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  1. bwi

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    unfortunately for you the NeoSD is a differnet class to darksofts effort
  2. bwi

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    Your not an idiot for trying a new psu. We all make obvious mistakes at times, i once stripped a pc down to its core parts without checking the kettle lead. Enjoy the CMVS they are a great machine.
  3. bwi

    Neo Geo Mini

    well that video killed my preorder stone dead. After he finished destroying the video quality of the thing (on tv) i turned it off and wonder if SNK will ever give us what we really want.
  4. bwi

    Far Cry 5

    to get the multiplayer trophy you and a friend can do it together, there are some guides on TA and TT
  5. bwi

    Far Cry 5

    Seems i'm the only one who liked the ending then lol
  6. bwi

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    I think its getting to the point where if you intend to have a retro machine collection then basic soldering is becoming a must. I can do most myself except the more complicated troubleshooting and surface mounted caps still seem to hate me. Push though caps are easy enough. Try watching a guy called gadgetuk on youtube, hes pretty good and hes covered loads of old machines that need fixing
  7. bwi

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Nope not at all. To know you have to open it up, and look in using those pics provided as a guide(thanks LM). With the machines i opened only 1 had no leakage at all and the worst one had made it to about a quarter of the board. On one, i even had 3 large capacitors on the right side of the board bulging and had to replace those. Btw i opened up 7 consoles when i posted the first post. i do love my OG xbox
  8. bwi

    Far Cry 5

    sorry about that, was a litle tipsy when i finished it
  9. bwi

    Far Cry 5

    Just finished it. Loved the game and loved the ending.
  10. bwi

    Burnout Paradise

    No crashes on this PSpro user. 5 hours in
  11. bwi

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Just to say that all you who have OG xboxs in the cupboard you had best check them out as the clock cap has started leaking in them. I opened up three of my machines today and all had leakage of varying degrees across the motherboard. You dont have to solder new caps in (not sure about the last 1.6 versions) just rip them out. I desoldered them personally. Plenty of videos on Youtube Softmod users have to read up a bit more apprentley.
  12. bwi

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    yeah got one for my cd32. cost about 70 quid for the riser card and board. Not bad for 8mb ram + ide and the ability to use my normal amiga rgb leads now. Would like someone to make a 3d case for it though. oh, ps2 keyboard adapter on the riser card so keyboard games can be played
  13. bwi

    Black Mirror

    are those out of 5 or 10 ? j/k
  14. bwi

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Sorry if i wasnt clear. RNR works in super famicom with adapter but wont work in pal Snes with no adapter
  15. bwi

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Does rock n roll racing have problems with certain version snes units. I have a pal cart and it would work fine through my adapter with my famicom but will not play ball with my pal unit?

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