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  1. It is true, you always get more for created items than their combined ingredients. But, you may just want to squirrel it away until your Nooks' hot deal of the day matches up to something. For example I had a load of stone which I was doing nothing with. Then the Nooks offered to pay double price for fountains. Several fountains later and I'd turned my dusty stone store into 120k shiny Bells
  2. Typical of this game. I needed a couple of water eggs to finish off my bunny furniture so I went fishing for some. First one I get is All that bait with nothing to show for it! i got it at the foot of a waterfall btw.
  3. Ahh including the clothes, that's not soo bad.
  4. How do you know you've got all the furniture?
  5. The egg lamp is quite nice too. Also, I realised last night that while your eggs might only be worth 200 bells each. Craft them into something and they double in value. A six egg bed is worth 2400, compared to the 1200 you'd normally get. It's free money
  6. Download the Nintendo online app, hook up nook link and then use the qr scanner. Then go into the game and on your in game phone go to the design app and click download.
  7. There are two other books in the same universe. One is a short story anthology (Sharp Ends), well worth a read and the other (A Little Hatred) is the first book of a new trilogy (and is ace).
  8. I hope that was you I left a tip at the feet of... in a bandana?
  9. Was wondering myself tbh. Here are a few that may prove useful: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACQR/ https://acnlpaths.tumblr.com/ https://acpatterns.com/
  10. Unlucky I think, happened to me too. Loads of bits but no big ones. Over the weekend I did notice some more meteors just after midnight. Don't know if that's a regular thing or not. I got a large star bit from one of those.
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