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  1. Yeah, I'm still on most nights but the clan is very quiet. If we can convince @tnman and @redbloodcel to come back on we'd be most of the way there.
  2. Isn't discord for the pc folk? Do you have the destiny 2 app? You can send messages there to the rest of the clan or use the online thread here. I'll be using on of those to try and organise a raid next week if you're interested.
  3. You'll get the bonus after the weekly reset tonight
  4. We didn't. No one showed interest so we concentrated on levelling and will have a pop tonight instead
  5. Two spaces open for a crack at the new raid tonight from 8 on xbox if anyone fancies it. As it's on a school night we won't be on past 11 and will pick up again another day.. if we need to
  6. @tnman pull your finger out Dom. @Tetchy @auntyclimax a core 4/5 of us are on regularly. We've done all the raids and Sherpad a few fair few on their first run. We don't take it too serious and we're all in the same boat with the new one. Might have a slot or two open for a run at Garden this week if you're high enough. Might just mean the first two encounters as I'm only 925 myself.
  7. Ha, hope the experience was better than mine. 3 years ago Vs Wolves. 10 mins in he says "Dad, footballs a bit boring isn't it". We lost 2-0. He now supports Spurs
  8. I've seen plenty of people point this pout in Gladd's chat but havent seen them try anything with it yet. Energy weapons from the different forges - didnt the AR (solar) have to be forged in Volundr, sniper (arc) in Gofannon and hand cannon (void) in Izanami? Those match the elements on the swords/houses and obviously it spawns energy ammo...
  9. On tonight? We can help you get them done
  10. I haven't got a clue what I'm doing but if that doesn't matter I'm in. RustySBadge.
  11. That's chromatic fire. What's better than an explosion on a precision kill? Two explosions on a precision kill!! I never use hand cannons and the crucible kills were a right chore with me averaging two per match but it was bloody worth it
  12. I see your ace of spades and raise with an ace spades + chromatic fire
  13. Anybody getting a boar error on Xbox? Tried to get on at 7 and it said expansion content appears to be damaged or missing. Deleted the full bastard thing, downloaded again and still getting the error. Fuck Bungie.
  14. Myself, Big Jack, Evil Boris and Mr Delabee have been on a fair bit recently. Managed to get the whisper a couple of weeks back but then struggled to get 3 of us on at the same time since for a go at the heroic. We'd also like to get back into raiding so if anyone fancies a pop at either tonight we'll be on from 7 for sure.
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