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  1. To be honest, most of them are from daily logins - you get a coin pass every day, so that's 100-500 coins each day. We also all got five passes as an apology for Ship 2 going down in flames, so there's that. Then the Casino has something like five or six client orders where you play/beat a game once and you'll get a pass, so 500-2500 coins there. After that, it's just... playing games. Low Risk = Rappy Slots. Slow as shit, but if you find yourself on a decent slot machine you'll make a good profit. You can play ultra safe and put in 1 coin per play until you get to four rappy icons, and then play on 5 coin bets (because it locks you into a bet as soon as you start the bonus game). You can also be proper skeezy and examine every slot machine in a block for a machine that's already at four rappy icons for a quick buck. Medium Risk = Black Nyack. Even with double down, 100 doesn't break the bank when you're in the thousands, so you can play as soon as you're comfortable after Rappy Slots. High Investment, Medium Risk = Mesetan Shooter. You normally need to spend around 600 coins to actually get into the bonus stages and get a big return. Play with four people if you fucking suck at shooters, or can't switch to Keyboard and Mouse for whatever reason. High Risk = Arkuma Slots. 500 a go and the game decides when you're getting your winnings, so extremely risky. However, it's probably the only game that can reward upwards of 20,000 coins if you push it. For mere mortals, consider anything above 500 a win and get the fuck out. Don't even bother = Roulette. It's just boring shit, dude. Just to make sure people see instead of gambling nonsense: We now have a dedicated PSO2 Discord! @Terria did a thing: https://discord.gg/aX7F9Ka
  2. Find a visiphone (the terminal with the pink logo), , then pick something along the lines of Arks Search > Alliance Search. Then punch in PSU Super Clan and search. You can send a request to join, but.. I wouldn't actually recommend it. When it sends the request, it uses your Player ID instead - so unless you change it in the support menu before you pick your character (it's free), I get the following: 'hey, P476337628845 wants to join the alliance' And, well, there's no actual means of directly responding to that. I have to go look for that number. Did I mention that there's no way to search, only a list to trawl through? In all, it sucks dick. Best means to apply is to mention your character name and gamertag here. This will let me search you and verify I got the right person via the gamertag (as people can have the same character name), and then I can invite you directly. Adding people in this version of the game seems to be directly connected to Xbox Live. Ultimately, you'll either want them as a friend on XBL or part of the same alliance. Ultimately, though, we're probably in the casino playing black nyack while spouting bullshit on discord instead of actually playing the game. Well, unless the tannoy mentions an emergency quest - We're a bit like firefighter response teams, tbh. Good to see Arn yesterday evening, although we were in the midst of getting destroyed by Nyan in the search for 15k casino coins, so apologies if you got caught in the crossfire. Remember to blame @Moodmon. Not just Black Nyack, just in general.
  3. Yeah, things aren't looking good for tonight - Most of our alliance roster is off, and the ones that can be around are either dicking about with VR or redownloading the game. Hopefully Saturday works out!
  4. I think I'm getting there with the fit - I don't think IPD mattered as much as I thought it would, as over most measurements I wasn't having any issues with calibration at all. funny, as it was one of those measurements that scared me off ordering glasses online. I appreciate that people are sensitive to that mind. as my glasses lenses are basically straddling my eyeballs, though, I think having the prescription adapters means the headset has to be tight to my face unless I'm missing a trick. the spacer is not pre-fitted, so I'll keep it out for the time being as more space will just make matters worse. I did also read that I should play around with the straps more so that the pressure is more on my forehead instead of my cheekbones, although I might end up getting a third party interface just to get rid of the light leak. I would have thought my nose would be massive enough to stop that shit, but I guess not! I've noticed that there's a fair amount of blur outside of my immediate focal point, but I'm guessing that's the limitations of the unit's processing hardware itself instead of the fit. Again, though, need to mess with the pressure balance so it presses to my forehead more. Thankfully, using Oculus Link has been relatively painless - The only thing I forgot was to install the Beta client so it ignores the USB3 requirement. Just sorting out SteamVR now, then I can get some familiar games going so I can get myself accustomed proper. Not that I don't want to immediately jump into Beat Saber after playing the demo, because holy shit that game is fun. I just need to see if playing wirelessly via ALVR will cut it on my shitty Sky Q router. Hey, if I'm buying into VR now, I want to fucking pirouette while doing it.
  5. My quest arrived! Slap bang in between the two dates I got from Scan (first the 17th May, and then the 17th June ). Slapped in some prescription lenses and had a play before it charges proper - I think I'll have to get used with the idea that the headset needs to be strapped to my head super hard to get the right focal distance, or just to have it seated on my head right. Not really sure yet - Doesn't really help with the mass of lockdown hair on my head. Tried the stationary mode with the Superhot VR demo. Jesus Christ. I loved the original game, but having an envronment where I can tilt my fucking noggin to dodge bullets is superb, and this is with the charge cable attached and fuck all space. The clarity of the screens is also way, way better than the Rift DK1 headsets that were floating about when I tried them at exhibitions several years ago. far less grain. although again I'll have to figure out focal distances and all that. Next up, setting up Oculus Link. Sounds like they updated it recently that I can just use the charge cable provided to run the software, which is super cool. Guess I'll give No Man's Sky another run in VR!
  6. Cool, I've sent an invitation to join our glorious commune of casino dwellers brave ARKS operatives. HOT NEWS: PSO Tweaker (basically a third party installer that patches much quicker than the default launcher, and integrated translation patches) now works for NA clients. Apparently, it negates any gameguard/permissions issues people are having with the client breaking and it reinstalling itself, but I'd wait a couple of days for sacrificial lambs real world playtesting before jumping in. You'll still need Windows Store to download the initial 11GB, mind. They're working on something that gets around it, but I'd hazard that the launcher part is slightly different because of the XBox Login functions, so they'd have to host the altered files somewhere like they do with the English Patches. In alliance news, we're now up to level 4, due to everything in the casino counting towards the points we can earn a week (there's a maximum of 5000 AP or something). I don't think we're going to get another level this week, so I'll spend some points on the tree, and get ourselves a small EXP Boost over the weekend! When the group's around at 6pm, I'll have a look at starting it.
  7. Just an FYI: when you start the PC version up and windows asks if it's alright for the program to do stuff, don't ever say no to it - just agree and close the launcher instead. I just ended up with a snakes and ladders scenario where it got Windows Store confused, which in turn forced it to request a repair to the game, which in turn validated the 11gb launcher part of the game but then got rid of the 60gb part, so I'm downloading all that shit again. I'm officially grateful for decent uncapped internet in the uk atm.
  8. I think the referral system came in with this update, Anamana did a video on what's new with the PC release and that was one of the things!
  9. For the referral? I'd say use @strawdonkey's referral, he's the last one in our conga line! Your friend's Ship: Ship 02: Ur Your friend's Player ID: 10527513
  10. It's always worth using them outside of Urgent Quests (where you really just need as many actual players as possible) - they provide a Triboost effect that stacks with all the other boosts (including any triboost items you consume and the bonus from running the daily client orders). Also, once we get enough points in the alliance, we can activate another exp boost via some tree that's in the middle of our headquarters. It's just like animal crossing if you think about it. EDIT: forgot to mention, the alliance is now open for 'recruiting'. If you look in the phone for alliances currently recruiting, you should find us like it's the yellow pages if you look in alphabetical order. Also, we get 3 AP (the points used to upgrade shit in our alliance) every time you use the slot machine. We're getting to max level, lads
  11. FYI, my character is also registered publicly (you can do that via the Visiphone terminals, IIRC). He should be showing up in the roster of characters randomly when you go to the terminal on the transport ship. Otherwise, I think either friends or alliance members have their own list. I'm not too sure on that though, because quite literally all my online friends only turned up to play since yesterday As for the alliance, I'll look into it and see if I can find it myself. If not, it might be down to a setting, although it should be accepting requests to join now (albeit not actively recruiting).
  12. It actually uses the healing move (My setup uses either Resta or Megiverse - Megiverse is the purple cloud that heals you as you attack)? jesus, I wasn't expecting the AI to pull the same bullshit Megiverse is proper recommended if you can fit techs into a build and can pump out damage, if you get it down it's an outright full heal. That character was registered at level 75 on Gunner, level 55 on Summoner subclass. Since then I've switched around the classes (you can only level subclasses up to 20 levels lower than the current cap, so you do have to use your sub as a main class at *some* point if you want them both capped).
  13. I remember the initial 3 or so hours of the beta being a pig to access. But honestly, the reasons for server capacity problems are obvious - Everyone's at home, and everyone has a computer in comparison to the X-Box. Even if it wasn't for the 'rona, I personally know of four friends who were explicitly waiting for the PC version because either they didn't want to buy another (or even a single) console or because they didn't want to wipe the dust off of it. And that's before we get into the subject of F2P games on PC bringing a... fairly large and particular amount of clientele. Hell, I've noticed a lot of JP players jumping on the NA game just to experience the servers jammed on day one, if only to turn around and say 'well, this must be what it's like all the time, better stay on JP right guys', because they're fucking plebs.
  14. Good news - We now have an alliance quarters and dedicated shop! The shop is pretty cool, because provided someone is in the alliance after 7 days, they receive any items bought in the shop - namely Advance Capsules, and Extreme passes which are used for their respective missions. We also have a bulletin board, so we can put up daily reminders that @Moodmon should uninstall Teamviewer before it fucks on his computer. EDIT: Also, capacity has gone up while we were sleeping in the UK. Originally there was 70 blocks yesterday afternoon, 90 by the time US woke up, and now it's up to 138. hopefully we'll see tonight if that's enough for prime time UK - it should be, but Sega should anticipate Corona Furloughers and people that have finished downloading the bloody game.
  15. Indeed, congestion made actually playing together a bit of a mare - by 10-11pm, all 90 blocks at the time were premium space only. It's obviously a problem that will exist with any and all online game launches (especially free games), but I'm guessing it will let up as soon as people decide that the game isn't for them. I did have one technical problem - left the game for a while, came back and found that my controller was set to player 2. Immediately, the only way to fix it was to restart the computer, but I'm guessing there's a more elegant way somewhere. Maybe Steam? I remember Big Picture Mode having a function to move controller assignments about. Lots of people are having problems just uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and that's entirely on the head of the Microsoft Store. Before installing the game, I was having problems moving games to other drives because access permissions were fucked on all the WindowsApps folders I had. In the end, I had to go the nuclear option of using an Ubuntu live distribution to delete the entire folder outside of the influence of Windows. I have set up an alliance (PSU Super Clan - we were limited to 15 characters for the name, honest), but because the alliance is new we're locked out of any of the good stuff. Unfortunate, because I was trying to use either that or the my room function as a way of setting a party up without the lobbies as they shit themselves. I did have the alliance set up as private because of how many people are on at the minute, but I'll open it when I get on the game. At the very least, I did have a lot of fun playing last night, although I think I had more fun playing the blackjack table than the game itself! There's also a fair amount of new content, including Ultimate Quests which unlock at level 70 (which are, from playing on JP, hard as fucking nails), compound techs for forces, and a whole range of high-end weapons to trade for.
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