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  1. I'd take the one with the dedicated GPU, personally - any emulation for the 360/PS3 generation requires a lot more GPU grunt than what integrated graphics can offer, and frankly anything less than that generation isn't going to tax the i7 at all. Above all else, just check out a couple of videos on Youtube on whatever specs you're looking at. You'll eventually see someone dicking around with computers within that comparative spec, like this: And this: You'll see in the Forza Motorsport 2 comparison, the 5900HX starts having issues maintaining 60FPS with the lack of GPU.
  2. Crossplay/Save would be great, considering I'm still holding on to the platinum that was mispriced about a decade ago on PC and I couldn't be bothered with jostling accounts just to play on xbox/switch back when transfers first popped up. I think I last played when Fortuna dropped and did a single mission. Outside of running around with Rhino and pumping idiots with a Hek and Atamos, I'm really out of the loop - as mentioned above in April, I didn't even get around to trying Combat 2.0 properly. Is there any good TL;DR guides to catching up, if it's not already part of the quest system on the ship? like, a crib sheet on quest lines to do, frames/weapons to build, etc.
  3. Siri

    Oculus Quest

    I'm guessing you could do something with Bigscreen - I'm pretty sure there's some way you can dip from the social aspect of it and have a private lobby, although it will still require an account and logging in. Personally, I just use Virtual Desktop - it's worth the money just to have Wireless SteamVR games and get in on sales instead of being locked into the Oculus Store, but the additional room environments to view 2D stuff is a nice bonus. Something to consider when Facebook punt you some credit to spend on stuff in the store.
  4. Stardew Valley is pretty great during a co-op stint some friends did on PC. I'll probably play Lawnmower Sim, One Piece and (well, more definitely) Halo. Aliens if the group jumps in, but that might end up being more Back 4 Blood over Christmas.
  5. Very good. I wanted to play this, but I just couldn't justify digging the PS4 out of its cardboard coffin for it. A PC version would have been nicer, but that can will probably be kicked down the road by another six months.
  6. Better than arcade ports, even. Soul Calibur really was the dog's bollocks on Dreamcast. And I still attempt to shoehorn Phantasy Star Online onto any device I own in case I need to play it, but that's another tale for another thread!
  7. For me personally, the games haven't really changed much if we're strictly looking at anything 2011 to now. 2011 was pretty much the dawn of me any my group of online friends owning PCs and moving on from the X360/PS3 era as it was long in the tooth at the time. Shifts in how games were marketed was already happening, with lots of indie games existing and free to play games started appearing on computers - Super Monday Night Combat, Spiral Knights and League of Legends were staples for us back then, and Path of Exile's closed beta realm started in August of that year. LoL and PoE still persist to this day. Of course, PCs ten years ago were already a majority in digital ownership. There's been a trend of companies splintering away from Steam these days, with varying results. Although this year, it was finally nice to get a Steam port of El Shaddai. Which, funnily enough, only took a good ten years to come around.
  8. I like my Series S, although it hasn't been a full year of ownership. It's a great tonic to the loud and hot-running RTX card I got in the PC - dropped right into the limited space under the telly, runs practically silent and is perfectly snappy and adequate for the odd Game Pass release or when my PC is otherwise occupied. I'll aim to pick up a PS5 when Gran Turismo shows up on shelves. By that point, hopefully there will be some additional benefits (more games that appeal to me, cheaper games, hardware revisions and/or better availability), but I don't have a crystal ball for any of that.
  9. According to the new Windjammers 2 trailer, it's coming to Game Pass and is cross-play with PC. Another intended £20 at launch saved, praise be.
  10. I'd say that's a greater symptom of how commentary has devolved in social circles and media (and, well, the internet really). Everything's now binary tribal banter that has to be either loving or hating something in order to evoke a response. I mean, like how adverts bang on about loving or hating Marmite when you just like the small amount that's on Twiglets. I'd day the latter is also susceptible to that as well, but chasing new things to buy involves... well, paying for shit. It's free to have an edgy opinion.
  11. Certainly for Windows, but most flavours of Linux including Arch have far less I/O overhead. It's why there's a prevalence of Linux live distributions for things like Arcade/Retro frontends that run straight off a usb drive, like Batocera. Mileage may vary with larger games that would saturate that bandwidth, mind.
  12. Very likely, unless you count the SMTIII remaster. there was probably some ports of SMT I & II as well, I swear there was a GBA or mobile game port at some point. I'd imagine Atlus' shift away from proprietary engines (or at least towards engines where ports are a click of a button) at the behest of Sega is going to make this happen more often, given the increased success of Yakuza. I'd give the exclusivity period about six months, or at the very least an announcement will happen as soon as the next financial year starts. EZ money. And good thing too, it's maddening that fantastic games like P4G and SMTIV were left on dead formats - heck, SMT IV still is. I'd probably double dip on SMT V on PC as and when it's available for a reasonable sum - hopefully some clever bod would figure out by then how to convert Switch/Yuzu saves to the PC version, so I could carry on with a New Game Plus if it has a lot of defined ending routes like SMT IV.
  13. Taking a break after dragging the lifeless corpses of half of my team over the finish line of that second boss: Top tip: In a fight, not only can you check the status of your own party, but you can also check the status of the boss - the resistances you'll already know, but what you might not know is how many attacks you have and have not seen - which the status dialogue actually shows. Handy to see if you're going to get utterly shat on by a super move a boss has hidden away. Also a good-to-know - there's separate boosters for Demons and Nahobino - including the Grimoire item that levels up Demons, known as a Gospel for Nahobino. It instantly gives you enough EXP to level up Nahobino, and drops from one of the rare enemies. Obv, you'll want to use it just after levelling up for max benefit.
  14. Kind of weird how they did the Steelbook for this - I would have thought it would house the original case or the game would be packed in the steelbook. If you're a collector, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot by unsealing two things. Eh, I guess they come from two separate sources, so whatever. Also off-topic, switch game boxes are tiny. they remind me of PSP or Gamecube game cases. Anyway, I'm procrastinating around where you fight the second 'serious' boss (spoilers in terms of actual strats): Again, I am grateful that mobs are static - being able to fully scope an area before a boss, throwing yourself face-first at it and then coming up with a plan is a decent alternative to SMTIV's dungeon crawling that came with fallbacks if you got a bad beat randomly. I think I need to explore more, however, as throwing yourself at grinding can be a bit dull and hopefully one of the miracles left in the area will unlock the 'fuse whatever the fuck you want regardless of level cap' option. Although I do suspect that's a fair distance into the game instead!
  15. I'm pretty sure SMT IV did it as well - unique preorder bonus armour, one free challenge mission pack and nine additional mission packs which are between 1-3 bucks each, $18 in total. None of it necessary, with the sheer amount of content the game threw at you anyway, but it's still gross.
  16. Yeah, I've done some. There's a couple changes which can be positives for you although it's mostly unchanged: - Some demons have unique skills that cannot be passed on (I'm sure there's an ability that breaks it, mind). Some of them are Magatsuhi skills - for example, Neko Shogun gets one that does Severe Almighty damage, and the little bugger is only level 5 by default. Slime has one as well. I think you get them from charms that you acquire as quest rewards. - Demons (and Nahobino) now have affinities to abilities which tie mostly into elemental damage - the above mentioned Neko Shogun also has Dia +3 because he has affinity to healing spells, so his Dia is pretty much a full heal at the stage you get him. (addendum - Affinities are split between cardinal elements including physical, then Healing, Ailment and Support skills are counted as separate skills) - you get items that can bulk Demon stats (and I believe affinities) up. Grimoires are especially handy - it's basically a legally distinct rare candy, and you can use them up until Nahobino's current level. Thanks to that restriction, they're a lot more available than Pokémon's version. This is all in addition to how Nahobino interacts with essences - you'll also find that you'll be given Demon essences of Demons you've fought, but cannot actually fuse yet, so Nahobino basically has his own stash of stat/skill changes that isn't really affected by guys party, if that makes sense (I remember IV involved having to raise demons so they confer skills, which I believe is no longer the case). EDIT: Turns out I'm wrong about essences - You *can* use them on other Demons, but for skills alone. Nahobino can use them for Skills and Elemental Resistance changes. One thing I think I forgot - essences are consumable, but not strictly unobtainable after the fact - the item shop stocks certain Demon essences so you can re-buy them (they are fairly expensive), and can be rare drops IIRC. There's definitely going to be some 'unique' essences that confer skills to Nahobino, mind.
  17. It is - well, sort of. There's orbs in the actual environment that is usually in the form of pathways that restore HP/MP/Magatsuhi Gauge - I don't know if they're always there, but they're always welcome. I should mention there's also a later thing in-game where you get points of interest noted, and it's up to you to access them - You could get an item, you could get jumped and get fucking ruined in a single turn. Not helpful if you're just trying to get to the next checkpoint, but it's a nice break from the static encounters. Also, treasure seems to regenerate to some degree, I'm pretty sure I picked everything up but when I returned to an earlier location the HUD elements were lit up again - I thought I was getting brass a few hours in, only to realise the vending machines solely give out items you junk for money instead of being consumable items, because I was too used to Persona 4's 'Vending Machines = SP restore items' schtick
  18. My physical copy's shipped from TheGameCollection. Happy days.
  19. From my understanding, no. They're only asking for payment once a unit is ready to ship to you.
  20. Q2 here. Oh well, I can concentrate on being completely clear of bills over Christmas. Hopefully delays in hardware means they can either work more on SteamOS or releasing a public version of 3.0 so people can get to grips with the allegedly much better Proton layer and flag any issues.
  21. On the bright side, you're not the dickhead who downloaded it throughout the evening, and then had to turn off the PC once the download was done so he could go to sleep for work tomorrow. At Midnight. When the game is unlocked I did try it this morning though, and good fucking god, Mexico as a location is so pretty during the initial introduction with the Extreme preset. I did run into some Low Streaming Bandwidth problems, though - game simply isn't getting the road rendered quick enough, so I'll either have to stick it on a faster drive (very likely the culprit) or update the drivers on the graphics card so it knows what to do via Game Ready drivers, I guess. I'll figure it out before I'm unfortunately stuck indoors with this and a certain Switch game!
  22. This current session ends on the 11th.
  23. I agree with this sentiment - pretty much every year is the best year to date, because it's usually a couple of games from that year in addition to a bunch of games I didn't get around to in the first place. I'm pretty much playing Cyberpunk nearly a full year after release right now. I'm really enjoying it, although the price was certainly right at the time to overlook the critical parts now. Combine that with stuff like Loop Hero, Unbeatable and Phantom Abyss that came out of the left field for me this year, and you're always bound to have a good time over 12 months.
  24. Yeah, you claim it through the account via the Prime rewards page on Twitch, as well as accruing the half hour as Strafe says. I had a go of it Friday night, and I wasn't a massive fan. Mostly because the controller mapping is absolutely god awful (left stick click to cycle through dialogue? really?) and it seriously just wants to stay on one monitor to the point where just moving it via Borderless Window just stops any input from being accepted, including KBM. So not a great first impression, and I don't think I'll be going ahead with any early access. It is very pretty, however, and I'd still imagine it will play halfway well on one of those PC handhelds and you have the touchscreen for any inventory/dialogue related agency. Steam Deck would have to resolve EAC first, mind.
  25. It's when I'll probably get a Steam Deck and FFO: Stranger of Paradise to play on it, so yes. I'm sure if the sequel to BotW shows up, that'll be good too. I have a feeling that Dying Light 2 is going to shit the bed, however.
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