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  1. Apparently, a PS4 trophy list is now up for Untitled Goose Game. With any luck, everyone will be able to play the best game of 2019 in 2019. Merry Honkmas
  2. Siri

    Your future gaming

    PC, with a gamepass subscription until 2022 to pick up the scraps of the last generation. Probably pick up whatever Nintendo does next as well. Got a silly current gen Ryzen already, it's just a case of removing the 1070 and slapping in the next big card - maybe big Navi, maybe the next series of RTX cards. There's still plenty of time to wait it out while its driving a cheap and decent 1080p telly. I'll probably do the same as this generation, and wait until there's a good ten or so great games before digging my wallet out for a console bundle. Gets less justifiable every gen, mind, due to cross-pollination of exclusives to PC.
  3. Lotad should be Route 2 - it's Shield exclusive, however. There's a post-game. The credits drops a hint! I'm about 282 Pokémon into the dex now. Stopped because Borderlands 3 was around for the weekend, but I'm ready to carry on. Time for some scam yampers on surprise trade! Good thing the game's got to a point where I can buy unlimited quick/dusk balls and just hammer the wild area for exclusives to vend out
  4. In all honesty, I never figured out how to get Sirfetch'd until I read about it - after the evolution happened and me and a friend were scratching our heads collectively. Actual facts contained within:
  5. There's no level requirement to Sirfetch'd from my understanding in terms of evolution, but it requires a specific thing to happen which you'll likely not see until later: Edit: However, looking by the spoiler in your most recent post, you're at the right spot in the game to get the evolution if you can get a Farfetch'd. I lucked out with a surprise trade, thankfully.
  6. I'm pretty much at the last trainer battle now, from what I can tell. For my team, there was a couple of biiiig difficulty spikes when you roll into the last city, so be prepared for that. Namely: Other than that, the most punishment I've recieved is a couple of KOs here and there. Wild Area Pokémon are a lot more dangerous half of the time!
  7. My own personal experience is that the second Great Balls become available as a standard Pokémart purchase, standard Pokéballs have a steep drop-off in catch rate unless they're in red HP and with a status effect. Same happens to Great Balls when Ultra Balls can be bought. It's more or less a gripe that bag inventory becomes obsolete very quickly if you're not careful, especially as the EXP system promotes catching anything that moves - having 30+ balls on hand that you suddenly need 10 or so for a catch was a bit of a pisser. I'm sure this will be less of a concern once the later gyms are done, as you have access to most of the more useful special Pokéballs (namely Quick Balls)
  8. Got to the seventh town before putting it down after the weekend was done. I'm quite enjoying it, as my last Pokémon game was Diamond, I believe. This might be because I'm loving Galarian Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd, and the gym/stadium aesthetic feels very fresh, even if the order of proceedings is still the same. I think going with just 400 Pokémon was the right thing in the end - I'm feeling more compelled to complete the dex as opposed to Gen 3 onwards, and I'm engaging more with the new Pokémon because of it. Likewise, I'm engaging with more Pokémon because exp share is a thing, and levelling doesn't break my balls. Unlimited TM use and discarding HMs is also massive for.. well, just having a fluid team composition. I'll list the things that immediately stick out as 'not good', as to be honest there's not a lot that can be seen as not good: - Surprise trades are a mixed bag, but ultimately it's three hours of trading Pokémon from the first area until you see something new. It'll get better as time goes on, but at the moment it's a bit of a chore. Maybe weight it based on what route you're on or where the Pokémon was captured, or something to that extent. - Gigantamaxing, at least in gym fights, is pure chocolate teapot territory because the AI hasn't evolved in the last two decades. Save Gigantamax for last leader Pokémon, you both Gigantamax, you still twat him/her with STAB. Maybe it will change post game and in raids, but at the moment, it's all hot air. - The Wild Area's FPS is fucking garbage for how barren it looks. I like roaming it, but man, coming out of a battle and coming back to a slideshow is utterly jarring. - level cap for capturing is a bit of a ballache, but understandable given the wild area now provides a threat early on that the series needs. I'd rather they did something more visual instead of describing the Pokémon as 'strong', though. Like, highlight the level number in red if it's beyond capture. - Pokéballs instantly becoming worthless the second the next tier and the respective route unlocks can do one. But, outside of those comments, it's just been a properly fun time - mostly involving a snug bird smashing the fuck out of everything with a massive leek. Farfetch'd is my favourite starter. Don't @ me.
  9. https://www.pathofexile.com/poe2 Just announced at GGG's "Exilecon" convention. This is the 4.0 'Mega-Expansion' release of Path of Exile, which will feature: - A whole new campaign set 20 years after the original Campaign, with seven acts - Engine overhauls, including animation rigging, and lighting - Skills overhaul - Skills have their own sockets, making equipment skill-agnostic - 19 new 'ascendancy' archetypes (aka. Character Classes, although the definition of 'classes' has always been fluid in this game) - Works alongside the existing campaign and mechanics, including endgame, which are also being updated - PoE1 and PoE2 Campaigns run in tandem, and converge for endgame activities. So, when does this all come out? Around this time in 2020. Sort of. PoE 2 / 4.0 is, at the moment, just the new Campaign and Skills Overhaul. Everything else they're intending to implement (Engine Overhauls, New Skills, New Endgame, New Passive Skill Tree/System) is being implemented over the next year, starting with the Endgame overhaul coming this December, Conquerors of the Atlas: Live demos and deep dive gameplay is happening now on Twitch, so there's probably a bunch more information in flux. There's also a mobile game, if you care.
  10. Torchlight 2. I love Diablo II, and Torchlight's console version. At that point, Path of Exile was still in its infancy, and I still enjoyed that. Torchlight 2, as a game on paper, exceeded the original in every possible way - scale, loot, classes, skills, the whole shebang. But... it simply didn't feel fun to play. I blew this off thinking it had something to do with it being used to the console version. Console version came out this year, and... it still didn't feel right, and that point, compared to even Diablo III and even Path of Exile's console port which isn't the slickest thing known to man, the whole thing just felt janky, awful and outdated. In fact, it was so uninspiring that I forgot to add it to the GOTY Biggest Disappointment awards. So, uh, thanks for reminding me?
  11. Just finished my first playthrough - I think it clocked in at around 17 hours, but that's with a lot of faffing about or leaving the game AFK while having dinner and whatever. In all, I dig it. Took about as long as a standard FONV playthrough if you didn't either no-life it or go into full speed run strategies - I'd imagine an optimal build and route through the game will take a couple of hours, without any big exploits. Some notes from the end of the game: In all, a good first impression - the proof that this really is as good as New Vegas is in how well everything stands up on subsequent playthroughs. On the plus side of this playthrough, at least I found the obligatory (Monarch Side Mission Spoiler):
  12. I feel like I'm missing a trick with traditional bullet weapons - they all feel like they do fuck-all damage, even when you get into the MK2 weaponry. OTOH, Melee and Energy weapons seem to the universal choice for optimal damage, especially after picking up the MK2 Bolter Pistol. That thing absolutely melts most things, although the three-round burst is positively chewing through my ammo. I'm loving the general combat, though. Open up with your crew's special attacks (especially one particular member's attack which jumps in and AOEs whatever you target, so you can disrupt a whole pack), and then use TTD to dump a load of bullets into everything. It's pretty grand, although in the future I do wish Obsidian can do something like change the camera angle randomly or just activate the skill while you're still in first person. I like the attacks, but I think there could be an option somewhere that doesn't break up the gameplay. I also like the fact you can do the ol' New Vegas cheese of giving your crew all the really good heavy weapons and armour so it doesn't cost *you* ammo or degrade the weapon
  13. I did! I also subbed to Origin Access and binned it after one month, because I'm not mental X-Box version was ready to play very quickly - It's only like 10GB for it to pop, and you get a fair couple of hours of the game for that from what I've played (mainly dawdling through the main quest and taking on a couple of side missions). Certainly is one of the better implementations of that feature. As for the game, I was a bit concerned by how linear it is at the start, but once you get into town and start taking on a couple of jobs I'm starting to get that warm fuzzy feeling I get from... well, breaking into properties and stealing everyone's shit in a videogame. Gunplay does feel a bit spray and pray for the minute, though - the VATS-alike seems to give bonus status effects, but it doesn't just straight up lock onto targets for some X-Com "80% to explode someone's head" shenanigans. Unfortunate yet expected, but it might be just that I'm very early in. Oh well, back on it tomorrow for the PC version!
  14. Hot take - midnight launches are wank. Games are usually not that important to book time off and/or lose sleep over. My plans for midnight launches these days ends up with going to bed at about 9pm, waking up anywhere between 3am-5am, and then smashing out a couple of hours before driving in. Works out as I feel fully awake, but early evening access (like Destiny's expansions and this NZ console trick) is better for more play time and sleep overall. As for Outer Worlds: with New Vegas being the current best game of the decade, I'm coming into this cautiously optimistic. I'm glad it's reviewing well, though. 80-something on an obsidian game has always struck gold when I got around to digging in, it's looking no different here.
  15. So, uh, we've been playing on Clementine for a little while. It's been an overall positive experience - most people on the server are schthack levels of friendly/mental, things still feel like a melting pot in terms of balance and there's plenty that's functional now. They've recently put in Protectors K as an event, which has some neat 'choose your own grind' aspects and even a jukebox so you're not listening to the same music for a month. They've also implemented limit break for single-hit technics (Diga and Foie) while they figure out a good way to implement GAS. as a result along with a temporary boost to PA levelling, everyone is now a techer. Good™
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