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  1. Have you got something that looks and tastes like a lemon that isn't a lemon?
  2. We have a policy notice and ushers on each screen. We generally have a respectful audience. Well, apart from the pensioners but you can punch them in the back of the head.
  3. Yes we changed the seats in the screens to for better legroom and comfort. It was a big job. We donated the old ones to the community theatre across the road. I redesigned the lighting and sound system and installed 4K projectors. It's £4.50 a ticket if you're under 25 but I can leave you a ticket on the box office if you're desperate.
  4. You and Broker haven't been in a while then. And these posts are devastating to me. I've worked in cinemas in Nottingham and in Newark since 2003. I've shovelled your popcorn and I've tidied up your shit. I've had kids starting fights with me and spit on me. I've met my best friends and fallen in love. I've learnt how to project from 35mm and run an entire mulitlpex on my own. I've opened a new build cinema. I'm the projectionist for Reel Equality and other community cinemas. I'm the head of projection at Broadway. We're a charity for fucks sake. I help filmmakers create DCPs and make it easier for them to be shown on the big screen. I run film festivals. I've helped to improve accessibility for everyone I can. I've spent the last four years planning, refurbing and reopening Broadway. Which we did last September. The spec is amazing, the best in the region after years of research and planning. It's one of the best screens in the country. All you can do after we all lose the jobs we love and the things we do is hope we close for good.
  5. This is up on the store now. £5
  6. Looks decent. Great trailer, maybe a bit spoilery if you've seen the original. I watched the original recently it really holds up, such a good movie. I remember it was up against a lot of generic stuff at the time but the old folk tale with how people are treated by their governments is still very relevant. It has some good and some great cheap scares, and the fall guy stuff is all brilliantly done. It's superb.
  7. My garden arch arrivied today. Never going to have to bend down to pick up a bean again.
  8. LeighCb

    Dreams - It's out!

    I'm really liking the look of this although I'm not sure I have the time to put into it. I loved Music and Music2000 when I was a youngster. It taught me so much. I could never afford professional software and equipment and used it to make stuff for years. I would stretch the onboard sampler to its limits. I couldn't even save my projects because the memory cards were smaller than the onboard sample memory so had to leave my PlayStation on for days until I was ready to record it onto minidisc. I would love to have had this at that age. Could you make a basic rhythm action game with it?
  9. No, but you can watch it on Adultswim.com if you can get around their region locking or via other nefarious means. I'm not sure why they make most of their library so difficult to watch.
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