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  1. I see Lawro has passed on the crown of most miserble cunt in football to Lee Dixon then.
  2. I hope they go nuts with it. Horse riding accidents in Grease Monkeys etc.
  3. I doubt you'll be getting full HD. Most of it was shot on Betamax.
  4. Not a bad gig for a flat earther
  5. Saw this yesterday abosuletly loved it. Favourite of the year so far.
  6. I once made a perfectly accurate Ross from Friends in Saints Row 3. Even had a stupid little red car.
  7. I'll give them a watch. Those kids from episode three remind me of these two from Reeves & Mortimer.
  8. I never bothered watching this on YouTube but I have enjoyed watching this on More 4. It is very bleak. I love the puppetry and the voice acting. Much better than I was expecting. The dialogue and all of the little interruptions are amazing. "Look, he's one of those guys who has one of himself" And the duck character is a perfect take on a classic Henson performance, like Hoggle from Labyrinth or something.
  9. I only just noticed all of the spit shooting out of the end of the trombone as you toot.
  10. I'm going to make a really weird looking freak with that character creator. Gollum Fighter.
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