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  1. Stephen Grief (Travis in Blake’s 7 season 1) has passed, aged 78. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/dec/26/the-crown-and-blakes-7-actor-stephen-greif-dies-at-78?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  2. Job swap with Rodgers at the kp.
  3. Just a reminder that premier league games are on Amazon today, starting with Brentford vs Tottenham at 12:30pm.
  4. They wanted to make it as a fresh start for viewers interested enough to watch it, but worried they had too much back story to catch up on.
  5. There was a 4th but not a 5th. Eldon also played Dean the dwarf.
  6. Why not try some of the kids novels that Pratchett did like Truckers?
  7. Looks like a poor photo shop!
  8. I only really knew him from his radio 1 show back in the day.
  9. It’ll be about how England start tonight. First half hour similar to the Senegal game and France could get a good 2-3 goal lead due to them having a striker. Similarly if England go 2-0 up in 30 minutes or so watch Southgate go increasingly defensive inviting the French to attack the way Italy did in the euros.
  10. Knowing they’ll still be picked as long as Southgate is boss. Now imagine this England side against France Spain or Brazil.
  11. BREAKING: Gabriel Jesus is RULED OUT of the World Cup with injury.
  12. No surprise but Martinez stepping down after World Cup.
  13. “Can I have your autograph please?”
  14. Wouldn’t they be France C considering the amount of people out injured?
  15. players from USA Iran game too knackered to celebrate.
  16. Knee injury the last pl game before the start.
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