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  1. That's for when you're playing PS3 games!
  2. All this DF talk about specs and what the deck can put out is baffling to me - there is already portable devices out there that pretty much demonstrate what the Steam Deck does at an absolute base value, and it's already a perfectly acceptable product to me. I honestly don't believe RDNA2 and LPDDR5 will bring that much performance to the table - certainly some power efficiency, though, so getting more frames for less battery consumption is welcome. Anyway, latching onto @Hitcher's question - for me, the appeal of the deck is the form factor and the price vs. comparable products (not the switch). Companies have been fucking around with portable computers for the longest time, and units like from GPD have started to get in that window where the hardware is 'good enough' for 95% of the games that exist on PC (and, well, other systems when you factor in emulation), yet small/power efficient enough where it doesn't need to be hidden behind a keyboard or large screen like laptops and tablets. I thought the Aya Neo looked great during the Kickstarter - a modern pc that has a sole purpose to just be held like a controller and play games when I can't be arsed sitting at my computer desk - be it a disconnect from work, or whatever. Valve is offering a handheld like the Aya Neo, that's basically a bit better and a bit larger, for about half the price when comparing the base models of the two - and still about a £100 saving when comparing the £450 midrange Deck to the IndieGoGo prices that no longer exist. That's very appealing, no matter how you slice it.
  3. Pretty sure I haven't seen the Index Headset sold anywhere other than on Steam, and that was their most recent hardware venture. I think Valve took a very dim view of shipping bulk orders to retail after the Controller and Link ended up in a lot of fire sales.
  4. I agree about not waiting to preorder in this case. For all the gnashing of teeth at 6pm on Friday (or was it Thursday? I can't bloody remember), I'm just happy I can roll up, pay a nominal fee, and just let the digital queuing system do the work. At this point, any preorder made will hear about any issues before getting the unit, in which case I'm happy to just dip and lose four quid that I would have spent on some other bullshit anyway. EDIT: And it's something that *is* refundable. Retail is utterly fucked, to the point the whole process of ordering the Steam Deck has been the most trivial hardware purchase I've made since the pandemic. No dealing with scalpers, no panic buying because of a tweet mentioning a stock drop at x retailer, no dealing with Cloudflare DDOS, no dealing with losing my purchase at the checkout stage. I just get a call-up from Valve when they're ready to give me a unit, and I get on with my fucking life. Actual progress.
  5. Indeed - one specific set of software, drivers and options to boot if SteamOS sets up a mandatory update schedule for all units. It'll be a lot easier for a subsection of owners to figure out if something got fucked up during an update, similar to NVidia/AMD driver updates and the subsequent communities giving the company a kicking. IIRC, the current situation on SteamOS/Steam is that in the settings you have an advanced option to pick which version of Proton you want, and if you want to unhide your entire collection so you can fuck around and find out yourself. Even if Valve doesn't curate their entire library themselves in SteamOS 3.0, I can see someone making a website similar to ProtonDB where you'd look up a game and it'll say Yes/No/Set Proton to this version to get a game up and running on the Deck. I know some potential owners will be horrified at the idea of using a drop-box before pressing play on a game, but playing New Vegas and Vampire TM: Bloodlines on the bog will be worth it, IMO. Valve just needs to really push companies to make the likes of EAC/Battleye/Gameguard supported on Linux to clear up that top 10 of broken games. And, well, whatever the hell Bungie is doing that fucks up the PC version of Destiny 2 - that's just an issue with the game in general over the years.
  6. The Chinese Room is now part of a Chinese megacorp. fnar fnar fnar. Tencent's been hands-off of most of the F2P games I enjoy (PoE, Warframe), opting to have a separate version developed for chinese territories, so it hasn't been a complete CCPisstake for everyone involved. I am getting real tired of companies bending over backwards just to chase a market controlled by horrific shitters, mind.
  7. I'd love to have that optimism regarding the pile, but I know I have a couple of thousand-hour behemoths amongst the PC exclusive treasures that I'll end up dipping into and that plan is entirely cooked by that point. Satisfactory on a handheld device alone is already a highly illegal substance that must be stopped!
  8. To be honest, you probably don't even need to do that these days - just checking out humble monthly, bundles and indiegala once in a while will amass enough games for choice paralysis before you even hit the Steam Fall/Winter sale. The Winter Sale is probably the last 'big' sale before Q2. If this is your first rodeo when it comes to PC games though, main thing is to pick things that'll work with the compatibility layer right out of the box. Check out protondb so you know what to mess around with in advance. EDIT: However, it's also worth noting that the Deck is being shipped with a new version of Proton and SteamOS, so anything you read about now might not be applicable in 6-9 months.
  9. As Alex said - might be a standard slot, but it still might require dismantling every single thing on the unit and voiding the warranty to access the slot. As for the 2230 - yeah, you can buy them, but there's nowhere near the choice of a standard m2 (2280 form factor, I believe) and that selection gets smaller when you factor in that it's an NVME drive instead of a standard M2 SATA. That compatibility issue got me when building a mini pc that accepted one type, but not the other. Again though, as Alex says, selection will grow in time - I think the PS5 and Series consoles both use 2230 NVME, so as production ramps up there's going to be a supply from mass production somewhere. Might still be charged a premium per MB over standard drives, though.
  10. The biggest hurdle for modern games in a Linux environment is anticheat and/or always online mechanisms. If a company is super braindead about the solution they use, it can refuse to load or just flat out ban people for attempting to play a game. As for actual performance between native Windows and Linux using compatibility layers like Proton/DXVK, it's anywhere between 'doesn't work' and 'hang on, this is faster than Windows'. Wouldn't be a PC without variable results, eh? Nice to read this morning that the storage is a 2230 m2 slot, even if it's not intended to be user replaceable. I can fully understand if it's for warranty purposes, but I also feel reassured that when the SSD goes bad out of warranty, I can probably follow an ifixit article and replace the fucker instead of being stuck with something that's soldered to the board.
  11. TBH, even if they're planning for multiple drops that are a bit later than December, that's fine by me. Early enough to get caught up in the hype, late enough to bin off the preorder if it's unmitigated disaster. For now, though, it's time to sit on my todd and think about all those lovely, potentially fucked up indie PC games that no longer require port begging and only require a modest amount of power to look spiffing on a small LCD. Portable New Vegas. Portable Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Portable Cruelty Squad and Hylics. Hell, throw in a bit of WINE and get Space Funeral going. Maybe. OH GOD. IMPORTANT EDIT: PORTABLE FROG FRACTIONS.
  12. Alright, got it reserved. I'll expect it sometime next year If you got stuck at the 'initiating/updating', I turned off the thing that saves your account details after a purchase, and that pushed me through to buy it. Purely ancedotal, mind. EDIT: Also, yeah, don't attempt to zerg the payment process, or Steam Payments locks you out. Got caught by that one Christmas Eve while buying presents for friends.
  13. Not unless Scalpers had accounts for a few months with the knowledge that the Steam Deck was a thing. This is fairly normal behaviour for a Steam Sale, let alone a hardware reservation launch.
  14. Both modes. Dunno how it's handled on the X-Box as I only played it on PC Game Pass, but from looking at the microsoft store both just have discounts applied to them already.
  15. Yeah, there's been plenty of crowd-funded machines already (Aya Neo, GPD Win 3, GX Pro), but I can see Microsoft having a crack at making a portable if this takes off - they already have the hardware manufacturing chops if you look at the Surface (especially as they're Intel-based x86 units, and Intel want to make Iris GPUs a thing), They have an operating system they can subsidize in Windows 11, and they have a product to sell in the form of Windows Store/Game Pass.
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