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  1. https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/41230/~/game-doesn’t-recognize-the-nintendo-switch-online-membership
  2. Does it say something that I couldn't be bothered with last weeks and been watching Ds9 instead? Still with the finale out tomorrow I'll push on and get both parts done.
  3. Nope it's rllmukforum. keep up!
  4. So being isolated thanks to the virus means I'm going to have time to get through a few books hopefully. Ones I've got my eye on are :- An Echo of things to come. Book 2 in the licanius trilogy started with "The Shadow Of What was lost". The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding Blood of Empire by Brian Mclellan. Thing is not sure which one to get first!
  5. Yep been giving this a spin this weekend to see how my pc would hold up. Surprisingly playable given I've only got 8 gig of ram in it. Most of the time it's fine with just a little stutter now and then but nothing too bad. Probably get it.
  6. It's been patchy all day it seems. Demand must have been high. Maybe a good will gesture to extend over the weekend. Hesitant to use my card on it if it keeps glitching.
  7. As title really. Today only (thanks for the notice!) Bandcamp issue the following statement :- "To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales today (Friday, March 20th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets." So knock yourself out. Get that album you've been meaning to for a while.
  8. Lots of planets have a north (sorry wrong franchise).
  9. They have been in talks with Robert Picardo so something may come of that.
  10. That's why I don't bother with rpgs now. Love the characters, the settings and so on and so forth, but once I finish the tutorial I have no idea where the hell I'm meant to be going!
  11. Now there's an idea. Have the Tardis land in one of the Dwarfs shuttle bays.
  12. Assassins Creed Syndicate. Liked it well enough at the start but got to the point where the twins split up (her to st pauls him to wherever) and just not really gone back to it.
  13. I could do without modern tv's penchant showing someone upchucking quite honestly. No need for that at all.
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