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  1. Best place (cheapest?) to get a vita these days please?
  2. Think it was released as a free pdf. Do a search for it and add pdf on the end.
  3. They touched on this in the novels (destiny was it? can't remember), which have now obviously been blown out of canon Went something like "You were with them for seven days, I was with them for 19 years. Can you remember every moment?".
  4. I made the mistake of reinstalling it. Two months later I uninstalled it to play something else!
  5. Not so sure about that, Norwich will be well up for it being the first game.
  6. Wait for amazon prime day if you have it.
  7. Hope the op went well, and he get's better soon!
  8. How many times have you played it though?
  9. When Resident Evil 4 came out originally on Gamecube and everyone went "shame it's not ps2 I'd get it". Should of just bought a gamecube first then.
  10. Don't forget that with the homegrown percentage thing there would be added incentive for the bigger clubs to go for Maguire as well.
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