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  1. How did you get silver before beating the third boss? Love the house
  2. We've only done two! We just keep exploring and building stuff instead of progressing - I guess it depends on how big a group you're playing with and/or what you like to do.
  3. Nice haul! We had a mixture of bad fortune, sheer incompentency and lucky escapes yesterday. But first up here's a layered spoiler for you, there is a place in the world you can go with your gold.... Anyway, in search of that and with only vague instructions on the area of the world to go to, we started searching. My mate started by circling an island in a raft, got caught by the wind and died. So returned in a proper boat, rescued his stuff and then got blown well off course and ended up in the Plains (argh - buzz buzz, if you know what I mean...).
  4. We've started to tame the swamp It's great how what was once a mysterious dangerous place becomes much easier to deal with. Trolls are just a bit of a nuisance now, greydwarves almost entirely ignored - their tickles meaningless. And the same is happening in the swamp, bit by bit. Some good loot to be found in there, recommend anyone venturing forth to beat the second boss first.
  5. Literally the least important part of this game. Good luck, it is a hard game to grasp but it's quite unlike anything else for it's ability to weave a story across the ages. And remember there's really no right or wrong way to play.
  6. Bow and arrows are you friend when tackling a troll. They reaaallly don't like them
  7. Finished a Core wood Gatehouse for our base last night. Our group have been progressing slowly, mainly because only two of us play it non-stop and we're more interested in building stuff than fighting bosses. However, we did manage to take down boss two on Friday night, which was nice. We've also dipped our toes into the swamp biome, which is... horrible! Did have a bug which was a shame, where my mate died in the swamp and his grave simply disappeared. Shame, he lost ALOT of decent gear which we've spent the last two days mining and smelting and crafting to re
  8. The more you play, the more you find, the more you can do. The co-op is the icing on the cake. Whether we're rebuilding the village, including some much needed defensive measures. Collecting food, exploring the map, fighting bosses. One of the funniest bits on Friday was when five us attempted to build a safe house together... The cobbled together nonsense was enough for a single sleep, but the fire under the sleeping area was a touch smokey. Then me and a mate built a boat and explored some other coastlines, found two more biomes, built some portals and finally got killed by some
  9. Sorry not dodge and roll, getting my characters mixed up. Things like Perseverance and Protect are great blocking cards.
  10. I've been playing a lot with watcher on the switch recently. I find that Dodge and roll (wrong!) is a great blocking card to have a few of and then it's all about unleashing massive damage with well timed wrath. Retained cards are key to this, get a handful of smite cards waiting and you can do 70+ damage (24 each) in a single turn. Getting calm early also helps, with the extra cards.
  11. Yeah we captured two and... Quite pleased with my rickety tower: It's as high as I could build with standard wood. We also discovered a cave by the sea... and some dungeons in the woods last night! Needless to say I've now got a nice blue outfit. Really great game, absolutely nails it for me - proper co-op with drop in and out (albeit I'm the host), building and mining and crafting done well and so far nicely progressive. Simple yet satisfying combat... hunting... It's great.
  12. Key to a lot of SASO runs is that both poison and accidental kills count for silent assassin. I'm really disappointed that they took the master SASO challenges away though. I know it's just a tick in a box and it doesn't stop me doing it myself, but it was in H1 and H2...
  13. just finished the latest novel by Dennis E Taylor about the Bobiverse... Yeah it's schlocky as fuck, but I really enjoy them Basic premise is about an IT Geek who ends up becoming a Von Neumann probe....
  14. Started a game last night with one of my mates. It's a little clunky but it's definitely got a certain confidence that bodes well for it's future. We played for several hours and built a badly roofed hut, and had great fun doing it all. Planning to drag in some others on Friday, looking forward to it.
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