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  1. I'll go on this. I'm really good at the missing vowels round and the water wall. Here's a question. Fckysnr Answer
  2. This is a good show. It's on HBO at the moment so hopefully it will get picked up over here. John is a guy who documents lots of things. It's brilliantly observed with loads of gags based on the sheer amount of video he has recorded. The first five episodes have been great. The fifth being my favourite new telly. It's produced by Nathan Fielder and is made in a similar mocumentry style when he is interviewing people. The guy sounds excatly like Gabe Delahey who used to write Videogum but it's not him.
  3. Doesn't even have a cat in the picture. Rubbish
  4. It's about as close as we will get to Joe Pera making a Pixar movie.
  5. Not sure, I'd like to see it again. Vague spoilers below. Up there with some of the best. Better than Onward for sure but it's hard to compare. Off the top of my head my Pixar tier list probably looks a bit like this Coco Ratatouille Wall-E Monsters Inc Soul Inside Out Toy Story series Up Finding Nemo The Good Dinosaur (I watched this recently and it was much better than I was expecting) Incredibles series Bugs Life Brave Onward Cars series
  6. I was lucky enough to see this yesterday. It's a really beautiful film. No story spoilers but I'll hide them just incase-
  7. Funny because I thought it was about kids dealing with depression.
  8. First person to buy a next generation console is a cunt.
  9. Like, here's some next generation technology presented by the most awkward oddballs, super compressed, and here is Thatcher's boyfriend.
  10. Blimey, they have made it a bit confusing. I'll just see how much everything costs I guess.
  11. Apologies but I've not been keeping up and for the first time I'm getting confused with all these console revisions. What is the difference between an Xbox One X and a Xbox Series S?
  12. There are a few other titles ready to go. Once there is a release window for Bond, Black Widow, Candyman and Tenet then I think the multiplexes will be more confident to open, probably mid September-November.
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