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  1. A good few years ago I remember a channel four series where they would show a few horror shorts back to back (maybe presented by Mark Kermode, but I might be wrong). They only one that I could remember the name of is 'The French Doors' which I thought was great at the time. You can watch it here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xtzl2_the...oors_shortfilms There was another one which stood out, about a guy finding a camcorder set up in front of a burning car, but I can't think what that one was called.
  2. I'm totally with Crispin in regards to Inside, it's fucked, and is a great example of modern european horror. Since Tartan went under, Dimension Extreme seem to be picking up where they left off. Maybe they'll put out Martyrs too, which without a doubt is the hardest film I've ever sat through in my adult life. It's a work of art, but complety terrifying and brutal, and is actually quite hard to reccomend. I think it had a record number of walk-outs at Cannes or something.
  3. LeighCb

    Game City 3

    szczep, there's a great indie game store (playtime) in the arse end of the broadmarsh shopping centre (near the bus depot), a forbidden planet just off market square for anime stuff, and follow the tram line directly up from the square for 'page 45' which is probably one of the best comic book stores in the uk. It's a ten minute walk between the lot of them. If you get bored there's a horror film festival at the broadway cinema in hockley, which I'm working on at the moment, (walk up past the primark). It's sad the namco arcade closed down in nottingham, because it was always busy for this sort of thing (screenplay and that). I used to go there and get humiliated by japenese students who play street fighter with one hand and smoke with the other. fun times!
  4. I had to change my gamertag aswell the other week, as microsoft decided to no longer allow my name of Geoff Titts. I have to be Trent Milkins now, which is the name of my cat, but it's not as good as Geoff Titts. Gutted I was.
  5. The adultswim uk site has a couple of full Tim and Eric episodes up at the moment, one from season 2 and one from season three I think, which are both great. I've not been able to find anything really beyond the first season over here so this will do while I wait for the new DVD. http://www.adultswim.co.uk/video/index.jsp?tid=1743202852 " target="_blank"> http://www.adultswim.co.uk/video/index.jsp?tid=1743202852 There was also an artilce this week's Guardian Guide which was full of praise for them.
  6. Just got this, I'm so excited! but does anyone how you make it go left handed?
  7. I just pre ordered this from play-asia: The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Rhythm-kei for the Wii. I have no idea what it is, but thought it looked fun in a Rhythm Tengoku kind of way. Hope it doesn't suck! The developer, AQ Systems are also working on the Korg DS synth thing, which I'm also getting in july.
  8. The latest blog entry from one of my favourite comic book artists James Kochalka. www.americanelf.com
  9. Burnout Dominator. After not playing a Burnout game since Takedown I thought I'd pick this up when I saw it going cheap. Only to find it pretty much unplayable because of the awful tutorials, loading times and the fact you need to unlock EVERYTHING. I just wanted to pick a car, a course, have a quick race and smash stuff up, but it won't let you. sigh.
  10. According to Wikipedia (but not anymore) it was Di Caprio for Kanada and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tetsuo (who could be alright). It shouldn't be to hard for them to get the bikes right, but there's no way they could do the big goo ending with real people. Although I'd love to see them try.
  11. I thought it was a relatively good list this year, especially supporting actor. and it's nice to see the simpsons or shrek not get nominated for best animated feature (lazy baftas), but a little further down the list, what's this? Norbit gets an Oscar nomination, only for make-up but, hello?
  12. This channel is great, some of the designs are so creative, the mii creation options seemed quite limited to begin with but people seem to be getting so much out of it. It's hilarious. I've just uploaded my Flight Of The Conchords (with Murray) and Heston Blumenthal. hooray!
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