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  1. Im in the same position if you wanna group up for stuff? Psn: daviedigi
  2. Im available to help or make up numbers with any raids.
  3. Im available to help or make up numbers if anyone needs me. Psn daviedigi
  4. Not exactly new but iv been m.i.a. for around 5 years. Feels a bit weird coming back and everything is all new! I noticed consolevania is coming back via patreon and rewatched a few episodes and remember a few quotes from way back when (during the segways). Then wonderd if i still have an account (i do) then wonderd if there were an active destiny comunity. So here i am, psn player daviedigi. I play practicaly everything on PlayStation 4.
  5. Im also happy to help anyone out, need a fresh team of players since iv got back in to this and all my friends have decided there no longer interested. Not been around these forums for 5 odd years so ignore me if you want also. Psn is daviedigi
  6. its free. source playstation store.
  7. il be back on this, just got it back from a mate. still a briliantly playable game.
  8. i wouldnt mind getting in on some of this, if yous are a man down and need a stand-in ...il make myself available.
  9. they could set the room to any rank and still keep it private. with regards to the valve turning... tilt your pad right then grasp with triggers, then tilt left, leave go and repeat. (spoilerd it just in case). you guys playing veteran are in for a tough ride when yous reach the atac. make sure you dont mess about with trying to take the pillars out with the pistol, just quick swap a rifle, smg or something for the rpg quickly....youll see, definetly the part i struggled at most though. loving the mp but had to buy the game proper to play with friends and lost all my stats from the pre-release.
  10. but weirdly i can. hope i wont have to buy another copy when this is out proper, theres some talk of the servers being wiped and only the game proper working on it. also on my pre-release sheet theres some known bugs, so iexpect the full game proper will be even more polished to fix these.
  11. think your gonna have to delete your profiles mate and start again, of course though just use the "use existing account" option when you set it back up and use your old details again. deanbot ...same e-mail same password and you should be able to get all your games back still. if wipeout isnt working though might have to go in to account management>download list and look for wipeout, download that then when installed go back to your download management and download the "wipeout unlock key".
  12. thanks the count. you are of course 100% correct. so are you playing online...if so add..away....if you want. got a few others playing now aswell. going back in now to earn my shottie.
  13. fair enough, the settings do work though so make a note of them just incase you fancy it. you can always auto-detect them back to normal again later. im really desperate to get a few online peeps playing, what iv played online so far easily matches the likes of cod4 imho.
  14. the servers have been up since the beta, people just need to change a few settings on there DNS. i hope they do so i can finally play against or with people, ign folks came on the other day then imediately left to a private game .. mattneopsn also shot me twice and left whoever he is, im on the rankings now though as id already took all the bases when he joined. still just short of creating a clan at sergeant rank. edit: i should also say sorry for the double post and iv made room for you both on my friendslist, that way i can help you out if i need to and i can also prove im not a liar or misrepresenting or anything .. i have a ps2 eyetoy so i can show you my disk and sheet if you wish. please come online and play though im dieing to give it a decent test.
  15. @eighthours and twyford.... if yous are playing it now and its a pre-release (with a creation date on the disk, and says pre-release on the disk), you will have been given a sheet with it thats 2 pages ....with controlls and embargo and stuff on it (cheats lol). first page it tells you to change your DNS settings ...have yous done this? i have and thats why mine works online and the servers are up theres just hardly a person playing. from my sheet heres what it tells me to do so you lot can try it.... 1. start up the ps3 test kit (mine aint a test kit). 2. goto the ps3 xmb - settings - network settings. 3. internet connection settings. 4. custom - wired - autodetect - automatic - do not set - manual. 5. change primary DNS to and then the following actions. x (to confirm settings) - right - automatic - do not use - enabled - enter. 6. test the conection. 7. ignore the upnp is complaning and back out. 8. if you are experiencing problems still and are using a ps3 test / debug kit, ensure the NP enviroment is set to np. this can access this from the debug settings options. thats what my sheet says word for word (except they called the xmb ...xmp) i dant have a test kit but i have the pre-release disk and sheet that comes with it.... please try these settings and see if it works for you. and please dont call me a liar or say im mis representing....you may hurt my feelings.
  16. iv had a pre release of this since friday and iv got to say its very enjoyable. graphics have to be seen to be believed ..even on the online multiplayer the size and looks of the maps are quite stunning. hard to find anyone on the servers though just now but when you do it is so so sweet to play. warfare is the standard match type that has changing objectives after a certain amount of time has passed, so you could be playing search and destroy one moment and after making a plant with the bomb and defending it till it blows suddenly the game type will change to say bodycount (team deathmatch), or assasin (someone picked randomly to be assasinated either kill or defend him), or the other mp gametypes that are standard like capture the bases deathmatch and the rest. you can of course just opt to play any one of these seperately nut it really does work so well. you can also just run around the maps to get used to them and stuff but unless you actually play a human oponent you wont get xp at the end of the match. you nead to be at seargent rank to open up clan creation aswell. also has a single button access to tournaments and clan matches, and you can also split party up in to groups of 4 or whatever and choose who goes with who and stuff. its all very well done. havent tryed any perks out yet due to lack of people to play with though, played a few bot matches and some of there perks are cool.
  17. sorry gys iv not been around tonight, il be on later. should have killzone2 tomorow so this is getting hammerd tonight.
  18. woot woot ...i get a friends spare review copy on wednesday, for free an all. i fucking love this game already and cant wait to get into the online mp. alternate 2 controlls ftw.
  19. 10.30 is good for me too. so just us 3 tonight again.....shall i see if i can grab some mates tonight to join? edit: couldnt make it tonight sorry lads, went to ewood park for the footy. (anygame i can watch il go to) my mate robin (gt: major_potthead) has just pickedthis up today on my recomendations and will be available to join us. so thats 4 of us, if soong can work his magic and find out what the tournament is all about i recon we should have a crack. also got 4 mates from the EDGE board who play regular so we could theoreticlly get a full squad toghether.
  20. very good question, im allways up for some so gies a shout on psn for a kickin.
  21. well this died of rather quickly so anyone care to ressurect it tonight for a few games? not played in a while so il be rubbish....take it easy on me. msg on psn if your interested please.
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