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  1. Has there been anyone who has not been in the boardroom yet on the losing side?
  2. I reckon it could be Southampton sadly. Could be one of the closest ones yet for relegation. Wonder if there will be any surprises and someone goes on an absolute stinker of a run and gets dragged into it?
  3. How long does the tesco offer go on for?
  4. Couldn't be bothered in the end. Figured there will be other sales between now and christmas anyway.
  5. Popping down to my local one tomorrow, I suspect it will be a wasted trip now Was going to get Lugi and LA.
  6. I'm (wrongly) predicting 0-0 here. Bournemouth finally have been told it's a good idea to keep the ball out of the back of the net, only to forget that they have to put it in at the other end as well!
  7. Seems this may be in the "2 for £60" offer in some tescos if anyone still hasn't picked this up. Was going to order through amazon but may pop down the local this weekend (which will mean they either don't have it or won't be in the offer!).
  8. Seems another channel other than Sky have got the rights to this in the uk which affects Crisis. Looks like Sky are trying to get an agreement to be able to show that one episode but looks unlikely.
  9. Is that so you can stick on charge then?
  10. Or just buy another switch
  11. Wasn't the common complaint of windwaker that it was unfinished (missing dungeons etc) rather than short?
  12. Seems to be basically anything by Claudia Grey first.
  13. Or just make a mini dreamcast in time for christmas.
  14. Considering the games on monday it'd be unlikely.
  15. Been playing Puzzle Quest a lot recently. Aside from the cheating bastard ai forgotten how good it was just to pick something up for a 20 minute blast.
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