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  1. I think England will turn over Spain, though I can't say the same about Italy. They look too strong and dominant in literally every area.
  2. Yeah this is my feeling too. I honestly don't recognise that Italy team at all, I've never seen them play with guile and staying on the front foot. Really good to see though, especially after they didn't make the last tournament.
  3. I do not understand this opinion, please explain?
  4. You have made my week, I designed almost everything except the AI and Onboarding tutorial! Thanks for the kind messages folks, hope you're enjoying it. Drop me a DM for my tag if anyone fancies playing together.
  5. Not 100% sorry! Best to check the unlock timer on whichever platform Nice work on the videos too!
  6. I think there's a few decent images on the official Steam Page in high res. Otherwise, I think using Nvidia Ansel is your next best bet. If you have one of their GPUs, then you should be able to activate that with Alt + F2 like in other titles.
  7. Ha no worries Disco. It's pretty much all PvP(vE). You are working as part of a co-operative team, fighting against an enemy co-operative team, with a sprinkling of AI resistance for both. There's a possibility for new modes and things in future but there isn't a traditional single player or co-op story or anything like that.
  8. Amazing ^^ Good to hear some interesting impressions so far, I've been working on this as Lead Game Designer for the past few years - looking forward to seeing it in the wild!
  9. I think it's going to be way better than it has any right to be and, as a huge fan of this franchise and James Bond, I'm glad it's actually going to arrive soon as opposed to the latter. Let's just try not to judge too soon and enjoy it when it drops.
  10. Ha I was thinking the same thing which could lead to...
  11. Managed to bag myself a 3060 Ti (yay!), It's a welcome upgrade over my current set up and I was honestly expecting not to get one until April or something. Anyway, does anyone have an estimate as to the going rate for an ASUS 1070? Before the 30 series dropped, one went for £200 on eBay and I've saw a couple sell for ~£145 since. Can't seem to find any on CeX either.
  12. Glad (not purposefully) that others are having the same issues. I honestly thought it was my setup. Hope it gets resolved soon, been enjoying the game otherwise.
  13. You should be able to disable the controller speaker in the UI. Push Home button > Sound > Turn Down Controller Speaker
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