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  1. FTL15 - Football League

    Best of luck Andy, I hope you can patch things up and move forwards.
  2. Nice one Tom. I'm happy to help with any handover.
  3. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    Go with what feels right! Ill play anywhere, my one-touch quality is applicable to any and all positions. Dunn said so, so it must be true.
  4. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'm not gonna make it tonight Luseth, working late so won't be able to fit it in. Best 'o' luck!
  5. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I could probably do a few games later on.
  6. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'll be on for the next few hours if games get going
  7. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    Not sure that LB really plays to my one-touch passing ways, but will go where you want me to!
  8. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    I'm 50/50 at the moment. If I make it at all, it'll be for the second game only, so please plan for me not being there! Sorry for the late notice.
  9. rllmuk FC

    Online now... where is everyone? Has Graham locked himself in a dark room after Warburton resigned/didn't resign?
  10. rllmuk FC

    I can do around 10pm I reckon. Of course, I can't promise not to be awesome.
  11. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    Gonna skip tonight. I'm stuck to the ceiling and can't reach my console.
  12. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    oh wait, it's literally just me and luseth? I don't think that'll really do much in the way of practice so I'll defer! I'll be on tomorrow night after the footy.
  13. RPL Athletic - Season 36

    ok, i'll be on shortly

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