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  1. Did the test on my 128mb unit from misterfpga and it reports no issues. I also played completely through a couple of the CPS15 games and didnt crash once so im happy. Can you leave feedback if you aren't a patreon?
  2. My view now is that retro relates to how old the individual is. Loosely retro imo, means what you played as a child.
  3. Sandisks would not work for me, Kingston 64gb saved my sanity. Using a frameister when i use the flatscreen and its been fine for me. I was told a while back not to use the old psu and now i have a replacement from japangamesonline. Wasn't cheap but its saves me risking both units. NGCDs arent as robust as the AES
  4. Ive had mine a while now and it works perfectly. Its very picky about SD cards though and some people have had many problems (not sure if its the install or the mod) with it. I think hes letting it go open source like he did with the virtuatap soon
  5. Thanks to @AceGrace and @shiffy for the question and reply as that is exactly what i was wondering after my question earlier
  6. thanks shiffy, did you have any problems with the cps1.5 core in relation to address errors? Is that in relation to what he was saying on twitter about speed access to some 128mb ram modules?
  7. Can anyone tell me what the alternative to the retrodriven script is? Gutted he's hanging up his boots on this.
  8. you honestly do have the skill. If you can plug one thing into another you can do it. The hardest part is the fine tuning of the config file to your own taste. Like i said the very basic setup requires you to plug a hdmi, power, usb keyboard and a controller of some sort. There are programs to set you SD card up and you just add games and the bios (on some systems)
  9. There are a lot of cores that dont need the extra memory, I/O board and USB board (PCe off the top of my head, shiffy will know them i'm sure) if you just want to get the basic board to start you off. I've had mine a year and love it.
  10. www.magazinesdirect.com/retxmas20 or 0330 333 1113 and quote BEH2 N30 pro2 (purple) BEK2 N30 pro 2 (grey) BEM2 SN30 Pro USB hope that helps, prince of persia issue
  11. Any good black friday deals for an evercade? My lynx carts have come and for some reason i'm really excited.
  12. second to say i loved your site and used plenty of your guides. Didnt realise you were hellbelly. With the OG xbox everyone was kicking up a fuss about the clock capacitor but a couple of mine had swollen caps on the psus as well.
  13. I really need to setup my 128gb card with all this new stuff.
  14. If you go for a BBC B make sure the person has replaced the caps in the psu. I bought mine out of the loft and it worked for 10 seconds then went pop. Easy fix and plenty of kits on ebay to sort them out. Just a warning. There are also card solutions for the games around here and there.
  15. Console concepts were local to me. Eventually turned to colin diamond consoles iirc. Had my US saturn off him and a bunch of import snes games before that. Makes me want to buy those super play magazines in the marketplace just to see them. Bought SF2 Turbo for £70 and then had to buy a new adapter at £30. I moan now at the price of games :/
  16. I tried this without success. Thanks for the reply though. Strange thing is everything looks the same as my vita, setup wise
  17. Can anyone help me. Im trying to run psp games on my vitaTV but for some reason it just doesnt see the directory. Included are two pics, one from vita shell and the other from adrenaline. I'm hoping its just a dir error i'm using and SD2vita for all this
  18. All this it bang on the button, the odds are the duo has leaked its caps all over the place. Sorry to be a downer on your new purchase but it WILL need recapping at least. Stunning looking console though and you'll love it when its all up and running.
  19. i pre-ordered the lynx collections and i havent got an evercade. I think i'm broken
  20. My early 2000's Sony KV29LS30 wont play in colour via rf when i bought my pc-engine (it was eventually rgb modded), iirc it would do colour via s-video on my gamecube bitd
  21. at the moment anything above 100 for me
  22. i dont suppose your still open?
  23. Finally in my hands, thanks to simon and furrtek for sorting this all out for me. I havent got my working cd with me, but if someone wants to ask me how fast it loads just ask away. But, i would like a comparison against a normal cd.
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