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  1. Lads, I've got a ps4 now, so in the 3 minutes of the day when I'm not chasing a small baby around and my wife isn't watching Ozark I might try to download and play this children's fighting videogame against you. Do I have to pay Sony money in order to be able to do "online"? I've not done video games for about 5 years so have no clue how anything works now.
  2. Man, infectious had a heck of a run at rbk. What a guy!
  3. Genuinely horrified by the special champion edition revelation lads. If I've been wrong about that for all my life, what else could I be mistaken about!?!?
  4. I'll probably be watching the evo finals live, lads, as I have a one week old boy now. Sleep-deprived fighter
  5. Saw Hegg the other week lads. He's still a handsome devil.
  6. Well lads, this picture came up on my Chromecast and I guess now we know that jellum was almost right to call him Tomasz.
  7. Play fighter: Abigail's party To kill a mockingbirdie Much ado about mashing The merchant of v-skill The taming of the scrub
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