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  1. Not officially in terms of things like Steam Workshop, but life finds a way. I loved GOW '18 on the base PS4, so I'll definitely double dip when it's a bit more affordable just to have a copy that runs on the Steam Deck.
  2. There's Ryujinx as well, which is preferable if you want to upscale the internal resolution to 4K (which from seeing footage, makes Metroid Dread look amazing) - but Yuzu handles a lot more games smoothly from my understanding, and 4K isn't necessary on the Deck. Unlike, say, having a CD drive hanging off of the back of the Deck for Microsoft Encarta 98.
  3. Into the Pit is supposed to be great, so I'll give the demo on Steam a blast to see if it's something I can be arsed to download. Outriders on PC should be good for the co-op gang, half of the group doesn't have x-boxes so we've held off since the demo.
  4. The big boy shit is going to be when I connect a laptop DVD drive via USB-C so I can run Microsoft Encarta 98 via WINE. Finally, I get the experience of having an encyclopaedia, wherever I go. (slightly off-topic, but there's also some Aya Neo videos floating around showing performance while playing Back 4 Blood, the PC demo of MH Rise and Metroid Dread via Yuzu, and all are in very respectable states which bodes well for the Deck playing them too. MH Rise hitting around 100fps on a relatively moderate AMD APU at default TDP is pretty fun stuff!)
  5. It's a good starting point for people new to PC games, and the explanation of why it's verified or not is a lot more nuanced than Big Picture - a lot of early ports and PC games were scuppered to be accessible on BP Mode "out of the box" due to proprietary game launchers that handled settings before being launched. Having a touchscreen immediately in front of you on the Deck, it's less of a pain in the arse, but I can see why it still needs to be highlighted. Also, while I'm posting, Valve made a new twitter account that's been posting and sharing videos of developers and themselves playing games on the deck: https://twitter.com/OnDeck One of the videos on the account shows someone fighting one of the later bosses in DMC5. There's also another video here by the same guy at an earlier point in the game, it just didn't fit into twitter's video sizes I guess: I had a go at fighting this particular boss on a 2400G APU setup, and it was *struggling* to maintain 60fps and frequently dropped when loading new assets, even at effectively 540p by ratcheting down resolution scaling. That quad-channel LPDDR5 really does help a standard APU, let alone the custom one Valve has here.
  6. It's very possible - we honestly thought it was just universally b0rked, until we started a 3-player game and the bot was pinging everything in sight and we could all see it. Yet, all of us would ping and nobody would see it. Reading back on my friend's discord chat, he mentions it mutes pings when it mutes players (understandable given griefing) - so likely we just need to somehow disable voice chat but keep everyone unmuted. It's just more a pain in the arse more than anything, one person would find a medical cabinet and then provide directions to everyone else due to the amount of zooming occurring (that includes the person who found the cabinet in the first place and is raiding another room for guns). Hopefully there's something now or added later that can split VC/Pings - we all need to fuck around with the accessibility settings anyway, the pad controls were fine (which was surprising given the amount of stick they got on other forums), but I'll happily swap the weakpoints to a yellow so it stands out from all the bloody limbs (figuratively, and literally). One thing I forgot to mention, speaking of PC - it's really well optimised. even with DLSS quality on, it runs like the clappers but doesn't make the graphics card sound like a jet engine. Only problem was the FMV and the related audio was really struggling - Fuck knows why, but we skipped the lot anyway. PS. I think this the only game I've ever played where a Laser sight attachment felt totally worth. One of the drops yesterday (I think it was the M4 Carbine, maybe the M249 but the reload speed was definitely faster) came with a laser and an ACOG, but the thing was so damn powerful and accurate at Act 4 I was mostly running around and popping standard ridden from the hip like it was an arnie flick. It was *incredibly* cash-money.
  7. Played the entire campaign on Rookie over the weekend with some friends. There's plenty to dislike, but there's a hell of a lot more to like - I agree with the complaints about the game not building tension like L4D's director and just pelts you with mobs even on the lowest difficulty, but on the other hand the combat lends to having a ton of enemies thrown at you because a big majority of the weapons are just ruthless to use, even with a starter deck. The developers need to sort out the ping system - we're still unsure what caused it, but it simply wasn't working most of the time between each other. One of us surmised that it could be because in-game voice chat was turned off, but if that's true it's absolutely fucking daft - the Ping system's there to highlight shit if you can't use voice chat. The characters never fucking shut up, either. But good god, I adore the card system in this. Goes from 0-100 real quick after a few runs and you start picking up the juicy cards - by the time we hit Act 4 I had a deck that instantly gives me unlimited pistol ammo and the reload downside completely negated, and after that I was waltzing around with Mean Drunk (huge melee buff + AoE hits, no sprint) and a pile of melee speed/stamina perks, to get my revenge on Tallboys by murdering them within a second of flailing a fire axe at them. Combine that with the combat, customising the guns (yes, I would like Reflex/Red Dot for my Snipers, ta), and some of the really superb scenarios they put you in (obviously the Bar level was an absolute hit, but Garden Party, Road to Hell and the Church Safehouse were great moments), and it's just a really fun game to play. Like Streets of Rage 4 (another Game Pass hit), I'll happily double dip on Steam when they bring out a meaty campaign expansion and bundle it with the game.
  8. If I really wanted to get a top of the line game (ie. Physical AAA game or a PC digital deluxe game that comes with a season pass), probably £50. My days of picking up tacky big box deluxe games is behind me. £35-40 for a standard PC game, dependant on discounts (say, the standard price was ~£50). Up to £30 for a substantial indie game or port that I absolutely want and will play at launch. We're talking absolute, top 95th percentile of the games I buy though. I've got enough bullshit to play that I can just wait for it to show up on a subscription service or half price in a sale.
  9. Halo Infinite and Forza sales will be absolutely flaccid - Because everyone's playing them via Game Pass. Endwalker will be massive, everyone who's currently subbed and ramming the servers are gagging to get into the expansion. And rightly so, because it's the only MMO I've played where the combat and general dungeon experience doesn't feel like watching two Excel spreadsheets fucking (the fetch quest mechanics that plague the genre is still present and dogshit, mind). I'm not-so-secretly hoping that SMT V is a watershed moment of the series and it becomes just as popular as Persona. Because, well, SMT IV was the best RPG I've played in quite some time.
  10. Where's the best value place to get a DE-10 these days? Considering previous ordering I do for engineers at work, I'm guessing something like RS/Digikey/Mouser, but I swear I watched a video mentioning that Digikey's DE-10 came as a kit form with a couple of extra bits like a power supply and standoffs. Is it just a standard offering elsewhere as well? I'm definitely interested more in consolized solutions like the ITX Ironclad above and to pick up the right SDRAM that will work for the PS1/Saturn votes before I start using it, so I don't need a complete kit immediately. Thanks in advance!
  11. Makes sense. Sony's had issues before with security breaches as well, so it makes sense that limiting store access to company storage of credit card details will ensure they don't have to constantly update every legacy system to support increasing payment security requirements (like F2A). Although after the first security breach, I've used voucher codes on all three console stores, so no big change on how I buy things.
  12. Nah m8, not for me this month. The only thing I'd like would be Katana Zero, but considering it's just leaving Game Pass, it's probably going to turn up on other services so I'll just wait for that.
  13. If it helps, it stopped you from playing it. Me and some lads played it last night and we all had enough within an hour. I'm sure the solo campaign's fine from what I played of it, but the multiplayer campaign's general engagement is a bigger convoluted mess than Destiny 2, and that's quite an achievement. Combat offers nothing more than damage sponges and status turrets, either. Oh well. At least that's 110gb quickly claimed back in the PC for Forza.
  14. Well, I had a go on the Demo. Bad Parts: It's absolutely ropy on Series S. The dynamic resolution looks like sub-720p in most situations, and the 60fps can still be very unstable even after giving up so much fidelity (although I don't think it had much to start off with). And the control scheme is kind of fucked - just odd things like holding select to open chests and command submenus on the triggers, but that's not a big deal. Good parts: It's an absolute riot to play. Unseasonably so, honestly. I fully understand what Koei is doing with this game now - I didn't realise they're applying the Dynasty Warriors spin-off concept to Nioh. Outside of the performance issues mentioned, it feels super responsive, there's plenty of combat variety between weapons/classes, and having additional party members means it's not as punishing as a typical Souls/Nioh game (until you get slapped silly by a boss and have to put on the big boy pants). Lots of loot, lots of abilities and customisable combo string enders to change. I personally went full Lancer/Dragoon in the demo, and it was just... fun to wail on enemies with the spear's cyclone attacks, and then use the built up "MP" to launch my weapon to break the armour and instantly kill the enemy I just launched. Or knocking something off of an elevated part of the map and using the Dragoon jump to follow up like I'm trying to get style points in DMC. Yeah, to echo the other masochists who struggled through the original demo, Bullshit / 10. Instead of ironically on-board, I'm now unironically on-board. I'm genuinely hoping the game is absolute cringe material if it's already proven it can back it up with a game that's as just as fun as it is to riff on. Nothin' personnel, kid.
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