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  1. Dimahoo


    It was basically Taito's attempt as pushing the F2 hardware to its utmost limits but the guy the made the board had left the team to work elsewhere so the main programmer had too learn it inside out. An intresting titbit is the waterfall on stage 2. Ram was an issue on the board (probably why the explosions look why they do) and Taito's managment was so insistent that the waterfall stay in place (as it frankly looks awesome and i'm assuming was a competing factor) that they would have stopped development if it had to be removed. So anyhoo the dev (Takatsuna Senba) didn't have time to put in the 3 frames of animation required for the waterfall so held off until the summer. At the same time he had to do a report on some chracter creation tool but as part of cost-cutting if only one employee was working the air-con was switched off. The computer driving the creation tool had no fan and the temprature increased to 40 degrees. So Takatsuna had to strip to his underware with a chilled towel wrapped around his head whilst he did the animation and report! The big irony of course is you can't actually "see" the inspiration behind Battle Geregga BECAUSE ITS MOSTLY THOSE SHIT BLACK BULLET THINGS MIXED WITH STREAKY LONG LAZORZ! However the bomb effects are awesome.
  2. I'd buy this. The X68000 version of many arcade games were superb. Better then the Megadrive and totally destroys ANYTHING on the Amiga or ST (well, duh...cost, etc) As long as it doesn't feature too much Capcom stuff seeing as its basically a CPS1 board. But theres some great hardcore shmups on this system.
  3. Dimahoo


    Its 2 frames on Aleste, Aleste 3 is 3 frames with a 10ms audio delay.
  4. Some of the 80's ones are pretty good. Victory Heat Rally should be cool. Neodori forever looks nice. Even Flatout 4 is pretty good. Not bugbear good. But not the disaster 3 was. Luckily we still have Bugbear Oh and Hotshot racing buy i guess everyones played that.
  5. Dimahoo


    I really hope M2 do a Gun-Nac/Zanac compile ation!
  6. Some of those are just things with screens! By that notion my Kitchen wall can play doom because it has a TV!
  7. Dimahoo


    Asteroids must be up there. And Tempest.
  8. Dimahoo


    Ray's arcade doesnt include Ray Tracers so...won't be buying that.
  9. I reckon its on the Sound ideas Warner bros sound library Its public domain i think... here... https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"WarnerBros+SoundFXLibrary+SoundIdeas" Poss. in the electric seciton or in CD5. Might even be a combo of SFX layered (or sequenced) PDF listing... https://www.sound-ideas.com/Files/SpecificationFile/411_Warner_Bros_Sound_Effects_Library.pdf
  10. Yeah i was a bit. I figured this stuff would be a bit soft for the show but he's played everything i've sent him. I know its only a mix but its a great honor to be on a mix with other electronic heroes.
  11. Loving that. Very BOC but IMO there should be more BOC and Hauntology. Ghostbox seems to have moved on a bit to folky/cult sounds but to me it hasn't outstayed its welcome yet.
  12. Arturia MxBrute (9 tracks of noises), Neutron (2 tracks), Various Hives (pads), Arturia Arp 2600 (arp!), Roland Plugout 808, Diva (Pads). As heard on DC's white noise...
  13. Ironic as it'll be the only form of heating for some people.
  14. Yaah maybe...just i thought with a full table you wouldnt want anyone messing up positioning.
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