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  1. Sounds like he jumped before he was pushed.
  2. O Neil appointed full time coach at Bournemouth until the end of next season.
  3. So the English Conte then? I imagine that 6-2 score line would have Southgate wake up in a cold sweat.
  4. Brazilian TV confirms Neymar and Danilo are out of the WC group phases
  5. Someone has to carry the can for the cockups strategy wise this season. They should have been far closer to Red Bull then they actually were. The fact it went to the last day to confirm number 2 in constructor table with how bad w13 was is nuts.
  6. Could have been 3-4 Iran easily in the second half alone.
  7. I suspect it’s reliance on the Bale of 2022 rather than the Bale of 2016.
  8. Perez as number two or Bottas as number 2? If they’d been driving for the others team last season Verstappen ** wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near.
  9. Checo’s contract expires next year which is convenient. Have Danny R get up to speed on the sim, whilst RB use the threat of him to keep Perez in line in the meantime.
  10. If I were a kid there that thing would give me nightmares.
  11. Car aside can’t stand red bull as a team. Now max is concerned about Perez? Piss off.
  12. Paul di Resta your time is now 😛
  13. Some consolation perhaps for last year?
  14. Hamilton must be sick of this season.
  15. So Red bull 1-2 today with Merc and Ferrari scrap to finish a distant 3rd? So many good byes today. Latifi, Vettel, Danny R and Schumacher.
  16. When is qualifying this afternoon please?
  17. “Good ebening, Mr Vax Merstappen here. I would like to make a complaint about that nice Mr Perez please…”
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