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  1. I think it's looking solid. Also a couple of bits from as deep in as the fourth book - I was expecting season one to just stick to the short stories. The look for each character works for me. Trying to keep my expectations under control/10.
  2. I love how all the promotion for this is making it look like Howard's Way but in the future with wine, which I would be completely on board with.
  3. There are three per day but they are automated so do get a bit samey. With all the content updates this year though it's become something pretty great.
  4. The Capital Supremacy game mode has totally re-energised this for me.
  5. Nope. In fact if you count the sorceresses constantly going at each other they're probably a bit worse.
  6. So long as any sexytime scenes feature Geralt's medieval white pants we'll be alright.
  7. I've restored my base from a pre-next save and have the mission to find a base overseer. Follow the sign to a space station and can't find the bugger anywhere. Also have been stuck in the same system since my return as can't find any copper to make chromatic metal. I have the terrain manipulator, do I just dig loads of holes? Despite this am loving the whole ambience of it. Don't know where the time goes when I'm playing.
  8. I had something in my eye at the end of that trailer and I'm man enough to admit it.
  9. And Sammidge. Don't forget Sammidge.
  10. Also on the Gunfighters, when the Doctor said "Lucky I didn't need to have my tonsils out" after inexplicably going to the 1800s wild west to visit the dentist, someone wrote "OR AN ENEMA"
  11. Teabag

    Suede Suede Suede

    Love the new single. Sounds like something out of Les Mis.
  12. I actually enjoyed two episodes of the Gunfighters, which I doubt many people can say. Also when they get into the shite golf cart at the end of the Ark to get driven back to the TARDIS, someone wrote "THUG LIFE"
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