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  1. Didn't know everyone had gone on a bog roll buying spree back then.
  2. Wow, first I've heard of that. Used to be a big Eddings fan back in the day before it became a)cool to rag on them (before that story obviously) and b) he ran the same plot into the ground. At least he did acknowledge it somewhat in the plot of the second series.
  3. Homebrewing the switch not an option if you don't use it?
  4. Assassins Creed Odyssey have chickens that will get annoyed with you and peck you to death. Just had a bastard hard fight, got the merc down and then get clipped on the ankle by said chicken which finished me off. Not pleased.
  5. On steam cheap for £16. or so atm. Worth it at that price? Going to be looking for something a little different once I'm done (!) mainlining the quests in ac odyssey.
  6. This basically. Don't mind fetch quests as long as they are entertaining. Had some decent sniggers at some in AC:Odyssey.
  7. Think I'm getting to that point which is a shame. Sometimes studios need to learn that less is more. Really enjoyed it up until now though. Guessing I'm going to have to upgrade my pc if I want to play Valhalla as this one is only just coping with it (more the 8 gig ram than anything else).
  8. Which console did that come out on then (and I liked Sunshine) ?:P
  9. Got to a bit that properly annoyed me for the first time in over 40 hours of play last night.
  10. Legends just seems to lack focus these days, which is a shame. Oh and those new credit sequence are bloody awful.
  11. Thanks to works somewhat strict no mobiles in work place areas rule. That means no wifi so that means carrying an mp3 player with a 200 gig sdxc card stuffed with my cd collection ripped to flac/alac and a load of audiobooks (largely big finish) and mix the two up throughout the working day depending on my mood. Somedays I like it a tad heavier (well heavier than I normally listen to), others I fancy a comedy or a longer story. I find it somewhat amusing I've spent a fair whack on headphones just to block noises out to listen to voices! When I get home and want to crash out for an hour or so I'll flick through spotify randomly until I find a cover I like the look of and stick that on.
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