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  1. I've had the 161-1 AES since i mentioned it , works fine. Been using it to compare against the mister, hasnt blown my system up and has beveled (because some people get hung up on that)edges. Can't moan at all
  2. got mine up and runnning to a degree. But not really sure of how i do the file structure when inputting bios files for the neogeo etc. Also after reading there seems to be a lot of talk about the romlist.xml and darksoft/smokemonster rom packs etc. i think im going to tinker more today and then line up a list of questions when i've become more aware of what is going on and where i'm going wrong.
  3. i had a look at mine as well so it seems fine till i get something with more ummpphhh
  4. good timing as all my bits have been shipped from misterfpga. Just to make sure will a 2amp psu be ok till some of those adapters dr_dave suggested arrive?
  5. Well the psu was a dud out the box. Got a new one off amazon same day, and it lit up straight away and gave me the mister screen with no files. Soooooooo i'm just waiting misterfpga for my bits and then i'll be joining in the fun.
  6. funnily, i have that exact psu for my pi's. The adapter is nice so i'll go for a hunt as the link you sent is unavailable. cheers dave I do wonder if my shaver adapter might be the problem, but its fine with ..........my shaver :/
  7. i'm assuming it is possible to boot the de10 with just power and hdmi connected as im getting no sign of life. Havent got any addons yet , just making sure it works. edit: Well it seems i'm getting no power from the psu, as i can't get the 5v reading. Using a shaver adapter unless there is something better out there?
  8. ordered a heat sink and 128mb off misterfpga.co.uk. Think i may get the usb board off him as well. its all getting a little exciting now, as i just checked Fedex and my parcel is at my local depot.
  9. That was a long read and i think i know the route im going now. Main board should be here tuesday or wednesday so get prepared for some questions. Thanks to everyone who replied
  10. Ok, i've decided to jump in and ordered a board from mouser. So what exactly do i need (128mb ram and the IO board)? do i need the usb hub and also how do i power the thing as i keep seeing pictures of splitters with round adapters etc anyone recommend misterfpga.co.uk ? would rather use people in the uk
  11. Ive seen the lead still go for 50+ (in the last few years) but not in the realms of the component lead. Not sure if thats still the case though. I havent seen him active for years to fair and i got mine also off ntsc-uk . 90+ for the pair, but i'm just guessing, unless you have some nice games to go with it. Unless its spice then probably a bit more
  12. i would say so. I know mine, what he did for me came in a d-terminal box all those years back
  13. d-teminal cable originally, and now i assume its and rgb cable for a ntsc cube
  14. there was this one also https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000151274603.html?algo_pvid=50624c35-3c95-4876-a080-622c5f58d489&algo_expid=50624c35-3c95-4876-a080-622c5f58d489-11&btsid=4e0f6717-a4c5-497d-8bdf-41b983acb49c&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_9,searchweb201603_55
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