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  1. I must be honest I hadn't ever heard about this, but when this touching story flashed up on my newsfeed I must say I was impressed. https://kotaku.com/dad-builds-custom-xbox-adaptive-controller-so-daughter-1841098866 And from the wiki: Thought it was really cool and that it deserved to be more widely known about.
  2. You bastards... Me: Guess I should see what this Slay the Spire is all about, only £10 on Steam... 3 hours later... Me: Fucking skank! Stictched me up! ARGH where had all my attacking cards gone...?. RAWR.... play again? You bet your fucking arse!.
  3. I started a thread! Thanks to the mod Yeah this was quite a thoughtful approach to how a messiah or a man being called a messiah would be received by the powers that be. I also really liked the three main characters (and the Rev - confused as he was), although felt it didn't show enough normal Jewish people (day to day living was pretty clear for the Muslim and Christian communities) End of season spoils: The issue of faith was core to it all, faith in God, faith in him, faith in each other.
  4. I just came here to post that myself. An astonishingly personal and heartfelt account of the 1996 disaster on Everest.
  5. Before you've got any money to buy an apartment or motorcycle chapter house or anything, then it's just contact missions to do I think. And as I recall they were some of the most fun missions anyway. One of you sets up a contact mission (if that's what they're called) then sets invite to friends only and then gets them to join. Mission starts and is passed or failed as a group. At the end you can stay in the lobby and do another mission together.
  6. Messiah is well worth a watch. Very interesting.
  7. He's not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy.
  8. Messiah - took a chance on this and so far enjoying it. Is he? Isn't he? modern day Messiah. Sumptuous production levels, and some cracking characters. Am hooked right in.
  9. Or if you're really sad you can sell them to buy the cards you REALLY want so that you can make badges - which you can put on your profile..... I've NEVER done that.... And you get special Chat smilies!
  10. I quite enjoyed This Is The End, daft film. Game Night is alright as well.
  11. Just jotting down my finals for last year: Audible absolutely rules my reading these days and I'm quite pleased that I do keep reading thanks to it.
  12. Alexander Arnold is very very good, isn't he?
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