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  1. Second season syndrome or what happened with Sheffield Utd. Other teams have figured you out. Also for the first time in ages, Norwich aside there don’t seem to be any obvious teams (depending on what Newcastle do now) for the relegation places.
  2. As long as it’s not your team they are playing against!
  3. That’s what they said about football and look what happened there.
  4. It’s been renewed for season three, no idea past that. Hope it runs.
  5. Finale up on Amazon now. Going to miss this.
  6. Will anyone watch it after part one (for the record I didn’t mind this or the other!).
  7. Who dat? Could have Morden or Reefa in that role ?
  8. Babylon 5 drinking game. Every time someone ends the sentence with “hell”, take a shot. It’s one of those things that once pointed out you can’t help but notice!
  9. Stand-alone or do I have to have read others?
  10. So too soon to speculate who might get Hamiltons spot when he does call it a day?
  11. It’s the saucer proportions I don’t like on the d. I get what they were going for, but think it would look better a size down. Slightly larger than the c.
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