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  1. They're fine yeah. All part of the same group as Littlewoods and others.
  2. https://www.very.co.uk/playstation-5-playstation-5-console-with-optional-extras/1600485230.prd
  3. https://www.very.co.uk/playstation-5-playstation-5-console-with-optional-extras/
  4. I believe (and may be wrong) it's between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  5. I need to change my vote It was on Very... interest free for 12 months... it's like my brain paused and my hands took over - muscle memory - as it clicked through the acceptance screens and added to account. I had decided last night I wasn't going to buy either at launch and now I've gone and pre-ordered a PS5 Full Fat (Digital was sold out already). I'll justify it to myself somehow... I don't know how yet. I never bought a PS4 Pro! That's it... I never bought a pro, it's a natural upgrade, I can use it as my main machine for PS4 games, like TLOU2... it's my xmas present.
  6. Oh and thank God rllmuk was never monetised! Lol
  7. Yes, just watched it. Very good to hear from the engineers, didn't click with the little dramatised segments, bit it made the point. Don't ever click on the recommended videos!
  8. Has it been confirmed that PS4 digital library will be immediately playable on PS5?
  9. A rather depressing end to my otherwise superb king's reign. Three of his sons and his wife were murdered, no idea by whom unfortunately and there king ended up going insane and spending most of his time blubbering in his room. So when he eventually died his heir was his six year old grandson. Luckily he was well bred and quickly got the brave trait and honest, so I decided he could be a warrior king. Unfortunately his vassals were close to revolt and an easy win was to bend the knee to his second cousin, the king of England and become a Duke. By the time he was sixteen he was doing well with a marshal score of 12, I chose that as his focus, and it wasn't long before he was called upon by the king to be a member of his council. A couple of minor wars have happened since but then came a big chance. The Pope called a crusade against West and East Francia, who'd corrupted the faith. The Duke stepped up and took his thousand men to France. There were 16,000 on each side but the vast majority were in East Francia. So I sent the Duke to go around capturing castles in the West. He took six before a large force drove him back to England, but by this time the pope's war score was hitting 90% a quick check and my Duke was number one contributor, looking at a share of close to 300 gold, loads of piety and renown. I was keen for the war to finish and it did... When the current Pope died and the new one called it off! Argh!! Since then the king of England died and there was an election for his successor, the young nephew of the last king. My Duke was now next in line to the throne of England, exciting times... So I tried to get the current king killed. Had a chance to leave him in the woods and took it... But he found his way home and now his guards are keeping a much closer eye on him... Must be a way that he can die early...
  10. You should recognise your bastards as well, will cause problems for the next generation too
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