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  1. Yes, it's a crying shame this show doesn't get half the respect it should. Incredibly strong characters and a great story based on reality.


    Good scripts, good acting, good direction, amazing soundtrack. 


    On the ending of season five...



    Teddy just keeps being more and more of an asshole. Slippery fucking snake that he is.


    Harvey dead. Gustav caught by the DEA, Franklin teaming up with the KGB... Kin ell 


    Franklin robbing Louie was some cold shit, then giving her name over. Damn. 


    Then ending the series with straight outta Compton, boom.




  2. Yeah, very good opener. I'm beginning to wonder how far they'll go in season one though.


    Are we using spoilers for game spoilers? Or are assuming that  anybody interested in the show, will have played the game through? 

  3. Interesting penalty in the Newcastle Fulham game. Fulham got a delayed Var decision for a penalty. Mitrovic took it, but kinda slipped just before making contact with the ball, which ended up in the back of the net. Goal was disallowed though because he'd kinda clipped the ball from his left, onto his right foot when making contact. Newcastle got a indirect free kick. Very odd, but correct decision.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Jamin said:

    Whilst I agree there isn't "spamming" as such, when I popped in this thread for the first time a page or so ago, I literally couldn't find any game specific chat in the previous 2-3 pages, it was all JKR discussion.


    There's nothing stopping you talking about the game, if there is anything to say about it right now. In fact there's nothing stopping you creating a "Hogwarts Legacy - no JKR chat please" thread.



  5. 1 hour ago, Dig Dug said:

    Without going private again Nintendo can’t control who buys their publicity traded stock. The only way the Saudi Investment Fund can take in money is to sell their shares, buying Zelda is not giving them a direct payday.

    Do Nintendo never pay a dividend then?


    Sorry completely off topic, but you typically own shares in a company so that you get some share of the profit that company makes. Unless you are looking to be a share trader and make money on the buying and selling of the shares themselves.

  6. On 11/01/2023 at 18:32, Stejay said:

    Please help a stupid person out.


    Stupid as in, you know when you take up a free Audible trial just to get Garth Marenghi's TerrorTome and then forget to cancel your subscription before you get charged the full £7.99 for the next month? Yeah, that.


    I happily listen to podcasts, but I've never really been an audio book fan, I much prefer to read on my Kindle.  However, can RLLMUK suggest some stand out titles that are worth getting even for the slightly audio book adverse so I can use my two free credits up and remember to cancel this time?


    The Blade Itself is a great book, Steven Pacey reading it makes it magnificent. And if you enjoy it, then lucky you there's hours and hours more to dig into.


  7. Some great advice in here, apart from @Lying Cat;) when you first start and on normal difficulty and below you really don't need to think about what tiles your cities' populations are working on 😛 that micromanaging comes later on the harder difficulties - although being aware that's how it works is useful knowledge.


    More importantly, get your builders out there and improving. Utilise the forestry clearing to grab precious extra resource to pop that religious site or wonder early. 


    Typically, on higher difficulties, I'll go slinger, slinger, builder, settler in my first city. Then think about monument or granary after that. Get the slingers out and killing barbarians (and grabbing villages) to get the archery reward and protecting your land, so you can get archers quickly. Then an archer in every city, even an archer accompanying every settler. That keeps you safe from barbarians and other civs for quite a while. At least until you can get city walls and get some extra protection of your limits.


    Don't be afraid to spend gold on units and upgrades. It's worth mainlining for a religion early, you get some good bonuses and can make use of faith for keeping your cities in line. I find the religious victory the easiest to achieve, it can be a bit of a chore in the late game though.


    Similarly be aware of what bonuses your governors are giving you, one extra build per builder is powerful, getting extra resources for clearing forestry is too.


    I mentioned it in the Steam Deck thread, but Civ 6 plays really, really well on the deck. Controls are intuitive and simple and there's very little fiddling needed that you'd maybe expect playing a civ game on anything other than mouse and keyboard.

  8. 18 hours ago, Gotters said:

    New sale games - 33% of Midnight Suns and a rare chance to get the latest Civ heavily discounted


    Civilization works very well on the Deck, surprisingly well.


    The only minor change I did was use the top rated controller setup which switches left and right mouse clicks as it just makes it more intuitive. Playing with the right trackpad for mouse selecting, left controller for screen movement, l1 and r1 shoulders for zooming in and out and l2 and r2 for right and left mouse clicks. Nothing else needed, ran a standard map game with seven civs without any issue at all. 


  9. Well, I had my most successful tournament ever. Having never before made a profit :)


    Started with £30. Got a Betfair bonus offer of putting £10 on a player for the golden boot - then each assist or goal they get you get a free bonus bet. I put it on Messi... 8-)

    I claimed the first week's bonus of a free £2 bet each day and away we went...


    Rubbish - by the end of the first week I was down to just £8 in my pot :( and was getting the feeling I was gonna dump out early (my rule is whatever I put in is all I have - no topping up, I also only ever bet on tournaments). Then finally I got a decent win £14 on Senegal Qatar, a day later and another decent win on Poland SA took me back up to £27 in my account. I then had a run of 10 losses in a row :( And was down to £6 again when I won £8 on Ecuador Senegal. I was confident, but alas more losses until I was down to my last £1.48! :( 


    I decided to go Hail Mary and put it on Japan to beat Spain and Costa Rica to beat Germany... When Costa Rica went ahead I could have cashed out for £60, but I hesitated a little too long and Germany equalised! So I quickly cashed that one out for £19 phew! Another raft of losses took me back down to £6 before I won another £8  on France Poland and £6 on Japan Croatia.  Then I won £10 on Brazil South Korea which took me back up to £27 in the bank. (plus of course I was now green on the Messi for golden boot bet, although not ready to cash that one in).


    From then on I never dropped below £20, winning on Netherlands Argentina and France Morocco. I had a free bet which was going to expire before the finals, so chucked it on a Rangers game that was on Thursday... and won £10! :D


    After the Argentina semi I cashed out the initial £10 stake on Messi for golden boot. I withdrew £46 back to my bank, leaving me with £30 to play with on the last two games.


    Won nothing on the 3rd place playoff, and put £20 worth of bets on the final.


    At half time during the final I thought fuck it and cashed out the rest of the golden boot money for another £35.


    I lost all my bets... apart from the one I put on Both teams to score and the result decided on penalties! Another £38 on the final day! :) 


    In total I withdrew £119 back to my bank making a final profit of £89 :)








  10. Game of the Year

    1. Elden Ring
    2. Horizon Forbidden West
    3. Gran Turismo 7 
    4. Vampire Survivors
    5. Immortality (video game)

    Biggest disappointment:


    Best visuals

    1. Horizon Forbidden West
    2. Elden Ring
    3. Gran Turismo 7

    Best audio

    1. Horizon Forbidden West
    2. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide


    Best writing

    1. Horizon Forbidden West
    2. Immortality (video game)

    Best not 2022 game:

    1. Satisfactory
    2. Icarus
    3. Slay the Spire


    Best developer:

    Coffee Stain Studios

    Best format/console/controller/brain interface:

    Steam Deck

    Wow! That's more excitement than we usually get in these voting threads...


    Some words:



    Horizon Forbidden West - and why it doesn't quite make it to my GOTY. There aren't many games that could pip HFW to be my best game of the year. I really enjoyed my hours in that game, felt connected to the world, the characters and the story. I liked how Aloy's character had developed from the first game. Her unstated autistic tendencies, her difficulty with other characters and dealing with their problems (especially that one particular person...) and her journey into another part of the post-apocalyptic world of machines. The graphics and sound design were spectacular and the control and combat intuitive. And while a lot of people moaned about Aloy just shutting the fuck up for a bit I wasn't too distracted by her constant mutterings. It's just one of those things, like when I see the way forward her saying "maybe I could try climbing that" is like yeah I KNOW!  But when I've been scrabbling around for five minutes and getting frustrated with not knowing where I can go and her saying "maybe I could try climbing that" and I'm like YES! Thank you. So it's a bit of swings and roundabouts. So why isn't it my GOTY? 


    Because Elden Ring...


    Elden Ring is a masterpiece, there is no doubt in my mind that it deserves every 10, every 100% it got. A masterstroke of game design, world building, challenge and imagination. It's superb, and I really must finish it! I've put about 150 hours in, so I've definitely played A LOT, but there is so much more and so much detail and so much still to reckon with that I could easily put in another 150 and not feel like I'd finished with it.


    Gran Turismo - it may be a similar beast to all the other GTs over the years and the UI and navigating around its world may be a little counter intuitive and it may even have had some struggles with credits and car costs... but my god it's a good driving game. It feels so real, even just using a pad, the haptic triggers allow extra feedback that you don't even realise it's giving you half the time - but then you find yourself easing off the throttle and carefully pushing it back to full as the haptics were telling you the car was beginning to lose grip. Very smart, very good looking, lovely to control. Now if they could just make the AI a little more believable we'd be looking at a GOTY contender.


    Vampire Survivors is one of those, what's this? Type games. Where you go, what's this? It looks like a mobile port and then twelve hours in you're still hankering for more! A game written by someone from the gambling industry and it bloody shows, the aim of the game is simply to exist and get MOOOREE, more of what? More of EVERYTHING. Great game and ideally suited for the Deck too.


    Immortality is not a game... and yet it is a game. It is certainly interactive entertainment and is a fascinating use of gaming techniques to create something from film. It is a really interesting experience and well worth everybody putting 10-20 hours into.


    Satisfactory keeps on being played (800 hours and counting). Update 7 came out just last week (hot on the heels of Update 6 in August) and it adds even more quality of life improvements to a smashing game. There is something about this that just keeps you coming back, it's not the end game because that (frankly) is a pain in the arse to do. But its methodical gameplay of building efficient and beautiful factories for no reason other than because that's your job is addictive and yes Satisfying! Plus Fixit Christmas is the best :D 


    Icarus was a late 2021 release and is a fun co-op survival game - just the sort of game me and my pals like to get dug into. Gorgeous planet, crafting, nasty creatures and just fun to play. If they can just sort out their performance issues and maybe make the world a little more alien, it'd be nearly perfect.


    Slay the Spire - still playing it, still watching Jorbs, still feel like there is more for me to achieve.



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