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  1. You make a great point - GTA5 was absolutely absurd to see on the PS3/360 at the time. That game just had... so much content to it, let alone how amazing it looked in motion. Maybe it won't be complete murder on my PC. OTOH, it was a dual core G3258 and GTX960 that was brutal for GTAV's forward-thinking PC port back then
  2. That's the thing, innit - We don't know what the hell we're seeing in the trailers currently, and if I was a gambling man I'd be sure as shit thinking they're demoing shit on a Titan RTX or something ludicrous. We'll have to wait for a Digital Foundry or NVidia Optimisation guide to find out how scalable this game actually is, and what Res/Framerate they're targeting with that hardware. Knowing the Witcher, it probably is very reasonable. Although even if the game is an absolute hog, when there's a will on PC..
  3. Personally, I still dig playing games, and there's still games from this year that make me glad I still play them. I'd be a liar if I said that I didn't get a lot more selective as we go through the years, however. Shit gets more derivative, Publishers latch onto trends to appease their shareholders, and the bar we expect from our games to delight gets much higher. On the other hand, I sat down the other month and wiped the cobwebs off of my 3DS just to see if the fucking thing still works (thankfully it does, now that they've stopped making the bloody things). Started up an RPG I only g
  4. My purchasing on anything this year hangs entirely on the question of "What will Cyberpunk not run like shit on when it's out?". Notably, that rules any next gen consoles out until patches roll out. Leaving the One X I bought last year at a relatively modest price, and the PC with a four year old GPU and honestly that's still smashing anything 1080p-to-1440p-ish. I'm feeling.. alright about it considering CDPR's previous games, but it obviously doesn't help that every PR article generated thus far is naturally running the game on the most disgustingly overpriced computer imaginable. L
  5. Siri

    art of rally

    FYI, Absolute Drift came out on PS4 in a partnership with the Race the Sun devs, and... that's about it, I think.
  6. Siri

    art of rally

    Ah, I didn't realise there was a demo - I'm very interested in playing this, but I was curious in how the game is actually presented in terms of camera modes while playing. Off I go!
  7. Yep. Combine this with GaaS, Season Passes and expansions, too. If gross-minded publishers can get away with putting every single avenue for revenue into a fully priced game, they fucking will. Our only hope is that the market will dictate that it's not acceptable by simply not buying that shit. Unfortunately, I don't think that will be the case. Personally, if I feel a game is going to be worth the money, I'll get it. That's slowly been the case with PC games also creeping up in price, and sometimes I really have to consider if a game really is worth the big bucks as o
  8. Honestly, I don't think there's anything wrong with this line of thinking at all. I felt exactly the same way with the PS4 and X-Box One - I only jumped on the PS4 once Battlefield: Hardline of all fucking things came out, and even with getting that and a sizeable price cut on the console I thought it wasn't a particularly great deal. As for the X-Box, that was only when they were flogging refurbs on Amazon for under £200. I don't think this generation is turning out any differently - I do absolutely love that the Series S is at a price point worth shouting about, but when it's all said
  9. I don't see myself buying the new quest immediately, if at all - the only things that would make me buy in would be a significantly reduced weight and price, and even then it would be a hard sell compared to the current quest that I have mostly taken 'off the grid' via Virtual Desktop and Sidequest. Even without the upgrades to video decoding and WiFi, I'm getting a fairly steady 20-30ms response time on the jankiest of powerline setups, and games are pretty darn playable. It's a shame that no other company as nailed down a fully wires-free headset that doesn't cost over a grand li
  10. JRPGs with turn based systems, I guess. If you don't mind automatic transmission you could probably get away with racing games by swapping the thumbsticks, and then R1/R2 to Brake and Accelerate respectively.
  11. Yeah, you just hit the A Button or whatever. It's not as nuanced as Ridge's Double/Triple Boost and Ultimate Charge mechanics. Finally had a bit of a play just now, I've got to echo the notion that the AI is very 'Ghandi in Sid Meier's Civilization'. Just constant taps during drifts and straight-up PITs don't make for a fun game. Standard Ridge 6/7 tactics of hoarding all your boosts, hanging around in top flight until you get to the last third of the last lap and boosting like a cunt alleviates the issue a little. Although it seems like the way GPs are weighted fairly - despite coming
  12. Siri

    Xbox Series V?

    I can see this being implemented as a hardware 'refresh' of the X, but I would have thought that too many SKUs would just confuse customers. I'm trying to think of consoles that had 3 or more manufactured variants going on at the same time (as in with different hardware stuff, not just colours), and I can only think of the DS/3DS minefield - I'm sure I'm forgetting something, however. Was the 360 Core console still going when they rolled the X-Box 360 Elite?
  13. Not feeling the need for consent seems to be a running trend with Ubisoft, innit. I liked the Scott Pilgrim game, but I'm not touching Ubi releases with a bargepole.
  14. I don't have the exact stand, but mine is about 9kg on its own. Wouldn't spend all day throwing the thing around, but it's light enough that I was able to carry that and the TV across the house when it was plumbed in, and the base and the bolts are more than enough for those piss-thin LED TVs. Your mileage may vary of course - I'd still shit myself mounting the likes of my brother's panny plasma to the wall, let alone a metal plinth, so just make sure about checking what your TV weighs and get something with good reviews and is rated for the size and weight of it. And has enough clearance f
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