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  1. Why would someone decline a refund that presumably that person requested? Makes no sense at all!
  2. Is "Game" finished?

    The one at Castlepoint, Bournemouths gone. Going to be a shoe locker. Right between a Mountain Warehouse and a JD direct, so that will do as well then.
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Thanks, can I have the console sent to a work address or is it home delivery only?
  4. Nintendo Switch

    So I find myself thinking about getting a switch. Any decent offers on atm or just go with amazon for the service? Thinking about getting Zelda, Mario and Mario Kart to start with.
  5. Does anyone actually like random battles?

    Golden Sun on the gba pissed me off no end with the random battles. Couldn't take more than two or three steps without one.
  6. Is "Game" finished?

    Anyone else remember a time when "sale" meant "sale" and not "quick buy this stuff we are desperate to flog to make a quick quid"?
  7. Your gaming resolutions 2018

    Uninstall Counter-strike and play some other stuff again. Had been enjoying an hour of night of Rise of The Tomb Raider and finished that. Made the mistake of reinstalling CS and that's been it. Now I seem to be playing it for the sake of it.
  8. SPACE! - Movies and TV Shows

    2001 and 2010
  9. Doctor Who

    Quite. More than a few have placed Capaldi as the new Colin Baker in Nu-who. Decent enough Doctor, just saddled with crap/confusing stories. I remember the time (hah) when most people couldn't wait to see the back of RTD and hail in the era of our "saviour" Steven Moffat. What the show really needed was a combination of the two. A Russell T Moffat, or a Stephen T Davies. Anyway good luck to Jodie Whittaker when we eventually see her on screen properly.
  10. Big Finish are offering a free episode download of The Avengers - Steed and Mrs Peel on their website.
  11. Doctor Who (big fat smiley )
  12. If it was on the gba it would be a platformer.
  13. SNES Mini

    In stock at normal price from amazon uk for those that still want one. Am I right in thinking that if I have a raspberry pi3 with the reys 128 img then this doesn't really offer anything over that other than plug and play?
  14. Did anyone on here actually back the vega+ out of curiosity?
  15. Thing is though (and I've said this before) after doing 3 series of Star Trek, they should have been able to hit the ground running. Ok you could give a bit of leeway for the first season for the actors/characters to bed in, but aside from that there were no real excuses for it to take the usual 3 or 4 seasons for it to get going.

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