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  1. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Quick Update - New League announced for June: Legion! - It's breach, but you get to pick what/who you fight by hitting them in the face while they're frozen in time. - New and reworked uniques that fit around the five factions that are involved. Voll's protector now also converts frenzy charges to power charges, and there's a Vaal themed endgame jewel which 'corrupts' a radius of the passive skill tree when socketed. This includes the introduction of corrupted keystone passives. - You can unlock a fifth map device socket. Lets you unlock the endgame of the Legion mechanic, and add more modifiers to endgame content. - Melee has finally had a rework. You can now cancel out of attacks and skills, all skills and attacks have mild targeting and melee splash, and movement skills are now instant. There's new dodge abilities, Cyclone's a channeling skill, and there's a MOTHERFUCKING HOOKSHOT SKILL. Like spells last League, new skills, entire rebalance of existing skills. June 7th on PC. NEAT.
  2. So, revelry is over. Although I did finally get Wayfarer this evening, there's Nothing else to report this week.
  3. Siri

    Path of Exile

    FYI, Especially PS4 players - it's the stash tab sale weekend! You'll get about 25% off all tabs. In order of importance, here are the most cost effective specialist tabs (as mentioned, upgrade at least one of your normal tabs to premium to sell stuff unless you want to use third party software: Currency Tab - 60 points - the daddy. Turns all your 10-stack currency into a single stack of thousands. Divination Tab - 40 points - cards start to rack up at the end of the game, especially if you're solo self found and are looking for particular cards to get an item. Essence Tab - 30 points - Farming Essences via the map modifier in endgame is a viable option to make currency due to this League's fractured item mechanic. This lets you hoard stacks of every type (there's something dumb like 20 types, each with about five tiers of strength), and you can upgrade without taking to the vendor. Map Tab - 120 points - expensive, but you get an absolute ton of redundant maps later on so you need to keep on top of them otherwise. Also, the tab logs which maps you have completed (and if you've done the Atlas Bonus Objective), which is fantastic if you don't want to futz around with trying to figure out what maps you haven't done to complete the Atlas. Fragment Tab - 55 points - cheap, but only really necessary after multiple leagues. Atziri Fragments can be ran in the map device for the more expensive Midnight fragment (which can be sold), Offerings to the Goddess can be sold per offering, and breach fragments stack to 99 anyway. Unique Tab - 110 points - Again, multiple League tab. It only holds one of every unique, so it really is just a collector's tab instead of being particularly useful. The first four tabs will cost you 250 points together. Consider the First Blood pack if you haven't got it already for £20 and then whatever price break in solus point transactions to get that magic 250 points (260 with the premium tab upgrade for selling items!), or buy one of the supporter packs and pick up everything listed, as well as a Quad Tab (120) or a Premium Tab Bundle (165). http://imgur.com/Sd7AQsG
  4. Siri

    Path of Exile

    The main way GGG make money is through two things: - cosmetics/effects - stash tabs Stash tabs are the main thing - with the amount of currency, maps and uniques you accrue over a League (so, the next three months), you'll run out of space on the four tabs you have very quickly, unless you're super stingy about your space and vendor everything. Also, if you want to get into actually selling the gear you find (and make currency super quick if you know how to price), you need premium stash tabs. There's also some special tabs that hold a thousands of a type of item in an organised manner and a space to put one item to craft on it (currency tab, essence tab, map tab etc). About every three or four weeks, there's a sale on these tabs over a weekend, so that's the best time to buy. Combine this with a supporter pack (where you pay anything from 20 to 200 quid, and you get the mtx currency for that amount and some extra cosmetics), and you'll get pretty much everything you need for each League for about £30. Extra tabs don't go away after a League - when the league ends, the tabs for that League gets moved to standard (and become remove-only), and you get a fresh set for the new League. Basically, you'll only need to spend money when you're a power user/addict - either changing the way things look after a few hundred hours, and are playing multiple characters so you want to mule good gear to new builds EDIT: I'm looking at the MTX shop right now. TBH, you can get away with doing the following if you want to get in on the Billy Big Balls action: - buy the first blood pack for about 20 quid. That gives you 200 points/vbucks, an extra stash tab and a weapon effect. - spend 15 of those points to upgrade that extra tab you got to a premium tab. You can colour this and allocate it to selling things you find. - buy a currency tab for 75 points. Seriously, this is the first tab anyone should buy, because it stacks EVERYTHING currency wise. You no longer worry about finding chaos orbs amongst the crap in your stash. - buy a divination card tab for 50. Same logic - you can stack divination cards while endgame mapping until you're blue in the face. That, and there's hundreds of the fuckers. - spend the remaining 60 points on two extra stash tabs, non-premium. Keep these for storing all the remaining bits you'll come across (fossils in delve, essences, endgame fragments). With this setup, you'll be able to quickly organise two space hungry aspects of the game (stacks of currency and cards), have a dedicated selling tab when something super flashy pops up on a strict loot filter, and a bit more space for any essentials. You'll still need to be ruthless with space (there's a LOT of shitty uniques in this game - price check everything via poe.ninja and vendor anything less than a chaos), but you'll also be set for some real meaty grinding.
  5. Siri

    Path of Exile

    So I started the PS4 version on Friday, ended up getting to endgame by about.. Saturday evening, I think. Early enough to be in the top 1% of players at the time, according to the trophy system Things I like about the PS4 version: - like the Xbox version, it's still an enjoyable experience on a pad with certain builds, and smart targeting is sensible enough. - multiplayer integration seems a lot better, thanks to the lack of an XBLG wall. - I really like the trade system in this iteration - just being able to chuck in some currency into an effective dropbox as an offer is great. You can also potentially abuse this for more storage by offering a bunch of items worth nothing for a pair of skyforths Things I'm not so keen about: - performance on a standard PS4 seems a bit shit - not just to pc, but to a standard Xbox One as well. Might be something about DX12 implementations, perhaps. Might need to play the bone version again. - I'm not sold on the flask implementation on the d-pad - it's hard to use a bunch of utility flasks with the smart-flask function, and you're taking your thumb off of movement. It might be better served by the right stick, or swipes on the touch pad like Warframe. - The trade system is nice, but it needs improvement for filtering and not just text. Because of a lack of it, prices are all over the shop, or at the very worst just being an item dump where nobody prices anything and rejects all your offers. - Don't bother with using the PS4's WiFi for playing this game. Admittedly, that's the same with any other console/pc WiFi for this game. But still, it's held my attention very well, and I do look forward to turning my PS4 on in the evening instead of.. well, letting it gather dust because I stopped playing games on it compared to my PC.
  6. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Yeah, first starting off can be a very confusing mess of grasping the systems in the game. Also, near the end of act 1, you'll usually pick up another attack skill that's more 'intermediate', and can carry you through several acts if you know what you're doing, so unless you have a plan from the start of act 1 to that point, it's going to be slow going. Experienced players usually get through all of act 1 in an hour, and race participants do it in far less! If you want to make it easier on yourself, look to socket skill (and support!) gems into your armour. That will let you change your weapons about and check if a weapon you pick up will do more damage with the skill without repeatedly socketing the gems you had in the weapon. Also, look at the description on the gem. It will always say what weapons can use the skill. Like an attack skill? Keep those weapons in mind when picking things up. Like a weapon or found a unique? Have a look at what Nessa has and get a skill that works with it. Also, I don't know how to access it until I start on the PS4 version (hopefully today), but in the options somewhere there should be something about a 'loot filter'. Enable it if it hasn't been already - it will highlight drops that are worth picking up (like if they're a rare likely to roll with good mods when identified, if it has linked gem sockets to have good skill/support combos, and so on). EDIT: just a reminder, here's Engineering Eternity's guide on everything Path of Exile. EDIT NUMBAH 2: Alright, I'm playing the PS4 version now. OH GOD THERE'S TOO MUCH LOOT WHAT DO (Loot Filter): - Options button, select options - scroll all the way down to the bottom, to 'list of item filters' - You'll have default, and 'NS' 0 to 6. These are actually filters from Neversink, whose loot filters got popular enough to have a website to customise your own. Go with NS0 or NS1 for now, the later ones are for when you're capable of going really fucking fast in maps and are blitzing everything for mass loot farming.
  7. Siri

    Path of Exile

    I'll have to be quick, but I'll answer these as best I can: - skills are attached to gems. - with Melee, you should always look for better weapons as melee skill damage is (usually) a percentage based from the weapon you're using. - knowing what determines if an armour is good or not will be down to trial and error initially. But usually, you'll want life and elemental resistances on gear, as well as the gem sockets you need. - Armour/Evasion/Energy Shield can all play a part in mitigating damage, but all three of them do it differently and require different base stats. As Duelist, you'll likely be pathing towards Armour/Evasion. - in terms of skills appearing/disappearing, that's down to either the gem not bring in your current equipment, or you're using the wrong weapon type. Your first skill you would have picked up (cleave) is limited to bladed weapons (1h/2h swords, 1h axes). If you need new/different skills from ones you've picked up from quest rewards (like when you've killed the big dude in the first area), Nessa (the girl) sells them in town. - some weapons can't be dual wielded with one another, as for a time it was a big way to abuse stats on an offhand weapon. Example: two swords work, two clubs work, a sword and club together doesn't work. - Check the 'help' screen in game. It's a massive, illustrated guide that tells you everything you need to know. If you like videos, check this thread a few pages back when the Xbox version launched. A YouTube channel called Engineering Eternity has an amazing video guide as well, and would explain things like the armour system way better than I could with a keyboard (phone, pc or otherwise)!
  8. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Don't do it. Save yourselves.
  9. Siri

    Path of Exile

    TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT PoE Synthesis Patch Notes I know, it even has a table of contents because OH GOD LORD THEY DID ALL THE THINGS. Thankfully, well known PoE player ZiggyD was fucking knackered after reading the fucking thing and presented them in a much more digestible summary: PoB's updated, Neversink is taking everyone's energy for the loot filer, and most of the stalwarts of the community have released their bets for good league starters: Pohx's videos - Bane Occultist, Storm Burst/Divine Ire Trickster, Crit Ice Trapper Sab, Freezing Pulse Assassin And if you want to actually want a PLAN to do shit, here's a good guide from someone that talks sense. Just don't listen to his plan for six links, because I'm following one particular strategy of his that's fantastic. I'm not saying what it is. Fuck you. See you all at 8pm! Well, as long as you're not on a console.
  10. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Nah, now March. Which, funnily enough, is when the new league starts! Synthesis! - A complete rebalance of nearly EVERY Spellcasting skill in the game - New Holy based spells, and additional suite of Chaos based spells to go with the usual Essence Drain/Contagion/Blight meta - Brand new support gems to empower self-casting, including turning single shot spells into something that's channeled and then cast multiple times - Synthesis League, where you help a dude piece his memories by timed Incursion/Abyss hybrid randomised runs - Piece together those memories to reach areas with special loot, bosses, and encounters - Find 'Broken' Rare Items that have a locked Prefix/Suffix, which can help with crafting - Don't like your broken items? chuck them in a machine and get a Base/White Item with a completely different implicit, including very special ones (spoilers: you can have permanent Onslaught on your boots) - The usual addition of new Divination Card sets and Unique items. Betrayal League ends 4th March, Synthesis starts 8th March on PC, and later for consoles. Don't ask about mobile phones, that shit's old now.
  11. Siri

    Rllmuk Game of the Year 2019 predictions

    Some disjointed thoughts: - RDR2 will end up on the top lists again (Including my own), because I'm pretty sure that a PC version will be released precisely after the fiscal year has ended for Take 2, and will blow everyone's balls off simply because it will tax graphics cards up until next gen and let people run a mod that makes the controls less shit. - Things I'm certain I will enjoy as long as they're out this year: Metal Wolf Chaos XD, The Division 2, Doom Eternal, The Outer Worlds - Things that I'm hopeful for: Rage 2, Left Alive, Sea of Solitude, Skull & Bones, Daemon X Machina - IF Dying Light 2 or Cyberpunk is out this year, they will probably break the awards. They're probably not, though. - Path of Exile and/or Warframe will show up in my voting at some point because they're both expected to drop massive amounts of content. As usual. - The 'Biggest Disappointment Award' for myself will likely be along the lines of 'Bungie releasing drip-fed shit for the rest of Destiny Year 2/3 while they sign up to Tencent for another cash injection'
  12. okay fine Game of the Year A1. Deltarune I loved Undertale, and I still feel a little apprehensive about going back and undoing the extremely rewarding ending it had (and you know it would remember that somehow). Then, out of nowhere during Halloween, we get ourselves the first episode of a sequel. It's just as good as the original, brings in a new and enjoyable ATB system, and drills even more amazing music into your brain than before. For free. Just. What. A2. Destiny 2: Forsaken To be honest, this recommendation goes out to the very, very good quality of life improvements they have given to the game over the past year, as well as both the decent Forsaken campaign and the welcome long-tail plans the game has had through Warmind up until now. Drops are no longer a straight rush for power, Exotic weapons are exciting to use and I now have a variety of ways to shoot the mans with my fellow excellent clan members. The Last Wish raid is good fun and provides a good level of challenge, the environments they've brought in are great, and even the original cashgrab events from Year 1 are vastly improved to provide activities that are... well, enjoyable. A3. Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon I'll keep it as simple as the game itself - It's a pretty fucking great rip-off of the OG Castlevanias. A4. God of War I really, really didn't like the original God Of War series. Fights were mind-numbingly simple, the plot and characters crude and the content usually cringeworthy. Santa Monica's God of War is fantastic. A weighty, brutal means of combat, combined with incredible set pieces strung together by excellent characters and entertaining dialogue. It's an adult God of War that doesn't revolve around gore and tits to make it adult. A5. Monster Hunter World Probably the most user-friendly and accessible Monster Hunter has ever been, combined with still being tense to play and looking gorgeous to boot. Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Playstation Classic The true meaning of disappointment - My excitement for this went from 0 to 60 and back again. The concept and the initial set of games were great - But ultimately, When it comes to a console that had such a vast catalogue of excellent games, no-one would be happy with the result of 20 games. Especially when considering the accessibility of these on preexisting hardware. This is without taking into account the bizarre reality of NTSC and PAL mixed titles, and underwhelming emulation performance using open source emulation which Sony would have shuttered 20 years back and cheap internal hardware that a £30 single board computer can compete with. Z2. Epic Store Feel free to read this as 'I'm just really fucking mad that I have to get another fucking program to pay an uncompetitive, no CD Key aggregated price to play Supergiant's Hades'. Z3. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection On one hand, the games in the collection themselves were fine, but the bizarre lobby system fucked up everyone's intentions to continue playing it. Z4. Metal Wolf Chaos's remaster being announced, then delayed for about six months Looks like it will be Game of the Year 2019, then! Z5. Fallout 76 Surprise - I don't think this game is terrible to the point that I'll act online like Todd Howard personally came around to shit on my carpet and punch my dog. I refrained from getting the game on launch because... well, I thought it looked shit from the Beta. But watching people play it warmed me to how it played out, like some odd mix of Fallout 3 and No Man's Sky. Bought it for £20, and I'd say it's current price of sub-£15 on PC is a worthwhile punt. It's not without problems, mind - Outright abrasive enemy level scaling that has little to no rhyme or reason, flaccid instance capacity (20 players max in THAT amount of environment?), and stingy storage that's further impacted by dodgy UI makes the game anywhere from a chore to an outright farce if you don't game the system. And at that point, it's more about playing the game's system as opposed to... playing the game. Sound Design of the Year S1. Deltarune Rude Buster is fucking bangers. S2. Destiny 2: Forsaken Just a really strong suite of themes that's used throughout the DLC campaign, the Dreaming City, and ultimately the thematic crescendos of the Last Wish Raid. And if you don't like that, they go in and shoehorn Paul McCartney's Hope for the Future for a laff. S3. Fallout 76 The radio stations are basically a 'greatest hits' of Fallout 3 and 4, which is fine as the music is one of the few things they fucked up in Fallout 4. Likewise, the ambient music that plays in 76 is perfectly fine, and one of the few things they fucked up in 76. It's one of the few things they fucked up, really. Visual Design of the Year V1. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Game is Anime. V2. Monster Hunter World Looks absolutely fantastic on PC, All the environments look super pretty that it's actually a treat to play the waiting game during big hunts over several areas. Super fluid animations and lots of fancy effects on screen that, at least from memory, didn't impair the gameplay. So that's good. V3. God of War Great looking, gritty game that runs solidly even on a bog-standard PS4. Doesn't skip a beat visually, and the animation and camerawork during the scripted stuff is awe-inspiring. Writing of the Year W1. Deltarune It’s more Undertale. It made me laugh like a drain, still had really heartfelt moments, and still makes me want more from Toby Fox. W2. Yakuza 0 I ran out of steam at this point in terms of writing GOTY stuff (I'm backtracking). Same shit as Deltarune - Proper laugh out loud moments in a game that still has a means to floor you sometimes. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PC Even with everyone opening their own shop on the internet and the latest tech costing a bomb for no good reason, It's still the eternal platform for videogames - running the gamut of free-to-play and free games, the best versions of the latest games at acceptable prices, cutting edge emulation of the last console generations, and plenty of resources to ensure that at least most of the games we're playing now will still be playable in years to come. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Digital Extremes (Warframe) A great game, but one that's ran by quite possibly the nicest group of developers seen in the public eye in modern times. Continual community engagement through working with Twitch communities via streamers and their own community shows, Weekly Devstreams, Fan engagements like Tennocon, as well as actively supporting and patching their game. What makes them better than others though is, well, how human(e) they are. They're not above seeing faults in Warframe and talk about the rough times they had when creating the game, launching it, and nearly going bust because of it. Devstreams very much involve poking behind the curtain and showing things that aren't ready to be seen. The community managers very much have a sense of humour and have no issues ripping into each other or the 'influencers' they engage in for comedy and, well, because everyone's friends. It's a group of guys and girls who just wanted to work on a cool game about space ninjas forever. They're now a studio that's successfully running and working on a cool game about space ninjas, and let's hope that's forever. Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Path of Exile Another year, another 300+ hours pumped into this game. Since the last time I submitted this game, it’s had four league releases – The ambitious yet awkward Bestiary League, The amazing Incursion league, Delve brought in an infinite dungeon and the current Betrayal League pulls all the previously mentioned leagues into the main game as sub-segments, brings in a great sub-system of challenges and rewards, and completely revamps the item crafting system. Quite frankly, a mind-boggling amount of content for a free game – Grinding Gear Games continued to build against what was supposed to be competition against Diablo 4, and... well, we all know how well Blizzcon went this year. Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Yakuza 0 I know the PC port would count, but I started playing this because it was cheap on the PS4. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant – I love the livliness of Kamurocho, I love the fighting, I love racing little toy cars, I love managing a hostess club for 10+ hours by itself, I love how fucking great all the characters are, I love how some of the silliest sidequests just end up tugging all of your heartstrings right at the end of them, I love running the fuck away from a massive guy that will just beat the shit out of you for your money. I... just love how great this game is. Best game character of the year C1. Daisaku Kuze (Yakuza 0) Yeah, Majima’s the star of Yakuza 0. However, Kuze absolutely makes Kiryu’s half of the game, and absolutely feels instrumental – Narratively, and gameplay wise, as he always feels like the guy you HAVE to beat to know you’re ready for the following chapters of the game. The fact that he’s a thoroughly nasty, relentless and double-hard bastard every time you see him reinforces that. Oh, and that second boss fight against him is easily my favourite boss introduction ever. it’s just fucking wild. C2. Mimir (God of War) Not only entertaining and an incredibly wordy fellow that acts as a foil and sometimes the voice of reason to the less-than-chatty Kratos, but also provides most of the lore in the game via those wonderful boat conversations. Pretty much instrumental to my enjoyment of the game. C3. Suzie (Deltarune) If Undertale’s modus operadi was to drive home the fact that players had a choice when it came to the happiness of the Underground dwellers, Suzie exists to remind you that there’s no such thing in Deltarune. From removing choice from your actions to being completely uncontrollable in battle to the point where you have to warn your enemies that she’s going to royally fuck their day up, Suzie’s as refreshing as those times in Darkest Dungeon where your favourite stress-addled knight robs treasure for himself and screams obscenities – without, uh, completely fucking up your game.
  13. Siri

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    It doesn't really matter, though. All the Steam version did was boot up UPlay for you, and it's been the same for subsequent Ubi games I've played on PC. With the news article's wording of 'Epic Store and directly through Ubisoft', I'm very certain it will be the same deal here. Except Ubi keeps to a higher profit margin and gets a bit of money from whatever deal from Epic to get it on their store. Between all the AMD GPU game bundles that Division 2 is featured on and the usual Ubi trend of selling games at RRP on digital storefronts, I'm pretty sure the best deals are going to come from CD Key stores anyway, which will be 99% UPlay.
  14. Siri

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    One dude is making it, although it's open source (it's on GitHub). He's looking for Patreon money to develop it as a full time thing, mind. https://www.patreon.com/playnite I'll give it a go, especially if it can act as a front end for emulation that I can just use with a controller as mentioned.
  15. Siri

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    trying to find a picture of Akira Yuki in a sheep outfit with tears streaming down face Catherine would be pretty great on Steam, mind. Still got about 20 quid left from Christmas because Katamari didn't continue the release discount for the winter sale, so I'll just slam it on whatever Sega has lined up.

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