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  1. Should have mentioned it in my submission, but would like to make a little shout out to Aliens Fireteam for getting the Pulse Rifle, Radar Blips and Alien death screams exactly right.
  2. Also, on your first build of a mega-factory, don't worry about making it look nice! Just put out a massive flat foundation (like 40x40 or something) and go from there... also also using conveyor walls on the floors is a good way to keep your conveyors neat (you can always delete the walls afterwards - and since update 5 it is MUCH more forgiving about objects clipping.
  3. This is a god send: https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/production-planner Switch it to simple mode for an easy view of what you need. Go to outputs add the item(s) you want to create and how many you want per minute and let it it do its magic. A couple of examples of factories we built using the planner tool: and The miners in those diagrams are Mk3 and the nodes are assumed to be Normal purity. So in actual fact we used overclocked single pure mines for some of these (like the iron, quartz and caterium above). I think it's all about building fresh when you get to a certain stage. Forget about your old stuff, or wipe it out and rebuild if you really like the location. There's loads of base materials around, copper, iron, coal. Even oil isn't really in short supply and if you concentrate on building roads, railways and hyper tubes between your factories, then it doesn't really matter if they are on the other side of the world or not.
  4. There's still no real end game. The final space elevator delivery is total madness, we had to build six or seven mega factories just to support the final builds. Then when you're done there's still the golden nut to buy in the shop which is hours of sinking stuff. But there's so much content up to that point that we didn't feel disappointed with the end, just clamouring for more!
  5. There's just something about building these factories that is so... Satisfying. Great name for a great game.
  6. Need to hand in my Iain Banks fan club badge ... it's a short called "Cleaning Up" in The State of the Art....
  7. I'm surprised I haven't posted in this thread before. Have played through with a mate of mine three times now, each time getting further, this time, almost completed... in as far as the game can be completed. Anyway, here's a fly through of the world we've created, starting a Smelter St and ending at the space elevator...
  8. Oh and every song chosen for the ending credits was spot on too.
  9. Amazing final scene Great series, agree with nearly everything in the thread. I also really liked the anger management therapy scenes, especially the first one. And prison napalm! and and and... So many great moments. So much darkness too, toys anyone? Fuuuuuck. Very, very good.
  10. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Valheim One of the best survival/craft games to come out in recent years. Easy to play, lots to build and a simple yet moreish progression route. Basically you start in an easy area, gradually increase your armour and weaponry until you can start visiting the next area, which has better ores which lets you increase your capabilities (including being able to build better stuff). And rinse and repeat. It works well because those higher level areas are shit scary (think visiting Hyrule castle early on in BotW), but the rewards are great. Then as you level up your stuff, they become less scary, until they become trivial. The world is huge, the building system very capable, it's ultimately deserved the massive popularity it gained on release AND the PC Gamer Game of the Year award. I'm sure it will eventually come to consoles where it will no doubt gain a new lease of life. Excellent game and well worth a go. A2. Hitman 3 A fitting end to a classic trilogy, which I had only gotten into in 2020. A few missteps along the way (some levels are a little too linear or too sprawling and empty) and the removal of the Master level achievements is puzzling - sure you can still do it, but it was a nice to get that tick in the box. Overall though, polished, superb gaming, can't wait to see IOI's take on Bond, could be very good indeed. A3. Back 4 Blood Please note, the only time I play this game is with three of my friends and it rocks as a four player coop. No idea if the single player, offline version is any good. But it's hectic and solid shooter. Progression is interestingly handled through the use of cards that can be applied during the game - then reset at the beginning of a new run. New cards can be bought and added to a deck of 15 cards for the next run. Means you don't level up in the traditional sense, it works pretty well. Weapons are so simple compared to something like The Division - just grab a new gun you find on a level, or upgrade a component of your existing one. There are no loadouts, just different characters (with differing skills and starting weapons) to choose from. Then there are lots and lots of zombies and monsters to slaughter, lots and lots and lots... with fun set pieces and most levels being eminently replayable, I think this game got a weird reaction from the gaming community at launch. But *shrug* I've had many a good hour playing it. A4. Mario Party Bet nobody else votes for this but as a four player couch based "best of" Mario Party Party game it can't really be beat. Great fun with family and equally enjoyable and frustrating - the cause of many a row and many many laughs. Nintendo polish holding the whole thing together. A5. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Satisfactory (Update 5) Update 5 brought so many great quality of life features to the game. Making it easier to create those mega-builds that are just so ... satisfying to do in the game. Hundreds of hours down my friend and I are nearing the end game factories, which are on a level that surpasses anything we've built before. Bring a pen and paper you're going to need it. B2. B3. Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Creeps in the games industry. Z2. PS5 game costs - I want to play Returnal, but the price of entry keeps putting me off, I am spoilt by PC game prices I guess... Gonna have to buy it when it wins the rllmuk seal of approval though. Z3. Sound Design of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. PC Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Coffee Stain - Valheim, Deep Rock Galactic, Satisfactory and many more - they have an eye for the quirky and interesting.
  11. Absolutely brilliant, I'll be there day one.
  12. Cool, sounds intriguing. I'll try and find some time this week to give it a go. Not that I've got any friends to play with, but assume you can set it up and play as two players?
  13. Had a good run of Evil Genius this morning, loving it right up my street.
  14. I couldn't resist, so dived in last night. So great, and about to hot up even more I reckon... That ending Also, for some extra scenes for each episode, you can go to the App, press pause and then bonus content. There's one short for each episode I believe.
  15. Oh it is indeed, my Santa got me Evil Genius 2 and Two Point Hospital. Two games that should keep me very busy
  16. Thanks to Santa for my first Xmas presents of the year I'll look forward to playing them.
  17. Done, quite excited to join in on this for once
  18. My first play through was as a nomad. I leaned heavily into it, concentrating on being a brawler, good with a pistol. And following the nomad story line to the very end. On my second play through I went corpo, haven't finished it yet, and am enjoying playing a different role and feel like the game gives us the chance to tailor the story really well.
  19. Vought's 7onSevem, putting the Christ back into Christmas... If you haven't done it previously, it's worth reading the comments for a giggle.
  20. I was about to say this sounds like the Martian Chronicles, didn't realise they'd filmed it.
  21. What an epilogue! Love it, I had to rewind and listen again.
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