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  1. Destiny 2 PC players

    I've got other confirmations on discord. I think we got a raid! @Siri @Moodmon @Larsen B @Karde @sbrandon111 @Mau Meet at 8.30 tonight. Play Vermintide instead. YYYYEEEAAAAHHH EDIT: We're playing Vermintide. Bye!
  2. Destiny 2 PC players

    Oz is on Holiday, Sloth is out. Me, Larsen and Mood are about for tonight. Hopefully. Anyone else? @Mau @Karde @sbrandon111
  3. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    RE: PSO2, English support has only existed through the PC English Patch (iirc, the patch existed before the Vita version became a thing, let alone any means to access Vita files via Henkaku), and the SEA servers that's PC only and is getting shuttered in May. There's always using Moonlight on a hacked Vita to stream the patched PSO2 from a PC, I guess. It's not that far off from the Cloud version coming to the Switch!
  4. Path of Exile

    From what I remember, your first character in a league has to beat Act 10 to meet Zana and get all the map stuff up and running. I can't remember the restrictions set on the portable map device you can get for your hideout, though. Before Acts 6-10 were released, it was possible to get into maps before the end of Merciless via the eternal laboratory in Act 3, but that doesn't work now in the equivalent (Act 8).
  5. Path of Exile

    Patch Notes came out yesterday, actually. If you use Path of Building, you can now update it to play with the new ascendancies. Here's the real take-home stuff from the patch notes: GENERAL ENDGAME STUFF - You can get to Zana's level 8 a lot quicker - the Shaper/Elder storyline stuff gives her EXP. She's lost the ability to mod maps to have Breaches, though - Harbinger has replaced it. - Abysses are in the late portion of the game onwards! 10% chance in a map like Breach, Sygian Belts and Eye Jewels are a lot harder to get (as they only drop in the depths and chests). - You're twice as likely to get a drop of a map you don't have on your Atlas yet. This is amazing for people who play Solo/Console. - Monster damage modifiers in endgame maps is no longer additive, but multiplicative. Be prepared to get hit harder. SKILL STUFF - Honestly, not a lot. You'll be using the same OP skills this league as last league, so refer to any 3.1 builds if you need ideas. - Most traps now detonate after their duration by default, and the time to detonation is slashed significantly. With Sunblast, it's something silly like 0.8 seconds. - Minions attack more, but deal less damage. - Shrapnel Shot is slightly buffed, and Herald of Ash now works with spells in addition to melee attacks. - Anything that taunts enemies now 'Taunts' on both sets of Guardians, Elder and Shaper, but doesn't strictly mean it will retarget to you. This is so that Duelist's Champion taunt-based buffs will proc, making him a legitimately great choice from now on. FUCK YOUR SEXTANT BLOCKING BOLLOCKS - All loot finding meta has been shafted this league. - You can now only have a maximum of 5 Sextants on your atlas, and that's after doing a ton of things for Zana. You start at a max of 1. - Vault has been neutered - the gold piles at the end now drop a normal amount of loot, the boss is harder and the skills he does to destroy those gold piles is more often. - Bisco's Collar is still the best Magic Find amulet you can get, but it's effectiveness is as good as halved. - Oni-Goroshi's 'get a six-link with four hours of mindless farming' bollocks is also bollocksed. - Honestly, people did this to themselves. AWW YISS, MOTHERFUCKIN' ASCENDANTS - Pretty much every one of the 19 Ascendancies has been buffed, or kept the same with some slight differences. THIS IS VERY HANDY FOR A COMPARISON. - Highlights include J U G G, Occultist, Hierophant, Champion, and Trickster. - Elementalist is still a bit shit unless you have tons of currency to spend on a Golem build. If you want pure ele spell shit, go with Inquisitor or Ascendant Elementalist/Inquisitor hybrid. Kind of got a bit of choice paralysis in terms of what I want to do. Either J U G G with Tectonic Strike, or some form of Chaos Innoc. Occultist and maintain that stun prevention and an infinite pool of Energy Shield.
  6. Path of Exile

    I forgot to update after posting about PoE in the GOTY thread - There's some new content on Friday - Bestiary! Includes all this shit: Bestiary League - Capture monsters and build your own little adorable Animal Hospital - except you can then sacrifice them at an altar to get specific crafted items, or a chance at beating the shit out of the new Spirit Beast bosses to get new Uniques. Said fancy Bestiary League uniques - It seems as though they revolve around 'Aspects' - special one-at-a-time auras granted by gear, that give you two decent buffs that alternate every four seconds or so. The Spirit Beast uniques empower them further, including a chest that makes one of the Aspects free, and grants you all your frenzy and power charges when it ticks over. Yeah. Uber Elder - The newest superboss to fight. Except it's not just the Elder - You have to fight the Elder and Shaper at the same time. Soz. Ascendancy Class Review - All 19 Classes are getting rebalanced, with a majority of the underutilised classes getting some wild shit - Hierophant can get up to Quad Totems and/or permanent Arcane Surge, Assassin has been "restored to it's former glory", And Pathfinder... well, didn't get anything really. Because everyone used it. SHIELD THROW META, BOYS - There's three new gems - Two active, one support. Nobody cares because you can now chuck your shield into people's faces just like D3 Crusader. More Fated Uniques - Vendor trash now comes with prophecies to muddy the chance to get Monstrous Treasure and whatever else is valuable from Nevali! Well, some of them might be good. Who knows? Who cares? REALLY FANCY SUPPORTER PACKS - Because that's just what happens every league. Oh, and in case you wasn't around at the time, GGG did bring out another special tab - for Fragments! ( Normal and Uber Atziri / Council Keys / Shaper Set / Uber Lab Offerings). See you Thursday when everyone reads the patch notes and find out their favourite builds got shat on!
  7. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Neat. I'll be around Tuesday evening if anyone's about. I'm still soloing the game - using instant kill nonsense to get to about level 45 (Ramarl), but I'll probably be taking a break next weekend to spend time in another circle of hell (Path of Exile). It would be nice to actually hunt some weapons!
  8. oh god why did I type so much Game of the Year A1. Nier: Automata Nier's a game that, quite frankly, blew my expectations away - I came in thinking that I'll get some nice Platinum Games action with a bit of kooky writing from some Yoko Taro dude I kept hearing about from the internet. Instead, I got some genuinely exciting set-pieces and boss fights, an incredible soundscape and some excellent environments, and a plot that subverted my expectations and ultimately made me think about why I like playing videogames in the first place. And that's pretty important.' A2. Super Mario Odyssey It's telling that this only got the number two spot because I got exactly what I wanted from Mario Odyssey. To me, it's a true successor to Super Mario 64 - The game expands on one of the best games of all time with larger and bolder worlds, Cappy feels like a natural extension to Mario's movement and attack skillset, and was a game that really just kept rewarding the player the more they dug into it - magnificent. A3. Tekken 7 In terms of the moden gaming environment, Tekken 7 is the complete package - A nigh-on faultless PC port, a full smorgasbord of Single Player modes, every character on the roster is likeable and viable, an incredible DLC addition in the form of Geese Howard, looks great and the soundtrack is a banger. But, most importantly? It's a game that is fun to play, AND is fun to watch. Tekken 7 tournament streams are genuinely the most exciting e-sports has ever been to me, and has brought me back to following FGC as a whole. It's just great. A4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole I was a bit sceptical after such a long wait and the move away from Obsidian, but it turns out that wasn't the case. A great follow-up to The Stick of Truth, with a much more fun battle system, and it didn't fail to make me crack up throughout the game. A5. Slime Rancher Probably the most sickeningly adorable game of all time. It's also a very relaxing game that doesn't ask for too much of your involvement outside of firing things you don't like out of a cannon, into a very large sea next to your farm. So that's nice. Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. River City Ransom: Underground Probably overly harsh, but I was incredibly excited for a River City Ransom game that expanded everything, and it continued well into the first couple of hours. However, I got massively turned off when it fell into a trap of being a hollow grindfest for cash to get anywhere with the game, which is even more of a shock because I love grindfests! In all though, it's probably the only game that I was genuinely disappointed about this year. Z2. Destiny 2 Here's the thing - I'm part of the problem. I bought the PC version after playing the (excellent) open beta after being blown way by how great it looks downsampled and at 60fps. I got in and enjoyed what I played of the Red War campaign, hooked up with a bunch of excellent RLLMUK dudes, play the raids every week, and did power levelling for all three of my available character slots even when the DLC came out. I've had a great time with it so far. Do I recommend it? Absolutely fucking not. I've had it good playing the PC version because there's been little to no downtime between events that were drip-fed on the console versions - Launch, then raid, then faction rallies, then power levelling through Clarion Call, then the DLC and all the shenanigans with that. If there was more than week long spaces between them, the gears wouldn't turn and I would have been bored shitless. Also, I don't give a shit about Eververse. Stop trying to get me into Eververse when you should be trying to get me into these amazing environments you've already made (spoilers: Titan's Solarium). Z3. Persona 5 Persona 5 is a good game. A great game, even - Looks great, sounds amazing, plays well and has a good story. Is it as good as the vanilla Persona 4? Marginally. It has better tools to empower the gameplay, and has equally as good a plot and soundtrack. Is it as good as Persona 4 Golden? No. The pacing and content of P4G shits all over P5, and half of P5's tools that makes it better than P4 Vanilla came from Golden. And ultimately, that's my problem with Persona 5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Nier: Automata Always fitted the mood of a haunting, desolate earth, and always hit the right notes when it came to the fantastical set pieces and boss fights. Great voice acting during the later portions of the game, and it wasn't afraid to throw several versions of themes at you, while still sounding great. The full version of the ending is sublime. S2. Tekken 7 Much like every other Tekken before it, 90% of the soundtrack is made up of electronic madness. Incredibly high-octane, and absolutely adds to how good the game is to watch and play. S3. Persona 5 If it wasn't for the first main mission's music and that you hear 'Behind the Mask' too much over a 100+ hour playthrough, it would be my favourite out of the three candidates. Real catchy tunes for all the main themes, and the last couple of boss themes in the game are hands-down my favourite in a series that always produces great music. Visual Design of the Year V1. Super Mario Odyssey Gives what I always loved from the 3D Mario games - Chunky, colourful and clean design, that looks in place whether you have the Switch in your hands or plugged into your telly. Truly classic Nintendo, through and through. V2. What Remains of Edith Finch A properly captivating walking simulator - each chapter had it's own distinct (and mostly harrowing) design that ties tightly to the story told, and a beautiful branching location to explore between each one. V3. Cuphead Pretty much what I wished for as a kid when playing SNES platformers and wondering what the future would be like - genuine cartoons in videogame form. To see this from an independent studio is truly astounding, and the development of such should be applauded. Writing of the Year W1. Nier: Automata To mention the plot would spoil it, but what really was great was the way the game did everything it could to involve you in it's world - meshing cutscenes, in-game lines, interjected short stories and unlocked lore to flesh out the world. Add to that the branching story, and the way the game isn't afraid to joke at the idea that it's a videogame, really was charming to me. W2. What Remains of Edith Finch A wonderful, yet thoroughly tragic series of tales in motion. Some proper gut punches throughout, wasn't arthouse wankery, and didn't outstay it's welcome. Which, funnily enough, is welcome. W3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole It's South Park. Much like it's predecessor, It simply felt like you was playing a season of the original show. Naturally, that could have it's drawbacks, but I fucking love dumb and gross jokes so I had a riot. Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Nintendo Switch It really couldn't be anything else. Great, solidly built and innovative hardware that launches with one of the biggest games for a whole ton of people - Only to carry on with a ridiculously strong line-up of games that strikes a chord with me as much as the Dreamcast. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Spike Chunsoft, for their early access work on Fire Pro Wrestling World In a massive surprise to no-one, I was super excited about FPWW - Not only did SC deliver a perfectly serviceable game on an Early Access platform that's been criticised for having games that are not serviceable, the game has received numerous updates to fix user issues, add content to the game, and been extremely welcome to the PC community's workshop and modding capabilities, both through official and unofficial channels. Also, in a year where most companies have been utter dickheads, the game offered one piece of DLC during Early Access - A single real life wrestler and PRIDE MMA fighter, the first time the series has offered a licensed wrestler and moveset. This wrestler is Yoshihiro Takayama, who was paralysed in 2017 from an accident in-ring. All the revenue from the DLC directly goes to support him, and his family - As part of a charity drive that was done across all wrestling promotions in Japan. And you really can't be any fairer than that. Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1. Path of Exile It's been about seven years since I started playing this, and it's gone from strength to strength. 2017 was it's biggest yet - a release to console, and complete overhauls to both the campaign and the endgame maps system. And it's still a thoroughly free to play experience, which ultimately gets money out of you by being so fucking good that you want the extra item storage and fancy outfits because it's been other 200 hours on the pile. Grinding Gear Games is always developing, always creating, always rebalancing. And that's why I go back every three months when there's a new league - New mechanics, new skills, new items, new meta, all of which eventually intertwine into the monolith that it is today.
  9. Everyone's dead. Sorry. (Most of the PC team still raid on Monday, and most shit talking is held on the Discord channel, but I would imagine you know this already after joining it!)
  10. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    For Ephinea, it's based on Tetheala server code, so it's just for PC (Blue Burst). There's private servers for most versions, though. Check out L33tserv (Gamecube), Sylverant (Most GC/DC/PC Versions), and SCHTHack (Same).
  11. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    I'll probably be around. I usually have raid arrangements on Destiny, but that's normally at the start of the week if that does happen.
  12. We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Blue Burst is a slightly different version to the GCN/X-Box versions - They had Episodes 1 and 2 that were on the Dreamcast, while Blue Burst had an additional Episode (Ep 4 - Episode 3 was the Card Game on GCN). From having a quick read, the only platforms that accepted cross-platform play was between Dreamcast and PC, and that was on an older version of PSO (V2). You can see other platforms on some private server lobbies, but you won't be able to join their game. I tried having a go on Ephinea - I like it a lot. All the UI and resolution enhancements are fantastic, and the idea of seasons and a boost road (man, I haven't heard that term since PSU) to reward continual quests is great stuff. I could probably do with setting the game up in Steam Big Picture, so I can fullscreen it on the telly - If anything, it also means I can use some sort of modifier key for the toolbar commands they added to Blue Burst, and then actually get around to playing a force and have all the technics to hand. Tasty.
  13. Man, I so love this version of the game. I enjoyed the original, despite it's two main flaws - the general point-to-point traversal and fighting you had to do across such a vast game was a bit sluggish, and that - while the license system was a great thing - I generally didn't have a scooby what to aim for outside of branching out from a character's starting position and hope for the best. Having a triple speed button is fucking godly when you have your gambits fully set, and picking defined roles and multi-classing with the job system is fantastic - it still feels like you can attain every skill the game has to offer (unless you shun it for some solo class challenge), have specialists that still run through everything, and have the flexibility of using the espers to unlock more parts of the board to get bonus stuff. It's great! It's also nice that multi-classing shares quite a few unlocks across both boards - it originally seemed limiting, but then you realise that you can effectively game the system - pick a high-cost HP license on the first board you had will likely pop on the second board as well, which in turn gives you early unlocks of the skills around it! I haven't even been bothered to supersample it yet, because I'm more than happy to just play this thing at 60fps and with the above. It's just been an enjoyable experience, honestly. And the remastered boss theme is a fucking banger!
  14. FYI: You can still use the PAYDAY code on GreenManGaming to get another 20% off, making it about 23 quid. 25.5gb download, mind. Whew lad. (Admittedly, I do remember the original game coming in at near 8gb back when PS2 HD Loader was a thing)

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