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  1. As soon as I get my copy (waiting on BAFTA) - count me in
  2. Same here. Portable emulation machine, with the ability to play Steam collection is an absolute no brainer. I understand, and somewhat agree, with the OLED sentiments - but raw horsepower is going to blow the Switch out of the water in terms of gameplay response and graphical fidelity.
  3. I haven't played this yet but @CrichStand it sounds to me like you're not really considering the respect for people's time. If a game is not adequately tuned, or people don't have time to invest - then suggesting that people "git gud" dismisses both of these realities. I'm really glad about the discussion of difficulty because when I finally play - I'd rather have an enjoyable game than a needlessly difficult one.
  4. I think the post from @pinholestar pretty much sums up my thoughts, really well said. I haven't got a lot to add other than that, after skipping I and V for the most part, I was looking forward to jumping back in with the amazing old gang @RickyDVT @Dave White @FuntimeDave among others. It's always been more fun as a group, but I'm also still curious about the tracer dart after being a menace with that in the BC2 days. Not sure if I'll pick this up on launch, but if they do the equivalent of the "spring patch" for BF4 - it could be night and day in terms of a difference.
  5. PS5 here, a one-off BAP mini round-robin or something would be great.
  6. I saw No Time To Die this morning... Fairly Major Spoilers
  7. Every year, almost without fail, I watch back over the Reindeer Rovers highlights from the one-off Christmas tournament: https://youtu.be/XgYM7sUFLbc The league stuff was class, of course, but the ad-hoc Christmas stuff that year was great.
  8. Yeah I basically don't use anything else these days - SteelSeries or GTFO. Arctis 9's have Bluetooth but the party/game mixer doesn't work on PS5. However, the Arctis 7 does - but it doesn't have Bluetooth.
  9. +1 for the Skyforce love, amazing game. On my side, I'm back to Sekiro - I had a plan to finish all of the souls-borne games before Elden Ring. So I've basically got 4 months or so to get through it on PS5.
  10. Pretty much the same here, I've got a 500GB Micro SD that I'll likely load up with all sorts. For me it will be a 'portable' emulation device first, then for Steam library second.
  11. Totally agree, loved the episode but it got released way too early. Felt a bit out of place in August, but I guess it was for the continuity of the football season. Mythic Quest has some stand alone episodes that were released at the perfect time, they should have done the same thing here as a Christmas treat.
  12. Apparently not, I'll have a look into it but I think it's to do with firmwares and stuff. I'll have a check. If not, I'll have to redo it from scratch - ha.
  13. Ha no worries. You "should" have a save on cloud save for PS4 - I think you have to download that from the cloud to your console. Then once on your console, it should be possibly to copy that save to a USB stick, then upload it for access please. Google drive or something? Let me know if you get stuck, lifesaver if it works out! EDIT: Apparently this doesn't work
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