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  1. I never bothered watching this on YouTube but I have enjoyed watching this on More 4. It is very bleak. I love the puppetry and the voice acting. Much better than I was expecting. The dialogue and all of the little interruptions are amazing. 


    "Look, he's one of those guys who has one of himself"


    And the duck character is a perfect take on a classic Henson performance, like Hoggle from Labyrinth or something. 

  2. Something I admire about this from the very start was basically how they use the Metroid technique of giving you everything you need to understand the game during the tutorial and then take it all away once it actually begins. But instead of power ups it's film clips.


  3. People have bonded over this game. People like pretending to be their pets and solving little puzzles together in a way that games haven't captured before. Something doesn't have to be purrfect to make an impact. It introduces games to new people a bit like The Goose Game did. Instead of laughs it has cat action. It's not just some shitty puzzle platformer, it means something.




  4. Somebody doesn't like cats. How is it derivative?


    Cats are very tired ALL OF THE TIME and you can jump on everything, been jumping on loads of stuff.


    Yeah, it's a linear game and not grand theft sheeba but it's better that way.



  5. 20 minutes ago, wullie said:

    So far this alone has made the 7 day trial of premium a winner, it's so serene and calm which is perfect at the moment. Although saying that I've yet to find the button combination that makes the cat throw up in the most awkward place to try and clean it up so as far as accuracy goes it's 2/10 from me


    blatent joke theft

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