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  1. Urgh, I can't even operate PSU now without something decent to eat. Literally a gnat's testicle away from 95, although that was helped with Forest of Illusion popping up. Just you wait, one cheese toastie is all it takes, and then... LET'S ROCK *zoom to crotch*
  2. Nice runs last night! We might have to run something of a lower rank so that EXP penalty can be beaten. I forgot about the things I was synthing, so I had a look this morning. - Failed three Dori boards in my Range Bot - one Gnome Doll, two Paural! - Couple of Merculine from actual weapons ;/ - 42% Ice Nightwalker! - 18% Ground Giza Misaki - Something else which I can't remember I need some more Dori Boards now. Ryan: if you could, remodel your room to a new type. I think all of us have a boatload of weapons available for you!
  3. Gingerling: The expansion is downloaded through the Marketplace (1600 points? can't remember for the life of me), however, you still need the original game to play. Luckily, it's about a tenner new! Unlike Bullet PA Frag skills, you have a lot of good Melee skills to choose from! It all depends on how many Frags you have, so I shall start with the least expensive skills. First off, you should pick up Dus Majarra (Spear Ultimate PA, 30 Frags), regardless of how many frags you have. It's fast, the amount of damage it does is ludicrous, and it levels quickly. There's a reason everyone and their grandmothers use the damn skill, and it will become obvious once it hits level 11. Ikk Hikk (Knuckles, 30 PA Frags) is a great skill for an Acrofighter, a Fortefighter that knows how to keep his distance and timing, or a Wartecher that wants to keep up the damage. It's slow, but the damage percentage is completely off the charts. Bogga Robado is an overall better PA for Knucks, but that's 75 frags. When it comes to cheap single-handed weapon PAs, both Hikai Shuha-zan (Dagger, 25 Frags) or Bukuu Saien-zan (Claw, 30 Frags) fit the bill. Bukuu is nice and easy to use, acting like a one-handed Renkai-Buyou Zan. However, with Hikai, you can cause lots more damage if you master how the second section works.
  4. Things that my post-operation checksheet details: Things that I just did: - Spent about 3/4 of my cash on one of these. I AM INTELEGANT Does anybody want to run some True Darkness S2 tonight? my brain just clicked when it comes to thinking of ways to get lots of EXP that isn't Endless White Beast.
  5. Weightgain: To be honest, you've picked a bad time to start the game - Maximum Attack G just ended (missing out the opportunity to level up horrendously quick), and most of the community are level AWESOME and continually running AotI Boost Road missions. Couple of things you should look at: My Awesome Guide - I wrote this back when the beta started, a couple of years back. basic overview of what the heck was going on while the initial Player Tutorial was broken and rubbish. Which brings me to the next point: The Player Tutorial - Go into your room, and speak to the robot in your room. select 'Talk', and then start the tutorial. Goes through a lot of the aspects of playing it. The Actual Single Player Game - Not only is it an easy 1000 gamerpoints on your Gamertag, but it lays down the main aspects of the game in good detail. My personal recommendation is to run through the Hive missions, and then jump straight to parum - If you've got the Expansion, run the Scarred Planet mission for maximum profit, otherwise you're stuck with Mad Creatures and Plains Overlord after that.
  6. Oh WOW Apparently, a Jabroga with Ank Kireek can even kill a fully leveled, JP server Beast Fortefighter/Fighmaster. Yeah, beat *that*, Regrant! ...;____________________________________________;
  7. Things that will never get old when using a Techer: - Using Damfoie on swarms of Polty - Using high-level Dambarta on swarms of Shagreece - Using Dambarta on swarms of Koltova - Using MOAR Damfoie on swarms of Polty - Using Damfoie - Using Dambarta Coming soon: injokes that will involve 'Hey guys. DAMBARTA!' and then summoning an ice storm that fills the screen. and then get all the techers (all the techers, WAQ WAQ) join in and cause epic slowdown/RRoDs. It'll be like playing on Universe 1!
  8. Oh god, someone on PSO-World mentioned something about Ank Kireek being a bit shit, so I had a look: http://psupedia.info/Ank_Kireek SIXTY FIVE PHOTON POINTS. Then again, it's probably saving you from using Anga Jabroga and killing yourself with the Damage Reflection. Hey guys, Alterazgoug's lame, watch me one shot this son of a bi-*dies horribly*
  9. Tonight as well, please? I can go nuke things with Millia for SUPPAR EXPZ. Or just hit things with a big spear. WARTECHER, FUCK YEAH! COMING AGAIN TO DO NO MOTHERFUCKING DAMAGE!
  10. I find the lack of partying disturbing. Then again, I got over power levelling techs a while back as it's far too dull. ;/ Anyway, sexy JP news time: the new 'The Protectors' mission is out in the second Thanks Festa, and some more new stuff is coming. Well, by new stuff, I actually mean OH MY FUCKING GOD KILLER ELITE BOARDS ALL OVER MY HUGE TITS OH GOD other items include (although they might be retreads, excuse them if they do appear): - Rabol Orakio, dropped by Seed Venas 150+ (Protranser-Only 13* Armour, All Slots) - {B}Okarodoc, dropped by Galdeen 150+ (lol) - Ragan-Ragac, dropped by Shagreece 150+ (might already appear in Parum GBR with the real thing, shut up) - Mugunburga, dropped by Zasharogan 150+ - Guld, dropped by Gol Dova 150+ (another chance if you don't get it in Dengeki, just like Millas dropping all over the shop in the first protectors mission) - Megi Drops/Spheres in boxes (New ways to get event items constantly? yes please) - Hizeri / PP Generate, dropped by Darbelan 150+ - Hizeri / Stamina, dropped by Dark Falz 150+ - {B}Killer Elite, dropped by Dark Falz 150+ (FUCK YEAH!) It also turns out that, like Megi Drops/Spheres, Zon Spheres and Weapons Badges can be had in the first mission. Of course, more drop information will be out once the weekend hits. All I hope now is that the missions will stay after the Festa, along with those special drops. EDIT: Oh, and Kireek Soul drops from DF, although it seems like all four of the main Festa bosses drop a certain soul each. Makes sense, really. GIB CREA DOUBLEZ+
  11. This isn't just any bacon. This is quality, Laia Martinez reared Koltova-that's-been-killer-shot'd-off-the-screen-from-a-stray-bullet DOWNS BACON. MRRH
  12. When you see both used on a FEMALE NEWMAN WARTECHER! and see both do relatively fuck-all. well, maybe not megid. Admittedly, it wouldn't be as awesome as using them on a CAST WARTECHER! ...*brings out Siri, and the branston, and the trumpets* Wartecher: It's not big numbarz, but it sure is damn fun. Wands and Cards, Madoogs and Claws, all over your face. and that's without Majarra sexy time. or the actual S-Rank weapons. Saying that, the best Twin Sabers at the moment are A-Rank anyway, so.... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH [/csi]
  13. Yeah, once you hit 100, you can run any mission that's currently available, both now and in the distant future according to the JPN PC/PS2 servers. from about 80 upwards, you can pretty much do any non-expansion S2 mission, most expansion S missions, and any of the 'Random' Illusion missions on S (aka. Free levelling/profit). No idea how the next event works though (Dengeki Mission Carnival) in terms of levels, so you might miss out on the really high-end 'Do-or-Die' missions which involves level 150+ bosses dealing out some new weapons and items. There's no date on the event yet, so it shouldn't be too hard to reach 100 before it hits. ...I hope, I'd like to use Millia for awesome partying. I fancy going Wartecher again for the lulz, and use a Madoog/Claw combo to use Megid and Senten to make Marc cry all over his 360 pad. ...or DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK
  14. Yes, I'd do some alt runs with the chirping of budgies in my mic - It's not like there's too much to be had on S2 in a personal sense, anyway. - Lumira / Spread (about 5mil in player shops anyway) - Hizeri / Mind (alright, that's worth something) ...And of course, Red / Knight, but that's random anyway, and Caves S can be accessed at any high-ish level. REAL MEN actually spam Grove of Fanatics S2 until they get a Needle Cannon. or get randomly cut off from the internet due to a bag falling on the multi-plug that the router is connected to. When they reach Adahna Degahna. Mood> THAT'S NOT BACON, THAT'S A FUCKING SAUSAGE! *explodes into laughter so hard that he actually has to leave the room irl and sit in the bathroom for a while*
  15. erk, I feel knackered tonight. must have been the epic lulz of Downs Bacon. I'll go to bed early instead of joining the festivities. I'm also doing weekend overtime (2-10pm saturday, 2-8pm sunday), so make sure that YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES REVOLVE AROUND ME. Or not, as it will mainly be Needle Cannon hunting and Megid levelling.
  16. I'm just pondering the most pain-free methods here. Tornado Dance works alright for knockdown, but you can end up missing either by his animations giving him immunity to hits, or him fannying about the place with his teleports. Invincible Beast is alright, but Beast mode has one huge disadvantage in that you cannot use the lock-on function so the camera automatically pans for Howzer. Then again, you can use the megistaride trick to gain some free stat boost, you can use it from building up beast in the mission before the fight, and the damage isn't bad at all. Just expect to use two beasts during the fight as a Fighgunner ;/ Now at the mission with Siri, and Richard needs to change into a Fortefighter. some decent Arza Garbot claws should do the trick with rensan. I'll bother with it after I nip to the town.
  17. Yeah, Howzer is a bit different compared to any other NPC fights - not only does he have Dhalsim-styled range attacks that hit for said amounts, but there's a small problem in the form of the Delp Slami monsters that he summons around the ring in timed intervals - They're not strong as they are still level 60, but unless you're packing a De Colte Line (and let's face it, that's not a good idea on a techer against him), you're going to be sucking HOT MIDGET DEATH by just standing there casting a DoT tech on Howzer. He's also surprisingly fast, and warps around quite a bit if you're not lucky with timing the knock-down right. Also, pop trivia: This fight is in PSP as well, when you fight the last boss . Same attack patterns, except the Boss summons Delsabans instead. I'm still banking on a Rifle knockdown win against Howzer, along with packing a Del Monte Line so the amount of random Megid spack attacks just hurts him and builds SUV win button meter. Going to be risky though, as taking four megids at a time from Delp Slamis could mean death if a couple of them are Crits.
  18. I could do with some White Beast S2 runs - It's the only thing that's not level in terms of GBR points, amazingly (something like a ten point deficit). Unless a Castle Crashers patch is suddenly released. In which case, fuck the lot of you! *mrrh* Also: Level 160 Howzer. He's serious business - The cunt has already brought me to near-death once already thanks to lag, although that's mainly with ham-fisted Fighgunner tactics. Next up, Fortefighter ham-fisted tactics! CLAWS all over HOWZER'S FACE
  19. Found a Adahna Cannon (the synth item), decided to take a look at the Degahna Cannon market. Cheapest Adahna Cannon part: 100k Cheapest Degahna Cannon board: 7.9mil Next Cheapest Degahna Cannon board: 8mil Cheapest Degahna Cannon 0/10 actual weapon: 8mil
  20. I'll try hosting CC this time, complete with chucking my 360 into a DMZ rape zone. it might do something REALLY GOOD. I'll play PSU over the weekend. By that time, Okarods should be 1k a pop. Perfect for Acrotec... oh wait.
  21. Myself, Mood and (I think) Donk all have Castle Crashers. However, the netcode is heartbreakingly horrible, so something needs to be done about that first. I'll probably play PSU tomorrow. maybe.
  22. Even more hilarious than us turning up at the Time Attack: Hacksaw Jim Duggan now has a spread needle! Clearly, this is justice. Served with a 2x4. fired from a spread needle.
  23. - The Okarod market, three days within the Neudaiz GBR They're coming down in price slightly more after the american night shift - 1.3mil for a board, while picking up non-grinded Okarods (0/9, 0/10) is coming down to about 4mil. That's right, actual Okarods (currently the most powerful 'non-rare' rod) for 4 million meseta. It's still a lot compared to a board sale, but you can't complain if you're in a rush. If you played your cards right just before the synth bonus ended (when Walna was selling for 300k), a 0/10 Okarod equates to 10 Walna - 3 more than the actual synth itself. wat I don't think I could bear looking at the Kazarod market. It's either collapsed, or it has gone the way of pre-il cabo base Cubo Musranas. But then if it's dropping from Servants and Dancing Birds, I'd vote for the former. Might do a bit of shopping today - Ohga-Misakic's looking nice again after seeing everyone use single claws, even if it's complete pap. I'll have a look at those Orpa/Mind units as well to plug up everyone's head slot.
  24. Excellent stuff, fella. time to sell it for MILLIONS before people realise they can't actually use it. By people, I mean IDIOT TECHERS. 'Hey, Ruby. Why don't you use ...A Psycho Wand?'
  25. Alright, I like the sound of that. Went and bought myself an Okarod board in the end - 4 million, hunted for Walna and then another 2XXk for one Walna that I ended up not needing anyway. Out at 2AM, so I'll open that up in the morning. Went and bought a Ryo Juriba board in regards to new 9* boards, and realised that I didn't have any ebon or vulc! no matter, I'll make some when I get some. And now I've just read up that they're shit on PP compared to Twin DBs when both are 0 grinds. Awesome!
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