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  1. Last night was the pure worker placement euro loveliness of Viticulture (3 player). It's not cutthroat, or nasty: just a very well put together game with plenty of choices to make - but never quite enough workers or spaces to do what you want to. So the perfect worker placement... Or does that go to Snowdonia? As an added bonus drinking whilst playing definitely seems thematically appropriate, though could have contributed to me losing.
  2. Coco (Pixar/Disney 2017). 5 tears out of 5. Excellent, though not what I was expecting. Having spent the past few days dealing with the death of my dad I've been looking for escapist non-triggering films to watch. Aladdin (4/5) and The Little Mermaid (4/5) were fine, and I thought I'd try a new disney/pixar I hadn't seen. Coco was, it transpires, not the film I was looking for - the story about familial love and the dead being forgotten had me crying for situational reasons, but also because it's a great piece of film making. Seemingly sensitive to the culture it represented, and beautiful looking, and I didn't see the neat twist in the story coming. Recommended, but bring tissues. It also made me want to play through Grim Fandango again.
  3. Played two player game of D Day Dice last night. There's something about this Yahtzee -esque game that makes me feel clever when I combo recruits and items to make even better hands of dice, yet if it goes terribly I blame unlucky rolls. It's good, thinky, fun - but with a healthy dose of luck too. I like it.
  4. Enjoying this thread. I too have been (for a long while) dallying with z80 on a Spectrum, and - whilst I appreciate the new games that are created - there's a lot of identikit feeling AGD type games, and the z88dk C stuff can create amazing results but the "from scratch" asm stuff and approach is what interests me too. I'm happy enough to ROM call bits and bobs, but I think the feeling of having reinvented the wheel is reward in itself. It's not like development time/release schedules mean off-the-shelf code is the way to go. I've currently been messing with a Proportional Printing routine, that I think has a couple of cool features and should be efficient for the storage of data, plus a (now very well featured) font designer that comes in two flavours - Fixed and Proportional Width. (And in utterly reinventing the wheel *again* I've not reused any code from my fixed width 6 pixel font/42 Column stream printing routine I previously did). That has all come about because I wanted a rotated font stored in memory to use as a scroller in my attribute only double buffered demo. I'm also at the high level planning stage of converting two games I made for BASIC competitions into asm. I *think* they're both within grasp. I will, at some point, look at posting w.i.p. either here or spectrumcomputing. But I get a bit "it needs to be finished to some arbitrary degree" before I post. And once I've got there, I just carry on coding and set a new goal.
  5. Lava and pterodactyls. There's no way this wasn't the Best Game Ever (said the 13 year old me).
  6. I very much enjoyed Escape From Frankenstein, but Lost Valley Of The Dinosaurs was better...
  7. Much as I love City of Horror I'm pretty much sure I wouldn't play it with a child. The backstabbing *is* the game, and it's brutal. You need to not carry baggage into/out of the game, or take the betrayal personally. (There are plenty of my adult friends who I won't play this with!)
  8. Vectrex for me. After umming and ahhhing, I bought one in around 2000, for fifty quid. I've not gone down the whole original games and overlays (money sink) but instead got a multicart with everything on, fulfilling that "collector" itch relatively cheaply. Having previously bought an arcade cabinet (and a couple of jamma boards) in the past and regretted it somewhat, I think an older wiser me is happy with emulation for things that I can neither afford nor fit in my house. If I saw a Pinball 2000 machine for sale, (or a Dragon's Lair arcade cabinet,) I might break that-resolve/my-bank/up-with-my-wife.
  9. Thanks for this, I very much am.
  10. I've been playing a lot of London (Martin Wallace) 2nd edition recently. Slightly multiplayer solitaire feeling but a really good card driven tableau builder, with some taste decision making to be done in trying to mitigate poverty, whilst buying property/developing/managing loans in order to generate money and prestige (the final victory tally being prestige). Certainly fairly easy to get into by Wallace's standards. (And quite cheap in it's Osprey games edition). Recommended Also played loads of Race For The Galaxy (two player variant). I'm pretty sure this is my most played game of all time. It never fails to disappoint, and it is surely the king of the engine buildng tableau games. Am playing first three expansions, and considering the 'reset' of the next expansion at some point, but for now it's just so satisfying as is, I'm not itching to do that. (We don't play 'takeovers', didn't really enjoy that element)
  11. Ooh aye. Thank you. Although the reviews are not stellar.
  12. Oooh! My fingers are crossed for it not being crap. Please don't be crap. Please don't be crap.
  13. Well I consider your work a success! I found the game challenging but not impossible.
  14. Interesting to think of sequels. Sometimes I want "more of the same" (more levels, more challenge). But often that's almost disappointing in reality. Portal 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 ... both superb... but obviously lack the novelty and surprise if their forefathers. Other times I just want to return to the world/chargers l characters. Broken Sword, Shenmue, The Sentinel (ZX spectrum, etc) A sequel, or a modem update really. Sometimes make this please. Blast Corps. (N64, Rare) Although I'm not sure what the sequel would be. I think I just want more of the same. Space Station Silicon Valley (N64, DMA design) I liked the 'inhabiting other beings' in this, and would love a fully fledged sequel. The 'inhabiting' bits of Driver San Francisco and Dishonored reminded me think of this. Sheep (GBA) A bit of a leftfield (ho ho) choice but I really liked this little entry into the underpopulated round-em-up genre. Go go! Beckham! Adventure on soccer Island (GBA) I just wanted more of this quirky platformer. Grim Fandango (PC) I want to catch up with the clown suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome! Fez (Xbox 360) It's not going to happen. But I'd love this to happen. Ico (PS) I loved the puzzling here, and the aesthetic. Moreso, I think, than Shadows of the Colossus. Psychonauts (Xbox, etc) I want to return to this world, and it's cast of characters. But not the meat circus. That can fuck right off.
  15. Some great world cinema things that immediately spring to mind (and that I don't think have been mentioned). Happiness of the Katakuris (a Japanese black comedy horror musical. Utterly bonkers, but brilliant) Tears Of The Black Tiger (very stylish and highly stylized Thai take on the Western genre) Shaolin Soccer (you neither need to be into football or martial arts films to enjoy this ridiculous film) Life is Beautiful (laugh out loud funny, then utterly heartbreaking. A very human take on the Holocaust. Worthy of the Oscars it took home). Il Postino. (If you like your heartwarming comedy drama bathed in Mediterranean sunlight, this is a good shout) I know it's been mentioned before here, but if you're watching Cinema Paradiso (and you should, it's probably my favourite film ever) then the much much longer directors cut is the one to watch. There theatrical cut basically edits out the second half of the film. It's great to see My Sassy Girl mentioned. This is a fabulous Korean rom-com and seems to have been sadly neglected by the west.
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