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  1. Going back to this - the M30 definitely works, at least in xinput mode. Hold down Start + X on the pad so the two left LEDs are flashing, then hold the pairing button on the top of the controller down so it'll start in that mode - it should come up in the Bluetooth menu. So, the dock. I'm still not convinced it's a great idea - from my limited experience, the unit doesn't wake from any old controller that's paired via Bluetooth, so I'm still throwing myself across the room to play games and that's kind of guff compared to just picking the thing up. The image quality is also a little soft when playing at native settings on a large 1080p telly, but that's also a thing my switch does and ultimately more fucking around corrects that, so it's not really a problem. Buuuuut, there are things I like! The UI works really well even with an external controller, and I genuinely appreciate having the same level of integrated generic shortcuts on a controller as the Deck itself. Having the Deck's tiny fan at a distance means it blends in with the rest of the room's acoustics so it's anywhere from silent to extremely quiet. Also, the screen automatically turning off when docked means I can just download stuff while it's hardwired to the network, and not worry about lowering the brightness of the screen or moving over to desktop out of paranoia of IPS screen retention. So, I'd say it's a nice-to-have thing. I couldn't see myself ponying up for the official dock mind, even with VRR being on the table with the Displayport signal.
  2. XBox emulation is getting to an okay place, but the long and short of it is that if there's a PS2 or GameCube equivalent, it's going to run miles better. That's across anything, btw, not just on the Deck.
  3. Sure! I'll play around with the input modes - that always caught me with the SN30+ on the big computer.
  4. Doesn't Steam go down for maintenance every Tuesday? I normally don't notice it because it's usually 'merica time. Anyway, it's my birthday tomorrow, so I've decided to push the boat out like a mad cunt and.. buy a dock. Just a cheapy JSAUX with the gigabit port, but something I can plonk the deck on so I can use a Saturn controller (or the Bluetooth 8bitdo m30). I'm still expecting the docked experience to be dogshit, but there's plenty of games out there that are low rent to run and just plug and play. It'll help for downloads too while I'm not around to keep an eye on the machine as it gently balances on the side of the case it came in.
  5. I'm no parent, but I've played the following in bursts during half hour lunch breaks on the deck: - Tetris. 150 Line Marathon can be done in about 10-12 mins. Can either be Tetris Effect or Puyo Puyo Tetris. - BallisticNG. Campaign's broken up into single races. - Abzu. Lovely game, every area fitted in a lunch break over the week. - Murder By Numbers. Picross breaks my brainlet, but I'd do a puzzle and some interrogation every time. - Subsurface Circular. Lovely investigation game. - Later Alligator. same thing. - Outrun 2006. Couple of arcade runs or Coast 2 Coast mode missions. - Tekken 7. Just play endless Treasure Battle. - Virtua Fighter 5 FS. endless.. whatever the ghost battle is called. - Tiny Rogues. My current favourite for a spare 10 minutes. Twin Stick roguelike shooter with loot and perk builds. Banging game.
  6. If it was done by following the instructions on the forum, it's likely installed as a non-steam game, so it's not as simple, unfortunately. It can still be moved to an SD card, it'll involve finding the folder that had the game in it (you'd have to have done it as part of adding the game to Steam), and moving that entire folder to the SD card (as it should have both the game files and the save files - but I can check my own install to verify that). EDIT: yeah, checked my own files - Outrun 2006 puts its own save files in the same folder as all the game data. So - check where you installed it via desktop mode (if you want a reminder, you can check the properties of the game in Steam), find it, and move the entire thing to the SD card. When you get the replacement Deck, you can either move it back on the internal memory or just keep it on the SD card, and add the game back to Steam as per the tutorial by pointing it at the game and telling it to run via Proton. Done!
  7. It's terrible for my spare time and my main computer and consoles. They've all been relegated to YouTube streaming services while the Deck's in my hands. Been seeing a lot of chatter about the deck and future games because of the DF article and Aya bringing out yet another line of handhelds. I wish I could care for it, but after seven hours of ETS2, I don't think I will. I got enough games to last me a lifetime already.
  8. Yeah, I do the second option, it's perfectly do-able while I figure out the right camera/method for reversing. I think using the free cam and anticipating the cab to move the trailer the right way is fucking it up. Although I also got fucked up when they started me in the yard the wrong way around and had to do a three point turn Actual killer app, what the fuck. I'm amazed it hasn't been ported yet.
  9. Thanks to you bunch of bastards, I downloaded ETS2 to my deck after playing maybe.. 30 or so minutes of being confused about it on PC. After a couple of hours on it, I pretty much have gotten the grasp of it with the basic bitch automatic transmission and not having a clue about proper parking. All I wanted to do was see if it looked like shit. Oh no. OH NO. IT'S POWER WASH SIMULATOR AGAIN.
  10. Depends on the time frame of those reports - there was a period that pretty much all EA games didn't work after they changed from Origin to their new EA App. As long as you use Proton Experimental, EA games should be fine. I'd find out myself, but most of my storage space is occupied and I can't be arsed buying a fourth SD card!
  11. I didn't really have a problem reading it during the demo, tbh.
  12. Note that limiting TDP also controls thermals - the fan won't kick up as much. Although saying all that, the chip in this thing does seem to behave most of the time, it's mostly only worth it if you're either hyper sensitive for fan noise, you really need that extra 5 minutes on Cyberpunk to save, or you're playing something that needs all the graphics power and none of the CPU power, and vice-versa (for the latter, you can use the GPU Speed slider together with the TDP slider to get that desired effect).
  13. This is the part where all the new deck owners start playing some PC bullshit that sucks them in for a billion hours. I've got my popcorn ready (and a side order of Civ V) In other news: played some Mothmen 1966 over lunch. Great visual style for a creepy horror story game, really pops on the screen with VibrantDeck. Also, DroidX seem to be stocking 1TB 2230 SSDs from some Shenzhen company (KingSpec). £140 is a pretty good price, but I'm probably going to wait until the Sabrent Rocket drives are back in stock, IIRC they're only about a tenner more.
  14. No, it's a paid game - There is a free demo, though. And if you want thousands of hours of gameplay without spending money, there's always Apex and Path of Exile! There's also some free games here, although most of the free selection needs you to get handsy with adding non-Steam games to Steam.
  15. The flat bottom-right button with three dots on it. It's known as the QAM (quick access menu) button. Also, hold onto either the Steam or QAM button for a few seconds - it'll pull up a list of handy commands (they're also universal - for example, pulling up the keyboard can be done with either Steam Button + X, or the QAM button + X)
  16. Only by about a couple of quid. As mentioned, you can stream it via Gamepass, but it is a slight faff to set up and as a new deck owner I'd probably leave it. Tunic is brilliant, though - well worth the money, and my GOTY 2022.
  17. Yep - as mentioned, it needs to be listed as a grey market on places like GG.deals based on the keys they're providing, but I've also used them for years with zero issue. At the very least, I trust the site a hell of a lot more than Kinguin. Just beat Toem on my lunch break. It's a lovely little adventure, and well worth the money spent on Humble Monthly for it. All Our Asias is also very pleasant, a PSX-style walking sim from the developer who made Anodyne. I'm guessing my next set of games to go through will be Mothmen 1966, BABBDI and If On A Winter's Night, Four Travellers before going back to Clannad for another ten hours
  18. I've got the original Burnout Paradise (Ultimate Box), and it works fine for the couple hours I've played on Deck. Fuck knows about the remastered version, mind.
  19. I put a screen protector on mine as there was no screen replacements available at the time and I lug mine everywhere. With iFixIt having readily available stock after the initial surge of orders, I'd probably not bother.
  20. Alright, then! 1) Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin 2) Anger Foot 3) I Was a Teenage Exocolonist 4) Alan Wake II 5) Dark and Darker
  21. In terms of stuff with no release date that I already know is good due to playing it, probably Slay The Princess. There's even a demo so you don't have to spend £3.60 to find out it's (not) shit. Victory Heat Rally also has a great Demo for something with no release date so far. In terms of games already out, I'm probably going to pick up Once Upon A Jester during the next sale when my plate is a little more clear. Fishing Vacation, too.
  22. I believe that's what is known in the biz as 'Eurojank'. I didn't realise they finally put the game out on Steam, I thought it would be stuck on charity shop DVD shelves for time immemorial (as was the style at the time of its original release). I got £3 in credit after returning something that didn't work (funnily enough, another racer - Loop Racer GT), I'll give it a punt for another couple of bob.
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