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  1. Siri

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I'll probably do the same thing I've done for a while - slam in some Christmas steam vouchers in the morning, buy an absolute glut of sales games and let them download while I'm out with the family, and get to playing them in the evening. Ideally, Katamari Reroll, because the original really did make me appreciate and enjoy videogames again. It's only fair to devote my time to it again during the holidays, along with an umpteenth playthrough of A Link To The Past.
  2. You probably already done this last week, but if you didn't: GET YOUR CLAN RAID ENGRAMS!
  3. The Larsen B guarantee. Satisfaction, or he'll refund the quid he saved to undercut the competition.
  4. Siri

    Path of Exile

    As I didn't include it before as I was at work, here's the trailer: But, of course, you're here for NEW, HOT, HEAVY, SCARAB RELATED NEWS: - Scarabs are in the game. - Master levels (or now 'favor') no longer have a tangible benefit, and is used as currency for Master-specific decorations. - The new Hideout system lets you move your waypoint instead of it just being stuck in the middle! Trust me, this is important. - You can now pick between the portable map device, or the massive fancy map device in your hideout! I also realise this will enable map device decoration MTX, and that means we're all now broke. - You'll meet Alva, Nico, Einhar and Jun at certain parts in the story, along with getting your first hideout in Act II. As usual, you'll see Zana after Act 10. - Alva will now always open up to three Incursion portals when you see her, to make up for not seeing her every other area during the Incursion League. - Nico's Delve league activity can be extended by buying Sulphite with Sextants. and Scarabs. - There's roughly 100 veiled mods. Once found, you can mastercraft that veiled mod on other items! - There's a new support skill type - Banners. Dual-purpose Auras - walk around with it for a lesser effect, or active it by sticking it in the ground and getting a much stronger effect. - Scarabs. - One of the new veilied mod types is called Focus - an instant cast skill that is a fixed 4-second active effect, with 12 second cooldown that's entirely dependant on what mod you have. Anything from triggering skill gems in sockets, or effects similar to flask utility (like 1% of evasion rating regenerated as life, critical strikes are lucky, etc.). As it's another active skill on a strained tool bar, I can only see this being handy in fringe cases, but it's nice all the same. - As Master levels are dead, so are daily missions. You now get handy indicators pop up on the Atlas for a guaranteed Master encounter, as well as bonuses from Sextants, Prophecies, and S C A R A B S. - You can now CTRL-Click Vendors to get a stack of consumables. You will no longer break your LMB.
  5. Siri

    Path of Exile

    The new league has been announced - Betrayal! https://www.pathofexile.com/betrayal Basically, a complete revamp of the forsaken masters and mastercraft system. - Most of the masters have been replaced - with the NPCs from previous leagues, like Bestiary's Einhar and Incursion's Alva Valai. - Their missions are based around previous leagues - including capturing monsters (which has now been simplified) - The old masters have 'mysteriously disappeared'. Everything's pointing to them being major NPCs of the Betrayal league's cult. Which you can manipulate/kill for different loot. - More endgame maps! - More skills! - More skill reworks! - Veiled suffixes - take them to the new Betrayal league's NPC and choose between three powerful randomised suffixes! - Hideout revamp - new system, shared across all leagues! - Jokes about Immortal things getting murdered! All this and more, for the low, low price of Free. December 7th!
  6. It's a nice unit, and it's a doddle to pull apart the DC and plonk it in. Just a warning though - don't attempt to set this up with one of those high capacity SD cards, it only reads FAT32 so 32GB is your limit. I had a 64gb SDXC card set aside for this, and I ended up having to format the card as a 32GB card just to use it.
  7. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Yeah, there's no transferring available here. That would involve Bungie making something!
  8. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Do we? @Flams: Pretty much the most important links there are DestinyItemManager and light.gg . DIM's a lot more intuitive to move gear to your character and back to your item storage while playing (and you can have it on your phone!), and light.gg helps you track milestones and quests for Poweful Gear (aka. the shit you can do every week after the campaign's done). I'm guessing you're just jumping into the base game - Honestly, the base campaign's fun, Bungie shoot-the-mans still feels good, and the re-jigged weapon categories means you'll find a lot more variety in what weapons you use. It's more fun. When you get to the end of the campaign, gis a shout - a lot of the discord group know the Leviathan raid like the back of our hands now, and we've got more bodies in the discord than ever before.
  9. Siri

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Looking at our Discord, @Oz says it's 4K at 100fps. Might have to turn down some shadow settings for 144Hz (Joking aside, one of the good things of the PC version is that it's very scalable to hardware - the game can run at a decent clip on a GTS450 with the resolution render relaxed all the way up to taxing existing graphics cards when you crank some downsampling)
  10. While Year 1 was pretty dire in the moment, I'm more inclined to think that it was down to how the weapon loadouts were handled, exotics were quite anemic to use and the events leading up to Warmind was rubbish - which was a pretty long time from the original console launch. Red War, post-campaign Adventures, Crucible and Leviathan for new players is still a good timesink for a weekend. Offering a free copy of the game which comes with both the design flaws mentioned above being sorted out, while offering an expansion that's actually decent isn't the worst decision in the world. It's just that the well's already poisoned with multiple accounts that Year 1 was shit pre-Warmind, and that funk can't come out of the wash when you're hitting up Youtube to find out if a game's worth your time. OTOH, I only considered going back to The Division when Ubi just thought 'fuck it' and dropped all the Year 2 content in a free patch. Offering CoO and Warmind would have sweetened the deal, but... Well, the actual DLC campaigns were bobbins. The real turnaround to Destiny 2 happened with the Exotic revamp, Heroic and Nightfall rework, and the weekly quest progression. And that stuff is just ingrained in the base game, effectively.
  11. Destiny 2 is now available for Free on PC until November 18th. Feel free to join us. We're pretty positive.
  12. I ended up buying a Pound Technology HDMI cable when I wanted to sort out my Dreamcast with a GDEmu. Affordable, relatively easy to get a hold of (you just have to buy it from Amazon USA, and log into your UK account so it calculates all the import stuff for you), and it does a good job. There's plenty of info on YouTube if you want to peek beforehand. It is just a cable that goes straight to HDMI, though - if you've got a VGA cable already, a converter would probably be cheaper and easier.
  13. Siri

    Analogue Super Nt

    Just an FYI regarding playing original PAL/JPN games - You're probably better off using the Jailbreak Firmware with the CopySNES function, at least to initially back up old saves. I'm finding that my old cartridges can rattle in the expanded slot, and as a result I almost lost all my saves on my original Zelda cart! Thankfully, my last save slot in the game was intact, and it turned out my 12-year-old self decided it was a good idea to have the near-complete save on that particular one Two of the four surviving cartridges I have aren't detecting in my SNT, either - I'm using CopySNES as it actually detects the ROM header before dumping, and it doesn't want to on my Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario World cartridges at all. Can the cartridge contacts fail at all, outside of muck on them? I mean, it's not a big deal on these carts that are worth pence on ebay, it's just a bit galling that my own stuff doesn't work on it. When it does, though, it's fucking ace - everything's super crisp and vibrant, and it's super nice to get 60Hz out of PAL games (although I will say that PAL Mario Kart does have some wild graphical glitches when running at 60Hz).
  14. Buy whatever's going for glimmer from Spider so you have a frequently high amount of any material for infusion. Keep around 30-50k for buying bounties from all the NPCs or for rainy day material purchases. After the campaign there's some pricier bounties, but you'll probably have 100k again by that point. Glimmer is abundant in post-forsaken Destiny, probably because it costs nothing to apply shaders!
  15. Siri

    Analogue Super Nt

    If it helps, I got my DHL e-mail at 2am this morning, so they're still going through orders it seems. That's just the console, as well.

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