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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13_45Ld_IBQ Thanks to mood for providing sexy additional killer shot justice. Got the board, promptly synthed it, and then suddenly found myself in a lot of pain in my jaw to the point that I actually ended up staying up until half past 1 when the darn thing finally cooked. Serious karma, was literally on the floor close to tears even after pumping every single possible painkiller into my body - just desserts for bragging rights ;/ I think I'll try grove of fanatics next, although I'm tempted to run more MAG - Millia needs levelling [/brokenrecord], and I could actually do with some badges - I'm tempted to pick up the PSO disks, which might cut into my 'buy a shitload of Chao Rods and sell them for maximum profit' scheme later on.
  2. I'll have a look in your Shop again. Might find something good to buy! Tried to level Jabroga some more, and it's a fucking nightmare - Went into MAG C, and ended up getting interrupted constantly by shitty low-level rappies I'll have to find a quick way to get into a dragon boss and spam jabroga on the little shit. EDIT: Interesting - it does seem like we have yet another week of the bonuses! might go hunting some Catilium to clean up some of the stuff I wanted to synth (Gekitsnata, another Iggac, yadda yadda EVERYONE RUN WITH ME FOR A RATTLESNAKE!)
  3. Not too fussed - I can make up the numbers, but it's only going to get harder as it's the last week. People running without a need to make up the killcount numbers, or hunting stuff to synth = Epic glitch lulz. I do need to set some time aside to level Millia to 100, even if it's with randoms. Went and sold some stuff last night - about 30 Nanopolymers, a Diadu, and some other tidbits in one session, and scored over 6 million in a few minutes. Can't wait for Dengeki, I'll have to run Sleeping Warriors for epic profit! Next up - The grinding bonus, and a mountain of S and A Grinders to flog. if I could have sold S+1 grinders for a lot of cash back in the day, I can't wait to see the prices that will be going for the last day of the grinding bonus. Unlike synthing, you don't need to factor in how long synths take as they can be used instantly to get the right price for sale. So, bunging them in when the americans are out and about is a GOOD PLAN!
  4. At least you didn't have to fork out for synth materials to get your weapons done - I had to blow a good million or so buying Goldania for 300k a pop. I think I'll lob my items on now, while I'm awake - no doubt americans are clamouring for this shit before the time is up, so I might as well flog it (bits of Par Walna, decent synth metals, and other guff) as it's stuff I generally accumulate anyway. Need to pull out a Rucar, as well. Is there another Synth increase prize for Dengeki? I'll have to investigate. Oh, and it is, alongside a sexy grinding bonus. super! So, we'll be seeing that in 2012. Fabulous!
  5. Proof that the armour bot is clearly the best PM, if there ever was an arguement ;p Anyone playing Friday, or during the weekend? I'm after levelling Millia again - It's fun to play Wartecher, there's so much choice in how you want to wreck enemies. Or alternatively, Nosdiga and Majarra your way through everything! (and not heal anybody along the way)
  6. Good to hear I'm not chatting too much bollocks. To be honest, I just love using shotguns, so I'm instantly trying out gunmaster - With just the two Baret config on a Fortegunner Siri, I'm already racking up times equal to that of Richard as a fully kitted out Fortefighter when it comes to running Plains Overlord S2. That's not using a grenade launcher for the boss, either - I'm literally running up to De Ragan and blasting him in his chest cavity > I'll take a Bulletdance, if you're happy with that - I'm not too fussed if it's slightly broken, as it will mainly be for Fighgunnering people in the face with Siri when I feel like it. and that's when I'm not using a crossbow instead. In other news: 'dese guys know a thing or two abowt shwotguns!'
  7. SN/G Envy ;p I really like the Baret, though - it looks fabulous, the shot effect is visually appealing (I originally thought the 'shot' was the size of cannonballs, but it turned out to not look stupid and the effect itself is very fast-moving and just isn't an eyesore), and it has moderately good stats. As for the reason behind two - Shotguns are awesome and they will be a main part of my Gunmaster Palette, so I could do with another without arsing about with grinding destas later on. That, and I want to grind the Barets themselves, so results may vary there (thinking of playing it safe - grind each of them up until one breaks, and then keep the 'safe' Baret as it is while I break the other to bits). Stupid reasons? Probably, but I can't piece a decent arguement as it's the evening. ...Shut up (The Bil De Axe came out 28% Ground, btw. sad face)
  8. MOODY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Now back from work. I need to pull out a Bil De Axe and.... ...ANOTHER CLASSIC. That's right, I blown another 8 million (well, 7.5, and then 0.2 on ONE FUCKING MOT WALNA. cunts) on another Shigga Baret. I'm now almost skint. Need to luck out on another Psycho Wand board to make the cash back >_< I'd ask for runs, but there's the work situation at the moment. No matter, I'll just have to throw the idea of a guaranteed Rattlesnake synth in the bin! Just need to collect four Goldania so I can make my second Rucar.
  9. Yeah, it would be hard to stick with it unless Neudaiz GBR comes back really, REALLY sharpish after MAG. Especially with all the games that are released this summ.... oh wait. Hey, at least there's Too Hum... oh wait. Went and blown a wad of cash on a Shigga Baret board, waiting for it to cook now - it'll synth at 9pm I think, so expect me to screech like a schoolgirl and run off to Siri's PM at that time. Just wish the Rattlesnake boards was as cheap - Sorry, PSU Community, but I'm not forking out 10+ million for a Broken 'snake, and I'm certainly not paying 25 Million for a fucking board ;/
  10. Admittedly, PSP is rather fun - just started playing it again, I'm now going to aim to pick up a Chainsawd and Sange&Yasha. I'll be on later, I just need to do a couple of REALLY HARD chores: Epic life grinding, clearly. I'll be on as Millia, because I like hatecriming techers with my awesome display of ineptitude.
  11. The second Thanks Festa event has been announced for the end of August on the JP/PS2 servers. That's right, the third event since MAG! *groan* Again, two recap missions, with the variable EXP/Drop bonuses and double boss boxes. Also, Desert City Armoury is getting an update, apparently adding some new weapons that takes advantage of items dropped during the Festa (expect the Guld & Millia twin handguns), and a level cap increase to 160. In other news, I'm working 2-10pm once again this week. any runs this weekend would be appreciated! (except for the 3-6pm section on sunday, where it's ridge time) According to mission data, it seems that the highest entry level to get into any mission is 100, even with Parum GBR S2 Missions. So my aim is to get Millia to that. Also: This post took about half an hour to make as the Big Brother cameraman is being a right pervert and keeps on focusing on some female housemates' jiggling arse as she does some aerobics in very, very tight jogging bottoms. fantastic O_O
  12. I'm enjoying what I have played of Braid - reminds me of Abe's Odyssey when it comes to the platformer/puzzle mix. some of them are right brain-melters, made even worse with no idea of how the time altering guff works in each level still, it's fun enough. ANYWAY, Phantasy Star Universe. I would like to play sometime, although I must say that I would really like to do some runs with Millia - perhaps time to bring out Albert/Tokkybot/Jakeway/THE BRANSTON? If not: fuck you. I'll still play though! Oh, and Media Create sales are in - Phantasy Star Portable has stormed the charts, taking the number one spot. probably amongst Wii titles, but hey.
  13. Good to hear - it might make Sonic Team realise that fully fleshed out games closer to PSO is the way forward. Oh, and I didn't mention yesterday how my Gudda Hon came out: EDIT: Oh, and all rewards are now unlocked in MAG. Sange, naturally, is the final reward. Hoping some berk sells a broken one for peanuts so I can buy it and use it with a Yasha for the twin sabers! (although Jou'un Soul is going to TAKE THE PISS)
  14. I can take up Protransering again, if needed. just need to switch Barada Diga to Richard, it's not like Siri will need it until later on.
  15. ...I hope you have a Striking bot! EDIT: ...did the P mean 'Profit'?
  16. Maximum Attack G Are we all going back to Hammer hunting today, or is it MAG time? actually, there's no point in planning, it's better that way! ...much like the conversations that happen. bad, BAD conversations.
  17. Carriguine Incest. that's what caused your Synths to come out WURRRRRRRRBISH ...and mine, yesterday. *mourns over 18% Dark Kan Yu and... 10% Lightning De Ragan Slayic* if one or two of you pop on, give me a message over live - I'll be having SCIV in my machine until someone gives me a nudge. and I'll mainly be on most of the day, as it looks shit outdoors.
  18. Tokky is already on. It's still a chore to run S solo, so I'll take a break while my synths finish. I think the maximum time I need to wait for all my stuff was 2:30 when I last checked, and that was half an hour ago. I think. Shame really, I would like to make a quick buck by getting Cati/Skill Saves from the Normal Rappies and selling them before they become dirt cheap ;p Oh, and we'll have to deviate from MAG to run something that spawns Jaggo Actes. I WANT THE HAMMER
  19. Yes, it's now up. With MAG. and stuff. time to see what Spread Needles cost! *shudder* EDIT: Bunged all my stuff in for Synth, practically all of the good stuff is 100%, which is nice. Tried looking for a spread, but it seems as though the inevitable has happened - people put up their spreads for a stack, and then they see it disappear within seconds. lolz. Went for a run, got a couple of nice items (Muzzlefever and Shinowa Line Boards), and cleared it although I mainly got my arse handed to me because I ran with my 'falz runs' palette. Arse. However, for reference, Richard is almost at level 131 within a single S-Run, which is frankly revolting. Can't wait to use Millia on A runs!
  20. It's now up on the JP 360 site, so (bar rollback) it's certainly on the cards now. I shall be on tomorrow - I have an ASSLOAD of stuff to get cooking, including that bastard Psycho Wand. According to PSUPedia as well, This version of MAG is likely to have normal rappies, as well as Grass Assassins dropping Double Agito. Doubtful, but it would be interesting to see. I've been buying the Diads in anticipation 21 down, 9 to go! In fact, I shall be on tonight, running a little bit of White Beast and Black Nest S for said Diads. ...Diadu. I'd also like to play Soul Calibur IV, if it ever arrives EDIT: Oh, and the downloadable missions for PSP is now up. Good Times!
  21. ...Shit, I just realised that I still need those Diads so I can synth my Psycho Wanc/d with the synth bonus. If anyone's got any for a slightly cheaper price than what they are over at player shops (200k a pop I think, so any for 180/150 would be nice), give us a shout - I'll buy in bulk! Might try and hit up White Beast S first, though - I need most of my money for a Spread Needle/G (I'm pretty sure I heard from someone that Spreads were selling for 40mil after the economy settled down). my recent discovery that Paradi Cataract is still selling fairly high should help toward that, though - If my calculations are right, I can flog my bulk of them for 800k a pop, which is a severe undercut from the average price of 1mil. With everyone starting again with MAG, I'll just keep one back for Karin mk2 and then put the rest in my shop for great justice! Nice to see the 140 cap, as well - That will help towards soloing the current missions a lot quicker!
  22. More details of the PSP downloadable missions are in: Beeftade Well-Done is going to be awesome. Also, the game has started to emerge on japanese private bittorrent, and it's under a gig. hopefully, it will whip around the internets quickly.
  23. You should be busy with your ball and chain son, While I should be busy getting stabbed down the local drinking spot ;p Not sure how I'll tackle part-timing it - I think one evening, some of the friday afternoon I get off and the odd saturday/sunday should do the trick until they update regularly. It's been a lot nicer with just having the odd 40 minutes of running Dark God S, and then just sodding off to something else. Actually, I need to practice Ridge. ...LET'S ALL PLAY RIDGE RACER 6 GUYS
  24. As mentioned to Donk via IM, I'll keep my membership running until PSP is out, alongside the arrival of a decently sized Memory Stick. Latest update now is that ST has 'confirmed' that MAG2 is happening on August 1st and shall be running for three weeks (as the 15th is a national holiday in japan), alongside the delivery of the initial MAG Rewards and Statues from the Sonic Birthday Event. I'm not holding out much hope (I'd put 1p on Betfair that Sonic Team will upload Maximum Attack G' and Project DF' and not the actual event missions), but if they're there I will probably be playing on and off throughout that - I would like to have Millia levelled for future S2 missions, and I want to remake Karin into a CAST as Humans are shit, and SUVs are awesome.
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