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  1. Well everything has arrived apart from the 3080. May need to play Cyberpunk with my stock 1080. . Failing that - i'll play it on my series X (assuming that comes) but i just hope it'll all fit on the 840GB odd drive. In other news...the Noctua ND15 is a bloody big fan!
  2. Seriously thinking of cancelling mine now. I'm still 86th! But i may hold out for this new 20GB card.
  3. I'm kinda in the same boat. I'll have a complete build sans graphics card and only the processor to power my games. I'm current 82th in the OCuk waiting train. So things are looking shit.
  4. Yeah, i looked into this and I've just done mine actually. Full FW and SD mod. Fantastic. Great thing is i can use retroarch for GBA, MD, SNES and then PS1 and PSP via Adrennalin.
  5. Oh sorry, I'm looking to buy a handheld rather. Something around the £100 mark. I
  6. Right so i'm looking for an emulator for my lad that'll basically play anything GBA and beyond - one thats easy to set up and has a good screen with hdmi out. Must play PS1 at full speed ideally. Is the droix the way to go? I'm not really up on handheld emulation.
  7. TBF to Scan i just bought my Gigabyte Vision G and 10850k and they arrived next day - as did my ram. I've found them damn fast. I can only conclude its not really their fault. But they should have a queue system per card. I'd imagine they're losing money without it.
  8. I'm gonna guess within 10 weeks at a rate of 30 per week, although Asus seem to be more frequent. Don't forget though - Golden week coming up. I presume nothing gets done.
  9. What train is he on? I've got certain powers - i'll terminate the thing short! I'll call it a driver defect, just like Nvidia did!
  10. Remained in queue for a 3080 at OCUK (ideally i want the RUF OC). Now awaiting the email to tell me my place in the queue. I don't suppose it'll be a good place.
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