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  1. Wait, postcard edition Ico is a high-priced collector item now ? I still have that !
  2. MGS 2 and Ico both released within a year of the console being out. Not exactly the twilight years.
  3. It's really not. It has beautiful graphics, style galore and an incredible soundtrack but it controls poorly and it's an over-extended bloated mess. I was looking forward to it as I loved the first, warts and all, but it turned out to be my biggest disappointment of 2017.
  4. Yeah, thanks for making E3 an even more fun time by putting this together !
  5. I'd say on Starfield on a technicality but it won't affect my score much anyway so I'll side with the majority ^^
  6. The first setback you talk about is actually completely justified by the narrative in the end.
  7. Blunt

    Devil May Cry 5

    Wasn't convinced by my first look at the trailer then I watched it again and realized that at one point Nero is surfing on his own rocket arm. Then I was sold.
  8. Much as I'd like those 20 points, honesty compels me to point out that it's said for the first time around 4 mins in, when the two guys from DICE describe BFV as "the most complete and immersive Battlefield".
  9. Just a question, will we get individual threads for each conference with non spoiler links in the OP after the fact for those who want to catch up ?
  10. EA 1) Will Respawn unveil their Star Wars title? Y 2) Will Jürgen Klopp make an appearance, either real or virtual, in the no doubt awfully boring FIFA 19 segment? N 3) Will we see a sequel to Unravel at E3 2018? N 4) Will we see a flamethrower in action during BOTH the Battlefield V AND Anthem segments? Y 5) Open-ended: How many minutes into the presentation until we first hear the word "immersive"? 30 Microsoft 6) Will From Software's Shadows Die Twice be shown at MS's E3 briefing? 7) Will we get to see the Rocker class in action at the Cyberpunk 2077 showing? Y 8) Will Joanna Dark make her return at E3 2018? N 9) Will we see cars drive in the rain for more than 25 seconds during the Forza Horizon 4 segment? N 10} Open-ended: How many times do we hear the word "Halo" during MS's briefing? 10 Bethesda 11) Will the Prey DLC/standalone have the word 'Moon' in the title? N 12) Now that we know about Fallout 76, will we see the rumoured Starfield at E3 2018? Y 13) Will we catch a glimpse of the Icon of Sin during the unveiling of Doom II: Hell on Earth? N 14) Will Bethesda spend more than 6 minutes on Rage 2 during their briefing? Y 15) Open-ended: Which song will Bethesda pick for the Fallout 76 trailer that will play during their briefing? Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival Ubisoft 16) Will Splinter Cell close the Ubisoft conference? Y 17) Will Ubisoft do a cross-over with Star Fox for Starlink: Battle for Atlas? Y 18) Will The Division 2 take place in Chicago instead of New York?? N 19) Will we see a new faction being added to For Honor (besides Vikings, Knights and Samurai?) Y 20) Opend-ended: How many boats will sink during the Skulls & Bones footage? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 7 Sony 21) Will we see Doc Oc during the Spider-Man presentation? N 22) Will we see Ellie make a bow and arrow kill in the footage for The Last of Us: Part II? Y 23) Will Rocksteady's new title be announced during the Sony E3 2018 briefing? Y 24) Will Hideo Kojima unveil yet another Hollywoord star for Death Stranding? N 25) Opend-ended: How many sword kills will we see during the presentation for Ghost of Tsushima? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 8 Nintendo 26) Will ARMS' Spring Man be unveiled as a playable character for Smash Bros Switch? Y 27) Will we see new DLC for Super Mario Odyssey at the NIntendo E3 2018 Direct? N 28) Will we see gameplay for Metroid Prime 4? N 29) Will we see the appearance of Waluigi in one of the games shown in the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct? Y 30) Open-ended: How many times will we see an Arwing do a barrel roll during the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 2 Square Enix 31) Will we get to see a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts 3? N 32) Will Final Fantasy VII Remake make an appearance? Y 33) Will SE announce a remaster of the first Nier? N 34) Will we see Lara Croft in or on a vehicle? Y 35) Open-ended: How many enemies will the Hulk take out during the Avengers trailer/demo? (cut-scenes or CGI count as well) 10 Third-party 36) Will Remedy's new game have a slow-motion mechanic? Y 37) Will we get to see Resident Evil 2 Remake? Y 38) Will we hear Scorpion say "Get over here!" during one of the media briefings? (a Mortal Kombat demo outside the briefings doesn't count) N 39) Will Vergil be a playable character in Devil May Cry V? N 40) Open-ended: How many games shown at the above briefings will have the word 'Star' in their title? 5
  11. Yeah I got my issue on iPad.
  12. Let's see if I can see this thing through this year ! JANUARY 01/07 - CRASH BANDICOOT - PS4 The first one, from of course the N'Sane Trilogy remastered. I enjoyed taking the trip through nostalgia lane well enough to do most of the trophies but by modern day platformer standards, the first CB isn't up to par. There's way too much imprecision in the controls, such that landing and air control aren't precise enough and I can't count the times where I was sure I had pushed jump and yet Crash kept running to his death. So yeah, I can see how the enduring popularity of the series is baffling to some, at least when it comes to that first game. At the very least the remaster is very well done. PS : fuck those time trials 01/16 - WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH - PS4 An absolutely stunning game that achieves the perfect osmosis of gameplay and narrative and takes the "walking simulator" (loathe as I am to use that term) to a whole new level. I played it in one sitting and was absolutely enthralled from beginning to end. It's constantly surprising, always managing to bring fresh perspective and ideas, emotionnally affecting and contains some of the most brilliant sequences of any game in the past five years. That cannery sequence in particular is just amazing. I had liked Unfinished Swan well enough but this game puts Giant Sparrow as a force to be reckoned with. Really curious to see what they will do after this. FEBRUARY 02/10 - BATMAN THE TELLTALE SERIES - PS4 (platinum trophy) At this point waiting for Telltale Games to get on PS+ is the more sensible option. They've always been hit and miss but lately they fall more in the second category. The game is plagued by the same constant technical problems stemming for an old-ass creaky engine which in the present case is even more of a hindrance when half the game is barely interactive fight cutscenes that play out choppily because the engine can't keep up. The game tries to place more of an emphasis on Bruce Wayne, which isn't the worst idea they could have had and actually results in some interesting choices at the very least but the Batman part is really half-assed. An adventure game was the perfect occasion to try to do something of the whole "World's Greatest Detective" angle but the way it plays out in the game is even simpler than how it was done in Arkham Origins/Knight. And though they at least try to repurpose some of the Batman lore, with varying degrees of success, the narrative ends up really unsatisfying because as ever, Telltale's bit about the game being shaped by your choices is just smoke and mirrors. The seams show even more when playing around with established lore and the story being forced to hit some points no matter what you do can result in some major inconsistencies down the line. I had to replay the whole second episode because I ended up saving Dent from getting disfigured and yet he was still going to end up as a split personality. I hope they can improve things in the second season but like I said, I'll see about that when it gets to PS+ 02/17 - DOKI DOKI LITTERATURE CLUB - Mac The hype the game received made me figure out well in advance that it was going to be one of these games that start innocuously before devolving into something sinister but the fact that I managed to still be surprised and shocked when it did is testament to how clever the writing is. A pleasantly unsettling experience, if one that takes some heavy lifting to really get into as the opening hours are somewhat of a slog, even when one is used to visual novels by this point. 02/28 - THE PUNISHER - ARCADE (MAME) I've been wanting to go on a beat them' up bender so I started by one of Capcom's that I hadn't played. It's enjoyable enough. Doesn't bring anything new to the formula but as ever with Capcom's beat them ups of that era it's well executed and contains lots of nice little touches for fans of the comics such as myself. It's not Aliens vs Predators but few things are (I will definitely replay that one soon).
  13. I once again failed to keep up with the thread by posting impressions but I kept the tally nonetheless so here's what my 2017 in gaming looked like. 01/09 -Wolfenstein the New Order - PS4 - Platinum trophy 01/23 Stories the Path of Destiny - PS4 01/31 Resident Evil VII - PS4 02/01 Rythm Paradise Megamix - 3DS 02/23 Gravity Rush 2 - PS4 02/26 Not a Hero - PS4 - 100% 02/28 Murasaki Baby - PS Vita 03/09 Resogun - PS4 03/14 Zelda Oracle of Seasons - 3DS Virtual Console 03/18 A King's Tale FFVX - PS4 04/6 Parappa the Rapper Remastered - PS4 04/16 Gravity Rush 2 : Raven's Choice (DLC) - PS4 04/20 Ninja Senji DX - PS Vita 04/27 Yakuza 0 - PS4 05/09 Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap - PS4 (100%) 05/26 Nier - PS3 (all endings achieved in July) 06/06 Uncharted 4 - PS4 (two playthroughs to get the Platinum trophy) 06/10 Severed - Vita 06/24 Prisoner of Ice - Mac (GOG) 06/30 Full Throttle Remastered - Mac (Steam, all achievements) 07/14 Shovel Knight Specter of Torment (DLC) - 3DS 07/17 Mega Man Maverick Hunter X - PS Vita 07/29 Tekken 7 story mode - PC 07/31 Virginia - PS4 08/26 Actual Sunlight - Vita 08/30 Splatoon 2 - Switch 09/4 Uncharted the Lost Legacy - PS4 09/19 Knack 2 - PS4 09/24 Infamous Second Son - PS4 10/5 Ys Origins - PS4 (all characters) 10/12 Wolfenstein the Old Blood - PS4 10/27 Rythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure - 3DS 11/9 Wolfenstein II the New Colossus - PS4 11/9 Super Mario Odyssey - Switch 11/30 Horizon Zero Dawn - PS4 (Platinum trophy) 12/1 Gargoyle's Quest - 3DS VC 12/13 Resident Evil VII Not a Hero (DLC) - PS4 12/22 Metroid Samus Returns - 3DS 38 games in all, which is less than last year if memory serves but this year I played through some much longer games (Yakuza 0 by itself soaked up 80 hours of play and Ys Origins and Nier both took multiple playthroughs). I believe I also played more games released in 2017 to completion than I did last year. Not a bad gaming year for me but it was so plentiful that I think part of 2018 will be spent catching up on the stuff I missed during the year (starting with Nier Automata which I'm currently playing through).
  14. Not buying any AAA disc games until God of War at the very earliest. Try to finish every game I start if my interest is held enough that I play it for more than 5 hours (under three hours game not included because those I tend to finish anyway) Try and not buy something every time there's a sale on PSN/Steam/whatever if my backlog hasn't been somewhat cut down since the previous time I bought something on sale Finally put most of my dvd collection in folders and throw the cases away Try and keep up with the what games did you complete? thread
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