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  1. I’m on Xbone. PIR8 reunion? @Commander Jameson too?
  2. That’s a bit harsh. DCL is a decent player but not a goal scorer and therefore should not be getting played as a striker. That said, I’m not sure what position you could play him in but when he is that bad at finishing he needs to be kept well away from centre forward for sure On a separate issue, I’m a big fan of Andre Gomes but that was quite possibly one of the worst centre midfield performances I’ve ever seen
  3. Wincho

    Cricket Thread

    Is there a forced spell he must serve before playing again like there is in Rugby? Next test starts Thurs and they are like a one man team when it comes to batting
  4. Wincho

    Cricket Thread

    How come the Aussies swapped Smith out for the second innings (with the replacement top scoring for them!) but we didn't replace Anderson when he got injured in the first test, leaving the remaining pace bowlers having to cover all the overs he would have bowled?
  5. Holy shit. We are getting Moise Kean here I think
  6. The new away kit was revealed today and it is even worse than the home kit. Truly fucking terrible. The good news is they are so bad that none of my 3 boys want one this year so I feel like I have just ‘won’ about £200. Don’t you dare release a nice 3rd kit now Everton - more of the same please
  7. Was always a huge fan of Mirallas. He is always shit hot in pre season
  8. Anyone else underwhelmed at the lack of early transfer window activity? Great business getting Gomes for £22m and Delph was also an astute buy, but I had hoped to have solved the ST and CB issues by now so that they could have had a full pre-season and why is no-one buying our dross? “Got a selection of rare shite things on sale stranger”
  9. Scorers of 24 of our 36 goals in the Prem this season either on the bench or out completely, including our 2 all time record signings. Silva playing the “anyone but Liverpool” game
  10. Tonight is not the night to start getting things back on track. Operation ‘save your job’ starts at the weekend Marco
  11. I think I preferred it whe we were just plain shit, week in week out. At least I knew what to expect. I’m hanging on to the fact that we are a striker away from being brilliant. Got to the point now though where I don’t want us to buy one as having one and still being crap would be too hard to take. We are condemned to not being anywhere near good enough to take points from the top teams and then winning half the time against the rest of the shite
  12. Do they still do player parade at home games? Taking my 3 boys to the Huddersfield game and it’s my youngest’s first match so would be nice to meet/ see the players up close like I have done with my other two boys when they first went
  13. So we got those 2 CBS then in Mina and Zouma, with Bernard and Gomes thrown in for good measure Thats as good a transfer window as we could have hoped for. Sure, they won’t all work out but there is some real promise there and at least we got the positions addressed that needed strengthening.
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