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  1. Too much can go wrong throwing in the middle with LBs/S reading, lurks, zone dogs etc for someone who hasn't made a read ike that in years (and wasn't great at it when he did in college). Out routes are terrible, requiring arm strength and good ball placement or there is a good possibility of a pick 6. Perversely, the low precentage deep passes are their best bet, much more likely to be single coverage with the D cheating up on QB runs and there is a decent chance of a dpi flag. Just look at the other QB in this game, similar scenario but much more experienced at the QB role and its still not smooth. Decisions that are simple and automatic for a proper starter are delayed and doubted as it is not natural and the chance is missed. The Saints D is also good, its not like they were playing the Jets There was no way they were going to look like a traditonal, functional O. For what they had that was about the most that could be expected.
  2. That book is crazy & Irvin should have gone to prison if the barber story is true. Good first steps by the NFL so far, but will need to be followed with actions. I remain sceptical, but hopeful over the speed of change until they actually do more than put out statements, they are great at delaying action and then sabotaging it when they do make changes, eg, head injury, disability comp, even the PI challenge. The newer owners do seem to a lot better than the older ones, thinking of Tepper in Carolina, Allen in Seattle etc. There is one minority owner in the NFL, Shad Khan at the Jaguars. Doubt that changes in the very short term purely because of the cost of teams being in the billions, not many people have that kind of money to throw around, especially non-white males. Jerry Richardson putting in his sale contract that the statue of him must stay up outside the stadium is the epitome of it being an ego stroking exercise to own these teams
  3. Tebow was positive publicity to a certain group but was terrible for the locker room and all press conferences were suddenly mental with 2/3rds of the questions about Tebow. Woody going over the coaching staff and bringing him in to the Jets was an awful move by a crappy owner. I really hope the actions that players take this year really sticks it to the worst of the owners the first time around, Jerry Jones in particular was terrible at the time.
  4. Kaepernick was blackballed by the NFL, no doubt about it. The offense around him became terrible but his numbers didn't really decline, his stats were as they were when they were winning with an excellent TD-INT ratio. The roster on O was awful and the few players who weren't got injured. To say that NFL teams didn't hire him because of the publicity around him is also rubbish. Teams signed Tebow knowing the rubbish that would cause. I don't think he would be a good signing now, having not played for 4 years, but his decline i massively overstated. Here's a video breakdown by Jon Bois, it's old, but detailed.
  5. The time trial in the rain is so easy to mess up and there's only 4.5 corners . I have been over a second up on my best before binning it on multiple occasions. I loaded up a ghost of 1:06.1 and have been up on that and lost it loads too. This one is going to frustrate me for a bit.
  6. I tried and failed, I did lose the slipstream pretty early which killed it. The right car would be possible but would require a bunch of slipstream help
  7. I should be around for the races tomorrow night. Have done all the missions and circuit stuff so now it's time to apologise a lot for buggering up the 1st corner. PSN is: A__Tiny__Hippo, will spam out some FRs
  8. Picked up the recommended cars and am working my way through the missions. Going through all the single player stuff to get up to speed (low AI speed), its all a bit easy, except for the races on dirt in rally cars which I am rubbish at.
  9. Picked this up over the weekend, any recommendations for cars or series to pick up as I work my way through?
  10. Is there a concensus on the best travel cases or will any do?
  11. Managed the incursion earlier, once you sort out tactics for each type of enemy you are ok. The final wave kept respawning and one of the group refused to acknowledge that the half of the enemies that we killed were coming back . Finally convinced him and just made a mad dash for the final bomb run. Playing around with a lot of set gear and without multiple pieces that are well rolled they aren't worth changing out your current stuff for.
  12. The incursion is very hard. So far I have worked out where the 2 points to turn off the turrets are, survived to wave 5 which seems to have infinity drones if you don't kill the NPCs and realised that a disorganised team cannot pull people through like you can even on the challenge missions. Found the tinyest of cheese spots in the top right corner along with the small lowered part.The enemies even seem to be much more bullet spongier too. If you are going to make an attempt then stock up on ammo before you go and potentially bring an ammo box skill. There are only 3 restock boxes in the mission, they are all single use and one of them is before the final room where >95% of the mission actually is. As soon as a wave is cleared then the next wave seems to spawn immediately, will take some co-ordination to bomb the APC and not be surrounded by 6 shotgunners instakilling you.
  13. There are a couple of almost missions along the encounter lines. The boss guys drop decent stuff. One is by a petrol station, top right ish of the DZ, there is at least one underground. There are also a bunch of crates that can only be opened if you are a hugh enough DZ level
  14. My Manor sources haven't told me anything about it, they are just as confused as as you guys. Normally I get told stuff a couple of days in advance but this time even they know nothing
  15. Stu is your internet connection spotty? When I lose connection (ISP end not my end) the PS4 stops whatever is downloading and refuses to acknowledge there is an internet connection until I hit reconnect/restart, even when the internet is back on and every other device reconnects automatically
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