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  1. ...wait, what? *looks at twitter* ...*slides refund request to Steam* Game is trés cool, mind. Played through the introductory mission (I believe it's the one in the demo), and battered some clock tower scissor lady with a baseball bat before I had dinner. The only thing I don't like at the minute is that the UI is quite cluttered, and the combat is a bit by-the-numbers. But the investigation stuff seems a lot more involved than I was anticipating, so that's cool. I guess a lot more people will be aware of it, now! And that's great, because one guy was working on this thing for three years or something, so a Gamepass payday is great news.
  2. So, I've been looking forward to this for quite some time - particularly for the amazing 1-bit art style that the game possesses. Basically, it's an RPG that revolves around your character investigating all manner of Junji Ito inspired abominations, and/or surviving the happenings around a very strange mid-80s Japanese town. I haven't got a lot to go on, as I'm going in blind and it's only just released on Steam for a crisp £11.39 , but initial impressions have been positive. There's also been a demo circulating, which you can find here: http://www.wohgame.com/ EDIT: And as @Goose has wonderfully mentioned, this is out on PC Gamepass right now as well! The developer is intending to release later this year on PS4 and Switch, if you're interested. In the meantime, I'll be back later with my own impressions of it. I'll be very upset of it's a bit pap, but that's life!
  3. Siri

    Xbox Game Pass

    Indivisible for PC is very good. I'll probably have a peek at KH3, as well. (I've already got Yakuza 0 and everyone absolutely should play it because it's fucking excellent)
  4. I ended up getting an X - multitude of asinine reasons really, generally flickering between 'PSO2 and PoE when I can't be bothered to turn my PC on' and 'Would be nice to use the other half of my Gamepass subscription'. I really like the X, outside of a lack of SSHD that the Elite had - but it really does bowl me over how compact and quiet the console is. But if you're already concerned over a 40 game backlog and the only two exclusives you're remotely after are Gears 5 and Horizon 4? Forget it. Personally, I'd just keep saving for a Series X or a mid-range PC, and then play them on Gamepass when you're good and ready.
  5. Loved a bit of Islanders during Christmas. It's got a lot more in common with something like Tetris or boardgames like Carcassonne with scoring points via placing things in a particular order, but it's so pretty to look at and a very calming soundscape to it all. Also, in addition to services like XBox Game Pass (which is very good by the way, especially if you also have an X-Box to take full advantage of the tier that gives you XBL Gold and game pass on console), you could have a look into the Humble Monthly and Twitch (Amazon) Prime services that provide games for a monthly fee. Likewise, you can't say no to free games on Epic's service. Try and find a website that keeps you updated on current bundle deals, as well. Fanatical, which are now very close to what Humble Bundle was like during the 'good old days' of 2008 or so, are currently offering two bundles which are really good value - one includes the previously mentioned Devil Daggers and 7 other games for a crisp £2, and another has The Surge, King Of Fighters XIV and the incredible Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap for just £4.
  6. or you can pick it up for a few quid and get right on it in time for Doom Eternal, and it'll run like shit off a shovel on a 1660ti. In terms of arena shooters, you can take a look at Splitgate or Warfork, if you're not inclined to keep playing UT or Quake, which still has surprisingly strong communities. Destiny 2 is also free to play on PC, and is the best version out there. If you liked the choice and dialogue in Deus Ex more than the shooting, there's always more RPG options like Disco Elysium or Underrail. Do you have any budget? Any games or genres you enjoy playing elsewhere? The current PC scene is an embarrassment of riches. Oh, and give risk of rain 2 a blast. Proper good.
  7. Yeah, I've played a fair bit of BB on SCHTHACK and Ephinea, but generally a majority of parties these days run Towards The Future because it's just a bumrush of EXP, which is disappointing. Ephinea's really good, mind - it has a bunch of decent features, like being able to pick your Section ID, an individual drop system and a common bank. It also lets you have 32 characters per account, if you're really that inclined. A couple of the old Phantasy Star Universe crew have also been playing on PSU Clementine , which is really the only current Private Server for PSU. It's decent, but it's currently down for the forseeable future - it basically got to a point where the server was running for the sake of running with a bunch of things just not working, and instead of the original goal of making everything work it ended up with people just wanting to play (and, surprise, running the best EXP farm continually instead of beta testing shit). Thankfully, for Clem, we're getting constant dev updates on what they're actually doing, including figuring out how to make and rebuild new and existing missions.
  8. Apologies for the double post, but this actually got me thinking - as I'm playing the JPN version, I'm still doing emergency quests. Which didn't make sense, as it's during the dead of night in Japan. As it turns out, the emergency quest system runs around the clock every 2-4 hours, as well as random occurrences. You can see here: http://www.bumped.org/psublog/pso2-jp-maintenance-and-patch-7302014/ . With any luck, we'll just see a wholesale transfer of this system and we'll just skip concerts. You'll still get wrecked by Server Maintenance, however - this week was an 'extended maintenance' period, which due to JST was precisely 15 hours between 5pm to 8am the following day in UK time.
  9. Time to change the thread title to (23rd D.I.C.E. Awards GOTY!) : https://www.interactive.org/awards/23rd_annual_dice_award_winners__hall_of_fame.asp Won awards for GOTY, Outstanding Achievement and Character.
  10. Just a reminder, the Closed Beta Survey ends at some point today. I'm hopeful we'll hear something about the open beta after that is over, as all things considered the closed beta went down very well. In the meantime, been brushing up with the Japanese server version. Even with the decent state of the closed beta, there's a whole load of content coming that's outright mind-boggling - there's systems there that let you transfer stats from weapons to others if you like an old weapon that hasn't been updated with a 'New Type' rebalance, synthesis/crafting is back, and it extends into.. photon arts. So, uh, you can customise your photon arts to balance AOE/damage. There's also a photon art for the ranger's rifle that is basically the slide and shoot mechanic from Vanquish. It's.. very good.
  11. I can't remember if I stuck PSO2 on an SSD during my time on PC, but to be honest, it still has to engage with a server, so that will always be the weakest link in terms of loading something (Destiny 2, in comparison, has it far worse as it's matchmaking for *every* activity mind - which is why it's better off on a HDD). I wouldn't mind a slightly better draw distance, mind - for both PC and X-Box!
  12. There's also a premium sub, but that gives you guaranteed things that you would otherwise just save free tickets for (like opening a player shop, or exp boosters). My only (other) concern is the actual price of Arkz Cash - currency exchange IRL is pretty wack at the minute, so it'll be a bit shit if it costs more than a couple of quid to move server. I'm not too bothered about costumes - basically, pretty much all the extra outfits are via real money scratch cards, but they're freely tradeable on player shops. If there's enough people playing the game and taking a punt on them, a market should appear where you can just buy outfits for ingame Meseta. FUN scratch cards are cool, though. I got a fancy sofa and a fireplace that barely fits in the tiny free apartment you get. It's... free real estate.
  13. I did write that down as a concern on the survey - not necessarily maintenance, but the emergency quests. The original schedule was something awful like 1-6am for everything, but the revised timetable was perfect. Speaking of which - don't forget to fill that in for free AC. IIRC, you go to the website, log in with your MS account, and then there's some support page where you file a ticket. The surgery is a category there.
  14. The only thing they've stated is 'Closed Beta Test players will be able to transfer their progress to the Open Beta period and launch!' I'm expecting that to be everything, to be honest. I'm pretty much done with the Closed Beta, unless there's still time tomorrow - Couldn't hit level 40 to try VH Mode on the Emergency Quests, unfortunately, but at least that means there's still loads to chew on during the Open Beta. I still think machine guns are silly - for a weapon archetype that's supposed to be about close range, single-target combat with guns, Desperado Dance is rather good at erasing entire packs of enemies!
  15. To be honest, there isn't one yet - matchmaking is determined entirely by the ship you're playing on, and nobody's decided on a ship - so when that's decided we'll have to move there, which involves actual money. Not that I mind chucking money at this game, especially if it's only a few quid. Thanks to the changed emergency quest schedule that happened because of the downtime this morning, it's been a lot more friendlier to my sleep schedule to get them done - next ones are at 8pm and 11pm, respectively. Oh, and if you're playing, there's a survey on the website - when they release the full game, they'll credit 500AC. Ship transfers are 350AC on the JPN version. The Emergency quests are a riot when they're populated - Big Val getting ganked by 12 players never gets old. And I got some lovely H&S 25 Justices from the hard version!
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