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  1. Adam Armstrong from Blackburn has been the long term rumour.
  2. 11 months left on his contract? I’m not sure it’s a bargain, but he should score goals for sure.
  3. Good deal all round for Ings. I think his England ambitions will be fruitless though. That boat sailed last year, which was a shame.
  4. Looking forward to going through it all over again on a bigger screen. This was my lockdown sanity shield.
  5. Shadow of War is full of bloat. I found it impenetrable to get back into it after breaking for a few months.
  6. Finally did a20 with the silent. Now just the other 3 chars to do.. a long fight ahead!
  7. SaintM

    Outer Wilds

    Started this early last week and it's been pretty much my exclusive gaming snack since then. Amazing sense of exploration and discovery and I really enjoy the controls (I also loved space taxi during my youth and this is much more forgiving ;)). I've not completed it yet, but have started to run out of ideas. Sooner or later I imagine I'll have to use a spoiler-free walkthrough or the like, but I'll feel sad afterwards.
  8. I get the vibe as I did from Banished. Easy to lose hours.
  9. I didn't dig the combat in this, but sticking it into 'story mode' and playing through was entertaining enough.
  10. I think I ended up with everyone dead because of a failed QTE. I’m sure it came at the end of many other bad decisions and failed QTEs, but was still felt a bit crappy. Not gonna replay through to try again, too many boring bits tbh.
  11. Can’t be doing with inane fake screams at every jump scare. It’s full play though no commentary all the way for my scaredy-cat viewing (Outlast was never getting played after the first 10 mins)
  12. It may be worth seeing if this works for the game you want to alter. https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/games-apps/game-setup-and-play/enable-pc-game-mods I used that with mount and blade to use mods and it worked, though I appreciate that may be a different thing to what you’re looking for.
  13. It's bound to be RDR2 because I bought it a week ago.
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