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  1. In all honesty, just being able to place an order on these fucking cards is enough of a headache unless you want to be on OCUK's thousand-strong conga line. a delivery delay would be the least of my concerns. Hell, it was the least of my concerns - I was expecting to get the Zotac card a good month after I put an order in, but I couldn't care less at the time - because it was the only time I have been able to click the 'buy' button on one of these cards without the shopping cart crashing out or some other bullshit.
  2. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    To be fair, Destiny 2 at 30fps is absolutely awful. I tried playing Beyond Light this weekend on Game Pass after playing the game on a PC, and it's just a slow and clunky mess. Absolute disservice to how it can play, even on decade old hardware. Here's hoping the performance patch and/or the game pass pc version rolls into town soon.
  3. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Some utterly great games coming to Game Pass - Slime Rancher is vomit-inducingly adorable, Gang Beasts is very daft fun with friends, and VA11 Hall-A was one of those of games that was absolutely perfect for this awful year when I finally played it after owning it for a few years (I was sold when I played a demo at EGX) - just an incredibly comfy story where you can just absorb the chill vibe and great atmosphere it had. I've been gagging to get a hold of Greedfall, DQXI and to give Doom Eternal a fair crack on KBM before I finally bin it, so that's a more than solid month of games right th
  4. Mostly Yakuza: Like A Dragon if it's a quiet night in. it's nice to sit down to a really big adventure game - finally having some way to play Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on PC is quite nice, too. Absolutely can hammer a new graphics card, too - can run it at 120 or 144fps at 1440p, but I keep it at 100 capped so the fans don't go fucking nuts. Recently though, me and some friends have been getting into Deep Rock Galactic due to having game pass for various reasons between ourselves, and it's absolutely wonderful - it has that right mix of structure in a level as you're digging
  5. I haven't turned it on in a while, but I'm pretty sure you can either activate Steam VR from your desktop (so like you described, but you can click the VR button to start up that environment), or there's a quick link in the menu to Steam or Oculus once you connect. EDIT: actually had a quick look - either from the desktop itself, loading up SteamVR from the dedicated button in the 'guide' menu, or there's a dedicated 'games' tab in that menu that shows both Oculus Games and Steam games that you just click on to load them up directly.
  6. Any good USB3 cable that hooks up to the quest should work these days after the recent software updates - at that point, it just depends on how long you want the cable to have enough slack. At least with the original quest, the charging cable with it works just fine, but I did read that they've changed that with the Quest 2. One thing about the wireless stuff - don't give up on it too quick if the speeds aren't great on your network. I quickly remembered that the ethernet cables I had in my place are about a decade old because nothing has specifically asked to transfer that much da
  7. I certainly don't discredit the amount of sidequests this game has (It wouldn't be a Yakuza game if it didn't have loads!), but there's definitely something tangibly different about how sidequests are triggered. I generally go to places by minimap whenever I can, both on Yakuza 0 and Yakuza:LAD - And Yakuza 0 felt like you was bumping into sidequests at every turn. Could be down to map placement (Kamurocho and Sotenbori were pretty tightly packed environments compared to Yokohama), could be down to the proximity required to initiate a cutscene. But it's noticeable between the two games.
  8. It's purely a per-game basis if audio out of focus is supported or not - there's third party apps that can force Always On Top/Focus, but they don't always work. I've seen streamers play this game, so there must be some solution. Well, outside of a dedicated second PC. I'm probably getting them, but usually I'm going from one place to the next because there's no natural break. 0 usually forced it on you because it genuinely had a sidestory that you got dragged into automatically on every street corner Anyway, regarding stuff which I probably should have cleared up by Chap
  9. Yeah, this cannot be overstated enough - Idol's Lovedrunk Typhoon at Rank 12 is absolutely absurd. use about 20MP to debuff defences, and a chance to charm - on all enemies. considering the amount of times you get thrown into 5+ mob fights, it's amazing value as a fight starter. Do Lovedrunk Typhoon, smack the shit out of anyone that's not charmed first, and then work your way through the charmed enemies without being overly concerned about Ichiban getting slapped to 0 HP by seven dudes at once. At the moment, the biggest grievance I have in my party is Ichiban himself - I've got him as
  10. Yeah, I'm currently sat at 875mV and it's perfectly capable of hitting the same clocks as the card was at default (It's a Zotac OC, so it was clocked at 1930Mhz by default with a blank cheque book for power). It does cool down very sharply, but lord help you if you touch the backplate after just turning the machine off! Between that, a more modest fan curve (About 59% / 1630RPM when it starts hitting 70c) and actually remembering to clean the dust filters, I might be getting somewhere! And then play Deep Rock Galactic that flops between 40-60% Usage, even at 1440p 120fps. Hey, you can't
  11. Graphics Card for me - Game Pass covers a bunch of first party games for that and the lovely One X I got sat under the telly. The PS5 can wait until there's a good ol' price cut and a hardware revision.
  12. Could be all manner of things - at the moment, I'm narrowing my own temp issues with my system down to the case and/or fan config. The 3080 just straight up dumps a shitload of heat into the case. At full wack (as in, no undervolt), it gets to mid-80s in no time at all. No difference with side off, more fans on both intake and outtake, and ramped up to 100% fan speed which is nearly as loud as the fans on the card itself. Put the card on a set RPM, still steadily climbs through the 70s on Bright Memory. Took off the dust filter along with the front entirely, and it main
  13. Biggest hurdle (and it's not really that big compared to Instruction Set, IPC and how well the emulator is coded at the time) is clock speed - I think the Series S runs at at something like 3.4-3.6Ghz. Although, to be fair, even older ryzen processors at stock get a fair shake at DeS with some occasional frame drops: The 2600 in this video is something like 3.4Ghz/3.9Ghz, and is based on processor architecture that's two years old now.
  14. With the Ryzen processors lumped in the Series Consoles, I wouldn't be surprised if a UWP version of RPCS3 ran perfectly fine for games that don't require high clock speeds, either. I'd be laughing pretty hard at seeing the PS3 version of Demon's Souls on the XBox, if it ever does become a thing!
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