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  1. Textures look fine to me? I mean they certainly don't look PS1 or even PS4. They're too high res for that and its some burnt out car. But theres loads of detail there? You can even see the way the paint has peeled! This is what C2077 looks like on my machine...excuse stutters - thats just loading Nvidia's recorder. 4K HDR available from drop down. This is Nvidia experience setting with film grain and PP all removed expect HDR. Its certainly got bland textures at times - but its a semi-futuristic world which mixes both dirt and cleanliness.
  2. Is it me or is the handling model of the first vehicle (assuming your're a Nomad) actually better then GTA V?
  3. Non DRM PC version rocks. Minor issues but certainly nothing game breaking. Then again, only just done VR training and into first mission.
  4. Theres literally a million 4K Japanese drivers eye videos so that new game by Sonic powered is a little pointless really. Its the same tech Ongakukan toyed with when the PS3 came out (they now do real train sims, platform gates and lovely station/train melodies that sound like 80's TV idents). In fact here's a video of an entire line (The Keihan line, which appeared on the Ps2) - if you play them all together its like a complete song!
  5. New Dela coming soon....Atmosphere Airlines Vol 3 Check this break....fucking lush. https://dela.bandcamp.com/album/atmosphere-airlines-vol-3
  6. Hmm...what does that Dimahoo twat know! See PM
  7. Just a pointer guys - Giles75/acclassics are doing their entire track pack (104 circuits) for Assetto Corsa for £20. https://celletson.wixsite.com/acclassics I'm just trying them now - i know a couple of you have bought from their before. They're legit.
  8. I should be able to make some events. Inconsistencies with shift work so if you'd rather have a consistent field i'll skip the seasons and just play whenever your doing a single race thing.
  9. Sorry Meers - missed the voice chat. Not sure my mic works as i've stolen my sons headset.
  10. Time for a stream methinks. Not tried that yet.
  11. Well actually...not the latest one. Its only COD so...BUT GEARSZ51TEHEWINZ!!!!
  12. # I know...its a fair point. But most of my mates play COD and shitz on it.
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