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  1. I don't know who the woman in this is, but she has exactly the same jacket as me. It's a bitchin' jacket. That is all.
  2. PAL DVDs and VHS actually run 4% faster not slower than NTSC and film. Film runs 24 frames per second, so to transfer to NTSC's 60hz refresh rate you have to telecine the original source into fields. One frame is displayed for 3 fields, then the next frame for 2 fields. This takes the 24 frame source and converts it to 30 frames per second (well, 29.97 really). PAL runs 50 hz so the process is much easier. Instead of splitting fields you just play the 24 frame source at 50 hz. This means each second of PAL video plays the full 24 frames of the original film source, plus the first frame of the next second. As a result 1 minute of the original film is played in 57.6 seconds, or for a 100 minute feature the PAL running time would be 96 minutes.
  3. I just watched this. By 'watched this' I of course mean I scrubbed through the youtube video moving on anytime it got boring or too embarrassing to witness. Kind of like watching a WWE TV show, and like that experience it meant the 3 hours were cut down to about an hour. However excitingly I took notes because I'm really bored. I will now post those notes to make any of you wasters who watched that vapid 3 hour advert live contemplate the other activities you could have done while it was on. I was asleep and had a dream about the film Congo. NOTES!!: American TV editing is fucking rubbish. you know how they have someone say something and then cut to a different angle for the reply every time making it seem like the whole thing was shot one sentence at a time. Deadliest Warrior was the first thing I saw shot this way and I fucking hated it. I also fucking hate this. Americans - learn to record people speaking to each other properly. This Bosman skit is deeply unfunny. Surely the worst thing to happen tonight? (Future me: No.) (Kojima bit) Geoff Keighley is a fucking tool. The company he got sacked from fucked him about. He didn't have his kids murdered by Islamist Guerillas. Stop crying about it. He probably had a wank at his house instead of demeaning himself on stage anyway. At least Metal Gear Solid trailers had games people had previously played to inform the vague student art film toss. This is just student art film toss that makes no sense with a famous bloke in it. Bollocks Kojima you fraud. Killer Mike is fucking brilliant. I hope he goes on a long rant about white people being cunts and Keighley has to apologise or something. Two songs is stretching it though. "Games for Impact". The only impact here is the one that should be landing on your smug jaw Keighley. Cunts. All of them. I don't care if he's crying over his dead kid, a fat man is reading a speech off a phone. Un-fucking-acceptable. Peter Moore is a fucking pro. He can go onstage and demean himself in the most extraordinary ways talking to rappers, or Mourinho or some shit and look like it's the best day of his life and you should totally buy Plants vs Zombies cards for Fifa. But even he looks like someone took a shit down his back before he walked on stage here. This is sad. I don't watch a lot of these modern youtubers and their influencing ways but...who is this fat cunt and why can't he speak properly? Is trending gamer a special award given to him because he's a fucking joey or something? At least he beat the green haired Irish cunt though. You've done a good deed today man with numbers in his name. Law Breakers (or givers? I can't remember) trailer: "Not just another Shooter!". No it's Overwatch, a specific shooter. Awards announced off stage at this awards show. Two bit fucking operation. "Designing soundtracks". Geoff Keighley is professional writer. That is fucking pathetic. Does an Architect compose a bridge Keighley? Does he fuck. Wanker. Live Doom is a really dumb idea. Best thing so far. However...this Aussie cunts got an 8 string guitar which automatically marks him out as a massive bell end. It's not my opinion it's just maths. "You'll be on a magazine cover for the second time this year" What is he a fucking glamour model Keighley? FHM is relaunching for the middle aged French office manager fancying market? Bethesda PR: "Remember Prey? No one? Good." This is literally space Bioshock. The fucking hud is nearly the same. 2K's lawyers are getting excited. I'll play the shit out of it though. Space Bioshock is great. VR shit. Kyle Bosman has a dry wit and unconventional natural charisma that makes him a interesting and entertaining personality. Never has a man been more misused on camera. Someone should check on him in his hotel tonight in case he has access to anything harmful, because if I were him I would seriously think about the abyss that is opening in front of me and whether it is worth continuing with life. This is a cry for help not a comedy sketch. Best Strategy game gets tossed into the alley, but Best E-Sports player doesn't. No comment. Winningest isn't a word Keighley. It's even underlined in red when I write it down here and this is the reply box of a second rate gaming message board for saddoes not a major live event. Once again, Geoff Keighley is a professional writer. Some cunt crying because he won a game of Smash Brothers is fucking adorable. You're a special flower honey. Everyone is a winner. Twats. Professional Smash Brothers!! Hahahaha. On the pre-show Snakeoil Keighley teased this Zelda thing as an 'experience' and was all coy about it. What he meant was 'Watch two socially awkward men play a game on the internet.' That is basically 50% of Youtube Geoff, you are not an innovator. I'm sorry... I know all Americans played it when they were 6 and fucking stupid but Zelda is a massive pile of wank and anyone who likes it should be fucking sterilised in case they pass on their genes. Lower than fucking nonces. Grow up. Brush your hair forward all you want Cerny. You're bald and we all know it. Hairline higher than a teen pop sensation's skirt. Best Narrative: Uncharted? Fucking Keighley's barely legible fucking script for this debacle is better written than that sub-Bruckheimer shite. Assassin's Creed trailer: Adam Arkapaw can shoot a fucking film. If the studio didn't interfere this will be great. Of all the games needing a remake Halo Wars is low on the list. Somewhere behind Custer's Revenge and that Viz game on the Amiga. This cunt just thanked Reddit. I hope he dies going offstage and his kids are watching and are so scarred by seeing it happen they become rent boy drug addicts and die of Aids in a fucking gutter. MASSIVE, MASSIVE FUCKING CUNT. There was a Ratchet and Clank game this year? Really? When? END OF SHOW says the video. This is the highlight. I hope Keighley runs into the Razor bot and get's an honour striping off the cunt. Wank. My summary of events: This year a Fascist was elected president of America and about half the great artists in the world died on an almost weekly basis. And this is the worse thing to happen by a mile. I'll wall up Mexico and applaud Farage as he throws the last foreigner off the White Cliffs of Dover myself if they don't do this again. My jacket potato is ready. Goodbye.
  4. Whilst things may change over the next two days I will say that the UK performance is nowhere near US numbers. Without revealing anything I shouldn't it would astonish me if this tracks anything near Spectre. It is miles behind as of tonight. (Unless it's only northerners who are watching it since I can't track that).
  5. Not much to contribute but just thought I'd mention that the Specs for this game are complete bullshit (as expected). Technically I am below minimum spec, an i3 2120 and HD7850, and yet this fucker runs on high with the fancy lad stuff turned off very smoothly. If you were on the fence and worried because you have old hardware don't worry about it. The optimisation is really nicely done.
  6. You know the worst thing about all this bollocks? Probably all the women hounded out of doing something they enjoyed or now living in fear of their lives. But you know what the second worst thing about all this bollocks is? The fact that I watched a couple of crazy gamer gater videos you shits posted months and months ago and my Youtube recommendations bit is STILL covered in fucking cunts posting either misogynistic wank about games or racist shit about fucking muslims. I don't fucking care whether you think religion is stupid you middle class twat. You live in the home fucking counties you wank and the local vicar isn't trying to have you fucking burnt for heresy. Wind your neck in or travel to Saudi Arabia and mobilise against the religious police/ share ideas about women's rights since you seem to be on the same page on that subject.
  7. Currently watching the Spring Cleaning video. A small thing that has annoyed me for ages but is amplified by the nature of this video is how shit everyone at Giant Bomb is at opening boxes. Clearly not enough people in that office has worked in warehousing or they would know that slipping a finger on the side of the box and ripping the tape up allows you to flatten the box in two movements and takes seconds, rather than fuck about for minutes at a time with a knife. It provides a longer video with more entertaining chatter, but the years I spent taking deliveries of hundreds of boxes that needed flattening for recycling is making me unnecessarily angry at them all. It should have taken them 15 minutes. And they're not even being paid by the hour.
  8. As great as Paul Ryckert is he will have to go some way to improve upon the Vinny Far Cry 4 streams that just went up. It is all the fun of Vinny actively trying to break an open world game in his usual inimitable fashion, with the added bonus of Far Cry 4 being a Ubisoft PC game and therefore more than willing to break at a moments notice even when you are trying to play it properly. His fight with the wheelbarrow is a particular highlight. And I demand a studio recording of the 'Ballad of Far Cry 4' immediately.
  9. Depending on the wording for The Crew that might be illegal miss-selling. From memory in order for a product to be listed as 'On Sale' it must have been offered at the higher listed price for at least 28 consecutive days immediately prior to the new price. If it was available at a lower price it must list exactly what the offer price is referring to. Trading standards would advise better on that though.
  10. It looks like the house Franklin got in GTA 5. That place was a nightmare to navigate as well. He'll start jumping off the balcony and running up the side stairs to make the journey to his car quicker in a matter of days.
  11. It's fucking hilarious. Black Sabbath had lyrics (written by vegan Peta donator Geezer Butler) about multiculturalism and the military-industrial complex in 1970. Iron Maiden were doing songs about the extermination of American Indians in the '80s. Even Motorhead have written about social justice themes. Outside of the misogynist fringe of death metal bands and the National Socialist Black Metal scene it would be nearly impossible to find a single area of metal that isn't full of lefty liberal SJWs. These people are fucking brilliant.
  12. I haven't got the banter bug, but I do have a bug whereby if I exit the potions menu with the b button it will immediately bring up my AOE fire spell decal and when I quit from that all voice and weapon effect sound will disappear. I have now worked out that when it happens opening the pause menu and exiting will bring the sound back. And I've had a few NPCs be invisible for no reason. I haven't got a cast iron fix for that though.
  13. For fans of watching dudes play huge RPGs on the internet Greg Kasavin (ex-Gamespot Editor-in-chief) is doing a playthrough of this on Twitch. The first part is archived on the Giant Bomb Unarchived youtube channel. His marathon of Skyrim on Giant Bomb was tremendous and it seems he is intending to play through the whole thing. Speaking of Skyrim I fear I may be descending to new levels of pissing about-ness with this game, depths I haven't delved since my 'Only started the main quest in Skyrim at 80 hours in'. I am now 27 hours into this and have just got to Skyhold. I'm guessing from posts on here that this means I am going to be spending about 200 hours on this fucker. To make matters worse this is actually my second character. The first one was abandoned after 6 hours because I was unhappy with the shade of eye shadow I picked and it was annoying me in cutscenes. As to the game...Sera's brilliant and all you miserable cunts are chatting shit if you don't agree. However she greatly disapproves of literally everything I ever do or say. This disappoints me. Actually thinking about it that mardy Welsh twat is the only one who ever seems to agree with me, so perhaps I am the problem and not her.
  14. I now have 156 games on Steam. I have played probably a dozen. Valve are evil.
  15. Quick tip that may or may not have been mentioned. If you are trying to use the Mantle API setting and are launching in windowed mode it seems the screen mode option is backwards. Fullscreen is windowed, windowed is fullscreen windowed and fullscreen windowed is fullscreen. Changing that setting sorted it out nicely. If you are running an AMD card I do highly recommend switching from DX11 to Mantle by the way. I got a 12fps boost immediately. It is very effective. You need the latest beta drivers for it to be available though. Oh and that late title card is really bloody late. I was nearly level 3 before I got to it.
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