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  1. Anyone on xbox who does fancy doing the raid just let us know and we'll sort something out.
  2. Don't worry about getting stressed, its always like that at first . I guarantee that after a few times it'll become second nature and to me that's the one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. The high level stuff that used to kick your ass becomes routine. Stuff where there's no challenge at all (like standard strikes) just becomes boring. Plus, you'll miss out on that sweet loot.
  3. I'll be on pretty much all night with Monkey. Zooki wanted to do it tonight again and I think @tnman also
  4. We had some around that level so it shouldn't be too bad. End might be 1250. You can just run down the lost sector as normal for lament can't you? You activate the 1280 (or 1250) via a flag at the entrance
  5. We managed to finish it last night but would definitely be up for doing it with an alt. Got the ghost, scout and some armour. Is the sparrow a chest drop?
  6. I've never really used it until now. Need to finish the catalyst as its really grown on me for this sort of activity. Should add im also using charged by light/protective light mods on my armour. Saved my skin plenty of times and its what I'll be running with for the raid. If you haven't got them just check in with Banshee everyday and grab every mod you haven't got
  7. Nah, quests have had it before. I didn't even have a shotty equipped in crucible and mine went up. I assumed that's why
  8. Loadout is pulse with anti barrier, erania's vow which is again anti barrier and falling guillotine. I have the artifact mod on which mean stasis grenades disrupt overload champions. Boss dps is just chipping away. Eriana's does decent dps but with both weapons having anti barrier you ignore the hydra's shield. After clearing boss room with super I just wait in the tunnel chipping away and baiting in the two overloads that come.
  9. Done the 250 today about 10 times and got nish. One run was platinum, flawless and completed in 7.5 mins. Got a fuckin blue sword.
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