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  1. I'm hoping the remake turns out good - I loved playing the fan translated version on the SNES, had a real grungy vibe (something I digged from SMTIV down the road, too).
  2. If it's not the kids accessing that bolt, it's definitely a dog that's going to do it. My brother's Dogue de Bordeaux might be a massive lump, but it's also capable of Harry Houdini levels of escape artistry if it wants to see who's pulled up to deliver some Amazon tat outside. Usually by jumping and bashing deadbolts off, wholesale. Lovely dog, otherwise!
  3. I didn't want to make a thread until I actually bought the game, but has anybody jumped in on Astlibra Revision? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1718570/ASTLIBRA_Revision/ I had a go on the demo and it's absolutely wild - it's like someone fused SotN with Devil May Cry's combat with all the shit going on. Definitely something I'm considering once I've cleaned up my plate.
  4. I found the opposite when it comes to VR - I initially loved it (especially as it was during lockdown and nobody could go out), but over time it was an absolute faff to play the things I wanted to play - turn on the PC, load up Virtual Desktop, move into the other room because there's space, turn on the headset, connect it through WiFi, load up a game and then, finally, playing the sodding thing. For about 15 minutes before I need a sit down because my face is a hot mess. This doesn't take away from the fact that there games I played through VR are superb. But it requires effort, space, and for the best experience a heck of a lot more cash than just the Quest on its own. The Deck? I don't even turn on my main computer any more. I just pick up the thing and play the videogames I got on it. Are they the same games that I could have played on PC? Yeah. While I'm ill in bed, or at work, waiting for a doctor's appointment, or if the living room is otherwise occupied. I've probably mentioned it elsewhere on the forum - The ability to just pick up and play a game I bought on PC has been a holy grail as someone who really liked the idea of small form HTPC computers under the telly since... The Shuttle brand came out, I think? I've tried all sorts - Steam Big Picture, Launchbox, GOG Galaxy, Playnite, and even just slumming it with a basic HTPC remote on desktop Windows. Nothing felt right - if it wasn't UI getting in the way, it's Windows UAC and installs getting in the way. If it wasn't that, it was game launchers getting in the way. As it turns out, the actual solution to all this faff and workarounds was what the deck does - just put all that shit right in front of me, in my actual hands. Want to pick a game? Use the controller and select it. Need to type in a name of my character? Pull up the keyboard and use the trackpads to punch something in. Game launchers? Tap the screen to tell it to fuck off. There's just a level of immediacy that's just thoroughly tangible that it makes my weary eyes from a good decade of device drivers and Direct X fuckery light up just a little bit brighter than what they were, while giving me access to the gaming scene that made me amoured with the PC in the first place. I still think a decent toilet is a better purchase than either, though. I always think you should spend good money on things you use every day.
  5. Porcelain is fairly fragile if dropped from a height, so it depends if the Deck and/or Quest can throw it out of said ring. Or these are all inanimate objects and I need to retake my medicine
  6. I've sellotaped some scum-covered CEX wiimotes to a hula hoop to get a hooky version of Ring Fit Adventure going
  7. I've always found that with any Bluetooth connection, frankly. It's just not a very good wireless standard with all manner of interference. especially if you're connecting multiple things to it. Audio is okay quality wise, but you're riddled with Audio Lag and it can be super distracting if you're sensitive to it. I don't mind it myself in general gameplay, but I'd probably be malding if I played DJ Max or Metal Hellsinger.
  8. Fill it in with gold like it's Kintsugi. (at least, uh, for superficial scratches that are nowhere near the actual electrics)
  9. I know I'm a head case, but I think I'd probably keep my old Steam Deck even if a newer, shinier model came out. I currently have a small Deskmini computer that I use for all my admin shit, uses a 2400G - Windows partition for work VPN, and Linux Mint to watch YouTube, play the odd game and write stuff up. The deck smashes it on pretty much all fronts except for storage - it's smaller, uses less power, about the same CPU chops but absolutely batters it on the iGPU. It even runs off a battery if the power cuts out, has decent speakers when up close and provides a second screen to have Indoor League on repeat. I might not be keen on HTPC bollocks, but it'll make a fine desktop computer.
  10. Carrying on from the discussion in the Deck Emulation thread, I've been fucking around for about an hour and a half with getting the disc version of Pure working on the Deck. Half of that was finding the right No-CD patch to get around the requirement to have a disc in the drive, virtual or otherwise. I cracked it after that, but it was a bit of a faff - the Direct X redist comes as a separate thing on the disc, so the best thing to do is use ProtonTools (it's in the Discover Store) after installing the game to set up the Bink Video Codec and D3DX9 files instead of fucking around with a bunch of different installs. Not had a proper play, but it seems to run like butter with everything maxed out. I mean, it should for an old-ass PC game, but it doesn't stop it looking magnificent in the process.
  11. I do agree with this, however no company is infallible, ultimately. I do have concerns with what will happen to Valve when Gabe is actually in the afterlife as god instead of just considered one by fans. OTOH, PCs don't immediately fall apart if the online store goes kaput, and the same goes for the Steam Deck. I'll be picking games up from Itch, GOG, random backwater file sharing site or whatever comes after Steam. The actual death of the device is when society as a whole moves on from x86 processors. Which is perfectly possible, but by that time I'll probably be dead.
  12. Never had a TV that supported it, but I did own a 3DS. The effect was neat, but it didn't really add anything to the game as opposed to the things people were experiencing with the Oculus Rift about a year later. I remember trying a CV1 at an indie game show, and it even made walking sims interesting because you can peer over bridges and stuff. There's just a level of emergence there that's very hard to convey properly on a flat panel. I still enjoyed my 3DS for the games, though.
  13. Chow Chow Rocket
  14. Wholly unnecessary for that specific purpose, though. £80-ish Retroid Pocket 2 and even Smartphones are capable for most of the games people attribute to emulation. The magic of the Deck is that emulation is the side gig to all the mad shit you can play on PC. And, uh, being kinda good at playing Cyberpunk.
  15. Without trying it myself, my thought process would be along the following lines: That's generally how I add games that were not on Steam in the first place (primarily Doujin PC fighting games like Big Bang Beat) I won't mention any more without doing it myself and talking about it in the main Deck thread, as this sort of thing veers heavily away from "emulation", per se.
  16. That reminds me of a good point to raise - the Quest does need a fair bit of open space so you can flail around. As others have said, VR is really something cool and some of the experiences really do scream next gen more then current consoles, but you do need the space, and eventually you might end up pining for a high-end PC setup to stream a bunch more games to the headset when you run out with what Meta offers. Which is, well, a lot more money down the road. The Steam Deck (and the switch) are one stop shops to access a whole bevvy of games in an accessible format that don't require the space, but there's inherently a shelf life on the hardware (more so on the Switch). Meanwhile, a good toilet lasts forever, and doesn't require games to enjoy.
  17. Maybe I'm showing my bias a little, but when I see guides like that, I just think 'fuck it' and grab a no-cd crack. SecuROM is a shit. I found the most important thing is that Sega's arcade output seems to work fine on RPCS3, so that's most of my interests covered. I still need to try Initial D and Anarchy Reigns, though.
  18. As someone who owns a deck and think it's the best thing since sliced bread, I would buy one of those fancy toilets with the built in bidet. Heck, I'd use the money saved from not buying toilet paper to get a deck
  19. Alright - I've finished Act 1 of Cyberpunk on the deck. There's things I'm not entirely keen on - it'd be nice if the framerate was a bit more stable at native res, the image is a little soft, and because of a bug with FSR2.1's implementation in this game, the HUD text is kinda fucked. But all this flies in the face of the fact that there's this thing that sits in my hands and it's playing cyberpunk what the fuck
  20. Garlic and Evolved Garlic is alright, but its effectiveness drops off hard around 15-20m in so you need to pair it with another evolved weapon eventually (I like the Evolved Axe for this). Eventually, Santa Water is just Garlic, but with more damage and you have ten of them firing off so they fill the screen. In other words, a better garlic. My actual favourite starter is, weirdly, a weapon I hated initially because you can't lock direction in this game - the Knife. The trick behind it is using it alongside other projectile-based weapons (Wands, Axes, Tracerunner, Santa Water), and then scaling EVERYTHING with Duplicator, Spinach, Bracer, Candelabra and whatever the item is for Cooldown reduction. You end up getting the evolved forms of all those weapons in the process, but the primary effects benefit each item and you end up being a Danmaku boss
  21. Yes, apparently. Couldn't tell you how it works, mind. I think the only existing save I have is from a PC version already (GOG), and I couldn't be arsed retrieving it. I'm guessing you have to register to whatever shit CDPR wanted in the Xbox version, and then using those details to log into REDLauncher when you're asked on the deck. I didn't bother as I'll just find the file I want on my big computer, but it'll be the best way on a console.
  22. I started Cyberpunk on the deck, threw in some settings from this guide, only to have a really unstable 30fps. Tromped through the Street Kid bit in a huff, only to think "hang on, is there a frame limiter in game?" There was, it was on 30fps, and I forgot to turn it off. It's much better now! And then I went to bed near midnight, lol
  23. Sort of, I think? When it's on desktop it will immediately check for all the package updates on Discover. But I've only just got the new update for Stable branch. Might be because my deck never connects online because of the sleep mode and using it at work constantly. In all: idk lol
  24. I don't think it would matter, it's hitting the limit for what my broadband can actually do (8.6MB/s, so about right for 70Mbps). It's as fast as I can get in this area. It's more a problem that it's a 70GB game, and RDR2 is 120GB. That, and the SD card seems to throttle when it's too hot after being written to for ages. Weather's helping, mind!
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