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  1. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    For Ephinea, it's based on Tetheala server code, so it's just for PC (Blue Burst). There's private servers for most versions, though. Check out L33tserv (Gamecube), Sylverant (Most GC/DC/PC Versions), and SCHTHack (Same).
  2. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    I'll probably be around. I usually have raid arrangements on Destiny, but that's normally at the start of the week if that does happen.
  3. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Blue Burst is a slightly different version to the GCN/X-Box versions - They had Episodes 1 and 2 that were on the Dreamcast, while Blue Burst had an additional Episode (Ep 4 - Episode 3 was the Card Game on GCN). From having a quick read, the only platforms that accepted cross-platform play was between Dreamcast and PC, and that was on an older version of PSO (V2). You can see other platforms on some private server lobbies, but you won't be able to join their game. I tried having a go on Ephinea - I like it a lot. All the UI and resolution enhancements are fantastic, and the idea of seasons and a boost road (man, I haven't heard that term since PSU) to reward continual quests is great stuff. I could probably do with setting the game up in Steam Big Picture, so I can fullscreen it on the telly - If anything, it also means I can use some sort of modifier key for the toolbar commands they added to Blue Burst, and then actually get around to playing a force and have all the technics to hand. Tasty.
  4. Man, I so love this version of the game. I enjoyed the original, despite it's two main flaws - the general point-to-point traversal and fighting you had to do across such a vast game was a bit sluggish, and that - while the license system was a great thing - I generally didn't have a scooby what to aim for outside of branching out from a character's starting position and hope for the best. Having a triple speed button is fucking godly when you have your gambits fully set, and picking defined roles and multi-classing with the job system is fantastic - it still feels like you can attain every skill the game has to offer (unless you shun it for some solo class challenge), have specialists that still run through everything, and have the flexibility of using the espers to unlock more parts of the board to get bonus stuff. It's great! It's also nice that multi-classing shares quite a few unlocks across both boards - it originally seemed limiting, but then you realise that you can effectively game the system - pick a high-cost HP license on the first board you had will likely pop on the second board as well, which in turn gives you early unlocks of the skills around it! I haven't even been bothered to supersample it yet, because I'm more than happy to just play this thing at 60fps and with the above. It's just been an enjoyable experience, honestly. And the remastered boss theme is a fucking banger!
  5. FYI: You can still use the PAYDAY code on GreenManGaming to get another 20% off, making it about 23 quid. 25.5gb download, mind. Whew lad. (Admittedly, I do remember the original game coming in at near 8gb back when PS2 HD Loader was a thing)
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ (3v3, Guilty Gear Devs)

    I know a couple of old school friends who watched it during the end of secondary school - around about 2000. It was the advent of everyone getting Sky Digital boxes when they became a thing in our area - reading up on it, it was on the British version of Comedy Network (before it ended up on Cartoon Network/Toonami). Half an hour until the PC release. I'm looking forward to moaning about having to stop playing later from fucking up the common ground daisy chain on my arcade stick. Boo-urns!
  7. Destiny 2 PC players

    Oz spotted outside of Ubisoft's HQ: See you all at half 8!
  8. Destiny 2 PC players

    You mean the 25th. My birthday's the 26th, and that's on Friday! I'll be around if needed, I booked a long weekend off for the above reason.
  9. Or at least banging in a discount code on GMG. And then never playing it. I don't really give myself restrictions in-game, though. I do find myself gravitating to different classes on multiple playthroughs, mind (i.e. Diablo III/Path of Exile: start off as Barb one season, Witch Doctor the next, etc).
  10. Destiny 2 PC players

    Aaand we done it with worryingly little fuss. Which is a shocker, considering that we spent three hours on Argos last time. SO. We've dicked everything that the game offers, outside of prestige raids. As a formal thing, how is everyone doing in terms of gear? As mentioned in the Discord, I'm missing two pieces of Titan Armour, but I still need to get Legend of Acrius. I'll be around tonight if anybody else wants to run that specific Arms Dealer mission for their shotgun, as well. I think it's a good idea that we all got it before we upgrade it via the prestige raid.
  11. Speedruns - AGDQ 2018: Jan 7-14

    Regardless of Mario Odyssey being too late for submission, I wouldn't be surprised if they open it up as a stretch goal similar to what GDQ did with Breath of the Wild last time. It's a surefire way to bring in some charity dollar. Either that, or somehow lock Super Metroid behind a stretch goal for maximum charity. Speaking of Super Metroid, where on earth is The Yetee this year? Is Fangamer the hot new sponsor that's going to shit on the donation polls for a laugh?
  12. Destiny 2 PC players

    Yes, I'll be around. Going to be back home from work fairly late as there was traffic from an accident to actually get to work this morning, but it shouldn't affect anything. I will likely have to eat my dinner in one minute flat, instead of my usual allotted time of two minutes.
  13. What Remains of Edith Finch

    Bought it because of how many people are putting it in their GOTY lists, and as it's in a certain sale going on. Blimey, I couldn't stop playing it until it was done, it had me gripped - Far more so than Firewatch or Dear Esther. The multiple fantastical stories reminded me of one of my favourite films, Big Fish. And with almost as strong a gut punch during some of them. I will now do a mind dump after playing the entire game: Definitely the best 'Walking Sim' I've played, and an incredibly enjoyable narrative. VERY GOOD.
  14. Destiny 2 PC players

    Also: maybe underbelly this Thursday, seeing as it's the same group with keys? Either that, or some time during the weekend. Up to you mans. Well, mainly Larsen because he knows where everything is.
  15. Destiny 2 PC players

    Same. I'm not fucking bothered with getting into shape until February. My birthday and Krispy Kreme cruller doughnuts matter more this month!

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