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  1. Beat the Chasers is the best thing on tv at the moment.
  2. Poulter is a brilliant actor, and he's funny. No way they plucked him out of a hat. Will probably turn out to be a great casting.
  3. Yeah that one I linked to wakes it up if I press the home button.
  4. I know this might look daft but I found it to be a decent back-up controller for the Switch. My joycons are shot and I didn't want to keep shelling out for more or £50 on the pro controller. It has most functions apart from NFC. It's not very heavy but the battery is good enough and you can make it light up all pretty like. I got this one which is out of stock- https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08HK9DSL1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 But it looks the same as this one which I think is the same and is only £19 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Controller-Colourful-Wireless-Adjustable-Vibration/dp/B08DLS17Q6/ref=pd_sbs_3/259-4217159-3941369?pd_rd_w=xKIHr&pf_rd_p=ec0d6bb8-c55d-4802-ad84-5a3538edcced&pf_rd_r=ACBBNVVGQB3GMTMS19HZ&pd_rd_r=e0bdda28-c59f-410f-a8d1-ccf749ea76c3&pd_rd_wg=Upbti&pd_rd_i=B08DLS17Q6&psc=1 I completed Hades using it so it can't be that bad.
  5. you are allowed two fucks in a 12a but no headbutting
  6. James O'Brien was cheerful as chips sharing a platform with Farage
  7. No it's cunts I used the listen to it for a while thinking - it's good to know what they might say incase I got into a argument. But it turns out they are all facists so you can't really argue with them
  8. I thought this one would be better
  9. Yeah why not? 12 year olds are the only people who find Ryan Reynolds funny. I watched it last night, it was garbage. All relationships completely unearned, no lols and the edit is janky. Effects were pretty good. I didn't completely hate it but it's not very good. Honestly felt like it was made by a committee of teenagers.
  10. I enjoy coconut milk in coffee and on cereal. It's a bit weird in tea. I've stopped bothering with soy with the amount of drinks it has ruined by splitting. Oat milk is a good all-rounder. Those little oat cream alternatives are great for cooking with and being fancy.
  11. I've had it just about up to here with films about vampires
  12. Agree with that. It's decent but the the third act feels separate to the rest of the film. Despite the beautiful re-telling of the story I don't think this works as its own movie and the original is essential viewing as a companion piece. They work together though and it's mad to think that it all came from a Clive Barker short based in Liverpool. It's different I know but perhaps lacking in the root of horror which I thought was deprivation, poverty, poor housing and governments letting it happen.
  13. If you're into beef flavoured crisps then these new hairy bikers are worth a mouthfull. They taste more like gravy but I'm good with that.
  14. I'll be looking forward to some of these at Christmas
  15. This thread has gone to hell.
  16. The the mouth movements look like they were auto generated or something. Like a cutscene from a Tell Tale game. The action sequences are good though.
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