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  1. Ambient recreation of "Rockies theme" from The Shining (C. Wendy Carlos) ...
  2. Why Korg doesn't allow export to Wav is beyond me.
  3. I've got Gadget on the switch. Again, like the DS synths you can output to a computer via headphone so as long as you match BPM's, you can edit the audio in your DAW (i use Reaper, much cheaper then Ableton). I've not got any examples as i use real synths but the point for me is its a nice musical notepad.
  4. The Korg ain't shabby. Bit clean for the analog tones but i think it'll do. I was going to step up to a Dominion 1 but i think i'll hold out for the Behringer gear.
  5. Yeah its not nice. I've plumped for the Korg XD and urm...a Matrixbrute (get this...18 months Interest free and £150 cheaper then everywhere else at Andertons). Here....Just in case... https://www.andertons.co.uk/search?categoryId=&storeId=10151&catalogId=3074457345616676668&langId=-1&sType=SimpleSearch&resultCatEntryType=2&showResultsPage=true&searchSource=Q&pageView=&beginIndex=0&pageSize=24&searchTerm=matrixbrute&authToken=10000000083136%2CX507NdSXVgQw%2FrKDfFhKPHw2xW03%2F9a6IhL8lXSa2KE%3D&#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:& They both CV's with the Neutron (i really like that aspect of my Neut'), plus the Matrix has software to control my Arturia collections, on top of the fact...well its a Matrix. I wanted something for general electronica, etc and i'll get results quick on the Matrix. The Korg XD has the modular sequencer and interesting extra OSC on top of some stunning effects. Software for everything else. I liked many aspects of the medusa - but i couldn't really coax it when it came to the actual sound. The digital OSC's were somewhat wavetable restricted and i already have the best software for wavetable. Sadly i didn't feel I wasn't really getting my monies worth out of it. I'm used to doing drums via my keyboard - so not having the pads doesn't really matter.
  6. I took the Medusa back - i'm not keen on its end sound. Its too clinical for me - esp. when put through long reverbs and it still seems to jump parameters when its being played back via the GRID and i'm editing parameters. Plus we got burgled and i lost a camera lens So I've got insurance back on that and am moving on into buying something else that i'll really use. Well...two things actually
  7. Have you tried the envelope looping? That gives you another 3 effective LFO's for 8 modulation sources (Well - 10 as you can modulate the AMP and Filter envelopes separately). But it means you can do really long LFO's that don't reset on key presses. The other good thing is it doesn't scale the notes when you change scale (i mean why should it, but some pad synths do). So you can record say 8 random notes in a scale, then change the scale or key, and record another layer and it'll keep the new scale for as long as you want. It doesn't back transpose the previous notes to the new scale. And of course if you DID want it too, you could always re-record the first 8 notes. Somewhat gutted it doesn't have CV although i've not made use of the Audio Input. I don't even know where it paths to. The filter i presume. And to be fair i can always modulate via CC but i'd like to be able to cross modulate between it and Neutron. I've also just realised i can play Battery much easier.
  8. I meant the licenses. Sorry, figured everyone would know that but whilst they were made optional, the fact you got a car at the end kind of made them compulsory. And they didn't really change. Ever! I don't know how many there in total. But its a fucking lot.
  9. Shhhhh! be quick... http://uk.thelion.me/nts/?fbclid=IwAR1pXhm7Ro6KUvX_9QTjNfZZ29YInjR3i0ubOADfgWN-7fh7QAaVQ9eQsRc
  10. Fucking hell. It even records button presses. If you double press the cut off filter envelope whilst recording over a pattern (or any of the buttons apart from the amp envelope i think) it'll record those too. So you could set up 5 LFOs at different speeds modulating different things and have them play per note (or chord). If you record a piece whilst hitting random all steps it just randomises everything. Fucking hell. Then you can turn off the Rec and start modulating in real time. So like....pull all the volumes down and fade all 6 OSCs which are now going fucking batshit. Sadly theres no pan so everythings coming out mono, but i guess you could multi track each pass. But shit, just playing a single OSC sounds mental.
  11. I had to think hard about it. Either this or the Korg Mini XD, but this has more options in OSC modulation and sequencing. Similar to what the Korg can do, but with more power on the digital side. And its kinda 6 note vs 4 note which means bigger chords and as you say...far more interesting pads. Only thing it misses is CV but it can output the XYZ modulation via midi which means i may be able to coax some interesting modulation out of my other synths (esp. Cypher 2). Love the way you can record knob changes per step as well. Sure that will come in useful.
  12. Excuse the car related pun...but...you know...
  13. Even if this was an arcade box, many of those games still play like shit. I can't imagine any of them would be much better then the Midway compilations of old. And they weren't great. Prime example of a manufacturer trying to cash in on a party thats already moved on. Moreso if they're VCS titles. *edit* oh hang on....VCS titles with HD "shmup" style borders. Making full use of the graphics chip then! And its subscription based. lol...
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