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  1. Got a bunch of stuff in the oven now, after finding out about the infestation survival mission on Ceres handing out 25k credits for just five waves. Also: Rubico has no right to be as good as it is, considering it's a sniper rifle in a game where you move 900mph. So fun!
  2. As it turns out, it really just is Nezha and Wukong that has immensely high plastid requirements (as well as some expensive things in general). Thankfully, Saturn is fantastic for plastid resources - I got 600 from an active party, and I somehow stumbled into an AFK farm and walked out with double that. Everything else is free reign, though - Got Volt and Ember in the oven (In comical fashion, after suggesting it was going to involve grinding out, ended up with catching the end of three boss missions and getting a different blueprint for each). I got enough resources to get Banshee in there as well, but I need the credits for the frame craft on both. Also somehow picked up Dread while dicking around and ignoring said Stranger Fortunate, as I just can't get on with Penta.
  3. Aye, I did see them, but they're very much endgame due to the plastid cost - Nezha or Wukong would be nice, but both hit around 4.2k to craft the systems part. Again, I've only just hit Saturn, so I haven't tried the infestation mission for resources yet - the earlier missions was getting me 100 or so a pop, so it's still a fair old grind. Ember is 500 plastids, so with any luck I can get that in the oven for the weekend Hopefully something like Mag, too. I want to get into more caster stuff because I've been having a good time with Frost (Prime).
  4. I really just want a new frame* - I can get away with a steady flow of market-bought weaponry to level, but all I have are bits and pieces of blueprint sets, which is a bit irritating. Although, to be honest, I've only just hit Saturn so my plastid situation is improving dramatically. I'll likely grind tonight to get a set for Ember and stick that in the oven, with any luck. She sounds like a good build to rerun planets and hawk neurodes to get those early weapons flowing through quicker.
  5. Aye, 130 Euro Vs 118 USD. Although to be blunt, it could be 200 USD and it would be acceptable for the small convenience of being able to press a button and buy the bloody thing. Deunan shot himself in the foot for dribbling out a desirable product from a WordPress site. Still, at least now I can get on with digging my DC out the cupboard and chucking this and a DreamPSU into it so it lasts forever
  6. It should run fine for the most part, I would imagine - the game has existed for the best part of five years on PC, so it's very scalable. There's also a few YouTube videos of the game running on that era of graphics cards and it looks good enough. In other news, I finished making that Hek shotgun everyone's banging on about. Live reactions of blasting wardens from across the map while @Moodmon and @Larsen B attempt to use futile things, like 'warframe abilities', 'fast paced melee combat', and 'skill': What, you thought it was a game about space ninjas? Too bad, you're back in Battlefield 3, and everything's USAS meta again
  7. That's right about Platinum - I've heard there's decent ways to make platinum for yourself, but I haven't got that far yet. I wouldn't worry about what weapons you have, as both the Paris and Kunai are probably MK1 variants, so you'll probably want to replace them shortly anyway. They're more there to let you try out which styles of weaponry you like - You can buy all the MK1 stuff and certain starting weapons outright for credits at the market. If you can though, level them to 30 before you bin them off for better versions, as they count towards your mastery rank If you haven't already, check to see if you've got a loot based mod for your frame or companion (like thief's wit or animal companion, respectively). If you do and it affects the lot radar, equip it and spend some endo to refine it to max. After that, run the capture mission solo in Mars - run at the target and fuck it up, and then bullet jump around the rest of the map during the extraction phase - the upgraded radar will ping it relatively well if you're lucky. If you don't have the mod, Thief's Wit is worth nothing - someone will probably trade you it for free if you ask nicely in public chat or a clan. Speaking of which - how do we get clan invites on the PC version? Left my name on the list, dunno who runs the clan though. @VN1X? I should probably send a friend request to everyone anyway, I'm starting to get a good feel for the game again.
  8. - Learn movement tech ASAP. Bullet jumps (crouch/slide and then jump and/or double jump) and glides (ADS while bullet jumping) is the reason why most of the levels are massive, and lets you clear most mission types in minutes early on. - Pick any frame you want at the start, but if you really want to have an easy time, pick Excalibur - later on, his Radial Blind ability combined with his Exalted Blade ability trivialises the bosses you fight to access new areas. - speaking of new areas, ALWAYS work toward unlocking new planets. This is an absolute priority - you get more experience, you get mods and blueprints through most unlocks, and you'll need resources from pretty much every planet to craft most things that are worthwhile. - Save your platinum - the only worthwhile thing to spend it on is weapon and Warframe slots. Waiting for crafts is hard, but schedule it so you get it during your next session. Something to look forward to! - Buy Lex for 50,000 credits in the market as soon as you're able to. It's a secondary pistol that packs enough power to carry you throughout the game if you want it to. At worst, it's another gun you can level to 30 and get that mastery rank going. - You'll probably want to get Rhino at some point, as that's a Warframe that will also carry you through most content. You get the blueprint in the market for 35,000 credits, and the blueprints can be had early on. Word of warning, though - you'll still need a component only found several planets away, so don't sweat grinding for blueprints immediately like what YouTubers will recommend. See above about unlocking planets. Do that instead, ASAP. - Do everything with public matchmaking on. Unless it's a spy mission for a quest, in which case do that shit solo. Getting booted from a level because a goon fucked off and ran through an alarmed fence is the worst. - shoot all the mans
  9. Likewise, I've been playing it again after about... Five years away (see the first page of the thread). The new UI is great for just playing on pad (although people have said the previous was better? Still great compared to the first iteration where I had to use a pad AND kbm to go through menus!), And the movement tech the game has adopted is fucking bangers when you get it down. Reached the first relay station after spending some time grinding for all the Rhino pieces and getting two of them in the oven - I'm well up for joining the clan, is there a specific group/dojo to find in-game? Regardless, I'll fire some details off later tonight if I can't find it myself.
  10. Siri

    Monster Hunter: World

    As expected, CD Key sites have already knocked that down to more tasteful sums - CDKeys is currently charging £33 for the standard edition, but it was as low as £30 before they changed it this morning. A few of us from the Destiny 2 PC group are going to be jumping in, at least for the month or so before Forsaken is out. If I get the time, I'll set up a thread and maybe a dedicated Discord channel closer to the release.
  11. I've got a key as well for PC, but it's specifically for Gorf.
  12. A remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos while keeping the original voice acting is the greatest moment in the history of our illustrious industry. I'm very much looking forward to watching the entire show (after work) like last year, it was easily my favourite 'conference' because... Well, it took the piss out of the industry and we got some nice games to look at with some belly laughs. And that's joyous!
  13. Siri

    Path of Exile

    Alright, @Flub. I'll try and answer as best as I possibly can while I've got the update going, because I went out without keeping the PC on. TL;DR - There's no shame in just playing, but the game is complex enough that it could sour your experience if you get stuffed at a boss and you don't actually know why. Have a look at some builds on the PoE forums - notably, ones that define themselves as 'cheap', 'League Starter', 'beginner friendly' or even 'SSF'. Like Neversink's Guide on generally being a ranger (although it's dressed up as a tornado shot build) Oh, and get a loot filter. It filters loot. Outside of that, expect waffle! Playing and fucking up is.. fine, but I wouldn't call it enjoyable. I'd be proper mad if I simply couldn't beat the Act 5 or 10 bosses and just kept dying. There isn't as high a 'penalty' as there once was, because getting certain, ranger-specific skill gems at your approximate level is always possible through the vendors throughout the acts now, so don't be too afraid to try out new shit. It is, however, better to have some sort of overarching plan. What weapons would you like to use, and how would you like to blow up packs and how would you like to damage single targets, like bosses? Do you like physical damage, convert that physical damage to an element to hedge your bets, or hit them with pure elemental damage? If the enemies are tougher, how do you prefer to break down their defenses? and most importantly, what's going to stop them from killing your character - making your character have a massive pool of life, stacking armour, or converting the incoming damage to an element that you're resistant too? You're not going to know the answers straight away, and - as well as playing the game - the best way to understand this is to look for a build that sounds alright, and follow it. Maybe not word-by-word, but have an idea about what equipment they have, the skills they're using, and why they think it works so well. The rule of thumb at the start of any league is that nobody has any currency, or amazing gear to use or sell. As with any well-to-do person, you'll probably want that, and that's why a lot of people use League Starter builds like the videos I've posted. They require little or no specific items to make it work, and they are effective enough that the skills themselves carry you to endgame - All you have to do is keep an eye out for gear with any big numbers or lots of gem links, and attempt to shoehorn it in if you can. I mean, you can do that anyway, but these sorts of builds let you get any with ANY old shit you find, and you just have to stack it as high as you can. Rangers are kind of funny, because they have great skills and can mash most things up, but getting a good bow for skills is... tricky. It's perfectly possible to get by on rares, but the Uniques that can drop early on are so good that it's criminal to use a rare, and getting a unique at the start of a league is luck of the draw. Don't let it dissuade you, mind, because that's pure min-maxing the experience. Get your bow, kill hillock with burning arrow (understand that's your single target attack), get split arrow and the pierce support gem at the start of the game to murder packs, maybe even Onslaught if you find a good bow. Get LMP and put it on something for kicks. Use that shit and get on the new rain of arrows skill when you hit the end of act 1. Now that I think about it, you can just play the game. PoE does really give you a logical setup as you complete the quests. This doesn't help, really. Oops.
  14. Siri

    Path of Exile

    X-Box starts on the 4th June. Flashback ended on Tuesday for both formats. In case anyone wants some ideas for this league, take a look at these videos from the most prolific PoE streamers. Although, tbh, a majority of the meta will be the same because everything got buffed. The only unknown is how effective the new traps will be, in addition to how Vaal Skills are going to factor in. Personally? I''m thinking of starting with Triple Herald Blade Vortex, on an Elementalist. Like this! The only thing wrong last league was that it was a bit clunky due to having to having to 'charge' 20 blades on bosses and still have not a lot in terms of tanking bosses. The skill changes means you throw half the blades for slightly more damage than a full charge, AND if you do alright with Vaaling a skill gem, get a nice additional skill that lets you step back from bosses defensively and/or pile on the damage. At the very least, it should mean I sidestep the trap meta that will be expensive as shit early on. Shimmeron wand prices are going to be bollocks.
  15. Siri

    Path of Exile

    TBH, I use the left over credits to pick up a couple of Mystery Boxes after a tab sale - I usually end up getting a few Skin Transfers from that, which in turn lets me use cool-but-useless armours (like Bronn's Lithe, Daresso's Defiance and Victario's Influence) on the actual good stuff. Speaking of actual good stuff: Patch rundowns! MYSTERIOUS CHRIS WILSON OF GOLD - Incursion League. It's there. So that's good. TRAPS, LOTS OF TRAPS - The progression of traps has changed - You get a new starter trap skill, the original starting skills have been buffed and moved to a similar tier as Sunder (Intermediate, bread and butter), and you'll get a new 'Advanced' trap that's designed for big damage to throw on top of your Intermediate for burst damage. - The Starter and Intermediate traps HAVE NO COOLDOWN. Advanced traps have a cooldown, and adding certain supports uses up 'stockpiled' cooldown stacks. - The old 'Trap Support' gem that you attach spells to ALSO HAS NO COOLDOWN. - The amount of active traps you can have has gone up from 3 to FIFTEEN. PLEASE USE TRAPS. - Ice Trap got nerfed in damage. Nobody knows why. PRETTY MUCH EVERY SKILL BUFFED AND YOU'RE STILL GOING TO USE TRAPS - No, really. 11 underused skills have had serious mechanical changes. Another 27 have been given minor alterations. - I'm not listing them - Most of them have been buffed, go nuts. SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION VAAL - If you get a Vaal Skill gem, it now holds BOTH the Vaal Skill and the Original Skill. Two skills, one gem setup. - Vaal Souls to power Vaal Skills can now be generated by taking a percentage of life from Rare and Unique Monsters, in addition to Kills (there is a 1 second cooldown with each soul obtained this way). - Vaal Skills no longer increase in cost after Act 5 and 10. - Vaal Skills prevent you from generating Vaal Souls for a set amount of time when you use them. It depends on the skill. - Vaal Skills have been reworked dramatically because of these changes - They're typically now a lot stronger, and do something entirely different to the original skill that complements it in some way. - I'm not going through them, either. There's 30 Vaal Skill changes, and six new Vaal Skills entirely. WORKING FOR THAT TENCENT MONEY - Passive skill tree has been changed - namely the Shadow's start to include more trap related stuff. YOU'RE PLAYING A TRAPPER THIS LEAGUE OKAY GOOD. - There's 39 new Lab Enchantments due to the above stuff, and a lot of the Trap Enchantments have been changed to simply do MORE DAMAGE OH GOD THE TRAPS - Too many unique items to mention now have 3D art to go with the 2D art. A lot of them are good, actually. - Although the one that matters is TABULA RASA DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A JUMPER ANY MORE. It's more of a... Toga-like thing, actually. Tasteful. - 31 New unique items. - 22 New divination cards. - CONTINUED TO INCREMENTALLY IMPROVE THE ART, SOUND, EFFECTS AND ENVIRONMENTS. SOAK IT IN, PEASANTS. ACTUAL SHIT THAT HELPS - Prophecy chain targets now show up on the minimap. THANK GOD. - There's now an option to lock a specific skill as 'Attack without moving' in your toolbar, meaning movement skills, certain melee skills and your pinky finger has been saved. GREATEST PATCH EVER. - Maps now have.. Multiple sub-areas. In other words, Abyssal Depths, Zana maps, Uber Lab trials and Elder Guardians can co-exist. No, I didn't know that was a thing, either. Just be careful, as accessing multiple causes an instance timer, and unlike instances you can't go back when it's elapsed for obvious reasons. FUCK BREACH - Normal and Rare enemies in a breach now drop 'significantly' less items. Because, just like sextant blocking, THAT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU DEADBEATS And.. That's it! Path of Building's updated with most things outside of the new skills and stuff. Pretty sure loot filters will be done before launch. See you all in three months!

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