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  1. I think the last time I've used a bow during this season in any proper capacity is with Sympathetic Arsenal, so I can immediately snap back to a fully loaded grenade launcher/machine gun combo. Maybe that'll change with Ticuu over time, but I doubt it. TBH, I'm surprised people even attempt to knock out weapon bounties in actual gameplay when you can just hop to the Moon and get them done in about two minutes flat. I went from 25% to about 75% of my DMT Catalyst in about half an hour of lazily popping heads of hive. Although I probably enjoyed it more because it's Dead Man's Tale. Eat yo
  2. Yeah, I don't think it had any from looking into it - probably getting confused by my group's own gunfire and time away from the game, as we were all attempting to ride it at the time. I do remember it running over a lot of things, though!
  3. Back when I used the elite pad, I had mine assigned to the D-Pad for Path of Exile - This is because the flasks (basically restoring health, magic and later ulility things like moving faster and taking less damage) are assigned to them. normally, if you wanted to pop a quicksilver flask (the one that makes you move faster for about 4 seconds), you'd either have to take your thumb off the movement stick, or contort your right hand to slap the d-pad while not pressing any attack keys. You had the bumpers as well, and you could tell the game to use "Smart Flask", but that was only really usefu
  4. I'm not entirely sure - when I had problems with the storage, it was because I couldn't find any of my folders that I set up via FTP at all. I was able to fix it with changing Retroarch in the Dev Home to a Game instead of a UWP App (press select on the app from Dev Home and then settings, I think). I'm not entirely sure if it will help with your problem, though - I'm trying to keep as few things as possible on the drive due to it being a Series S and/or forgetting to untick the box on switching over!
  5. The tick from the jizz lobber is, however, extremely strong - I think I was 30 under par in terms of light level on Master Presage, and most of the ad clear of screebs and the lantern-holding Scorn came from splooging strategically over the floor, and letting them kill themselves from their own pathing. and I was definitely doing some damage from the boss via direct hits - at least enough to kill it on the buzzer. I couldn't imagine using any sword during Presage. Certainly a better option during anything less distance-minded, though.
  6. The only time I've ever enjoyed escort missions is when the thing I'm escorting is miles, miles stronger than I'll ever be at that point in the game, if ever. I think the problem with traditional escort missions is that you're prone to failure outside of your own doing - either the AI is too dense to path properly, or cannot endure enemy attacks to the amount a standard player would. Notable good cases (for me, personally): - The mission where you 'Save' Saint-13 in Destiny 2 - a long-dead titan who then proceeds to headbutt the living shit out of every enemy you face once you interven
  7. Yeah, Heavy is extremely hard to justify using an exotic at the moment - there's a ton of excellent legendary options for it (Dragonfly Swarm, Guillotine, Code Duello w/ Chain Reaction/Lasting Impression, and Full Court Grenades). My main problem at the moment is juggling ammo types - a lot of the 'heavier' kinetic options (Tranquility and Militia's Birthright) are gone and are reliant on exotics to plug the gap, so as a result I don't get to play with exotic energy weapons as much. Likewise, if I want to slap on something for general-purpose Match Game (Hard Light specifically), It's a cho
  8. It's also worth mentioning that a lot of the recommended stuff that you might see in a video regarding dungeons is old hat - weapons like Mountaintop, Recluse etc. have all been sunset at this point, and will (very likely) never be brought back into rotation. Stuff like Dungeons (Prophecy, Pit of Heresy and Shattered Throne) are also at a base level of 1100 or so - namely, any gun you pick up now will likely go through the content with relative ease. It's more likely that you'll have problems with going through certain mechanics solo and dealing with a large amount of enemies while fucking
  9. Soft Cap: the light level you can reach by picking up any gear. Hard Cap: the light level you can reach by picking up powerful gear (powerful/prime/exotic engrams mentioned on the director, as well as quest rewards). Any regular gear can only drop at your current light level. Pinnacle Cap: the light level you can reach only by picking up Pinnacle Rewards (mentioned on the director - weekly playlist rewards, dungeons, raids etc.). Any other gear can only drop at your current light level. So the gameplay loop is something like this: - play the game
  10. Little Light seems to be much better for at-a-glance checks for good PvE/PvP rolls - if you do get one, it's tagged with blue or red logos (or a coloured corner for the portrait pictures), and gold borders over the best in slot options for that gun based on light.gg, I believe. Proof is in the pudding, mind - I simply don't get on with my alleged PvE god roll Extraordinary Rendition SMG (Overflow/One for All), and from firing Dire Promise, I would rather have the PvP-centric Snapshot Sights than anything else in that first slot. OTOH, I always swore off Field Prep on pr
  11. Still need to beat Chapter 2 - got to the boss once and got done in, but I was using Rogue so I was having a mare getting rid of multiple targets. Definitely a job for the necro. At the moment in the tech tree, I've got to Library, so I'm just feeling out what the best deck layouts are for a particular class. Magic HP and getting equipment is too good though, so I'm still thinking necro should be used at any given occasion - especially when you use Arsenal and get more skeletons from your shield perk
  12. Went and played the demo because someone was playing it on Twitch early during my lunchbreak. Thought it was alright. Then I popped into my friend group's discord chat about 9pm, and they was all playing it, so I booted it up. It's now nearly half eleven and I've thrown the money I got back for refunding Valheim for this (not because it's any better, but I wasn't really feeling it compared to this). It's great. Ramping up your monster encounters along the path with your character's ramping damage just feels real good, and it really doesn't ask a lot in return outside of strategic placeme
  13. Yeah, dude - Hell, Diablo II is still the measuring stick used to compare every single ARPG to date, including its own sequel as will the remaster that's literally built on top of the original game. It was also the poster game for long-tail PC support after they patched it in 2010.
  14. Monkey King Bar in Phantasy Star Online. It's a reskinned double saber, but it's still pretty neat.
  15. Just so people can actually discuss this list, which in turn clashes with @SeanR's wishes of not giving them a click, here's a Google Archive Link. As for UT98's inclusion: Well, I am a big fan of the game. It's also one of the pioneers of trying to shoehorn 3D graphics rendering any way it can without requiring dedicated hardware (which was a big boon to a poor kid like me slumming it with a K6 at the time until I bought a TNT2 for Quake 3). It still speaks volumes that no Quake games were not mentioned in the article, mind. Also, Tekken 1 is just a strange inclusion. I mean, I definite
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