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  1. It's been a thing in the series for a while. Good for players who enjoy games when designed well. I guess it sucks for hardcore, high score players or something. Billy Mitchell, it sucks for Billy Mitchell. Left 4 Dead did this too, right?
  2. I changed to legacy controls, which I prefer, the pick up sometimes doesn't hit but it feels better to play. I'm plodding through with Floyd who seems the best choice in single player. It's kicking my ass, but I've had some wine. I'm happy to have a few goes until I complete it. Punching cops feels good. Stage 6 music is banging.
  3. Going to try and play through the rest of this tonight. I'd love it if they could add a surround option to the audio mix.
  4. It's pretty great. Although missing the "branggg" sound when you press start.
  5. Ah yeah.. £18 with PS plus. Can't believe I'm downloading Streets of Rage 4 during a pandemic and I have an arcade stick.
  6. We watched Elevator on Prime last night. Eight people stuck in a lift, one has a bomb. This is not a recommendation however, do not watch Elevator. It is very bad. Frozen is good stupid fun. A bunch of assholes stuck on a ski lift after the slope has closed for the season. It's pretty bad but there's some enjoyment to be had watching them make awful decisions. The Belko Experiment is pretty good. Battle Royal/social experiment where everyone in an office block are told that they must kill two of their colleagues or bad stuff will happen.
  7. How about just buying one of these? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WD9TVCX/?coliid=I1LFXURSMQWPEJ&colid=320LE8BOWF4VS&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it It's pre-hacked with 500000 games and it's on Amazon, so legit.
  8. Giant home made Greggs vegan sausage rolls. Yes.
  9. Surely a given at this stage. It must be the number one complaint of the DS4. And the battery tech has moved on loads since its release. How long is the Switch Pro controller battery life, 40 hours or something?
  10. I think the USB C port could be multi purpose. An adapter could allow for a traditional headphone port for different or non Bluetooth headsets. I'm really intrigued by the 3D audio cabapilties of this system. More so than the graphics race this time round.
  11. Have you got something that looks and tastes like a lemon that isn't a lemon?
  12. Yeah, we replaced the seats in the screens for better legroom and comfort. It was a big job. We donated the old ones to the community theatre across the road. I redesigned the lighting and sound system and installed 4K projectors. It's £4.50 a ticket if you're under 25 but I can leave you a ticket on the box office if you're desperate.
  13. You and Broker haven't been in a while then. And these posts are devastating to me. I've worked in cinemas in Nottingham and in Newark since 2003. I've shovelled your popcorn and I've tidied up your shit. I've had kids starting fights with me and spit on me. I've met my best friends and fallen in love. I've learnt how to project from 35mm and run an entire mulitlpex on my own. I've opened a new build cinema. I'm the projectionist for Reel Equality and other community cinemas. I'm the head of projection at Broadway. We're a charity for fucks sake. I help filmmakers create DCPs and make it easier for them to be shown on the big screen. I run film festivals. I've helped to improve accessibility for everyone I can. I've spent the last four years planning, refurbing and reopening Broadway. Which we did last September. The spec is amazing, the best in the region after years of research and planning. It's one of the best screens in the country. All you can do after we all lose the jobs we love and the things we do is hope we close for good.
  14. Looks decent. Great trailer, maybe a bit spoilery if you've seen the original. I watched the original recently it really holds up, such a good movie. I remember it was up against a lot of generic stuff at the time but the old folk tale with how people are treated by their governments is still very relevant. It has some good and some great cheap scares, and the fall guy stuff is all brilliantly done. It's superb.
  15. My garden arch arrivied today. Never going to have to bend down to pick up a bean again.
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