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  1. So... BT Sport are showing the football. But the advertising hoardings are switched off. There's no half time analysis, nor adverts seemingly... Just a black screen with a white logo. I could get used to this 🤣
  2. Ambrosia 42a I think. I had to frame step backwards and then scrub to get the scene to play.
  3. It's interesting. Not really a game, imo. More a visual experience. I played for about 5 hours, saw the credits, experienced most of what was on offer. Read the spoilers thread, went back and tried a few more things and was rewarded for it. It's, pretty good really, an interesting experience and obviously very clever. An edge 10? Hmm... For it's technical accomplishments? Maybe. For it's gameplay? Definitely not. For it's story? For the unique way it is told? Maybe. Well worth a go I think.
  4. Only me then who clicked on all the tits....
  5. Thanks for doing this @Benny. It's takes a hell of a lot of work writing all those words and compiling the lists. Thanks also to your collaborators And well done rllmuk for another top hundred of fantastic games. Great stuff.
  6. Rock and Stone brother! Any game where you can get pissed and dance is a winner in my book.
  7. Indeed All in all, some of the best telly I have ever watched. I really appreciated
  8. Would have liked to have been there, unfortunately I'm currently mid mission to a black hole in the middle of the galaxy. Ho hum.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2022/aug/02/david-squires-england-euro-2022-triumph-at-wembley
  10. I got the first email about the Netherlands dispatch, then nothing until Parcel force knocked on my door.
  11. Am in Spain and had to leave a stream paused and go and eat. Managed to avoid the result all evening, got back and watched. What a fucking brilliant result!! Absolutely stoked for them, fantastic!
  12. Harrumph! You don't win in tennis if the ball goes behind you... /Stillbitter
  13. I thought that the writing was especially good for the security guard bit.
  14. Sniper Elite, Icarus, Satisfactory, Dying Light 2 are all relatively recent and different takes on FPS type games.
  15. Had a few goes with a new team and all the advanced stuff turned on and... Got my arse kicked on the first couple of missions! Probably a bit rusty too, but pleasingly difficult.
  16. It's just turned up!! No change on GLS tracking, but here it is
  17. RE the culture, I think I'd like to see someone write a really good graphic novel first. Then perhaps an anime would suit it better.
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