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  1. No worries guys. Thanks for looking I've got the tracklist here : 1 Too High - Yesterdays new Quintet (Intro) 2 Too High - Stevie Wonder 3 Nobody Beats the Biz - Biz markie (Too High remix) 4 Queens - Pharoahe Monach 5 We Bouncing - El Da Sensei 6 1-2 Pass It - D&D allstarts (Ft. KRS One, Fat Joe, Jeru, Smif-N-Wessun, Doug E Fresh, Mad Lion) 7 Peer Pressure - Mobb Deep 8 Waiting List - Dr Octogon (DJ Shadow Automator mix) 9 Backdraft - Arsonists 10 Bobyahed2dis - Redman 11 Soda and Soap - Masta Ace (Ft. Jean Grae) 12 Nobody - Copywrite (Ft Jakki tha Mota mouth) 13 Printmatic - Soul Position 14 Simon Says (remix) - Pharoahe Monach (Ft. Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shabeem Sahdeeq, Busta Ryhmes) 15 In the house - (28 Days Later OST) 16 C.R.E.A.M. - Wu Tang Clan (The Birth remix) 17 Vaudeville Villan - Vicktor Vaughn 18 She Watch Channel Zero - Public Enemy 19 Smoke and Mirrors - RJD2 20 Mans Best Freind - Ice Cube 21 Move On - Eric Serman 22 1 2 Many - Common 23 Marked for Death - Pete Rock 24 Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers 25 God is Back - Sadat X 26 All The Time - Kool Keith 27 Special - OC Starchild 28 Weight of the World - Self Scientific I could probably redo it but all my "goldern age" Hip Hop CD's are in the loft.
  2. Yeah there will be. "red lava area" and "white snowy area" confirmed.
  3. Dimahoo

    Gears 5

    You can use Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox with Gears 5.
  4. Hi Agent L...Afterbirth here... Mixes are available here... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1css7hTSaOZq5C8e6i5Ai7g1GFhTetzcz I'm missing one Streetbeats though (no. 6) They don't sound amazing TBH...theres some others in there as well. I should really do some more. May look into that but i attempt to write a lot of music these days. Most of the other stuff is emotive or jazzy house/techno/electronica or artist mixes. Basically...stuff i like because its musically to me interesting to me so you may like those as well.
  5. Abyssal - as in deep ocean.
  6. A (real) organ is usually created with an additive synth made up of sine waves of different timbres (thats what the draw bars alter - in steps of feet 8, 16, etc). So you add lots of partial sine wave. Synthmaster does additive so maybe use that on OSC1 with sine waves. However this has an 8 bit quality - which is usually a square wave. So i think you need to explore that as well on OSC2. Theres also (two) notes being played. One about an octave lower (or he has a second OSC playing an octave lower). If theres any modulation i reckon its very subtle but its not "pure" waveforms. Maybe the second OSC has some waveform manipulation. hard to say.
  7. Lil' redo of a slab of Hauntology
  8. I really liked Flatout as the progression was excellent. Different series of cars, and then different, faster tracks to match the speed change (as well as better crash potential!) Not really getting that here. But theres some great mod content (on PC at anyrate). About time someone started plundering the PSX "modern retro" games. There were some great games there that could really be given justice. Why no one has worked this out - given how great the likes of this, GRIP, the SSX remake and now Shenmue are is beyond me. I know some of them are coming via Greenlight and thats good - assuming the teams are up to it.
  9. You know thats not all the slots right? You can fill general and then add tech and cargo separately? Course you did.
  10. Go to a wealthy system, head to planet trading point and create a portable save and one should appear if you keep reloading. Or just wait. At a wealthy system 1 in 50 ships will be an S. Or do you mean S class frigate?
  11. It thought it repaired itself over time?
  12. Once you get around 10-15m you could start setting up a trade route.
  13. Just up an a short 8 system trade route using Space stations to teleport around and then use a ship to boost into planets. But Its not enough as one complete sweep doesn't allow complete restock so reckon i'll add another 4 systems later. Still nets me 51m for about 40 minutes work and at least is not farming.
  14. Well you beat me too it. I was thinking of releasing an EP but didn't think my stuff was quite there.
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