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  1. I was just about to say Neymar has been quiet...
  2. I gotta vent somewhere... I'm fucking fuming about the cunts that broke into Sterling's house. What a bunch of absolute wankers, when he and his family should be enjoying his time on the biggest stage in the world - whether he played or not, just being in the team would have been amazing. And he has to drop it all to go and support his family because of some ignorant selfish greedy pricks. I hope his family are all okay and not too traumatised by it all. What a horrible thing to happen. CUNTS!
  3. Must say I really enjoy these boring victories
  4. Danster

    The Bookies

    I was out, down to my last £1.50... then bet on Japan and Costa Rica to win. Cashed out for £20 just after Germany equalised.
  5. Can see Poland nicking one here. Stadium fans must be mostly neutral the support is weak.
  6. Poland much more positive, good game.
  7. That final was bloody brilliant, laughed my ass off practically all the way through. All of them were pretty great, but yes particularly liked Fern and John.
  8. Is there a room in the FA's hq somewhere full of other countries pennants?
  9. The ITV app is fucking awful... Dying on its arse
  10. Ecuador vs Senegal is the one to watch now shirley?
  11. Danster

    The Bookies

    Lost my bet last night because there was one too many corners, lost another this morning because of one too few cards and lost this afternoon because of one too few shots on target!
  12. Garlic is good early doors, wand is another good starter.
  13. Concentrate on powering up a couple of weapons, rather than having six weak ones.
  14. Excellent finale, I just wish there was more. Brilliant series.
  15. My daughter, now 19, watched all the Saw movies on her phone using a dodgy streaming site when she was 11. Then told us she had watched them and that they weren't scary. She's more scared at movies these days than she was when she was eleven.
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