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  1. My nine year old niece loves Big Money (paid that kind of figure) and 13 year old nephew will happily play too.
  2. It was all a bit I thought.
  3. Rewatching now. It's just as good the second time around.
  4. Machina Arcana (v3) had turned up. Well, technically the upgrade cards from v2 have. Bring on the scary dungeon crawling!
  5. I have hardly used my Next Daw either. Welcome to the club.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed Don't Look Up. And came here to say the ending (as others have mentioned) did remind me of .
  7. Have decided to do the sort-of-classics this year, as we normally don't watch anything Xmassy other that Holiday Inn & It's A Wonderful Life. So far: Die Hard, Die Hard II, Trading Places, Gremlins, 8-Bit Christmas, Dune, Santa Claus: The Movie Admittedly Dune isn't an Xmas film.
  8. There's no way I'd spend that on it. Friends and I used to play the original (and expansions). I picked them up for pennies at a car boot sale, and for years they seemed to be a charity shop staples. It was fine for silly, boozy gaming -- but nothing more than that.
  9. I love Sprawopolis. Under Falling Skies is also excellent. Mage Knight is fabulous, but I'd not recommend it to beginners. D-Day Dice ... If you like chucking dice a bit, but then using the results in clever ways. Nice balance of luck and brainpower.
  10. Utterly compelling stuff. Some thoughts... As others have said, the wealth of songs that we see in embryonic form that don't crop up 'til later on in the Beatles/solo careers are fascinating. 'Another day', 'Back seat of my car', 'Jealous guy', 'All things must pass' plus most of Abbey Road (Something, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Oh! Darling, Octopus's Garden, I Want You (She's So Heavy), Mean Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, Her Majesty) It's also great to see how much they obvious *can* enjoy playing together, at times. And John's bloody annoying behaviour in the studio you can't help but forgive when he absolutely *does* pull it out of the bag, when he has to perform. It was interesting in episode 3 how business like in running a proper rehearsal JL was when Paul wasn't in the studio. Billy Preston looked to be having a great time. It made me dig out the Concert For Bangladesh where he plays 'that's the way god planned it' and it's joyous, and the Concert For George where a much older BP sings Isn't It A Pity. Great stuff. Also: George's outfit's were astounding. Part 1: Michael bangs on about performing in the middle east. Part 2: Magic Alex is a conman. Part 3: The Beatles knock it out of the park, despite everything.
  11. I've been watching the "the Fall Guy". Likeable crap. Watch an episode on YouTube. (S2e08) is pretty typical, they are all very similar.
  12. Brainstorm (1983) More famous for being Natalie Wood's last film than anything else (she died during filming). An oddly uneven piece of SciFi, the basic premise of being able to record people's brain function (including emotions etc) and play them back to other people is interesting - and the film hints at exploring this; for education, for the military for porn, etc. But we also have to put up with Christopher Walken delivering lines like he doesn't really understand them (in that Walken way) - and an odd dynamic between his and Natalie Wood's characters. They start the film in the midst of a separation, and then get back together in a bit of Weekday-Afternoon-TV-Romance way. Which is at odds with the SciFi feel. Then during the last act it becomes like a kid's film with a ridiculous slapstick sequence. Add to that the director being a Visual Effects Expert rather than director (it shows), and the truncated ending because of Natalie Wood's death, and you have a very strange film. On the plus side it does have some really interesting cinematography (and I don't just mean the POV stuff), with an unusual choice of shots and long takes. 2/5. Unsatisfying, but still worth watching as a curio.
  13. I might have to bow out if it's in Nov, as I've signed up for the Write A Call Of Cthulhu Scenario course that runs across November. It might test my partner's patience if as well as reading/writing and playtesting etc, I've committed to extra CoC evenings as well. (This one: https://www.chaosium.com/blogrpg-writer-workshop-returns-in-november-write-your-first-call-of-cthulhu-adventure/ )
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