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  1. i'd have that bad boy apart to check the caps quick sharpish mate. Too nice to let caps wreck it
  2. bwi

    32blit Pimoroni Handheld

    regret selling mine, it was the fist machine i ever played pc engine games on...... i think
  3. bwi

    Atari Lynx Appreciation Thread

    I've been showing my lynx some love recently since i did a mcwill mod, but one thing has bnothered me the last 29 years. Can you do 5 spins in california games in surfing. Over the years i've came what i thought was close but never landed one. Is it possible?
  4. bwi

    The Spurs Thread

    Well its all part of the adventure. Plus as a spurs fan its not like it comes along every lifetime
  5. bwi

    The Spurs Thread

    not true, im off to alicante with my scouse supporting apprentice. No match tickets but who cares
  6. I suppose its good that they are hopefully going to look into it. Never replied to me when i sent a query but hopefully with you sending plenty of information to them something can be worked out.
  7. all i can find is old translations, fancy giving me a hint? on the MHW translation patch
  8. I assume everyone knows there is a new firmware and coincidently a new jailbreak firmware?
  9. Whats funny is all the expensive amigas listed in this thread, are also the ones more likely to kill themselves when their capacitors chuck their guts up everywhere. Perhaps that is why they are getting expensive
  10. nope just a lack of hdmi ports. I liked to have the 4k consoles on their own port and the switch/classics on their own. Switch and PS4 share the new splitter and the SG has its own. Dont know why it doesnt like either splitter. My streaming (if i did it) would be full of swearing and smashing of pads..... so i don't
  11. I downloaded it today and it worked fine for me. How do you save the settings once changed, as everytime i reboot its gone. Im sure its something obvious that will jump out to me after i post this Lol found it 4 minutes later
  12. Got mine today......but it doesnt seem to like my hdmi splitter for some reason. Nothing has ever had a problem with it before, (snes mini, PS mini ps4 and xbox one). Looks like i have to do a rewire to get it working on my setup
  13. Ive just just checked and its fast , should be here friday. Missus away for the weekend , its like the star are all aligning at once
  14. Well luckily mine has been sent today, wasnt expecting it to be that quick. Have you all put the jailbreak on? How fast is the fedex delivery?
  15. How do you know when it will be shipped as i ordered at the weekend and i'm not sure if there is a waiting list.

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