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  1. I'll give them a watch. Those kids from episode three remind me of these two from Reeves & Mortimer.
  2. I never bothered watching this on YouTube but I have enjoyed watching this on More 4. It is very bleak. I love the puppetry and the voice acting. Much better than I was expecting. The dialogue and all of the little interruptions are amazing. "Look, he's one of those guys who has one of himself" And the duck character is a perfect take on a classic Henson performance, like Hoggle from Labyrinth or something.
  3. I only just noticed all of the spit shooting out of the end of the trombone as you toot.
  4. I'm going to make a really weird looking freak with that character creator. Gollum Fighter.
  5. Something I admire about this from the very start was basically how they use the Metroid technique of giving you everything you need to understand the game during the tutorial and then take it all away once it actually begins. But instead of power ups it's film clips.
  6. You seem determined to undermine this release using critism and spoilers you have read elsewhere on the internet. You have barley played it and have clearly played it wrong.
  7. This is finally being broadcast in the UK - starts this Sunday at 9.30pm on BBC2 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0cltmw6 Love this show
  8. Can this be played with a keyboard and mouse or is the controller aspect important?
  9. Although I would the probably say the strongest performance is the entire series (aside from David Thewils) is Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian and they wear sunglasses throughout the whole thing and have teeth for eyes.
  10. I am fond of Telling Lies for its portayal of the Nottingham spycops scandal.
  11. I would dislocate all of my bones attempting that
  12. Serious question. How do you even move about with one of those things or do something like a SPD?
  13. Not the giant mutant kanji battle between Harold and Lou I was hoping for but fair play to Guy Pearce and Jackie Woodburne for carrying the entire finale.
  14. Might get one of these for the house
  15. Joe Pera announces he's the next James Bond and shows footage of his new Bond film
  16. People have bonded over this game. People like pretending to be their pets and solving little puzzles together in a way that games haven't captured before. Something doesn't have to be purrfect to make an impact. It introduces games to new people a bit like The Goose Game did. Instead of laughs it has cat action. It's not just some shitty puzzle platformer, it means something.
  17. Somebody doesn't like cats. How is it derivative? Cats are very tired ALL OF THE TIME and you can jump on everything, been jumping on loads of stuff. Yeah, it's a linear game and not grand theft sheeba but it's better that way. FOUR OUT OF TEN TWENTY FIVE POUNDS BASTARDS
  18. I like being my asshole cat in this. It's just missing a function where you can run down stairs really fast and then throw up on some shoes. Maybe that will be DLC?
  19. Pretty bummed out by this. Imagine being the person who decided to cancel this show! It genuinely got me through lockdown, changed how I think and made me a better person. Nice article on Polygon here- Hopefully some live dates to look forward to soon. https://joepera.com/jptwy/
  20. People have spent more on useless jpegs of monkey faces than this guy, and their stake in the company is pretty much assured to increase. Fair play.
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