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  1. According to that GM radio thing, the following items are being fixed next week: - Bladed Legacy boss boxes. - ....Universes! A 'major change' will happen to the Universes/Servers, because of Player Feedback, which apparently is more in line to the PSO Ship system. No doubt, it will probably be a nuke of at least 20 servers on each side, and renamed to the PSO ship names. It's about damn time too, considering the amount of half-star universes could easily be condensed into a 3-star universe at the very least. Christ, perhaps the decent soloing players might actually join in the fun. or join the PSU SUPER CLAN. Still, something to look forward to, while I play PSO and SR2. PS. Everyone buy pure, it's a fucking riot. especially against scottish kids who sound like Orville the duck. UNGA BUNGA!
  2. You may be in a foreign country, and you *may* be able to buy Metal Wolf Chaos. ...But do you have Party Rings? Yeah, fucking thought not! Now Playing: PSO, and waiting for some cunt to buy Saint's Row 2, so I can co-op and throw said cunt violently at a skip. Mines is a big fat lol with Techers. One/Two shot half of the enemies in there with zonde, foie for Red Canadines and Sinow Golds, and... well, actually, I'm stuffed at the minute with Garanz and Dubchic drone leaders. but then 18 EXP a pop on everything else is nice, with an arseload of cash to make off of Shields.
  3. I'm guessing the range increases with each Tech Disk, Tokky? I noticed that Foie got a little bit quicker with each level. I just want a higher level Gizonde and more TP at the moment - I need to nuke De Rol Le with it until he cries me a river! I'll just have to man up for the minute with one-shotting Evil Sharks until I crank out those levels.
  4. ...Do Japanese people like bacon? ...In other news, I went and bodged my Wii to play any game, so I went to test out PSO. Sunday ended pretty quickly after that However, Teching = Win on PSO. Who fucking cares if you have -10 HP when you can one-hit enemies with REAL MAN Zonde and Foie? And as for Gizonde, well, FUCK! *kills 500 mechs in one shot*
  5. Might as well be megiverse, with the amount of pain caused! (of course, if you juxtapose IRL pain to in-game pain) Got Zonde to 21 today. Still looks rubbish, although it's now relatively quick to level thanks to the update. and lots of Sleeping Warriors.
  6. Set times? What are you, gay? No idea on a time - There's sunday afternoon/evening, if Moody's not selling himself at the Blue Oyster Bar (reference: Police Academy). BUFF NEWS: All buffs are now 21, including (wait for it).... MEGIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSE! Wartecher sounds like a supreme candidate for Egg Thieves levelling - Only 3 levels to go, and I have Megiverse. What's the worst that could happen?
  7. Marcface is Yellow Prism Ranger CONFIRMED. ...Mood's the Purple Ranger. So, with sod-all updates and no-one around, is anyone going to arrange any times (maybe Egg Thieves)? or are you all going to play Pure like good boys and girls? ...I guess not. dicks.
  8. Shocking news in the RLLMUK-PSU camp/SUPER CLAN today. In a dramatic twist of events, something quite remarkable has happened. FTSE melting down? G8 Conventions being held? Iceland banks falling over like Ms. Martinez at a soggy Epsom race day? THESE SUCKERS AIN'T SHIT! I LEVELLED SOME BUFFS! Yeah, that's right - after changing to Acro, I grabbed some wands and rcsms, went over to Universe 1, Joined some buff parties and practically bashed the shit out of my pad (don't worry, I'll be handing it to the local blockbuster later on) in a flurry of enhancement-based FURY (random). The results: Shifta 21, Deband 21, Zodial 11, and Retier 11. the second two I'll finish off tomorrow, and then perhaps some Megistar levelling. Don't worry though, as said buffs shall remain on 21 and levelled naturally afterwards. So I'll STILL be the worst buffer in the party, further enhanced by dropping back down once Masterforce hits. Hey, why try harder?
  9. TGS BOMB TIME: http://pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152381 Quick Donk, get to japan so we can find this Sekai guy and flog him on a PSO-W webcast, Guantanamo-style.
  10. I'm having a horrible time as MINI BEAST QUIT THE GAME OH MY FUCKING GOD STOP THE PRESS [/donkvoice] Well, I done my flogging of grinders which was done after BreakFest in a huff and earnt 12 million. and another 4.5 mil for one half of Richard's SPF gear. I did do a couple of safe grinds as well during BreakFest, like bumping a Rikauteri to 2/10, yadda yadda. I'm not sure what to do now - might level techs on Seabed S2. Hey, at least it's good for something, right guys? ...Then play Pure, as that's more fun. and then go out. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  11. Today, RICHARD'S FANTASTICAL GRINDING BONUS was greeted with much fanfare. ...and then sank, like a concrete Titanic that just hit an iceberg. made out of hammers. sexy hammers. I can't spare any gory details (because I don't write my SUPER RESEARCH down like a certain bot), but I can give you a decent sum: 40 S+10 Grinders + 'a good few' S+7/8/9 + a morbid ton of other grinders = ..And then went and threw my grinders in the bin in a huff. Fantastic!
  12. Funnily enough, that's just why me and tokky logged out right now - seems like we all lagged out from being awesome, or attempting another mission that's not White Beast. cue PSO-W fallout!
  13. Dear Donk - OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO MISS AN UPDATE TO THE COLLECTOR Time for TGS anyway, couldn't give a toss. Now you've got a fucking PS3 now Gary, it's high time you got yourself a little big planet beta ke.... oh wait. I HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR GOLD KNUCKLE, JABRONI!
  14. Well, Donk seems to be playing Rock Band, so it seems all has gone to plan. Congratulations, Johnny and Louise! ...Either that, or Donk is playing on his own, face-first in a cheesecake and a beady tear in his eye. MRRH With Donk and Mood (currently in Guildford, just outside of Birmingham) out, not a lot is happening in PSU land - although I finally got hold of a pigging Stun / Resist, and a bit of Chousei-Sou levelling (lovely bullet, once you get into the rhythm of firing - it's already shaming my lv12+ Light bullet at level 6, so I can see it as a one-size-fits-all attack against shitty boss tagging). Also: Been playing Forumwarz, after seeing it on Neogaf - By god, it's a browser MMO that's actually fun, and involves breaking forums by posting gibberish and taking nutmeg to increase your power. and cybering with old men.
  15. Not as ruined as it will be when Myself, Mood and Marc barrel through a window and beat all of your family up dressed as a certain troupe of coloured knights! I'll be on, although I'm working on getting myself a Stun/Resist, because Svaltus fights are TOTAL FUCKING BOLLOCKS [/singho] Also: Alphabeat. They sound like they're from the 80s (the 80s, waq waq), but I didn't realise their fucking videos were 80s throwbacks as well, fucking christ
  16. S3 Missions? GBR? New Moatoob Relics Mission? 'Adjustments' to Photon Fortune? More Changes to AOTI drops? DO WANT! However, it does seem odd that all the missions in the new Moatoob GBR are all S3, other than the new mission. I wonder if S3 will give out the same points as S2? Next up will be TEH NEW DAZ GBR. probably soon, just to spite all of us in the west who have just finished the first one. Cunts!
  17. Oh, one more thing. First person to impose THIS on a Tim Westwood album cover (hell, could be a decent photograph) gets something good. Probably ONE MILLION MESETA good, if it's up to scratch. it all depends on the quality. and how stingy I want to be. ...SHUT UP AND MAKE IT
  18. http://www.gamekyo.com/videoen13227_phanta...irst-video.html Sega Team's priorities CONFIRMED! Eh, I can wait until the weekend for PSU. When does the grinding bonus end, anyway? EDIT: Oh, the 10th. That was no sweat! *bruceboydeface* Earlier this week, I grabbed the last remaining batch of Grinder Bases I had (something like 90 across all characters), Got about 10 S+10 Grinders and about the same amount of S+9 - I was getting a bit out of pocket after forking out for the boards, so I went and flogged the S+10s at bargain bucket rates, which should still net me 6 million ;p
  19. Yeah, came on at 8, no-one in sight. Thought 'Ooh, I'll have a bit more of a go on Disgaea 3, and then check at half eight'. ...Ended up playing until half ten. FUCK THE LOT OF YOU YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! Then it ended rather flat. THEN CAME THE BONUS EPILOGUE YEEEEEEEEEEEEAH
  20. Meanwhile, the most worthwhile thing I've done was get hold of some more Citrad. and recover my Gamertag. Therefore, I hereby claim the White and Amber Amorosso Set as Millia's Guntecher outfit! Saying that, it's turning into more of a 'whatever' outfit, as it does look great. I'd also like to say the same about Richard's SPF gear, but it seems to be that anything that doesn't give bulk to him makes it look like he's wearing a fucking leotard. the purple/green selection doesn't look great either, I think I'll flog it quick for a few million, last time I checked each part sold for at least 4 million. Went to synth some stuff to fail, ended up with a 34% Dark Lumiess Blau (straight into the shop!), and a Neu Walna, when all I want is a Mimic Doll ;/ Went and had a pop at another Dori - Even though it was on Millia's Tech PM, it failed and gave me a Paural! now I need to decide if I should flog them, or wait until the Dengeki rewards. It's not like I'll make the Granohodorac now, not with Bajurac dropping made and being grinded to death by crazies with S+1s. Speaking of which, I need to go make and hoard some more grinders for later sales. Not checked the prices lately, but with the amount of broken Germinus Gunucs, they must be getting caned hard. EDIT: ...erm, is anyone actually going to play the game soon?
  21. I haven't bothered to grind anything yet - I think in about three days I might as well sell my grinders, and use the money to buy actual grinded weapons! There's already broken SN/Gs that are still in the player shops for under a stack. Fantastic! There's also some Germinus Gunucs (lol) in Player shops as well, so hopefully they will be down to a few million after a weekend like Okarods. It's nice that it's actually stronger than a genuine Bulletdance when both are at 0/10. I think. It certainly has more accuracy and a literal tank of PP. It sure is fun to play the market! Bladed Legacy S2 seems doable, even in a party of 5 people that are not working together against the Magashi section - Seems like a great place to get Catilium as well, finally. Discovered I'm out tonight as well, turns out that the precession/fireworks display that I thought overlapped my friend's birthday party is actually tonight. arf! Oh well, the actual display is just around the corner from my house (my house), so I'll be back swiftly afterwards.
  22. They are up now. ...Well, I would check, but my PS3 is installing Burnout Paradise and I don't like to overload my multi-plug power block thingamyjig. EDIT: ...Well, good luck with Bladed Legacy S2! *cackles*
  23. Out tonight, in now and tomorrow night. Probably at 3AM as well, but I'll be tanked up and ready for bed. Well, maybe.
  24. Sange, 10% Grinding Bonus, and New Spread Needles. Meanwhile, in JP PSU land, they now have S-Rank Degahna Cannons. Cunts!
  25. Yeah, I'm looking forward to picking up a Bajurac or two. And Tyrant Spada. And lots of Seed Lab Staff with 13* Metals. And Cubo Simbac. I would have said Har / Smart as well, until someone jogged my memory that the last thing that you want to sacrifice as a techer is keeping your sodding distance against enemies. Millia> HEY GUYS I'M CASTING REALLY FAS-*one shotted by a Vahra* Asted/Astec drops as well, yummy. No doubt we'll only see Ank Butic drops ;/ IN OTHER NEWS: Anyone for Duke? Or Wipeout HD? It would be funny to see us PSU lot larking about on another game, just like with Castle Cras... oh wait that didn't work
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