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  1. Well done on hitting the stretch goal!
  2. I've had similar syncing issues with Slay The Spire, moving from Deck to Desktop and back. I turned off cloud saves and turned them back on again and it seemed to right itself. Although in STS's case it was still loading, just loading the old save.
  3. The pot-holing part was so funny, I was walking round Sainsbury's listening to it and had to stop myself from full on giggling. And the confrontation with van man! And his laminated rules of the river... oh god, I'm gonna have to listen again, so funny.
  4. The BBC Sport App works better than most.
  5. Cracking game of football that.
  6. Is there any possibility that they might release grand valley at some point? Very disappointed that it isn't in the game, love that track.
  7. True, FTL is probably more rogue-like than tactical.
  8. It's not like it's the last race...
  9. I mean, if you like ITB then you must also try FTL, although it doesn't play brilliantly on the deck I found.
  10. Nice watching the f1 qualifying going round in 1m30ish
  11. The end credits to Bottom has been my ringtone for so long, I automatically looked at my phone when I played that
  12. Not exactly for the original purpose of the thread, but it's reminded me of this, which I thought was ace:
  13. 😮 Who knew chess could be so sexy... I guess it's how did she know he had nothing in his hand... then again he had two clubs and there were two clubs in the middle, so he had a chance of a flush and she went all in before the last card was turned... I think? If she knew his cards I wouldn't have thought she'd have done that.
  14. I'm not sure I understand how she is cheating... She figures that he has nothing in his hand and is bluffing and so she bluffs him and beats his hand? Isn't that exactly what poker is all about? Where's the controversy?
  15. I've had this for a week or so now and am loving the driving side of things. Managed to get bronze in last week's time trial and have got bronze in this week's, even though it took me a long time to get used to it... I ended up using auto gears to get that time as I just couldn't work the braking and gears. I blame my poor old brain and lack of practise on driving games! The driving is great, really enjoyable in various levels of vehicles and I'm damn glad they have the cafe to guide you somewhat because the rest of the UI is just horrible. And that's my only real issue (assist from the laughable rng on the lottery spins). It just seems so cluttered and unintuitive navigating around. Has GT always been like this? It's been a while since I last played one. Some more casual approaches to races would be a godsend, like auto adjustment for pp limited races would be nice. Being able to test drive cars another, I really don't want to splurge 1m credits or more on a ride only to find out it's not that great or I just don't like how it handles etc But otherwise I've put 20+ hours in already, so it's obviously doing something right.
  16. Didn't need any rumbling on the pc.
  17. Also key to the self discovery
  18. I'd not actually heard of "the incident" before watching, so that actually came as a bit of a shock! 😮 The rest of it was alright, but the racing-skiing was absolutely potty.
  19. I hadn't noticed it before, so don't know if it's common knowledge or not, but all the short stories and novellas based in The Expanse universe have been collated into a single volume called Memory's Legion. Complete with author's notes as well. I personally feel better about spending a credit on a collection, than on a single two hour novella.
  20. Finally 3 Down, just the Watcher to go... Got Apotheosis at the very beginning and never looked back. Touch and go against the heart, but luckily got Creative AI from Enchiridion and got more Biased Cognitions and Defragments. By the end each Ice orb was giving me 25+ health, which was nice. Feels like I've been on The Defect forever though. Ironclad was hard, Silent was harder, but Defect was something else! Just need to do all the Ascensions with Watcher and I'll have done everything this game asks for.
  21. 🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑💰
  22. Indeed, my daughter has put so many hours in now that none of us can touch her, the only time I ever see her struggle to win is when she's online with the pros.
  23. Now they are just showing highlights of the first half... After reminding us again that the queen's dead...
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