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  1. I'm confused by the music thing. The missing track is from the icecap zone which is a cover of this song Which I assume wasn't cleared. What's the MJ connection?
  2. Yeah I thought it was going to be like The Boy or something but I genuinely liked it.
  3. Went to see The Black Phone expecting nothing but garbage fun. Turns out to be a really decent modern horror. It feels like a Stephen King classic. Great cinema experience. The marketing makes it look terrible so avoid that. FOUR OUT OF FIVE FROM ME
  4. John Kearns is a great stand-up. Looking forward to seeing him on the big telly, hope he dresses up as his stand-up persona for the house tasks.
  5. There will be a bit at the end, right?
  6. If someone said to me "do you want to watch The Godfather tonight?" I would say nah, and I think most people would. You've got to be able to say, sure stick it on. Or then again, make you want to go out and see it at the cinema. So it might qualify for that I guess.
  7. The versus screens look great fun. My favourite bit of Soul Calibur 2 was when you could press some buttons and make your character scream something at the other. You only got one chance though so waiting until the last moment before shouting YOU CUR! or SHUT UP was always funny.
  8. Bees are quite popular these days so this might not work out as well as hoped for Bean.
  9. I think I'm over 20 hours in but I haven't played it for a couple of weeks, I just don't have the time. I'm at a bit of a sticking point with the Hogwarts boss which has halted my progress a fair bit. I'm thinking much more long term with this one though. I have settled into the controls so it's a game I can keep coming back to. I don't mind the idea of dropping back into it over a number of years even. It doesn't feel like it is something I need to rush through. I like the open world because I quite like knocking about on the horse if I can't be bothered to focus on a difficult area.
  10. What. So that's why people should buy it?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. I had never heard of this short before. I enjoyed it!
  12. Yeah, this has been excellent so far. It looks fantastic, really beautiful use of an anamorphic lens rather than being letterboxed for the sake of it. The whole cast is great. Wasn't a big fan of Adam Scott but I was wrong as he is really good in this. Can't help but smile when Christopher Walken and John Turtorro are on screen together.
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