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    GBA SP

    I put in about 200 hundred hours in on Pokemon (Ruby) and still hadn't caught them all. The best things about an SP: 1) I can play while my wife watches telly. 2) I can play in the bogs at work. 3) I can play while sitting in the car waiting for wifey in shops 4) I can play in bed. And I can play with my SP in all those places too....
  2. sorry, i was of the thinking that anagrams were stock and trade as far as cryptic clues went...
  3. I dunno if it's cryptic but it does use an anagram....
  4. yup and now for a harder one.... a twisted parachute nail, society in the stars?
  5. how about: Distant Scream not very good is it...
  6. Don't know who these people are who think of these things but this was aces... I loved it longtime... http://www2.b3ta.com/heyhey16k/ ps sorry if someone has already posted.
  7. it's worth it, I really loved the game and found myself smiling at a game for the first time in a long time.
  8. How are you struggling with the counters? Is it because you don't know who they are going to attack (M or L) or is it just timing. I struggled to start with but gradually got used to spotting the little tips that they give away before attacking. Then it is just a matter of timing your jump(hammer swing) to hit them....
  9. 5yrs from now: I’ll just be getting around to buying one of the (err) next-generation machines… 25yrs from now: I’ll be busily immersed in a worldwide game of Civilisation XV (over one million players) that has been running for the previous twelve years. My empire that I had previously established – taking me into the top ten-thousand - will be crumbling and some fourteen year old will be stealing my oil from right under my nose… 50yrs from now: I’ll be surrendering my body and having my mind-state entered into “Better Than Life” the total immersion videogame….
  10. Good thorough article on the new card: http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20040414/index.html
  11. Also available here for those with websense: http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=4803
  12. That picture is a prototype of the system 3 years ago. A bit unfair to say that it is how it looks.
  13. Sorry hadn't replied sooner, had to wrest the game from her addiction paled hands... (Mrs Danster...!!) Higher than I thought too! Ruby: 12,321,770,678 Sapphire: 16,398,929,871 seen: 201 own: 201
  14. Danster

    X Box Price Cut

    Confirmed with BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3579959.stm
  15. My Sapphire Score is about 5,000,000,000 BUT... the only reason i got it this high was to try and beat my wife who is seriously addicted to the game. She has scored about RUBY: 8,000,000,000+ Sapphire: 12,000,000,000+ Honest to goodness scores... and then she moans that I don't want to try and beat the scores! it'd take me a month! PS I'll give you the exact scores on Monday if you like Oh and she's completed the PokeDex
  16. Quote: "China has banned a computer game because it tarnished the image of the country and its army. According to state media Project IGI2: Covert Strike - which was created by the Norway-based Innerloop Studios and published by UK-based Codemasters - has broken tough gaming laws because it "hurt China's national dignity and interests". Officials got the hump because part of the game is set in China, from where a mercenary engages in sabotage and shoots at its soldiers. "The State Press and Publication Administration (SPPA) said the game has violated China's gaming regulations that prohibit introduction and publication of games that hurt China's national dignity and interests," reported Xinhuanet " Article Aw, poor lickle China, did the itty-bitty computer game hurt your pride... awwww.
  17. Sorry hadn't replied sooner. Didn't get around to looking for it because la wife had other plans for the weekend one of which was not me sitting at the PC for hours on end... awwwww! Anyway, I think i can afford £5 and a quick look on Ebay shows there are plenty to choose from. I played it originally on the CD32 which was great... except that there was absolutely no form of save whatsoever and it would occasionally crash... DAMN! Not nice watching a huge park full of exciting rides going up in smoke.... :-)
  18. Hi everybody I'm guessing that this is the best place to post a question about older games... duh... Anyway, moving swiftly on, I am thinking of downloading Theme Park. (That is I was) and went to have a little look to see if it was available - I'm guessing it's old enough to be abandonware? - of course it is avaialble but in many different flavours... So, could someone tell me which (in their humble opinion) is the best Theme Park game... considering also that I'm skint and would like to download for free..... *ahem*
  19. Was browsing PLAY looking for an old strategy game that might play on my ageing PC when I saw this: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title&r=PC&title=110548 Black & White 2 with a release date of early May... Now I was quite excited by the little preview in this month's Edge and have always enjoyed these sorts of games. But I can't remember any sort of release date being handed out by Lionhead so is this accurate? If so, i need that new PC much quicker than I had realised... damn! On a side note, how excatly do people like PLAY get their release dates?
  20. I thought it was a great cover, it certainly made the wife look twice. And the best issue in ages. I'm really looking forward to RE now and some of the others just made me want a PS2, Xbox, new PC.... Haven't been this excited about games for a while that's for sure.
  21. My step-daughter (10) managed to get a gold on Tony Hawks 3, without using the cheats! A first for her and I was muchus proudus.
  22. "Planet Busters" that's the ones! I might have to look that game out this weekend, think it's in the loft.
  23. The best thing about Alpha Centurai was the megabombs (or something can't remember the exact name) where the landmass would be destroyed surrounding the city you attacked creating huge sea craters, aces that was!
  24. I like to play as the Bablyonians with science and religion being their favoured start point. This gives you a good grounding for building a high culture civ. My games would usually progress along the lines of: Build Capital Build Defensive Unit (send out to scout the area) Build temple Build defensive unit (might build a granary here depending upon city's resources) Build Settler (send out with D Unit to build next city) Build Worker (build a road to new city) Build defensive unit Build Settler (send out with D Unit to build next city) Build Worker (build a road to new city) New Citys Build Temple Build Library (which I would hopefully have by this point) Build defensive unit Build Settler I try to get as many techs as possible from diplomacy. Do everything I can not to start a war and continue along a similar vein until I feel I am powerful enough to destroy my neighbours! Sometimes, and I love these games the most, I am able to play through the entire game without starting any wars at all. Sending out settlers with D Units is useful becuase then you don't lose them to Barbarians or the computer players. There are also a few techs each game that the computer will pay through the nose for. Democracy is normally one worth trying to get first and then sell it to everyone at once, or they will go behind your back and sell it themselves. (Steam Power is another) I hate losing cities becuase of low culture which is why temple and library are normally the first buildings I build in any new (or war won) city.
  25. The idea of using the touch-screen (if it does rerally have one) as an analogue control is interesting. I do howver worry about those bloody mouse pads on laptops that are a pain in the arse to use and whether it would be too similar to them.
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