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  1. Bloody hell! Cmon Japan!
  2. Danster

    The Division 2

    Yeah oddly, me and my mates, after hammering it for 200 odd hours each, just stopped playing about a month ago.
  3. That, with the possible exception of The Rainmaker, is probably my favourite Grisham.
  4. Yeah cracking goal! Good game this.
  5. Don't be too sure it can't happen to you guys, so proud of your inversions. I used to be just like you, brought up on flight simulators and elite on old joysticks, it was natural that pulling back made the nose go up and pushing forward made it go back down. I too would scoff and laugh and be disgusted by those that played without inversion, what are you controlling (I would mock) the player's eyes? And then a year or so ago I got a PC, and something strange happened inside my brain. I couldn't go inverted anymore. As much as I wanted to, the mouse just wouldn't let me work like that. I scoffed at myself and went back to games I'd happily played on pads for years inverted, had argued with my kids about (Minecraft) because of having to switch between schemes when handing over the controller. And.... I'm ashamed to say it.... that too was now broken. I was no longer an inverter, I was a normal. My only hope now is that VR breaks me back... perhaps it may. Let that be a lesson to you though, inversion may not last forever, embrace it... while you still can.
  6. Would have loved to see the reaction if VAR had decided that was a penalty after full time had blown.
  7. Lol at the Canada bench reaction to the save.
  8. Although I am entertaining myself saying SEGA! Every time the commentator says Seger...
  9. Lol fair enough ref, but if they do score 3 late goals...
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