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  1. Brillant mate. Some great sounds in there.
  2. I know its a stretch of the imagination...but imagine that....WITH TRAINZ!!111!11
  3. Dimahoo

    Google Stadia

    Well its the norm in "computing games" these days.
  4. Some elements in the OST worked. They used some starting chords (and orchestra) from the main incidentals to keep the SW universe vibe. For example... And the rest of the music worked for me - but that blurgg shit is out of keeping. That kind of theme is too grounded in modern "earth" trends. That sounds weird but its important because John Williams gave the SW universe its own soundtrack. You could play a note or chord from an instrument or piece of nearly any piece of incidental music from any of the films and you would know its Star Wars. John Williams understood that identity. Part of the reason SW works so well is its cohesiveness in all the medium aspects it uses - right down to the lenses for the cameras they used. If you stray to far from that it loses its sense of wonder. You can make changes - sure - but to use inspiration from a tacky theme, so well known too, takes you away from that sense of immersion. Basically.. That said, it was very good.
  5. They can fuck right off with that Rocky music.
  6. They've got the class 378 trains spot on....apart from the new paint.
  7. Oh and okay - go on then...some Northern lights pics...just in case you were wondering....
  8. Don't think much of Reykjavik - but Iceland...wow. Just wow...
  9. Its amazing. But at the same time I've got the opposite issue - 3 kids, married with shift work and want to game! lol
  10. I've been wondering what the guys (Asobo) behind the codemasters title FUEL were up to. Now i know. Wonder if their own update HUGE MAP tech played a part? MS's own tech is stunning - their tree detection tech detected 1.5 trillion different types of tree. Thats every kind of tree in the world. Ever. I'm not even sure the word 1 trillion has been used when representing a game technology. Let alone 1.5!
  11. Struggling to keep up now. Got loads of decorating to do at home so will probably be late every week until the close of play.
  12. I don't know why reviewers go so hard at Ubisoft. They're making great strides in their games, they generally sort shit out and their MTs are a non requirement for most of their games. Bugs....Smugs.... If peeps are enjoying this more then wildlands thats saying something as i thought that was the shit. Great gunplay and fantastic level progression system if you did the bosses in order of difficulty. In fact it was really fucking clever because it was literally natural. A one star boss was next to a two star boss, so you'd slowly progress into new, and wildly different territory - but it wasn't an immediate change. You could see the next level in the far distance, or look at a mountain and know a level 5 was in that fucking great house purchased on the top. Kinda like JC4 really. What was also cool was when ya' mate would scoot ahead to get to an area first and you'd primed dets on the side of his Bike or helicopter so he hadn't seen them, then done a "Diamonds are Forever" and blown the fucking thing up as he flew off in the distance. Next time i do that i'll play the death theme through the mic...
  13. Great funk cover of a beatles track... Non spoken shit version here...
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