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  1. Ulysses on daily deal for £2.99. Usually.... hold on a minute... £86! blimey.
  2. Highest KO's... 22 I also got an all clear without even realising, according to the stats anyway. Played earlier and won right away. I almost turned it off there and then as usually it's finally winning that I realise it is 1am and that I really should stop playing.
  3. *cough* GTA V already has this *cough*
  4. GTAV has 16 player races with last place (or per minute raced) elimination. The option doesn't get chosen very often though.
  5. All blocks , well apart from squares, can be hooked into place.
  6. No, while a Tetris is golden at that point, if you can just keep hitting 2+ lines it's good enough. I've got 4 wins now and each time, when it came to around the last three, the game actually becomes less hazardous. Fewer players to dump on you, and much quicker falling means everyone is working hard to keep on top of their own screen. I've found combinations finished with a Tetris to be the most powerful finishing moves. If you can go two line, two line, two line, four line. Then it messes them right up. I'm not sure I was right about the combinations holding value over missed lines, I think I was getting confused by the numbers you see when you're set to attackers, and possibly badge effects.
  7. Most garbage would have to be 2+ lines so a 2+ gap. XXXXOXXXXXXX XXXXOXXXXXXX But if you combo, you can do it line by line, which could result in lines like you've drawn coming up, making it harder to come back. I mean... If I've got this XXXXOXXXXXXX and this comes up XXXXXXXXXOXX XXXXXXXXXOXX XXXXXXXXXOXX XXXXXXXXXOXX Then I have a little smile to myself, cos I know they've built me a neat Tetris to throw back. Anyway most of the time when I'm knocked out it's because I get 4 lines then 8 lines then another 4 lines, then another 8 line.... booom boom boom, nothing you can doooo.
  8. Interesting, would that mean pounding combos is even more powerful? Giving someone a pair of Tetris drops, lets them come right back at you, while having a mismatch of spaces could screw them.
  9. Gets you out of scrapes sometimes, but also get bonuses added to your attacks when you do it. Simplest thing to try and do is stack your tetriminos up neatly and leave a single line gap, hold your four bar until your are ready to do a Tetris (or hold it in reserve and get up to 8 or more lines with a single gap) then when you spot a four bar in your queue do both. Having said that I'll quite often switch between held pieces just because I've got something that doesn't fit well and what I'm holding is better. Once you get towards the end though you want to be doing combos, one line after another. This game seems to stack up combos and count them down - so if you drop a tetris it counts for 4 attack lines, if your next next piece doesn't do a line, but the next one does it adds to 2 of your 4 attack lines previously counted as part of the Tetris. If you can go down through a stack doing line after line (singles are fine, but more are even better) then you stack up massive damage against your opponents - I think this does much more damage than a pair of Tetris drops. Neatness is key though, minimise gaps that can't be cleared quickly by pieces in your next piece list and remember you can keep turning when the pieces are dropping quick to give yourself some thinking time.
  10. Oh and keep low toward the end, taking singles is worth it for your own safety buffer.
  11. Only tip I've got - I don't really do strategie,s whenever I try it goes wrong - is to try and keep a Tetris in reserve as much as possible. I like playing on target KO, but might start targeting deliberately. The pieces move pretty slowly early on and you can actually play quite slowly at the start, be prepared to go quick as it drops into the top ten though. If you prep a Tetris combo then it probably is worth having a look around at who might be struggling, as you let the first four line fall into place. When it goes into the top ten I switch to targeting Attacker.
  12. And finally I can stop playing.... 3 hours after starting and numerous 2nd places before it...
  13. Danster

    The Paradox Strategy Games Megathread

    75% off some DLC for CK2 and EU4: https://www.paradoxplaza.com/on-sale/
  14. Danster

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    Frodo's Eyes Only
  15. Danster

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    Aragorn in sixty seconds.

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