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  1. Did they fix the various issues around launch time? It was those that seemed to kill interest in this off as I recall?
  2. Any danger of ninty being able to remove it from your account for whatever reason? Or is it a case of once it's on the system it's there?
  3. Not sure whether to go for that currys offer or see if sainsburys (voucher to use up) has any in.
  4. Depends if you want to play it on the bog I suppose.
  5. What would make money for Nintendo would be a gamepass type service with the n64, gbc, gc et al on there for x amount a month.
  6. I'd like to know this too. My one month trial that I got with a refurb is about to expire. Do I have to let it lapse totally, or can I do it at any point? Thanks.
  7. So almost the exact reverse of Ryan Giggs then?
  8. Anyone know if this will be in supermarkets on day of release? Got a £50 sainsburys voucher burning a hole in my wallet and would prefer to get it using that.
  9. Had to stop playing this as I couldn't sit at the pc for long enough to get a decent session going before my leg stiffened up. Hope to get back to it in the near future. Think I was right near the end of the main story and went off to do a few side things first.
  10. That doesn't look bad at all. Any idea when it's on?
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