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  1. For those that haven’t seen it this now has a home in the uk. Not sky max, not E4 but bbc1 of all places. 17:40 on 4th December.
  2. Nick ‘voice of the daleks’ et al Briggs has got covid:(
  3. Problem with showing a newbie yesterday’s enterprise is they wouldn’t know the context. Bunch of people they don’t know suddenly acting differently etc. I would go with any season 3 onward Q episode or Best of Both Worlds part 1.
  4. Think it was Fiest who admitted to doing a couple of rift war novels to help pay for a divorce!
  5. What goes around comes around. After all the bitching Horners done it would be quite funny.
  6. Anyone else playing spot the Lotr greatest hits?
  7. Nah that’ll be the twist. The movie will be a 2 hour poker session where Burnham starts crying at the end o f every hand.
  8. Paul McGann first if you’re talking mini series. Thing is would that not confuse the general public on who the current one is?
  9. How the hell does Maguire start after that performance at the weekend?
  10. Happy birthday Doctor Who!
  11. Part 2 of He man Revelation is out.
  12. Thought Paddy reverted to a little of the bullying from earlier seasons during the chili task. Able to dish it out but not able to take it. Still fun episode though. How many episodes are there this series?
  13. Air wolf you just had to tune in for the last 20 minutes to watch them blow the shit out of everything.
  14. Imagine the gaffer tape holding it together won’t help either…
  15. Or to look at it another way, gets to enjoy his retirement and watch the kids grow up.
  16. Don’t you know who he is?
  17. Either Chigs or Crystelle for me. Which means it’ll be Giuseppe.
  18. At least Sanderson gets his stuff out frequently or explains what’s going on. Read Wot years ago up to about book 5 before noping out of it.
  19. We really are at the equivalent of the 6th Dr era in nu-who aren’t we?
  20. Could sky have found a more noisy place to do the podium interviews? Lots of sarcasm flying around on the radio today.
  21. Anyone else think what might have been when Stones and Sterling were congratulating him?
  22. Lampard seems to be the shoe in there, but I wonder if he might end up at Rangers.
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