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  1. Enjoying my Deck so far (got it Friday), though the LB has an issue where it needs a fair bit of pressure to register (ie beyond the 'click'). Gutted if it's gonna have to be replaced, but I suppose at least they are getting a lot more supply these days so it may not be a long wait.. Other than that, it feels very capable and hasn't had issues with anything I've thrown at it yet.
  2. Modern science needs to invent a targeted memory wipe pill so I can forget I'd already played this and the Outer Wilds.
  3. Text with added voice over is fine, so long as the game keeps playing the audio when I stop looking at the text (eg put the book down or the like). It frustrates me hugely when it stops the audio and ultimately means I don't bother engaging with it.
  4. Good job it wasn't 8-10 weeks since you last had power to your series X or you'd have to wait for the updates on that too.
  5. Watched one and a half episodes so far and it’s pretty good. Feels a bit Loki without the Marvel/supernatural.
  6. Titane A great soundtrack and some pretty intense visuals. Not totally sold on the actual story, but still kept me watching to the end. 4/5
  7. That writing was on the wall for 22 years! It's not exactly too short to adapt to the changing world (add another 6 years for PS1)
  8. Playing the original gloomhaven with 4 would be pretty heavy maintenance imo, so probably applies to the jaws of the lion too.
  9. I love the game, but always flake out when it comes to scaling up. Looking at the impressive builds people have just increases my feelings of ‘I’m never gonna do that!’ and my relatively little factory is left to digitally rot.
  10. Just gonna add scythe to the list. The automa ‘AI’ works well and the theme is pretty awesome.
  11. A lot of the ‘bugs’ in that video are the types of emergent gameplay (urgh) that make the GTA games fun. (Insert standard disclaimer about it being a low effort release that should shame the makers here).
  12. Just in case it’s of interest to anyone, this is free on prime gaming (gog code).
  13. The fundamental appeal of the mode was to be [insert superstar here]. I wanted to be Hazard playing for Chelsea, not Donny McScroteface playing for LOLB00bs FC.
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