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  1. Lol they've got to make a banger next week.
  2. Nothing beats a bag of cans and a Greggs at the cinema on a nice quiet afternoon.
  3. Jared Leto should party down some stairs to this peado banger in Suicide Squad 2
  4. It goes on for just the right amount of time and the punchline is better for it. It's so well polished and the animation is perfect. The occasional glitch adds rather than detracts if anything really. It's the reason why it works. A sequel with multi-player geese business is what I'm in to.
  5. Bizarre critisms about of the length of this. It would ruin the whole gag if it went on for about 20 hours.
  6. Did you two both read not the first two posts in this very tiny thread?
  7. Telling Lies got 9/10. Everyone should play it.
  8. Gonna get that weird looking thing.
  9. This is an amazing game. Sam Barlow is incredible at this. It's such a good way of telling stories, there is something really special creating a personal narrative. As good as say, Bandersnatch is, it doesn't come close to something like this. I showed my girlfriend the trailer to Her Story a few weeks ago and she really liked the idea of it, so we played through it together. I really liked watching her uncover the narrative in a different way to me. And then seeing her stay up late after finishing it and reading up theories on reddit. I showed her some footage of the real life cases it was based on and stuff. It is still really good. (I really loved the teaser trailer for this by the way, it's much better than the longer version and the music is beautiful) We have been playing Telling Lies together over the last few days. We started out not knowing the events that it was based on but it turned out to be quite different. So this is a long post and I guess I can't discuss anything from here without big spoilers, and also a few links- I loved the game, the performances are absolutely incredible. It's great how it changes up and updates the way you discover the narrative compared to Her Story. I really liked sitting with a notepad and pen and deciding what to discover with my partner. It will be something I will always remember. ACAB out of 10
  10. Capcom should get Pete Tong to be Ryu.
  11. There's some DLC that replaces Sub-Zero's voice with some DJ I've never heard of. It's pretty amazing.
  12. They messed up the winner announcement graphic at the end which was actually amazing.
  13. Sainsbury's home brand vegan meatballs are great. Sounds weird but I bake them in a tray part filled with thick Bisto gravy, red wine and a little sage or thyme. Roll them around now and then and they come out amazing.
  14. I keep losing even though I'm in first place, this game is such a fucking tight arse.
  15. It was alright, not as good as the first one.
  16. Joe Hisaishi is so amazing. An absolute wonder.
  17. This is so cute it makes me sick.
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