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  1. Boooo, no music. Fucking YouTube
  2. I remember going in to a skate shop, probably ten years since I'd last stepped on one myself, and saying I'm a bit out of touch what's a good video? The guy didn't hesitate, just pulled that from the shelf.
  3. Roblox naturally falls out of favour as your kids get older because "it's for kids" by the time secondary school comes around. A guilty secret to be enjoyed out of sight of their peers. Then it's all about Minecraft or Fortnite, until that too becomes "for the kids" oh and "full of sweats" and gets pushed aside for the more "adult" content of Apex... I let my kids play pretty much whatever they wanted (within reason) my eldest (she's 26) likes retro games, old DS and GameCube games. My middle daughter (18) found her niche in action adventure games and Persona, my youngest (13) is much more about online gaming, Apex and Dead by Daylight and Grounded and Minecraft. But never Fortnite or Roblox - they're for kids. Minecraft seems to be a stayer though.
  4. Oh daughter you just don't appreciate the finer things in life! Put down that comic and read some Dumas, stop watching those nonsense cartoons we have some Ken Loach you've not seen yet. Just let your kids play what they enjoy playing.
  5. First computer my family owned. I remember my mum saying shed made a big space for it in the dining room, envisaging this huge computer system. RIP Sir Clive.
  6. Danster


    Uhh... What? I'm guessing you don't watch the Olympics or Paralympics then? What odd comments.
  7. Danster


    Those security aren't taking any prisoners
  8. Danster


    It's Navratilova, she reads the game like it's a child's book.
  9. Danster


    Superb! (Side note, I must say it annoys the fuck out of me seeing people tapping away on their phones during the play)
  10. Danster


    I don't watch a lot of tennis, but thought I'd put this on in the background while I read, haven't been able to keep my eyes of it, amazing stuff.
  11. I quite like England's all blue kit.
  12. My 13 year old daughter loved it, take from that whatever you will.
  13. @jonnyalpha is Legendary still available?
  14. Yeah, they're a real pain in the neck.
  15. Pretty sure this was the first track I ever heard him on: RIP you crazy bastard.
  16. Wheelchair rugby is amazing. PS gbr close to winning gold
  17. Ahead of the new Warhammer TV Streaming service debuting this week, they've put the first episode of hammer and bolter up for free for 24 hours. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/21/24-hours-only-watch-a-free-episode-of-hammer-and-bolter/ Personally I think a £5 a month streaming service for this is a miss-step. I'd like to watch these new animations, but I'll not be paying that much. Hopefully they'll get a deal with one of the big services that they can live with.
  18. The main thing to remember is that you do not need every card. And that getting rid of your Strikes/Defends is a positive tactic. Deck sizes of around 20 (or less) are often a good rule of thumb to aim for - although there are always exceptions. I find googling the Card name or Relic often takes you to a Reddit thread (for example: here) about that item where people discuss pros and cons and what works well with it. So if you're unsure whether to take a card or not, it's worth a quick google to find out. I know you said no videos (and I totally get that, I'm the same) but it is well worth watching one of the detailed run throughs that Jorbs does, he's a very nice presenter and goes into masses of details of why he's picking a particular card on those videos. His usual videos are played at his normal pace, which can be a bit confusing early on. Ascension levels are unlocked once you complete the game once with a character and go to level 20 - each level penalises you a little bit more, less gold, harder enemies, less potions, worse special rooms etc etc. Final boss spoiler: Jorbs:
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