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  1. Course it is. So yeah, you're shit out of luck moose
  2. You can just stay in the mission and listen to all the previous dialogue to get the triumphs I think. That's why there's such a long countdown
  3. Its fucking brilliant. Will have to be careful with track design though as I'm sure the dog wants to rip luigi to pieces.
  4. Luigi is on charge :D. One of them is my step son and he's at his dads. I just have to swear my boy to secrecy. Its bound to end well
  5. I've still got a spare series x preorder if anyone needs one and could travel to Hartlepool to pick it up. Will be cancelling it soon if no takers.
  6. Mario and Luigi just been delivered. They're supposed to be Christmas presents for my two youngest...
  7. I'd look into the whisper and outbreak prime quests. The weapons might go into the exotic loot pool but the missions to get them are up there with the best content and I'm assuming they'll be vaulted.
  8. Armour 2.0 has been great. You now now get guaranteed high stat rolls at the top end of your season pass so I've been waiting for them before upgrading any new armour pieces. The build options freshen things up each season and the warmind cell builds from last were great fun. This season I've got void devour charged with light sidearm and sword buff, charged with light infinite solar grenades and this As for materials, one pit run will get you six sticks from scrapping the drop and that takes 30 mins to an hour.
  9. Yeah, I'm still on most nights but the clan is very quiet. If we can convince @tnman and @redbloodcel to come back on we'd be most of the way there.
  10. Isn't discord for the pc folk? Do you have the destiny 2 app? You can send messages there to the rest of the clan or use the online thread here. I'll be using on of those to try and organise a raid next week if you're interested.
  11. You'll get the bonus after the weekly reset tonight
  12. We didn't. No one showed interest so we concentrated on levelling and will have a pop tonight instead
  13. Two spaces open for a crack at the new raid tonight from 8 on xbox if anyone fancies it. As it's on a school night we won't be on past 11 and will pick up again another day.. if we need to
  14. @tnman pull your finger out Dom. @Tetchy @auntyclimax a core 4/5 of us are on regularly. We've done all the raids and Sherpad a few fair few on their first run. We don't take it too serious and we're all in the same boat with the new one. Might have a slot or two open for a run at Garden this week if you're high enough. Might just mean the first two encounters as I'm only 925 myself.
  15. Ha, hope the experience was better than mine. 3 years ago Vs Wolves. 10 mins in he says "Dad, footballs a bit boring isn't it". We lost 2-0. He now supports Spurs
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