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  1. Scorers of 24 of our 36 goals in the Prem this season either on the bench or out completely, including our 2 all time record signings. Silva playing the “anyone but Liverpool” game
  2. Tonight is not the night to start getting things back on track. Operation ‘save your job’ starts at the weekend Marco
  3. I think I preferred it whe we were just plain shit, week in week out. At least I knew what to expect. I’m hanging on to the fact that we are a striker away from being brilliant. Got to the point now though where I don’t want us to buy one as having one and still being crap would be too hard to take. We are condemned to not being anywhere near good enough to take points from the top teams and then winning half the time against the rest of the shite
  4. Do they still do player parade at home games? Taking my 3 boys to the Huddersfield game and it’s my youngest’s first match so would be nice to meet/ see the players up close like I have done with my other two boys when they first went
  5. So we got those 2 CBS then in Mina and Zouma, with Bernard and Gomes thrown in for good measure Thats as good a transfer window as we could have hoped for. Sure, they won’t all work out but there is some real promise there and at least we got the positions addressed that needed strengthening.
  6. Sadly we needed to replace Baines. One of my favourite players ever to grace the shirt but all good things eventually come to an end I feel like this new lad is going to be a great signing. With Coleman back on the right too (there is not a better RB in the league in my opinion) we just have the small issue of needing 2 CB’s and thats the defence sorted
  7. Lovely player but £50m? Wow! I think we are paying £20m of ‘angry Watford tax’ there
  8. How has it taken until now for a player to be booked for simulation? Had to be a dirty Spurs player didn’t it? Worth it to see the Germans sent packing
  9. Cueva doesn’t play for Mexico. He plays for Peru
  10. I thought Cueva who missed a pen against Denmark was blubbing at the end of their game?
  11. Jamin - what the fuck is going on with your hair? It belongs on a glue sniffer Also, have you and Laura just met? This had an air of ‘first date’ about it. If it was then I’m fairly confident you won’t be getting another Right, I’m off again for a year or so - bye
  12. As soon as Silva got sacked I was telling people that we should grow a pair and pay off Fat Sam and get Silva in. Still cheaper than they compensation deal we offered Watford that they turned down Now it looks like happening I am starting to second guess myself on Silva ☹️
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