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  1. Not sure it's particularly an untold story, was much more part of the game back then. Watched the Hand of God documentary on ITV last night which is worth a look. Talking heads and group of five or six of the England team discussing 86. It's interesting to see who's still bitter and who isn't, Linekar comes across thoroughly decent. Made me laugh as Terry Butcher had to go for a drugs test and Maradonna was in there, he said he indicated to him "hand or head" Maradonna touched his hand which Butcher said was good cos he'd have knocked his block off if he'd lied. Anyway on that do
  2. I saw lots of things I think a large part of that was when I decided to fly my 20ly range Python to the centre of the galaxy. That took weeks of play. I was playing on a laptop and watching The Next Generation on Netflix, so it didn't matter so much that nothing was really happening. I found all sorts of planets, stars (this was before they let you use White Dwarfs and Neutrons to boost your way there) and stuff. I didn't really know what I was doing or what I was in for but I it felt like I accomplished something by the time I got back. Pretty sure there are some pic
  3. Might have to have another go at mining, haven't really tried after the last update, As for exploration...
  4. How much are you making mining then? If you go far enough to start finding uncharted systems then you can make a lorra lorra cash, especially if you find a new system with Earth-likes and Water worlds. In fact once I get far enough away, I don't bother scanning for anything but Water Worlds and Earth-likes. I might scan metal worlds too (esp if taerrformable) Easily clear 50-100m credits on return.
  5. Had about 4 crashes on Saturday, but none before or since, which is odd. Maybe related to the Spiderman patch we got Sunday morning? *shrug*
  6. Another platinum here, what a great game.
  7. Started Horizon Zero Dawn last night (I've never played it) and it is absolutely cracking looking, runs super smooth (even on 4k mode) and no noise. Very happy.
  8. First thing I would do is connect to TV using the supplied cable anyway, just to double check that it IS your long cable at fault
  9. I'm sure someone will do an Easter egg YouTube on this at some point, so many references.
  10. Ha, just found a secret with the lyrics to this song glowing in a wall. Brilliant
  11. How's everyone enjoying the love letter to PlayStation history? Me and my daughter are playing and loving every second. We think we've spotted some of the games they seem to act out, how about you? All so nice and very Nintendo.
  12. Having only gotten into Hitman recently (shame on me) I was mulling over in my head only a week or two back about how good a Bond game they could make - and BOOM. Headshot - fucking a!
  13. Do you have to data transfer everything or can you pick and choose?
  14. Oh god, my daughter's just reminded me that she's got orthodontist in the morning, for some reason I thought it would be cancelled... but it's not. Please don't deliver between 8:30 and 9:30.... ARGH....
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