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  1. Xbox raid on Friday night?
  2. I might be able to get another. If not we can just lfg it
  3. That works for me. Is that 6? Gaz x 4, tnman and me?
  4. Next weekend is best for me. No kids so can be on till its done
  5. I've been happily grabbing the free engrams for weeks Oz. Cheers @Gaz @tnman fancy a crack at eater of worlds then?
  6. I still dip in. Up to 335 but haven't done anything raid related since the DLC dropped. GT is Rusty S Badge
  7. luckypierre

    Xbox One X

    £20? The bastards only gave me £10
  8. luckypierre

    Xbox One X

    Tva10 at currys to get 10% of the c7. Tvs10 at Argos to get the same off the b7. The stand on the c7 is nicer. Happy resisting
  9. Sorry man, I had to endure a nightmare of a 7 year old at bedtime. He didn't go off until after 9 and by that point I was exhausted.
  10. @Varsity sorry, forgot to say last night that I'm in. Pretty sure Jack is too.
  11. Chuck me and jack in Reynolds. Tentative for now but ill confirm later I'm a Warlock and Jack's a titan
  12. Jack is a mate of mine. Think he might be registered on here but if he is he doesn't post.
  13. @VarsityMe and Jack have been on every night since release. Zooki started last night and has already caught us up. I don't think it will be an issue for a while. Me and zooki were on solidly for pretty much the whole time with d1 and apart from the last expansion jack put plenty of hours in. This is even better.
  14. Jon's talking about being in a clan approaching 100 members, I dont think we'll have to worry abou that @tnman you dont look like a knob at all. At the very least you've got the ball rolling on organising the xbox players here to team up together so thanks for that. As said Im happy to join whichever clan. I'll leave it you guys to sort out between you and if/when I see the link change in the first post I'll switch over.

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