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  1. My daughter, now 19, watched all the Saw movies on her phone using a dodgy streaming site when she was 11. Then told us she had watched them and that they weren't scary. She's more scared at movies these days than she was when she was eleven.
  2. Get on with it! I've got a meeting at 3pm...
  3. Oof, not sure we needed a super slow closer of that.
  4. Sounded like children to me. When you have a big crowd of kids it gets very screechy.
  5. Danster

    The Bookies

    I went for Mexico at 220/1 in the end.
  6. Danster

    The Bookies

    Betfair doing a special on Golden Boot betting. If you bet £10 on the golden boot, you get a free £2 bet every time they score OR assist. I've gone for Messi... Any thoughts on dark horses getting through to the quarters or semis? I like to see a high odds drop and cash out before the semis/final.
  7. It didn't particularly spoil it for me reading a guide. I wasn't even aware you could beat the reaper, then following a guide it was still pretty difficult to actually do.
  8. You probably would unlock it. Although I hadn't through normal play. It requires that you take one of the "non-secret" characters through a particular stage which you'll unlock as you continue playing.
  9. if you got to the product page, where are seeing the OoS message? if I click Shop I get to:
  10. Chime went off early 09:56, page refreshed, added to basket, selected address and payment and clicked submit. It was all very painless... :?
  11. There's a pickup that makes all the gems you've missed come flying in. Another tip I'd forgotten about, until I played this morning, is if there are skills on the level, don't pick them up until you've filled your 6 slots. The game will allow you to go over 6 if you pick ones that are already on a level.
  12. The key to winning is to evolve as many weapons as possible. Each weapon has a linked skill, once you get level 8 of a weapon and you have the right skill, the next chest you get will be an evolve ( most of the time anyway). Quite often when I'm on a high level weapon and have the correct skill I will leave any chests until I'm at level 8. Some weapons evolve in slightly different ways.
  13. I did, as mentioned above it was flagged as a "Promotion" email in gmail, so might want to check your spam.
  14. https://www.eurogamer.net/the-story-behind-the-oblivion-mod-terry-pratchett-worked-on Nice story
  15. Thanks, that's where mine was
  16. Well that lunchtime went on for a bit longer than I expected... Final Boss spoiler... Ascension 20 done with all four characters... I'm done... is the addiction over? But will I?
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