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  1. Not getting the Ella love. First show, yes she was good, but she hit some seriously bum notes. Second show - good singing, but zero connection with the song, it sounded like she could've just been reciting a recipe for all the emotion she put in it. Kill it off once and for all by having Rylan win. And Nicole is amazing.
  2. Frankie sucks. Badly. And needs a wash, a haircut, release his balls from those horrid girl jeans (might improve the sound) or preferably, **** off to outer space. He freely admitted to only being in it for the girls. Well, he'll get that now, bye bye. Marcus is good - but too nice and sweet and so will inevitably be kicked out if he goes up against any of the shit ones they like (Rhythmix, Frankie, Sophie, Janet) Janet is a piece of overrated Ellie Goulding v1.1 and a boring arrogant idiot. Do not like one bit. Also her singing is very similar to Diana Vickers who I also despised. Johnny supr
  3. Saw this at the weekend. With a background as professional ballet dancer, this really wasn't a good film. Natalie Portman = very good. Camerawork/effects = very good. Film itself : Shit. The whole premise of "evil twin" is NOT what it is in the Swan Lake story, and having danced in that ballet myself it ruined the story for me because no ballerina would have that mentalism going on because they are not asking to be the same person, and it ruined the rest of the film. Also, nowhere near the mindfuck people said it was. Natalie deserves an Oscar but the film certainly doesn't.
  4. Well, that show sucked a bit. Feel sorry for Nicolo (check out his twitter @Nicolo_Festa) as he had a far more grounded head on him than some of the arrogant little whiny cows (Cher/Katie, looking at you) and saw it for what it is, a circus. Shame he got the shit edit. Paije stood out for me. Yes, he shouldn't have run around and needs a belt, but the boy can sure sing. And a really cute, smiley face as well. He actually has a voice that stands out, not the average corporate clone Bieber voice, but something with meaning! Mary was also good, so was Matt and John (overlooked much, and stitched
  5. Why oh why Dannii did you leave out the most talented voice in your category? Paije (cinema boy) was miles better than that stupid sidegobbed and sidehaired gimp who looked like he was having a fit when singing. WTF?! Also, Louis - WTF moment with putting Storm through? And then Cheryl, she must've been doped up on something; 2 years ago she didn't put Anastasia through cos she fucked up at this stage, yet this year she picks TWO who fuck up, and leaves out two (any combo of the others would do and be better, tbh) far far far more talented singers and nicer people? I SO hope wildcards mean we
  6. Paije, the black guy with the bad hairdo, for me. I love that kind of voice and he seems a lovely nice guy to boot as well! Not digging Cher at all, she just seems contrived and fake to me. Nothing original, just a rap wannabe with not much of a singing voice. The face just makes it worse. Shit bootcamp though and the over 28 is ridiculous, and especially who they put through.
  7. But she kept changing her story. One minute her parents are art teachers and freelance in their spare time, the next minute they're full time professional artists. Bullshitting much? Urgh, can't stand the woman.
  8. You sure know how to flatter a girl, Hamton.

  9. Would love to make a stamppot but prefer a zuurkool stamppot rather than a boerenkool or andijvie.... But no Hema worst as I'm in the UK - Boohoo!
  10. I'd like to make some, but have no idea where to start. Metal bowls essential?! Oh man I am such a shit girlfriend. The only things I can cook, are a mean Thai Curry, Thai Spicy Chicken Soup and a coconutted version of said soup. But then those are amazingly awesome. Think I need to go on a cooking course. I'd LOVE to be able to cook properly.
  11. Thanks for the tips so far guys! I keep getting told I am a rubbish cook though, so hopefully I can do some of these suggestions justice!
  12. Yes, obviously they aren't for the same meal... But for Christmas I am hoping to make a comforting Onion Soup with Cheesy Bread Goutons in (preferably that doesn't take forever to make) And I will be spending Christmas or Boxing with the family of my other half and have been reeled in to make and bring a Sherry Trifle. Now, I wanna make it a funky fruity one, ideally, but no idea. So many recipes online, so little time.... Oh rllmuk please guide me to the decent choices!
  13. Urgh, how can Olly the cuntish arsehole make it through? His retarded dancing and below par singing and overall hateability is shocking, and I never liked Danyl in the first place but after last night preferred him to sodding Olly! I don't see the issue with Stacey's performances... the first was weak but if she hadn't done that she'd have been labelled a one trick pony. Final guest duets : (spoilering in case not known) 1st presumably for Stacey, 2nd for Olly and 3rd for Joe Joe is just so cheesy, he can sing, sure, but it's all soooooo boring! Urgh urgh urgh.
  14. This is a joke post right? Olly talented at dancing? The robot as seen by drunken uncles at wedding's everywhere round the country, to inappropriate songs, and some hipthrusting in too tight trousers now constitutes talented dancing? Seriously, the guy was atrocious last night especially. And still looked like a chavved up, even uglier version of Dermot O'Dreary. With even worse fashion sense. Yurgh.
  15. Simon himself was just as responsible for putting them through to the final 24. So he can fuck right off with his criticisms. Predictable result though. I do feel sorry for them, I thought Rock DJ had some parts being sung by them actually in tune, yet it's as if they're personally responsible for everything that's going on. They are on there to better themselves, and are making the most of it. Out of everyone, them, Stacey and Jamie appear to be relishing and enjoying the time the most. They clearly know they're not the greatest singers, but the backlash is just wrong. Oh, can we also please
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