10* pair of boots that you can buy from the shop for 2000 a pop (1000 when the bonus comes in!). But yeah, someone can stick it in if you scout the materials beforehand. I need to review a tech speed levelling article that was on PSO-World, although I'm pretty sure I need to make some Kubara weapons beforehand - something like 6 Cometaracs and 6 Pegics (mainly for the assloads of PP and no Tech). not hard, but it's going to take a good day to prepare. At least I'll have time to put Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel on repeat for the occasion. and wait for PSO-W to stop dying in a fire. EDIT: 42% Aksuc? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!
  9. The main problem with Tylor's card is that quite a few people just didn't bother clearing Chapter 2 beforehand, which is a pain in the arse when it comes to skipping dialogue. After clearing Chapter 3 up to Tylor. and then realising that he doesn't hand it over. Cunt. I bought Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? today, so I'll be grinding that for a few hou.... oh wait. I'll be on to GET MYSELF A TOY HAMMER. I WANT THE HAMMER TOKKY AWWWWWWWW Edit: Sonic's Birthday Event is announced. Say the fantastic 'Happy Birthday Sonic!' motto, and your account gets another Knuckles and Amy Statue. Pretty good if you couldn't be bothered with the Demo Weekends (like me, although I'm getting it soon because of the Mechgun Glitch). Double Edit: Oh, Sonichi drops Claws and Puyoment Auras. oops.
  10. ...another Cati/Power popped up after that, mood. And guess who got it. ....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! Also, Baconhenge: It's as delicious as it is mysterious! Funnily enough, Neonazi Martinez was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the site as well. Still, at least it means that Dark Falz 2 is coming soon, meaning a few Achievement points on the side. Done a couple of TD runs again - still pretty much fluff, apart from a couple of Fakis Cors and some armour bits that I can sell off for some cash.
  11. tits in mouth I went and bought a Musrana today, after some Shotgun levelling (level 20 atm, after three hour-long sessions). 850k for a 0/9? Cool Beans! ...I'm going to keep my Board up for a stupid price, though. because I'm a RISK TAKER. ...fuck you.
  12. Fingers around your dick? 5th Place? A wheelchair? An extension of your employment to Sega Team? ...anyway, started to run True Darkness after much umm-ing and ahh-ing. Turns out that the Blackbull only drops on S, which is to be frank, a COMPLETE FUCKING CAKEWALK. 7 minutes a run? thank you very much, sir. No blackbull, but with run times like this, I'm not bothered. S2 is still going to be a pain in the bum, at least until I bother to level Barack OYoga. Then I can just shotgun everything to death, the true american way of doing things.
  13. Ok, turns out that the Stique Weapons are not that hot, according to the stats on PSO-World. Still no images either, nobs. Lonely Laboratory - fun mission, shit drops. still, at least you can spam it for FOI during crossbow levelling. EDIT: Hmm, from a quick peek at the JPN Schedules (Link), We have cleared up most of the Febuary JPN Updates, which leaves us with in the near future: - Chapter 5 (Which has Vjeri/Resist) - LVL 140 Cap - Masterforce/Fighmaster/Gunmaster with the new Photon Art Caps - Dengeki Cup Yeah, it's most likely that we'll get Chapter 5 first before anything else. MAG part 2 would be in their best interests tbh, I don't see us getting any of the other stuff this month. although saying that, they might do a Rycross and bring out Remaining Blades with chapter 5. Slim, though.
  14. Cue hilarity - the Biomaterial needed for the Sange and Yasha combination is in the Casino. ...one gold coin, anyone? *a thousand PSO fans cry out, and then... silence* No response? well, this will spur something alright.
  15. Desert City Armoury is getting updated with details from players. the result? ZOMG At the moment, it deals with a new, specific list of weapons known as Stique Weapons. Rubinad and Armania is finally needed, but you only need 2 a pop alongside a good few kerselines. They're looking like great 9* weapons, as well. The weapons require a new item though, known as a Brand Reactor, which can be had for 400k in the Kubara Spread Shop. Not only that, it allows you to upgrade weapons - namely the Chainsawd, Flowen's Greatsword and the inevitable ability to combine Sange and Yasha together. these weapons require special items, which can be had for trade as well. FOR EXAMPLE: Chainsawd + Chain Edge = Chainsawd+ Chain Edge requires: De Rol Le Carapace x10, Morbinia x10, and a Gravity Break PA Disk. Apparently though, the resulting weapons are sickening - Flowen's Greatsword+ is Dark only (although apparently most weapons in this trade come out at 36%+), has the HP = Damage affect of Zagenga, has the Target + 1 of Crea Weapons and is as strong as a Kan Yu. OMGOGMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMGOMG This sounds like a fantastic Trade mission - Good weapons with high requirements, including the use of otherwise trash items (PA Frags and Armania). I just want to hear more about the Stique Crossbow, though. and what they look like, as well! EDIT: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *explodes*
  16. Yeah, turns out it was the PM Rolls - The original souce was here: http://pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php...ighlight=Update Considering that G. Colony and Moatoob Passes are out, it probably was said Items. Also: holy shit at the requirements for Mocha's Frying Set - you have to get hold of a Setsuko's Skillet by chance, and then trade said Skillet with Deljaban Blades and a metric ton of note seeds for a *chance* of getting the Mocha Set, instead of the Setsuko set.
  17. Lab Set o/ Also: Cubo Musrana boards to drop further in price, lolz. I'm still waiting for those little system updates, mind - didn't one update allow you to equip PMs with your own equipment or some guff like that? Got killer shot to 21, rips through robots rather quickly now, with plenty of one-shotting. There's still room for error though, not that I care. KILLER SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 *fires repeatedly* I just need a grinded Mizurakioh now - all I have is a 0/9, and a 0/10 and I can't remember where I put my S Grinders. or a lucky character, actually ;/
  18. To be honest, I'm still not going to touch twin handguns with a bargepole until Gunmaster - I noticed that it levelled painfully slow when I was spamming it with Siri. Same with rifles really, although that's down to laziness. I need to get back to Laser Cannons - I must have 6 S-Ranks in my bot, but I'm not on fortegunner. I R CLEVAR Edit: Killer shot is on level 20, 90%. I'm one OM NOM away from going back to the game, shooting some distovas in the face and then getting Incapacitate level 4. PROFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT
  19. Civ Revolution seems fun! it caters to stupids like me who can't deal with stat screens above double digits. I just need a good afternoon with it so I can get through an entire demo session. Hey, at least you didn't fall asleep during FUCK YEAH SEAKING Shot levelling. I think I'll level it tomorrow, in between fannying about outside the internets and Civ Revolution it's a bit late now. I just want to know the details of the new JP update now, not until thursday though
  20. He's been there since the lobby was available. In other news: FUCK YEAH SEAKING Shot is now up to level 20, about 60% in. Decided to wait for Civ Revolution to download, make my sandwiches, and watch the football before taking it up again.
  21. It's the MAN WITH A MOUSTACHE in the plaza before the first Rykross mission and True Darkness. He sells most of the Kubara Striking and Force weapon boards that are available in the game at the current point of time (obviously not Ranged weapons, as you just swap the Wood for Kubara wood with existing range boards). It was also where you could buy the Prestoc board, which before it was fixed was as powerful as a Psycho Wand when fully grinded. It would be nice to see some of the Unique Kubara weapons from there now - there has to be SOME point where you can just buy a damn florescent bulb board.
  22. PSU:JP NEWS: GAWIK'S PUB BECOMES USEFUL ON JUNE 12, BESIDES BEING AN AWESOME MEETING POINT! New weapons, MMM MMM BITCH! No doubt it will be previous Event-Only weapons, such as a normal varient of the Spread Needle, Song for Death and Hand Spears (perhaps another outlet for Sange as well). Hopefully some seriously awesome weapon will be there to be had as well that hasn't been released yet, like Dallgunrod. Also, I always look forward to the Kubara Spread shop being updated and buy all of the tat that is there. I mean, you can get Aksucs and everything!
  23. Can't make it by default, I'd be dead at work the day after. In other news: FUCKING WISDOM TEETH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH *starts hacking at gums with toothbrush while downing hot, salty water and various painkillers* Got Yousei-Shiki to 14, so that's done for now. it's just Jusei I want on level 11 now, should be easy if I sat in a corner on Plains Overlord and spam it relentlessly. Just waiting to try Civ Revolution beforehand.
  24. Well, five hours later, and a store-bought Card bullet has been levelled to 21. and then 22 a minute afterwards, as getting through 22 and 23 is very much like levels 12 and 13 (fast). you could probably get through it faster with more cards on the palette and with less people in tow. To be frank, it's COMPLETELY FUCKING BARMY. I want to level Jusei-Shiki now, just for Magas Magahna.
  25. I'll trade it for an Al Tip. It's Neutral, therefore has no weaknesses! *mrrh* That run was silly, though - we never even ran a Moatoob mission and it appeared. gave out tons of EXP and MP, had to run over to the Colony to switch to Guntecher and got it levelled twice in one run. and got half an experience bar, and Siri is 125! The haul at the end was a lot better, as well - Two Orpa/Forces, Red/Force, Al Tip, and some other stuff. Probably Killer Viagra.
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