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  1. Been absolutely hammering Surviving Mars since the weekend. 40 hours put in in four day... and I'm still on my first go. I started with the tutorials - which are pretty good - and then moved straight onto my first go at getting a colony up and running. It was all going swimmingly, got up to 500+ colonists and then "things" happened (and I didn't realise that I had no metal until too late) and I was reduced down to just 6 and a single dome! Ffffff... luckily I got a cash injection at that point and started slowly building back up, much more careful and aware of my resources (especially the absolute essentials - concrete, water and metal). I am now in a position where my terraforming efforts mean that I can plant trees! My research is complete, and yet I still need to keep an eye on those core resources. I think they've built this into a really good complete resource management game. There's no bloat really, typically in these games you get to a stage where you can just leave them running and come back an hour later to a tonne of resources - not in this, you can't leave it alone, when you walk away you pause the game. Really enjoyable and right up my alley and as is typical of Paradox, best left until you can get a bundle of the DLC to really make the game.
  2. Check CD Keys, it was 9.99 on there the other day
  3. Steam summer sale is on now! I picked up a decent gaming PC a couple of years ago, after being out of the loop for quite some time and haven't looked back. You might want to look at getting Discord with your mates tho, in game voice can be hit and miss, whereas Discord just works (99% of the time)
  4. Could be good, wonder how long term they see this? Season one could be just the origin story, with subsequent seasons telling a crises each? Is this going to be possible to watch without an apple device? And without visiting certain non-paying websites...
  5. Very good, thanks for the heads up, proper bit of old school sci-fi.
  6. This was a great little post, until the final sentence. Is that meant to be a joke?
  7. My daughter's done a trailer:
  8. I just had a quick look through the watering posse messages and it took me over a week to get a purple out of my reds. IIRC I did start moving them around a bit and swapping in new Red/Blue Reds.
  9. Brilliant! I am so doing this to my brother when he's next at the wheel. hahahah
  10. This game is hilarious with mates. Accidentally eating bait with obvious results, running around like headless chickens during a storm and our ship sinking! Getting into a fight with a skeleton boat and running around like headless chickens and getting sunk (but taking them with us)!! Capturing a pig! Then all getting drunk playing musical instruments badly before throwing up everywhere and a dip in the sea. Amazing!
  11. Yep did that which was well handy. And there's another thing though. I did that and ended up with a Sloop at the starter outpost. Then brother started his game and started a galleon game and invited me and his mrs in, and he had 10,000 gold, whereas I only had 5...
  12. You should check out Fight Club 2 - the comic. It goes right off the edge
  13. Can someone give me a basic overview of how this works with PvP/PvE? Started a game last night with my brother and his wife and we pottered about the little islands where you start (does everybody start in the same place?) and didn't come across any other players. Are they there? Do more experienced players stay away, or are there actually few times that you stumble across others? Also, what should we be doing? lol We started by getting voyages from the gold guild or whatever they are called, should we just continue on with that? Good fun so far, though we feel totally out of our depth.
  14. The tutorials can be a little thin, but the in game help is immensely clever. While playing chess with my daughter last night, it was showing all sorts of useful info for a beginner. I've smashed the impossible level CPU at Hanafuda several times, do I dare go online?
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