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  1. i haven't had a problem with the dpad on my 351. Mine is basically used as a ngpc machine. Battered the hell out of it with match of the millenium. Only thing i have noticed is that surrounding the pad its going shiny.
  2. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Well did a lot of testing last night via a friend and hes ordered the ic that controls the USB ports. Some of the voltages were all over the place and he did say there doesn't seem to much in the way of over voltage protection. Spec of the IC says the chip is capable of taking upto 5.4v so the PI psu should have been fine. Chips will be here mid may so will let it known on here if its fixed or not.
  3. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Bought from amazon last June. I took shots of the conversation. Two different reps have now said this to me. I'm pretty sure they know there is a major issue with these, each time i was passed onto a tech person. Each time i was asked if you had any cleaning alcohol. I imagine most people haven't but as most retro owners know, that stuff is a life saver. I even suggested using deoxit gold but they didnt know what that was. At this point i was getting pretty antsy having sat thorough a 1 hour 15 minute chat last night and getting nowhere.
  4. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Amazon will not replace mine for me and offered me a £24 refund, told me to message webmaster@awesomecycles.com to get help. This is a US based motorcycle training company but do appear on a konami services list. I'm well wassed off about this as it isn't even a year old
  5. bwi

    PC Engine Mini

    Anyone been able to fix a mini where the usb ports have gone? Bought two 8bitdo controllers on friday to use with it and just never worked. Tried the original controller and nothing. Messaged amazon and they were no help whatsoever even though its not quite a year old
  6. I'd like Space channel 5 pt 2 when you come to sell it, just lmk when you put it up. Never played the 2nd.....tbh i didn't know it got released on Pal
  7. I've bought an amount of LRG games and also pix'n'love. I only get games that are fully patched and finished. Celeste was a big exception iirc as the dev decided to release another DLC for it, and they then delayed it for over a year to make sure they sold a complete game. I do think people were offered refunds if they didnt want to wait. Newly released games are not normally fully patched. I've also heard that super meat boy will be there last vita release but are holding it back to compete with eastasiasofts releases.
  8. back in my 90's rave days i was so into this
  9. Watch this. I wish i had this video available when i bought mine
  10. I've got a sealed Japanese Ikaruga that i bought when it released. Unfortunately at the time piracy was rife on the DC and the pirate version was released about three weeks before i got my original delivered. By that time I'd played it to death and just chucked it on my shelf (not like i could read the manual). Still on the same shelf as well.
  11. Has anyone installed the new 351elec V2 yet. Did mine just and all went smoothly as I've never done anything like this before. I've been following retro game corps video and it does look feature packed, and its made me sort out what games i actually want on the system
  12. I still play my original from time to time, sure its aged, but warbirds and surfing in california games take me back to my post rave gaming sessions I do have a mcwill screen in it now to make it more bearable though. This and the neo pocket core are my most wanted on the mister.......yes even before the CPS2
  13. I've spent an hour or so watching youtube videos and most mention 351 elec. I think i'll give it a whirl this weekend. Thanks for the reply
  14. RG351 owners. How do i set the screen to 4:3 for things like the neo pocket/ pc engine emulator? Never used one of these handheld units before and havent got a clue how to mess with display settings etc. Would rather have screen settings for each console. Would i have been better to go for the rg280 if i just wanted 4:3 16 bit and lower systems?
  15. I picked up the "monstrous" stick from argos pre xmas and it looks so much better in real life. The emulation when i first got it was rubbish, but after the final update (1.6) its all working nicely and the missus and i had a blast with it at christmas. People should take a look at it, especially if it goes sub £100 that i got mine for. Also it uses its own emulation now and not FBA or whichever it was. You ever played one?
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