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  1. My early 2000's Sony KV29LS30 wont play in colour via rf when i bought my pc-engine (it was eventually rgb modded), iirc it would do colour via s-video on my gamecube bitd
  2. at the moment anything above 100 for me
  3. i dont suppose your still open?
  4. Finally in my hands, thanks to simon and furrtek for sorting this all out for me. I havent got my working cd with me, but if someone wants to ask me how fast it loads just ask away. But, i would like a comparison against a normal cd.
  5. i did the same, swapped parts with my good one and it was the board that had gone. Hence its now got the SD loader going in it. pic is latest test build
  6. i may be interested in one as a back up as well, obvs Kern first though. My Sd loader modded one still doesnt like some sd cards, should be popping around sometime this week to pick it up so will have a good mess with it
  7. ahh so reading some of that. I need an audio mixing cable (headphone cable? from the headphone on the MD to the mixing port) and then an RCA to female headphone to send it to my scart. Does this sound rightish?
  8. Ok never had a mega cd before so i'm clueless. Both parts are model 1, i have a retrogamingcables scart cable with headphone cable to get stereo sound out the headphone socket. I know i use the L and R from the mega cd but how do i get stereo from the megadrive as well? All the youtube videos i find are people using composhite cables thanks
  9. This happened to me , i have an XRGB mini and it was just a pain faffing around with things just to play on a modern display. I now play old stuff on old CRTS and if i need to i play old stuff on new tvs with a MiSTer. Im now happy not obsessing over profiles for each console
  10. if your still unsure you will burn in hell
  11. I can understand that perfectly as you sound like me. The mister is on the same level as NT, mega SG and super NT. I suppose its how you look at them, and if you think they're a good, bad or indifferent addition. Its all comes down to the environment, at work i listen to my music through my phone. Yesterday i was listening to the windjammers soundtrack on vinyl while tidying.
  12. No its the same as a NT (FPGA, read the mister thread)but without the ability to play carts. But, can replicate lots of other systems. I really thought you would have looked into it by now tbh
  13. Seems to be working now, and he seems to think there is a speed increase. But, he hasn't got a system side by side. It seems atm it only likes certain SD cards. I gave him a full size sandisk ultra 128gb for it, and it was a no go, but the micro sd ultra 8gb worked.
  14. The neocd does play CDr and also the NeoCD sd loader is more or less here. This is a pic of my second CD unit which had a dead cd drive and the sd loader installed. Its having a few issues atm, but we think its firmware related
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