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  1. I liked it. You have to be aware it's a deck management game as much as an exploration, but it's a good one.
  2. May (and some I missed from April) My Haul Of Cthulhu: (All CoC books) Pulp Cthulhu £26.99 Two Headed Serpent £29.19 Cold Fire Within £23.26 Down Darker Trails £29.23 Shadows Over Stillwater £24.99 The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos £24.66 Beyond The Mountains Of Madness $50 + The Malleus Monstrorum Keeper Deck $15 + shipping ~ £49 Some Board Games from Amazon: Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine £12.79 Big Money £4.47 The King Is Dead: Second Edition £15.69 Total for May (and April's missed ones)
  3. Like the scene at the end of Carrie I'm resurrecting this thread (appropriately enough) to give my Call Of Cthulhu thoughts on a year of online play, and the scenarios I've tackled. I gave my thoughts on the Starter Set (earlier in this thread) which contains three scenarios; but here are some one-line (spoiler-free) assessments/summaries. Paper Chase (Starter Set) [I GM'd] - A reclusive professor was missing, and some of his books appeared to have been stolen from his library. A nice simple intro, designed for one-keeper, one investigator play but easily can be adapte
  4. V-Commandos KS Expansion: Ghost/Bag/Upgrade packs/Objective Tiles - £63 AuZtralia KS Expansions: Revenge of the Old One / TaZmania - £50 Alba KS postage - £9 (ouch) Clash of Deck KS - £2 April Total: £124 Running total to date: £399
  5. Oh the delight if of being able to post in this thread! This morning, in a gloriously sunny garden, I played a game of Villagers with two friends in the flesh. A gentle "drafting from a market to build a tableau" game was a lovely a return to face to face games. Even if the lightest breeze caused issues. In the virtual world it's been Race For The Galaxy on the app. Which is fine, but rather impersonal, and quite hard to see in my phone. Call Of Cthulhu via Zoom continues to be great though. Some small scenarios, some larger. Now have a regular-ish group who ar
  6. I have a weird relationship with sleeves. I use to want to keep things pristine, but now I actually enjoy seeing the signs of wear on components, a bit. (Obviously not if it's a blind draw deck that you can recognise the damaged back of). I sleeved all my Netrunner cards. Christ, what a ballache (and expense). I'd sleeve the deck I was taking to play someone if there was prissy-ness over recognising marked cards... But I just don't play anyone like that. I'm now the same with boxes. They can have shelf wear/dinks. And expansions can be bagged up and thrown in the main
  7. I'm in for the Ghost expansion, and I agree entirely about it working with counters (I'm not a miniatures fan myself). At least this KS is a game first with minis added later (unlike lots of them that seem to be a box of miniatures with a game tacked on to justify them).
  8. Just as a heads up, I've already got the (non-deluxe/non-mini) original version of V-Commandos which has a new Kickstarter. It's excellent.
  9. March, a month of Kickstarters it turns out. Button Shy KS - Death Valley + Panamint City, Sprawlopolis, Tussie Mussie - £31 Legendary Kingdoms KS - Valley Of Bones / Crown & Tower gamebooks* - £40 Heroes Of Normandie KS - Upgrade Pack - £36 March total: £107 Running Total to Date: £275 *Again, I'm counting gamebooks as 'tabletop' spending.
  10. Boys From The BlackStuff (available as DVD with the original Blackstuff drama) is excellent. And, as mentioned, Edge Of Darkness and Beiderbecke Trilogy are both really good too. I'd suggest Blake's 7 too, aside of the fact there are some rather skippable episodes. But Paul Darrow is always a joy to watch. Edit: Once you've done Blackstuff, Alan Bleasdale's GBH is also well worth watching.
  11. I also was umming and ahhing. I eventually settled on "I've already got Dawn Of The Zeds to scratch that itch" as a reason, if that helps at all.
  12. Oh crikey yes! Great idea. I've not played that in a while. Always such an epic experience.
  13. I've been playing Black Sonata. The solo hidden movement game. It's very clever, and really hard to win! Lockdown / Social Distancing has really meant that I've hardly played anything, and am missing sitting 'round pushing meeples with friends; placing workers, invading their hexes, rezzing ice as they run on my HQ, pulling off clever combos for even-more-mana/gold, forming and breaking alliances with other alien races, and playing the China card. (etc). Ticket to Ride (app) just doesn't scratch the same itch.
  14. Tinners' Trail - £52 (New edition of this Martin Wallace game, which I very much like) Thousand Year Old Vampire Companion Volume + ZineQuest £63 (Am intrigued by this 'companion volume' but it could be waste of money.) Lacuna - Read Once And Destroy £15 (For a pdf of what looks to be an interesting art-house rpg.) Victoria Hancox - The Alchemist's Folly £8 (Not strictly tabletop but I'm counting it. It's a new choose-your-own-adventure style book, I liked V.Hancox's previous two books.) Feb total: £138 Running Total to Date: £168 There will probabl
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