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  1. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Right, strange as it may seem I'm only just about to unpack and charge up the switch I got last week (been away and didn't have chance to play with it before going). Any do's and dont's for a first time switch user?
  2. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Never bother with screen protectors on anything, does the switch really need one?
  3. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Just done the deed and ordered a switch, mario and hyrule warriors. Aside from a memory card, anything else I need to get for it? Missed the wii u totally so there will be plenty to get stuck into.
  4. davidcotton

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond - Ch.2 out 28th June 2018

    Just make sure you have the insurance money for when it goes boom at some point
  5. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Right so 400 gig from the get go then
  6. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    If I want to go download only, I'm assuming a bigger card than a 128 gig would be a good idea from the start? I'm rubbish at storing things and would more than likely end up losing carts just when I want to play something.
  7. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like a cross between f-zero, wipeout, rez and tempest to me. Thanks for the simply recs. Looks like I may place a purchase next week (on holiday). Looking at a switch, Mario, Hyrule Warriors to begin with I think.
  8. davidcotton

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone ordered from simplygames before? Decent price. Normally only order stuff from amazon but they haven't dropped the price for awhile. Only downside to simply is they won't deliver to a work address until you order at least one item from them (which is fair enough).
  9. davidcotton

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Fixed that for you.
  10. davidcotton

    Doctor Who

    Tv Movie?
  11. davidcotton

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Lot's of planets have a north!
  12. Because what would people want? Them to get on shipping them, or waste time posting nice pictures on the internet?
  13. davidcotton

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    So if Nintendo do a mini gamecube console ala the snes and mini, anyone in here picking one up?
  14. Everyones' got relatives you know
  15. davidcotton

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    New series of Monkey is up on netflix, anyone watch it?

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