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  1. He makes me want to start smoking again...!
  2. Yeah, different space stations sell different things. Other option is to badger every captain who lands, they often sell materials you rarely see being sold at the general store. Get a base blueprint and then start digging up salvaged tech (lots and lots of salvaged tech). Actually can probably just use the anomaly now, to get the blueprints you need.
  3. You're absolutely right and the chase was the fun bit - in fact me and two friends worked our way to a billion units each and once we sold up all the crafted products last year, we stopped playing! It is nice now though to be able to build a huge base and not need to craft or mine for any materials because I just buy them. I've thousands of every material - it's only carbon that I occasionally run low on and this can be easily refined using oxygen. You definitely do not need a billion units. But a couple of hundred million is worth aiming for. The most expensive ship in the game is an S-Class Freighter which would set you back 465m odd. But other than that, and you really don't need a freighter that big, most of the top ships are less than 60m (big S-Class haulers are expensive) with Freighters starting at 80m.
  4. I fucking hate it. For an absolutely cracking show, with some really good depth to the characters, this feels like... Very good TV series, let down by one poorly thought out plot line that removes us from the reality they are attempting to re-tell.
  5. So you want to be a NMS Billionaire? There is truly only one way to do it, and that is farming. And here is what you want to craft: There are few things you'll need to do in preparation for this... (a total understatement) First up you need the plant ingredients and the farming capability. Build a base and get the farmer to join you and then work through their missions. You will also eventually require large refineries, a good eight of them at least. And plenty of storage - visit Spacestations and get buying those extra cargo slots. Once you can farm all the base ingredients you'll need the blueprints to craft all those exotic items... and this is the real grind. You'll need a signal booster and you'll need to visit Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen systems, land on a planet, use the signal booster and find Ops Centers and Manufacturing plants. Inside each one you get asked a riddle with answers, get the right answers on some of these and you get a blueprint. While it'd be nice to think you'll gradually get the answers right yourself, it's actually really boring grinding this, so I recommend using one of the many cribsheets there are out there, like this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11y5wSwUDbCsCL84lmf1WmZWoEaYimn1nILVPvhjnbts/edit#gid=618249743 You gotta cut some corners. Once you start getting the blueprints you need, you can start crafting and refining the goods you'll need - take some time out from the blueprint grind. Top tip here is to create a base on planets that naturally grow the plants. So Lush or Paradise for Star Bulbs, Desert for Cactus etc. Create a teleporter on each (plus power now - one battery, a solar panel and proximity switch is ideal) and plant as many of the local flora as you can. I recomend you rename the base to "Frost Wort Farm" or something for easy reference when you start jumping around. There used to be a bug (feature?) that if you visited a friend's farm planet and used their plants, they'd just keep coming back, which was nice. I don't know if this has been patched out. Regardless, farm planets are much easier than farming at home, especially since you need to power everything now. The other advantage of doing it with friends is that you can combine blueprints and may not need the whole set yourself. Once you've got your raw products and blueprints then it's "simply" a matter of combining, refining and crafting to build as many of the fusion ignitors and stasis devices as possible. In fact if you do enough to build one, then you'll likely have the infrastructure to easily build ten and if you're gonna build ten, why not a hundred? lol Capitalism at its finest.
  6. Not a bad ass scene, but thought this was pretty interesting, with a stuntman reviewing fight scenes and giving a bit of behind the scenes view of the effort involved in choreographing them. Edit: Ugh there is a GoT final season spoiler in there, be warned... A very short one but a biggie.
  7. Ended up playing for six hours yesterday on my PC version. I'm still tempted to play in PSVR, but starting again isn't appealing when you're already super rich. Finally figured out the power stuff on the base. The most annoying part of that is the wires, that just look ugly. A quick tip, when scanning for an energy source you might find it is quite far away, that's okay, just approach it slowly with the electromagnetic generator ready to build and place it from a distance. You cannot create a new base at the site and build there directly, as power sources only work for the base they've been built as a part of. Far fewer crashes yesterday as well. I also cracked on with the underwater missions. It's such a great pottering around game, doing a bit of this and that, tidying up, building, exploring. Makes it such a timesink. We're yet to try a longer multiplayer stint, as previously that was causing masses of crashes. But otherwise the game keeps growing and getting better.
  8. Serious Scifi? The Expanse. Lighthearted Scifi? The Orville. Stupid Scifi? Discovery.
  9. Constant crashes and a real misstep with all this electrical wiring shit... I now have an unusable base and constantly massive resource demanding generators? Nah you're alright. I'll wait for the stability fix and the revised power systems I think.
  10. Me and my mates all put our bases on the same planet. Then we were able to shoot off and teleport back whenever we felt like it. We joined forces for a massive run of the highest end products you can farm and made about 1.8bn credits between us. Then all stopped playing.
  11. What's your commander name, I'm, TheRealDanster, funnily enough. I usually play on Open out around Mukhang, when I'm not grinding for something.
  12. Cool man. I might take the day off of work!
  13. ANYWAY Anyone know how many episodes to expect? And are they going to all drop on Prime in a single rattle of the Rocinante 's PDCs?
  14. I'd also view the DLC as pretty much essential - a good 25% of missions require planetary landing.
  15. You should just read all the books... lol They are great. There is already a thread for the books in A&L.
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