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  1. They fucked up shannara to such an extent that I’m a bit wary of any adaptations from fantasy stuff now.
  2. Only available to buy isn’t it? Not included with prime?
  3. Space it out for one a night is my recommendation. Any more than that and it a) grates and b)blurs together. Wish they would dial tendi back just a tad, but otherwise like it. Laughed more than I should have at
  4. If that is true I can’t imagine a lot of renewals after the current subs run out.
  5. I think there are a few production members who have also sadly passed:(
  6. Someone said it was seven main cast members now
  7. Mira Furlan (Delenn) has passed away due to ill health at 65
  8. Everyone watch your autocorrect in this thread!
  9. R D Moore admitted the plan thing was a load of bollocks dreamt up by his co-writer to provide a hook for viewers.
  10. Let’s try and keep the thread spoiler free for lolly atm eh? Be nice to have some posts on various eps as well. Oh but be warned, season 1 is a little rough compared to the later seasons!
  11. First time or have you seen the series before?
  12. Distinct lack of lens flare suggests not.
  13. Throw enough mud(d) at the wall and see what sticks, The amount of stuff they are churning out now some of it should be good (unless Lower Decks was it!).
  14. That'll be The Greatest Show In The Galaxy.
  15. Slowly rolled out across the seasons, so check before you buy. People think it's because it's going to be streamed on HBO at some point. Think it's itunes atm.
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