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  1. The Ferrari will be the one breaking down if that helps?
  2. Could really tell we’re not watching Star Trek with this episode in particular 😛
  3. According to hotukdeals this morning Tesco in store only had some deals on normal and oled consoles. Probably not worth making a special trip but if you’re in one might be worth asking at the desk.
  4. Maybe they were waiting for Lampard to be available? 😛
  5. Narrow it down will you? 😛 its Grealish isn’t it?
  6. Franck or Frank? Ones worse than the other 😛
  7. Mad prediction :- Chelsea vs Liverpool champions league final to salvage season.
  8. Tuchel (even funnier) or Poch I’m guessing.
  9. Whoever is in charge of the livery design sure earned their wages this year. Guessing nothing really interesting is going to be shown until the end of the month at testing?
  10. So my primary use of Netflix is at home on my iPad. My mum occasionally uses it on her tv under my account as one of the profiles (paid for). Am I going to be affected by these changes?
  11. Everton not succeeding in signing anyone when a) all their relegation rivals are (including Southampton and Bournemouth) and b) have 45 million to spend after Gordon went is mildly amusing. I hope Dyche has a bonus for avoiding relegation in his contract.
  12. Be fair the first couple always seem to be ok, then it goes to complete shite.
  13. Taken inspiration from generations there. Turned all the lights off so they could use a load of candles everywhere for reasons.
  14. Just a thought, Everton never announced Dyche as manager on Friday did they? Wonder if they’ll do it tomorrow or if it’s hit a snag?
  15. Dyche being reported as done for new Everton boss.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2023/jan/23/danny-ings-injures-knee-west-ham-debut-weeks-out?CMP=share_btn_tw
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2023/jan/23/everton-sack-frank-lampard-manager
  18. Everyone thought Lampard was nailed on for the Norwich job before Smith. Wonder if he would have been better advised taking that one at the time.
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