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  1. Heaven forfend the English are questioned. We all know the English have never cheated at anything, and certainly not football, in their history.
  2. When did Neil Warnock take over managing this England team? The Crazy Gang had more sporting integrity than these.
  3. He is under investigation for Sexual Assault although he is not under bail restrictions. This will change if he is charged.
  4. What the fuck is wrong with this guy's voice? He sounds like he's role-playing a chatbot. Or Limmy doing a bit.
  5. The This or That was complete bullshit. I got Lithuania wrong despite Lithuania being invaded three fucking times during the course of the war, fighting several separate wars of liberation and ultimately becoming a Soviet Republic off the back of it. They were involved in the fighting before Britain was. But apparently because the Lithuanian government claimed neutrality for a few weeks before the Nazis took over a large chunk of the place they were neutral. Misplaced optimism is not neutrality. By this token the USA and USSR were both neutral countries. It says more about the History education of whoever read the Wikipedia article on Neutral countries and copy-pasted the list into excel than anyone here.
  6. Whilst it isn't as common as in gaming film DCPs, the file type a theatrical feature arrives in, are regularly 'patched' to fix problems. Also Disney has been regularly sending out complete dogshit. Black Widow especially was one of the worst files we've ever seen, a big busy action film that was compressed smaller than the cheap animated films we show on Saturday mornings. I assumed they cut costs and just plastered the stream file into a drive and sent it out. It was barely 2K at source. Games are still far worse though.
  7. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is backwards compatible. We can pack up now, life is complete. Fuck your childish Halo shite, I'm going to be hitting some big ass ramps with Tony Yayo.
  8. This is fucking appalling. It's like they modelled it on Frontlines: Fuel of War or another of those mid-2000s online Battlefield rip offs. If this was free to play I'd give it an evening before I dumped it. Fuck paying money for it.
  10. Considering Bolsonaro's current policy making it may be less insulting and more prescient by the day.
  11. Prepare yourself before playing Banner Saga. Aside from Plague Tale I don't think I've played anything as depressing as those games. Utterly grim.
  12. Yeah, I would imagine part of the sale agreement would've been to strip the more bloated sites down so the new owner hasn't got liability. I would not be shocked if there was a merging of the two sites though. And the idea of a New York and San Francisco office seems like the kind of thing that will be questioned. Especially if they are still homeworking for a while.
  13. If anyone would like an update, it is now 13.30 and the only communication we've had is that Cineworld is aware of rumours circulating. Those rumours being every media organisation in the world (fucking REUTERS!) reporting that everyone is getting sacked. Basically Head Office isn't at work on a Sunday so everyone get fucked til tomorrow morning. Clown show. To be fair even Mike Ashley didn't manage to lay off his entire workforce twice in 6 months through twitter. They have ascended to a new level of evil capitalist scummery. Dickens would have got 800 pages out of them.
  14. Let's be honest, if it came out tomorrow that Sony had announced that all PS5s came pre-infected with Covid 19, would you actually be surprised at this point? Has anyone checked if Phil Harrison is still ruining Stadia? Maybe he snuck in and has been throwing away the press releases like a bald Gremlin.
  15. Bond was our last hope. Back catalogue has been beyond dismal. Tenet lasted two days before we had empty shows left and right. Our current weekly business with Tenet was the same attendance as a low key Saturday. It is difficult to see how the cinema industry can survive until Christmas at this point. Even with mass layoffs, which are inevitable now, the business is not sustainable. You can't run a business based on 8% of your previous income. We need a few big releases to draw whatever business is in this climate, but the studios don't want to lose money on their films and apparently no one except Nolan is pointing out that unless you release films there will be no industry to release your films into. With the amount of releases backed up now to this will also cripple production. If you've got six £200 million films you are going to tank on in the can why make another? The whole industry will collapse unless someone takes the hit on a film.
  16. Once a save is in your Cloud basically anything MS related that sees the cloud will load it. A save is a save on Xbox/PC.
  17. It got lost in the launch madness, MEGATON Gaf meltdown cycle, but MS announced a further bunch of games for this month. Company of Heroes 2 (PC) Destiny 2 Halo 3: ODST Night in the Woods Vermintide 2
  18. Elder Scrolls will be on PS5 only if it is through Gamepass on PS5. Unless Sony allow that, they won't get it. This purchase is explicitly to make Game Pass stronger and draw more subscribers. If Microsoft can persuade a few million people who would buy ES6 on PS5 to get a GP subscription, either on Xbox or PC, to play it there instead, that is worth much more to them than a royalty fee from PS5 sales. Why earn $15-20 x 5 million for direct sales, when you can earn $15 x 5 million a month getting those people to subscribe? And that's not even considering the damage to Sony inflicted by one of the tentpole monster franchise games not being on their platform. If Microsoft merely wanted ES6 on GP day one they would have moneyhatted it before release. You spend $7.5 billion to make sure it is 100% exclusive to your ecosystem.
  19. Went to Amazon. Bought a shoe rack. You may have a new Xbox, I won't be tripping over my fucking shoes when I wake up every morning. That is something you can't put a price on. (Yes you can, £10.50.)
  20. My hope is that Sony are feeling the pressure and price reasonably, potentially low enough to force a move from Microsoft to regain the momentum £250 gave them. Or alternatively PS3 Sony is in full effect, they price this shit at £600, Spider-Man is the only game and it is £60, so I can watch YouTube fanboys tantrum like 2 year olds all night when I get in from work. Either one is ok. (Reality - it will be boring, £500/£450, GODFALL, boring people will keep going on about a fucking PS3 game being the cutting edge of next gen, no tantrums).
  21. Basically the entire Battlefield series, all the Dead Spaces, Dragon Ages, Mass Effects, Crysises (Cryses?), Need for Speeds, SKATE 3, Titanfalls and the last four years of sports games all got added to Game Pass. That's some rugged shit. And as the deals are included it means Fifa and Madden are cheaper on Xbox now too.
  22. Thank you for telling me what I mean. I will attempt to restate my point for the slow readers. Game Pass is the best value service in games. It provides hundreds of titles, at no extra cost to Microsoft service subscribers, which means that the line up Microsoft can sell will always have the greatest depth of any platform holder. A variety of types of games, across genres and audiences that can exist in the eco system because they don't have to sell 10 million to succeed. Since Sony's line up needs to push millions of units at full price they make similar styled open world cinematic 3rd person action adventure games. Every one is focussed on maximising blockbuster mass support. They make 3 of them a year or so. Any attempt to expand into newer territory is hamstrung by the economics of trying to sell a risky project to a niche audience at £50-60. They cannot do what Microsoft can do with their breadth of games. However whilst Microsoft have already leveraged their economic advantage to secure themselves as the go to place for smaller indie games, the games showcase for Series X hammered that home with indie after indie debuting on GP, they do still need to have a big monster franchise game every six months of so to cover that market. They have invested in studios to produce those games and have Halo early next year. Fable and Forza are coming along with the Initiative game, Rare's new game, Obsidian's new RPG and an inevitable Gears. That is a strong couple of years to come. But they needed a good Halo at series X launch. It is a big problem that scuppered the sales sheet when it slipped. It slipped for a once in a lifetime global catastrophe that could not be avoided, but the effect is damaging whether it was in their control or not. Microsoft have been accused in the past of having a slim line up of dude bro games about shooting things. It was overstated , but essentially the point was valid that Microsoft had slimmer investment in games than their competitors. They have now used GP to adapt their line up to cover more bases, which is the point of these subscription models. Big monster exclusive shows that everyone wants to see sign people up to Nrtflix, Amazon et al. But the breadth of weird and interesting stuff that couldn't exist in a bloated marketplace at full price that appeals to the niche that you like is what keeps you there. GP is no different on that front, and when Microsoft get their release cadence of long tail multiplayer games, big action games, weird niche audience stuff running then it will only hammer home that advantage more.
  23. You do realise that you have to pay for those games because Game Pass isn't available on those other platforms? And that is the point I'm making about Game Pass's value to Microsoft's line up and why it is so good? You can buy most of Netflix's shows on Bluray for full price as well, but you'd be a fucking idiot if you spent £100 on box sets and not £10 to watch them all online.
  24. Game Pass is the best deal in gaming and is the thing I would least give up in my gaming expenditure. Wasteland 3, Flight Sim, Spiritfarer, and (especially) Tell Me Why are incredible games and part of the reason that Microsoft have had the best line up of any platform holder in 2020. Sony don't even come close. Microsoft still need big mass market blockbusters every few months however. Halo was that game but then, and perhaps some of you may remember this, a virus shut the entire world down for four months. As a result it isn't ready. A shame, but better than fixing a broken game after release. Neither new console is worth buying unless you really like timing loading screens. But this doesn't matter anyway because everyone will be playing Cyberpunk on the One X and PS4 anyway.
  25. Apple Jack is tops. I have nothing more to add.
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